360-Demon King's secret policy

 The longitudinal hole in Ettildhave--

 It was a place where stone pedestals and stone slabs were tightly packed together.
 A large amount of rubble was piled up at the edge, creating a pile.

 On top of the pedestal were a variety of stone swords, lyres, hats and shoes. Most of them were damaged, and some of them had not retained their original form.

 The sad carvings on the stones are probably grave markers.
 This is an ancient cemetery, set up in a vertical hole, where people from more than two thousand years ago sleep.

 The Fan Union girls gaze at them and brace themselves.

 The area is huge.
 They had come here in search of the widest spot in the pit.

''It smells burnt.''

 Jessica said.
 The smell of something burning drifted in from a distance.

'Just like Naya's Wand of Knowledge said, it wasn't set on fire by the Magus King.

I know...

 The remains under the palace are made up of several vertical pits next to each other, each of which is connected by a series of narrow horizontal pits.

 Taken as a whole, it is quite large.
 There are enough places to hide.

 Bomillas must have decided that it was troublesome to chase after the students of the Demon King's Academy with its large number of people, and he intends to use the to burn the entire vertical hole with the .

 The black smoke is increasing with each passing hour.
 The road leading to the ground should have turned into a sea of fire long ago.

 The only way to return from here alive is to defeat the Demon King Bomilas.
 The girls of the Fan Union had their backs to each other and were on guard in all directions.

 Red flames flickered from the top of the vertical hole.

 With a thunderous sound, the crimson sun burns far overhead.

 The fire sparks are scattered and the laughing flaming body appears.

It's a cemetery. A graveyard. It's a good place for you to die.

 With the flames of his body wavering, the Demon King Bomilas landed on the ground.
 He flashed his magical eye at the girls who were bracing themselves with spears in their hands.

''Where have the others fled to? Hmm?

 There were only eight Fun Union girls in the place.
 Wherever they looked in the vast cemetery, there were no other students in sight.

''Where do you think they are?''

What do you think they're doing up on the ground by now?

Do you think he'll be calling for help soon?

Shouldn't we go looking for him?

 The girls talk about it.
 But Bomillas remains poised.

It's not possible for you to escape from me, even if the heavens and the earth were turned upside down. Two thousand years ago, every demon in the world knew this. If you stepped into my territory, you would either end up dead or swear fealty.

 Bomiras points his fiery fingertips at the girls.

'You can tell me where the others are. I will give you 10 seconds. The first one to do so will be the one to save his life.

 Bomilas turns his gaze to Ellen.
 Two thousand years ago, Bomilas has passed through the Great War, and he is truly an expert in a hundred battles.

 There is a murderous spirit in his magical eyes that chills the heart.

''What do you think?''


 Ellen replied immediately, easily brushing off the killing intent of Bomillas.

You think your friends will not betray you? Do you think your friends will not betray you? But trust is a fragile thing and is easily broken. It's a good thing that you have a good idea of what to expect.

 Bomiras turns his gaze to Jessica.

 The question is fraught with death.
 The tense air spreads around his flaming body and swallows the place with a heavy heart.

''Oh, please, two.''

 It was an immediate response.
 Whether it was a hint of death or not, these women did not read the air.

"I wonder how long your stubbornness will last.

 The Mage King now looked at Nono.

'How's Unu?'

 It was a question that held him down from above.

 Life or death depends on Bomilas, and I'm sure he knows that very well.
 The ruler of this place is undoubtedly himself.

 Two thousand years ago, the Magic King, who ruled Mid-Haze and made many demons fearful, showed himself to them as a champion, just as he did then.

''Then I'll say goodbye four.

Don't skip it, three. Three.

I mean, it's a goodbye for you anyway, so why don't we all say it together?

Because they go out of their way to listen to each one of us.

Yeah, well, you should buy yourself some time then.

I'm eight years old.

What's wrong with you?

 Bomiras sighed, a look of dismay on his face.
 His eyes were filled with anger at those who disrespected him.

