361-Total war

 Zugong, Zugong, Zugong, and the giant walked. 

 Bomilas turned his demon eyes to the moving demon king castle and looked into its depths. 

...... This is not an instant castle. It's not an instant castle, it's not  an instant castle. How could you hide while building up the magic power to use all this "creative architecture (ibis)"? 

 Even though it was buried in the rubble, that wasn't enough to deceive Bomillas' magic eye. 

 Emilia and the students had been hiding in that place for a long time to prevent him from realizing it while pouring their magic power into that demon king's castle. 

''How? Don't ask me nonsense. We know that we're going to be fighting a monster from the start, so of course we're going to focus on training our magic to escape. 

 One of the students said proudly. 

It's my specialty magic, 'Reiner', that Anos-sama's 'Ridiculous Statue of Edonica' taught me. I practiced it for eight hours after school. 

"I've been working on the secret spells for eight hours. Ever since I came back from the underground, my curriculum has been Secret Magic Power in the morning, Secret Magic Power in the afternoon, and Secret Magic Power at night. 

I may not be able to turn invisible like Anosh, and I may not be able to completely erase his magic, but I can still get by as long as I'm hiding in the rubble of the magic stone. 

Because we don't have much magic to begin with! It means I don't understand it when it's mixed with the magic of the magic stone. 


 It was a laugh that sounded almost desperate. 

 <Secret Magic Power (Nazira) is more effective on those who have less magic power. 

 They had taken advantage of their lack of magical power to build the Demon King's Castle little by little so that the Demon King wouldn't find out. 
 On top of that, they were buried in the rubble of the Demon Stone, so their presence was increasingly rare. 

 Even though they were still inexperienced, anyone who didn't think they could use the Secret Magic Power (Nazira) was overconfident in their own magical eye and overlooked it. 

''What can you do with that little wooden doll? You forget about it, right? I am Bommilus the Grimoire King, the man who ruled over Midheaven 2,000 years ago. 

 Drawing a single magic circle, Bomiras ejected the <Geo Glaze>, the <Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo Glaze)>. 
 The red sun, like a comet, drew in a tail of flame and pressed down on the giant soldiers. 

''Please deploy your magical barriers! 

 As soon as Emilia's instructions fly, the students immediately exercise their magic. 

''Understood, the first layer will be deployed.'' 

Deployment complete. 

 A giant slab of graphite appears in front of the giant soldier. 

''Second layer deploying, sir.'' 

 Behind it, countless graphite hexagonal pillars appeared, which were laid out with no gaps between them. 
 The structure was like a beehive. 

The Third Layer Development. 

Deployment complete. 

 Finally, we put a huge piece of graphite plate on the back side as well and put the lid on. 

'Vacuum layer deployment.' 

Deployment complete. 

 The contents of the constructed graphite plate, the hollow of the beehive structure, deploys a vacuum anti-magic. 

''<Graphite Beehive Demon Wall (Kaniam Torte)!'' 

 Each of them was responsible for a portion of each jutsu, resulting in a series of magic exercises that were instantaneous. 
 The speed of forming the magic formula was comparable to the speed of the demon race two thousand years ago. 

 What was built in front of the Demon King's Castle was a multi-structured magical barrier, the <Graphite Beehive Magic Wall (Kaniam Torte)>. 

 The red sun, which is powerfully approaching, collides with the graphite magical wall. 

 The Mage King's pride in his supreme command, the Gio-Glaze, however, was unable to burn or destroy the Graphite Hive Demon Wall, and was blocked. 

 Its multi-layered magical barriers are excellent in fire and shock resistance. 
 In other words, it was a shield that was specialized for the Magic King's means of attack. 

 However, just preventing it won't stop the momentum of the <Geo Glaze>. 
 The Graphite Beehive Demon Wall (Kaniam Torte) is slowly being pushed into the area. 

''Please shift it! 

 Under Emilia's direction, the <Graphite Beehive Demon Wall (Kaniam Torte)> shifted diagonally. Along its barrier surface, the Red Sun was deflected from its path and landed on the wall behind the giant soldiers. 

'...... petty imitation of ......' 

 The Demon King floating in the air looked at the Fun Union girls below him. 
 There were about three students from the Demon King's Academy there, casting a recovery spell on the girls. 

''Hey, you're out of your mind.'' 

Come on, Ramon. 

 The two of them tapped him on the shoulder and Ramon dashed off in desperation. 

''Ha-ha-ha, Demon King Bomilas-sama is a miserable man! You're going to be so scared of the size of the Demon King's Castle that you'll miss us when we're not inside! 

Baboon, you are a fool. Do you really think I would take advantage of such a challenge? 

 In terms of strength, the first thing to do would be to put away the Fun Union girls. 

 The army magic, Demon King's Army (Guys), raises the effectiveness of magic in a group. If they entered that Demon King's Castle, they would become another formidable enemy for Bomilus. 

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a good deal more than you think you can. 

You see that collar? I am the Demon King's dog, you stupid dog! How does it feel to be outsmarted by a bunch of dog f*ckers? There you go, Magus King, spank me! 

 Ramon ran and dexterously stuck his ass out and slapped it with his hand. 
 Bomillas' complexion changed. 

