The landscape is melting--
 The past, reflected by Sousei Aerial, fades from my vision.

 Seventeen times, that's the number of times me and Celis met two thousand years ago.
 It's too few to call him my father.

 To that man who refused to reveal his own name or his parentage, was even his son's existence just a tool to be used for a purpose?

 Then what is it that brings you here?

 Destroy him, I said. "Destroy the ghost," I said.
 With those words, Cerise seemed to understand something.

 I think I understood something back then.
 In the 17 times you've met with him, have you gone deeper into his mind?

 Perhaps there is another meaning behind the words we have exchanged.

 Two thousand years ago, it was not a safe time.
 Even in the Delzogade Throne Room, you never knew who was lurking and eavesdropping.

 No matter how hard you train your magic eye, there are times when it can catch you by surprise.

 Just like I did, every demon eye and ear is trying to find out what the enemy is up to.
 It's not uncommon for people to include in their words what they can't, even if they want to, but this seems to be the kind of conversation they are having.

 But I don't understand.
 What did I notice about Cerise at the time?


 If you look around you, you'll find yourself inside the body of Bomilas, the Borg Vegum, where pillars of flame stand in the middle of the Devil's Fire and Sunshine Hell.

 The thirty or so bombillas that had appeared like shimmering flames had already been burned to ashes as they looked into the past, and most of them had turned to black ashes.

 Only one of them was left.
 The only one left is the bombillas I'm currently piercing with the right hand of the Aviastan Ziara.

"An extremely elaborately crafted phantom body. You call it shimmering, but bombilas, how could it be, it must be quite elaborate. There's no cloaking spell or anything. All that has appeared is your alter ego. I've transcribed the source, you know.

 Pushing in the hand of the black flame that shines with a gurgle, I crush the root source of the fire as if to burn the alter of the flame.

 Flames' face contorted in pain, Bomilas says breathlessly.

''.........Well, S........did you know all along......? You've been asking Cerys Voldigord about my secrets...?

'Did you know that? What are you talking about, Vomilas? I told you that one hand was enough.

 The raggedy bomilas' flame body collapsed and turned to black ash.
 Instantly, the pillar of flame that had been rising disappeared and the space distorted languidly.

 The landscape returned to its original vertical hole, and I could see the figure of Bomilas turning into a firebrand and fleeing upwards.

 However, he was caught in the that he had set up there and was unable to proceed any further.

''.........Nuggaaaa.......! This is ridiculous... You have the gall to goad me into treating this grimoire, Bomilus, with one hand and then with the other.

 The sparks of fire gathered in one place, forming a flaming body.

 Before he could draw a magic circle, he jumped up and approached, grabbing its face with his
'Only one body can transfer its root source to the alter ego. Once the main body awakens, the alter ego does not move. If you let the enemy think that, then when they swallow you into the Demon Fire and Sunshine Hell (Borg Vegum), you will be able to advance in the battle while hiding the existence of multiple entities.

 The alter ego is his protection, his lifeline.

 It's not so readily apparent that the cautious quality of Bomilus would throw it in sparingly.
 It's not like he has the magical power to create an infinite number of alter egos.

 If it's all destroyed, there will be nothing to protect his main body.
 The great gamble that takes advantage of this and decides the outcome of the game in one fell swoop is probably the Devil's Fire Shimmer Hell (Borg Vegum).


 He glares at me abominably while distorting his face of flame.

''Did you think that just because you were a stranger in the past, you were me who couldn't see through it?

 Despite being turned to ashes, the flame of Bomilas gained a momentum.
 It was like a candle before it had burned out.

 It increases in light, and with that light it overcomes the extinction.
 The source of the guy who is approaching the end of the world is now exceeding the limit of his magic power and shining.

It's so powerful that it can only lightly treat me, the king of magic, with the magic of annihilation in its body. How could you have pulled a fast one out of your butt!

 Bomillas drew countless large and small magic circles all over his body and scattered from them.

The existence of the Unu is the seed of the conflict. The fact that someone is so powerful that they could destroy the entire world and still not be able to do it justice is the biggest cause of anxiety for those who want peace.

 The scattered is turned into a magic circle, and the Magic King activates .

 Bomillas, which has turned into a red lotus flame body, barely escapes from my hands and lands on the ground.

 I land on the ground too, following.

''Hm. I can see where you're coming from, but we can't change anything by just lamenting. If you have a good suggestion, let's hear it.

I don't think you'd agree to this, my dear.

 The Magic King reached into the magic circle he had drawn on his own body and took out a vial.
 The liquid inside was black and the magic power kept it in the shape of a mountain.

''You may take it,''

 Bomillas tossed it to me.

 When you take it in, you can feel the magic similar to the Cloak of the Black World.

I've been studying it for a long time and it's a magical tool called the magical watershed. It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you can get your hands on it. Some of it goes into your body, as usual. And part goes to your body, and part goes to the Black World.

Hmm. It divides magic and weakens it.