''It is utterly disgusting. You are standing in the land of the dead. In this place where lives are at stake, if there is no tension, that's just the way it is. It's a place to let your guard down.

 Bomiras closed his eyes and shook his head from side to side as if he was in trouble.

''Two thousand years ago, you'd be dead for the life of an Unura--''

"'Say Bev's Do!

 The Fan Union girls took a turn and quickly rushed in and thrust out their spears.


 Eight spears pierced Bomilas' mouth.

''If it was two thousand years ago, you would have died, right?

Yeah, yeah. If that was the real Bevsud, he'd be completely anos-sama.

''Demons from two thousand years ago are easily caught off guard when they mess around. Aren't they used to being in the modern world?

 In a moment, eight hands sprouted from the body of Bomillas and rasped the hilt of the spear.
 Then, with a crunching motion, he snapped the eight spears.


 At the same time, the flames struck the girls, setting their bodies on fire.
 They popped with great force and collapsed to the spot in a flurry.

'I'm still a mild-mannered person. Hence, I will ask you one more time. Where have you sent the others? If you don't vomit, I'll make you suffer the pain of burning alive and kill you miserably. Hmm?

 The eight girls fell in front of Bomilas.


 One of them stumbles to his feet.
 It's Ellen.

"We're not going to stop that easily, either!

 Eren releases a strong gaze.
 The seven girls also raised their faces, although their bodies couldn't wake up, and the will to fight was in their eyes.

''Let's go, guys!


 The girls drew a magic circle and put their hands in the center of it.

 The next weapon reveals itself.
 Like a two thousand year old demon race, Bomilas immediately turned his magical eye to look into the abyss of its gain.

 However, as expected of Bomilas, who would have thought he couldn't let his guard down twice, he couldn't hide his contempt.

 After all, it was just a stick.
 It's an ordinary wooden stick sold in a certain town in Dirheid - an a**h*le stick.

''Hi, baboon, baboon hahahahaha...!

 The contempt quickly turned to anger, and a dark smile spilled out of the vomilas.

"You're really a bunch of man-eaters. I don't know what you're up to, but I don't know if you've ever been humiliated like this before, this wizard king.

 It wasn't a magic sword, magic tool, or even a blade.

 It would have been the first time in his life that he had been challenged with such a weapon.
 It's perfectly natural to take that as an insult.

'Enough. I was going to capture them all first, but Unura is the Demon King Choir. They are the favorites of the tyrannical Demon King. If we destroy them one by one, we can make a good deal with the Demon King.

 Flames scattered from his flaming body, and Bomilas' body swelled to twice its size.

''By the time we destroy five of them, that man will be ready to talk to me.

 His gaze catches Eren, who was the only one standing.

'First things first, Unu.'

 Bomillas' fiery hand blazed so vigorously that it swelled to three times its original size.
 The wooden stick in his hand didn't matter, he waved his flaming arm in the air with the force of burning them all.

"........I'm not going to drag Anos-sama's feet.......!

 Ellen thrust the anothermic stick into the center of that flaming hand.
 Immediately, a pillar of flame rose violently.

''While being burned by the crimson flames, I regret insulting this Demon King, but--''

 The victorious Demon King, however, was immensely proud of himself in the process.
 A black stain formed on the rising crimson flames, and they rotted away in rags.


 The pillar of flame seemed to have been completely corroded, and there stood Ellen, holding an anosseed stick at the ready.

 She didn't suffer a single burn, but wore a sticky black light on that stick.

'Why? You're going to have to snap these sticks off.

 Bomillas's fiery hand grasps the anothsome stick and gingerly forces it.

'Snapping? That's never going to happen!

""Absolutely not!"

 The girls cry out in unison with their thoughts.

 Bomillas tried to break it with his tremendous physical strength, but the black light invaded it, but on the contrary, his hands rotted away in tatters.

''.........What.......what.......what? Idiot! The magical power of these guys is not enough to hurt my flaming body...

