359-Demon King Academy vs. Demon King

 When I shifted my vision to Emilia's demon eyes, it was in front of a huge gate.
 The First Princess Corona, who was behind her, said

''This is my father's, the Imperial Affairs Room where the Emperor Shapps is located. I usually work here, and in case of an emergency, it's also the command room...''

 If Emilia and the others invaded the royal palace, it would be reasonable to assume that they would take command there.
 Compared to other places, it should be more prepared and robustly built.

 That is, if Emperor Shapps was still alive and well.

''Maybe they've already abandoned the place.

 Emilia says.
 'It's probably because the soldiers haven't attacked us since the first attack.

''Let's ... go.''

 Emilia put her hand on the door.
 But it seemed to be locked, and it didn't open.

'Maybe I can get it open,'

 Corona put her hand on the magic circle of the door.
 When she sends her magic power, she senses it and hears the sound of it being unlocked.

 Slowly a large door opens.

''It's quite spacious.''

 Perhaps because it was built on top of the ruins, the imperial office is strangely spacious.

 There were old stone statues, pedestals, stone shields and swords that symbolized something.
 At the far end of the large room, there was another door.

'Ladies and gentlemen, be on your guard.'

 Emilia and her friends proceeded to keep their eyes on their surroundings.

 The girls' eyes are focused on old stone statues and other objects.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.

 It really is just a relic.

I'm not going to be able to get it right.

I think it's probably...

 After a short conversation, the girls paced again.
 Even though they had come this deep into enemy territory, there was no sign of the guards' soldiers appearing.

 This in turn made the students of the Demon King Academy under Emilia even more nervous.

 Soon, they were approaching the center of that room.
 When Eren stepped out, there was a gurgling sound and part of the stone floor was dented.


What's going on, Ellen?

I'm sorry! I stepped on something! Take care of yourself--

 Gaga Gaga Gaga! The room began to shake violently as a vibrating sound rang out, drowning out Ellen's voice in the middle of it.

 Looking at it, old stone statues, pedestals, and stone swords were disappearing one by one.
 No, they were falling.

 With a rattling sound, the floor of the imperial chamber, the scaffolding, was collapsing and falling one by one into the basement.

 Eren looked at the large hole in the vicinity and shouted, "There's a hollow under here!

''It's hollow under here! I want to see Anos-sama!

You can't see the bottom of it?

Hey, don't try to be confusing me at this time.

Fly! <Fresher!

 Emilia tries to jump up.
 However, she couldn't fly well and lost her balance.

''What is this........?''

 If you look through the demon's eyes, you can see that the magic force field is violently disrupted like a turbulent air stream, preventing it from flying (fresse).

 It's very difficult to fly in this area, even for the demon tribe two thousand years ago.

 If they try to fly, their bodies will be heading in the direction of the day after tomorrow, crashing into each other and into walls.

Be prepared for the impact of the fall! If you try to fly, the formation will be broken and you will destroy yourself!

 Zgogogogoh, the floor completely collapsed, and Emilia and the others were thrown out of their bodies in the air.
 Just as Eren had said, it was hollow underneath, so deep that it was impossible to see the bottom.

 It might have originally been a vertical hole in the ruins.
 Emilia and the others put up anti-magic and magic barriers to prepare for the impact of the fall and the trap that awaits them.


 While falling, Emilia manages to use a weak to reach out to Corona.

 But Corona doesn't try to grab Emilia's hand with her empty eyes.

''........Corona-sama? Are you okay?

 In order for Emilia to get even closer to the corona, she moves inching through the air in
"Run away!

 The skull's mouth clatters and the falling Staff of Knowledge speaks.

"Run away without a sideways glance.

 Hearing her voice, Naya gasped.

'Emilia-sensei, no! Tomot, please!

 Red flames spread wide in front of the falling students' eyes.

 Just before Emilia was consumed by it, she flew freely through the turbulent magic field and Tomogui pulled her clothes into his mouth.


 In the nick of time, Emilia was drawn back to Tomogui before she was burned by the fierce flames.

 However, her expression is tinged with astonishment.
 As Corona's body flipped over, her figure turned into a flaming body.

 Even the students who have been preparing themselves for it gulp in surprise.