If Unu is truly dedicated to peace, he will not need much power. As I have always said, peace is better without the tyrannical demon king.

 <With the in my hand, I stare at it.

"Why isn't it a contract (zekt)?

 Baboon," the Demon King said, laughing it off.

It's a good idea to be able to break the contract if you are ready to be destroyed. It's a good thing that you have the ability to do that.

 Is there a point to be made?

'If you want peace, you want me to drink this?

They will not drink. UNU seeks peace and does not give up its power. A power that is unnecessary in a world of peace. Therein lies a contradiction.

 Bomilas points at my face with a finger of flame.

If it weren't for Unu, there would be no need for me to use force like this. "If it weren't for Unu, there would be no need for me to use force like this. This contradiction is the true nature of the Unu's mind. Peace is nothing more than a diversion to wield your own power.

 As if to say that he could see through me, Bomiras twisted his mouth into a flame.

It must be fun to bully the weak, the demon king of tyranny. It must feel so good to wave the justice of peace and lay waste to others. Unu just can't stop doing it. I'll prove it to you right here.


 Bomilas used  It was the First Princess Corona, who was moving around the palace with Emilia and the others.

''She's my alter ego.

 Hmm. I see.

"Born the daughter of Emperor Shapps.

'I see. So Corona's statement that he wanted to convince Emperor Shapps was a downright lie.

Lefty. I threw Shapus into a cell long ago. I already have control of Inzuel.

 When necessary, it would be something like Bomillas impersonating the Emperor.
 If that's the case, all of this will be settled once the Magus King is defeated.

"Corona is guiding you to the grave. The only thing you need to know is that you're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them. You will find no demons from two thousand years ago among the Unu's men who are now with Corona.

 Since I separated from Ray and the others, it's only Emilia and two sets of students who are there.

And this root source, the main body of the remainder of the body, can freely cross over to the offshoot. Do you understand what this means?

Hmm. You're telling me that I can transfer to Corona now and kill all my people.

 'Baboon,' said Bomilas, scattering fire sparks in a victorious manner.

It's a good idea to have a few seconds before Unu rushed in here, where transference is not possible. If you have that much time, it's easy for me to destroy them.

Did you think I'd let you?

"A baboon, of course, could destroy me before I get to the other body. But how could I not be prepared for that?

 If you look at the source of his magic, it will draw a magic circle.

When this source is destroyed, the last magic of the King of Magic will be activated. As the end draws near, the root cause, which has become so powerful, will be transferred to the alter. The corona, which is more powerful than the main body, will attack Unu's men.

 The magic of the Magus King, which overcomes annihilation.
 To be precise, the main body of the grimoire king will be destroyed, but a stronger counterfeit will be transferred to the altered body.

 So, the impostor transforms into the real one and lives as a grimoire king?
 Or perhaps he is one of the many fakes that keep getting stronger.

 I'm not going to be able to tell you what to do.

Unu can destroy me. Unu can destroy me, but he can only do so at the expense of his men. If you really want peace, you should drink from the magical watershed.

 Bomiras drew the magic circle of the Zekt.

"Do this and I promise not to destroy your people.

 If my strength is weakened, Bomillas can escape from here.
 If you're looking for a deterrent to the tyrannical demon king, then that's enough to achieve your goal.


You can try.


"If you think you can kill my men with your alter ego, go ahead and try.

 'Baboon,' said Bomilas, scattering fireballs like crazy and laughing.

'As I thought. I knew it," he said. He will not relinquish his power, even if it means letting his men die. The bloodthirsty Voldigord bloodline. Are you sure? Can I tell your people that? Let all the lies we've told so far come to an end.

 The Demon King said to offer a bargain.

''How about we just split the pain here?''

What are you confused about?

 Bomiras's flaming face contorted, incomprehensibly.

''I'm telling you that your alter ego cannot kill my men.

 <When the magic power was put into the right hand of the Jiao death burning annihilation brilliant fire burning flames (Aviastan Ziara), the magic eye of the magic king turned its maximum alert to it.

 As if striking a blind spot, a magic circle was drawn and a chain of flames ran across the earth.


 While I was distracted by my right hand, the was binding the Demon King's body.

''You will regret it, Demon King. A modern day fragile demon race, such as a modern day fragile demon race, would turn to ashes in a few seconds if they were subjected to my altered body. How can you not understand such a simple logic.......

Well. All I know is that when your alter ego over there is hit, there will be no escape for you.

 He walked loosely and stared at Bomilas, who was bound by the .

"Why I will not relinquish my power? I have to tell you one thing before I can explain to you why I will not give up my power.

 If you try to cross into the altered body, you will be destroyed by me at that moment.
 Even if the root of the main body is transcribed, it's just an impostor with the same idea.

 I haven't come back to life, nor have I been reincarnated.

 He would want to survive.
 Therefore, this is not the time to move.

"The power of the Demon Race in this era. "Don't underestimate the power of the Demon King's Academy, Demon King.