 With a quick decision, Bomilas let go of the anossus stick and retreated.
 Then he looked at the girls with his demon eyes.

''........This is the brave men's......sanctuary (Ask)......?''

Did you ever think that just because you're a demon, you can't use love magic?

 Ellen wears a sticky black light on her anosu stick and plunges into it.

''What a bevs-doh!


 As expected, he thought he couldn't take a direct hit, but Bomillas ducked it by making a hollow in the body of the flame and waved his right hand at the flame.

 However, Eren caught it with his anosu stick and corroded the flame.

 Bomillas jumped up in
'But this is it.'

 A huge magic circle is drawn in front of the Mage King's eyes.
 Its target is Eren and the prostrate Fun Union girls.

''Destroy, Gio-Glaze!

 A huge red sun is ejected with great force.
 It plunges straight into Eren with a tail of flame.

''Everyone........I still don't have enough feelings for you! Think of Anos-sama as anos-sama..............more!

 <The special training of the on their own.

 Even after returning from the depths of the earth, they had continued to hone that magic.

 The source of their passion is their insane loyalty.

 When they used the Mad Love Zone (Garde Ask) on the Demon King Anos, the target of their loyalty and the target of their magic are the same, so the effect of the magic is maximized.

 However, if you concentrate the Garde Ask on Eren, it's a different story.

 If the target of your loyalty is the Demon King Anos and the target of your magic is Eren, it's terribly inefficient.

 Normally, it shouldn't be a decent power, but the girls overcame it with an amazing idea.

 That's the Anosu Stick.

 Eren takes that stick, which has a similar name to the Demon King Anos, and as if in idolatry, he delivers his loyalty to Eren, the stick, and the Lord beyond it. It's through Eren.

 Indirect thoughts are weak. The girls have rewritten that common sense.
 It is truly a feat of detachment.

 The most surprising thing is the unparalleled imagination that can make that stick look like the Demon King Anos, just because of the similarity in the name.

 There may be something in them that the demon race of two thousand years ago did not have.

"In the vicinity of the Garde Usk...

 As Ellen raised the Anossus Stick, the seven girls raised the Anossus Stick in the same way.
 The girls pointed the tip of it at the approaching .

''What the heck, Geo-Grayz!''

 The sticky black light collides with the red , imitating the sun, and collides with the red .

 Violent flames are scattered and corroded rust scatters the surroundings.

 <The collision between the and the is almost even, no, the fan union is pushing slightly.

''........It's going to be fine, it's going to be fine.......! Even we can fight the grimoire king!

...as is....

I'll just have to take a breath.

 As their thoughts increased, the ragged and red corrodes the red .

 From far above the vertical hole, a red heat ray concentrated on Bomillas.

 Countless large and small flames were spread out to cut off the retreating path.
 They constructed a magic circle and poured down the heat of magic power on BomiRus.

 <The sun of the Gardo Ask has completely corroded the Gio Glaze and is now pressing down on Bomillas.

 The moment--

"Brilliant flames of burning death.

 The Mage King was dyed in a shining crimson body.
 The sticky light of the that was emitted also burned out in the blink of an eye as soon as it touched it.

It's all over now. It seems I underestimated the Unura. I can't help but apologize for that--

 The Demon King's flame body turned into a sphere like the sun.

''I'll reduce you to ashes in an instant so that you won't have time to suffer.

 The pile of debris scattered with a thud.

 Bomillas returned from the sphere to a normal body and looked in its direction.

 A huge stone hand appeared from underneath the pile of rubble.
 Gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, the rubble crumbled down and scattered even more.

 What emerged from within was a demon king's castle made of .
 It had grown arms and legs and was standing up.

 With a gurgle, the Demon King's Castle shook its huge body and carved out a step.

''Let's go, Bomiras--''

 Emilia's voice echoed.

 It was a giant soldier created by all the students of the Demon King's Academy, using the magic of the .