I knew I'd get out of trouble, but of all the things I could do...

That's the grimoire king...!

 It's a good thing that you have a good idea of what to expect.

''It's shameful that you can't even use your 'flight' with this level of turbulence in your magic field,'' he said.

 Bomilas drew magic circles of various sizes all over his own body.
 The red sun flickered from its gunport.

 <It was the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze).
 If it was eaten properly, the students' anti-magic would destroy every bone in their body.

"Kaka, it's a crisis, it's a crisis, it's not a crisis!

 The staff of knowledge shouts out in amusement.

'Now, now, it's a matter of life and death, detention! From the structure of this subterranean ruin, with its disordered magic field, phonetic breaths, and a number of connected vertical and horizontal holes, derive a means of evading and escaping at the same time. The one who answers correctly will be given a small amount of time to survive.''

"Do not underestimate these little fish. It seems that despite his strength, he doesn't have the evil eye to see the demons, demon king.

 Bomilus' evil eye flashed and he said.

It's too good to be true, but you should take it as a souvenir of the underworld. Take the Gio-Glaze, my supreme weapon for the annihilation of hellfire.

 The Red Sun emerged from the turret of the magic circle and shot out in unison towards Emilia and the others.

''Offset it with all your might!

 When Emilia unleashed , all of the students also concentrated their flame-attribute magic on the same spot with all their might.

 The flaming balls of Emilia and the students, swollen by the synergistic effect, however, were easily swallowed up by Bomillas' in no time.

 Despair flashed in her eyes for a moment.

''Tomot, phonetic breath, disrupt the magic field as much as you can!

 Coo-roooh! And then Tomogui let out a squeal and opened his mouth wide.


 Even he had difficulty controlling the , and the magic field became even more raging.

 Disturbed by the phonetic breath and the raging magic field, the that were coming straight at him bent languidly in the middle.

 They missed their aim and landed on the wall of the vertical hole altogether.

 The flaming and bouncing wall had a wind hole in it.
 It was so deep that it was impossible to see what was ahead. It probably led to the adjacent vertical hole.

"Everybody, over there! Tomohawk, fly me!

 With a cooing voice, Tomogui blows the students into the empty hole with the phonetic breath again.

 Lacerations form on their bodies, but this is not the time to worry about them.

 With a kick at the wall, or a sword or spear thrust, barely, the students and Emilia jumped into the hole.

'Tomot, come back,'

 Naya says.
 Tomogui spreads his wings and soars through the turbulent air of the magic field.

 But just above him, the Magic King looms.

''You impudent dragon, destroy.

 The that was released swallowed Tomogui and crushed him straight down the vertical hole.


Mr. Naya, you can't do that!

 Emilia grabbed Naya's hand as she was about to return to the vertical hole where the Magus King was.

''Please let go! I have to go save Tomo!

 At that moment, a small squeal came from a distance, ''Kuhl.......''
 Out of nowhere, a phonetic breath curled up in front of Naya's eyes and pushed her to the back.


 He was probably trying to protect his master.
 Emilia gripped Naya's hand tightly and told her with a stern expression.

''Let's ... go. If we don't escape now, that little dragon's actions will be in vain.

''Yes ... yes ...''

 Emilia and Naya flee at full speed.

 Since they had left the place where the magic field had been disturbed, or since they were able to use , they flew through the intricate underground ruins to get as far away from the bombilas as possible.

 <Just as the said, this place seems to have a number of large and deep vertical holes next to each other, with small horizontal holes connecting them.

 After fleeing for about ten minutes, the girls had moved from the first vertical hole to the next nine or so.

'Are they all here?'

 Emilia checks on the students.
 They were all exhausted and more than a few were injured, but they all managed to be safe.

It looks like we'd better get on the ground somehow. Naya-san, do you know what that is?

 Naya grabbed her wand and put her magic power into it.

'Wand-sensei, please.'

"Of course not! It is no secret that you guys are thinking of escaping to the ground. Then you must assume that his evil eye is always on the way out. If she tries to go outside, she'll find you in all probability. I'm not going to let you guys get away with this, he won't be called a magician.

 A heavy silence comes with those words.

''Well then, we'll just have to wait until help arrives.......''

'Anosh or Ray or Lady Sasha, or whoever you are, you'll help me out if you find yourself in a position to do so, won't you?

But until then, you're not gonna be able to get away from him?

Yeah. If it comes down to it, they'll set fire to all these vertical holes and that's it.

 Then, the Staff of Knowledge opens its mouth again.

'Correct, correct, a hundred points! Now that we've avoided the first trap, searing him out would be the next guy's move. Even while doing this, Omae and the others are running out of places to escape. ''Either we'll be burned to death by the flames, or we'll be directly hit by the Demon King as we try to escape to the exit.''

"...I've never been so happy about a hundred points in my life...

 Once again, silence passed between them.
 Emilia was also silent, as if she couldn't think of a good idea.

 Against a demon race from two thousand years ago, it must have felt like they were on all sides.

 Time was ticking away, and even as it did so, the flames would be spreading in the vertical hole, and the Demon King would be proceeding with his preparations to destroy them unhurriedly.


 It was Naya who opened her mouth as if she had the audacity to do so.

''........Can't we win......?''

 All the students looked at each other in amazement.

''Win, Naya, for Bomilas?''

But that flame person is a 2,000-year-old demon race?

 Jessica and Nono said.

'Because if you run, you won't be able to save Tomo...'

 With tears in her eyes, Naya says, "I'm sure he's still alive.

─ I'm sure he's still alive. They'll be waiting for me to come and get them.

''I understand how you feel, but this is not an opponent that can be managed just because we struck out...''

 Emilia says.
 Wiping away her tears, Naya wiped her tears with a determined expression and showed the Alliance Pearl Ring.

''I can use summoning magic. I can't use it well yet but I have to do it now...''

 'Besides,' she continued.

'Perhaps Master Anos is asking us to defeat the Magus King.

...What makes you think that?

'Because if it wasn't, there's no way we'd be in this situation. How is it possible that Bomilas's schemes were one better than what Master Anos had in mind?

 Everyone looked as if they had just realized what was going on there.

''........well, no.......no way.......''

Okay. So what does that mean? You want us to do this? That grimoire king?

"d*mn it......... You're still talking nonsense........this is a 2,000 year old demon race, 2,000 years ago. That's a big one....

"...but.......that means you can do it, right? Depending on how you do it....

 Then Ellen said.

'I think you're right, Naya! That's what Anos told me. This era of magic is based on what the demons have built up since ancient times.

 She continued in a cheerful voice to the students who looked at her quizzically.

''The Magic King, the Tyrannical Demon King, and the many deaths and many studies our ancestors built, we will reach the end of the abyss.

"...Anosh, well, he's too much of a genius for that one...

'Ummm. That's not true. Surely, Anosh, you were the first to notice Master Anos's thoughts.

 Naya gives him a questioning look.

'Anos-sama's thoughts?'

I don't think we should always be defeated by the demon tribe from 2,000 years ago. We have to surpass the demon tribe that existed two thousand years ago. That is Anos-sama's wish.

 Jessica asks.

'Why would you make such a wish?'

I don't know.

You don't know?

No, I'm just saying that I'm sure you're deep in thought. Deep thoughts. A feeling we'll never know.

 Jessica turned her blank stare to Ellen.

'So, duh. Besides, the important thing is that Anos-sama is expecting you. It's a good idea. That's why he took it upon himself to teach us and train us, I think.

 Nono looks down with a thoughtful expression.

'Maybe it is,'

So let's not let them down. I'll be fine! If Anos-sama doesn't say anything, it means that we're enough for you. We'll win!

 All the students hmmm and ponder.

''You all have a point, but we can't just send you guys into a battle that you have no chance of winning.

 Emilia said.

'But let's think about it once. ─ But let's think about it,' said Emilia, 'you are all much more mature than the doctor knew. If we work together, maybe we can come up with something that will help us get through this.

 Eren's optimism may have unraveled Emilia's rigid thoughts, but her expression had become more positive.

 There might be a chance of winning. That's what she thought.

'Tell the teacher what everyone can do.

 The students nodded, and so began to tell Emilia about the magic and skills they had mastered themselves.