 His form was as if he had been reversed. 

'Perish, you trash.' 

 The target was changed and the <Geo Glaze> was shot out towards Ramon. 

''I'll ask for ......, Nedonelly ......! 

 Ramon used the magic of <Contract (Zekt)>. 

 The content is that if this attack cannot be avoided, he will once again engage in the revival of the royalists as a resistance. 

 The magic flowed from the shackles on Ramon's neck, and for a moment he was lured into the dream world. 

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. 

 When he tried to convert the royalists, when he was about to take the wrong path, the collar would take effect and show him the dream. Unless he chooses the right path, he will not awaken. 

 Now that Ramon has used the Contract (Zekt), Nedonelias shows us the exact same dream in which Bomilus releases the Gio-Glaze, which is the same situation as this one. 

 As long as he doesn't choose the right path to avoid the Gio-Glaze in a dream that perfectly replicates reality, Ramon will dream again and again. 

 In an instant, after countless deaths, Ramon woke up. 


 <Ramon barely avoided the Hellfire Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze). 
 That would have been an event that happened once in hundreds of times. 

 But Ramon, who had done a perfect prep in his dream, had successfully grabbed that one in a few hundred times. 

'What is ......? ......? You're a piece of trash: ......! 

 Bomilas then fired the <Jail Flame Eradication Cannon (Geo Glaze)>, but Ramon continued to evade it while screaming. 

'My ...... why can't it hit ......! 

Heh heh, spanking! 

 Bomillas angrily drew countless magic circles of large and small sizes all over his body and fired wildly at the <Geo Glaze>, the <Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon>. 

 As expected, there was no place to escape. 

''<Graphite Beehive Demon Wall (Kaniam Torte)! 

 A magic barrier was put up, blocking the <Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze)> that aimed at Ramon. 
 He barely entered the Demon King's Castle just before he was hit. 

''That's not good enough! 

 Eren's voice rang out. 

 The Fun Union girls, who recovered while Ramon was bait, were riding around the giant soldier's shoulders. 

''This Demon King Giant Soldier Anogade can't be defeated like that! 

It's a spell that unites the forces of the Demon King's Academy and ourselves. 

I'll show you what I'm good at offensively as well as passively. 

 The girls opened a nearby door and entered the Demon King Giant Anogade. 

''<The <Mad Love Region (Garde Ask)>'' 

 A sticky black light appeared in front of the Demon King Giant Militant and it turned into a single spear. 

''I'm going! 

 When Emilia uttered her voice, the Demon King Giant Soldier grabbed the spear of the <Mad Love Region (Garde Ask)>. 
 The giant's feet shook the ground as it headed towards the bombilus. 

"Emilia-sensei, the call is 'What a Bevsed'! 

 Ellen says. 

"...... I'm not supposed to be involved in the Garde Ask, but... ...... 

Yeah, but we all have to be united in our thoughts. 

"The Garde Usk is all about assumptions. 

...... I don't know, but I understand. Just say it, just say it! 

 <The spear of the Mad Love Realm (Garde Ask) was thrust out with all its might. 

''Na...... what the hell--'' 


 Zgo-oohhhh, a huge black spear split the sky. 
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future. 

The tyrannical demon king has developed an insufferable army magic. You talk about the weak joining forces with the weak, but even if the little ones were to work together, they're no match for this mage king. 

 Countless <Jail Flame Eradication Cannons (Geo Glaze)> were shot out of the flame body in all directions. 

 The first layer deployment, the second layer deployment, the third layer deployment ...... and voices flew around within the Demon King Giant Army. 

''<Graphite Beehive Demon Wall (Kaniam Torte)>! 

 The magical barrier that appeared in front of Anogade's face also completely deflected the Gio-Glaze's fire annihilation cannon. 

''What a waste! 

That's just plain stupid. Did you think I was going to use the same trick over and over again? 

 The <Geo Glaze>, which was shot out in all directions, arced and came back to Bomilas. 

 That red sun is landing on him one after another. 

''Fire and Fire Extinguishing Hellfire (Glaze Avner).'' 

 Every time the red sun hits the ground, the body of the mage king swallows it up and expands. 

 It's just like a flame spreading, and after being hit by the many Gio-Grays, the bombarded Bomillas quickly expanded into a huge size, making him one size larger than the Demon King's Giant Soldiers. 

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I see it. That's just how big they are, they're only vulnerable to the modern day demon race. 

d*mn it ......!!! 

 Emilia shouts. 

 The giant Demon King giant soldier Anogade's arm, which is about to swing his spear, is held down by the giant-sized hand of Bomilas. 

 Bomilas extends his opposite hand and attacks Anogade. 
 In order to prevent it, the Demon King Academy deploys the <Graphite Beehive Demon Wall (Kaniam Torte)>. 

''<Scorched Death Burning Brilliant Fire Burning Flame (Aviastan Ziara)>'' 

 Heat rays poured down from above his head, and Bomillas' huge body turned into a glowing red flame. 
 Its right arm easily burned and pierced through the <Graphite Beehive Demon Wall (Kaniam Torte)> and grabbed the Demon King Giant Soldier's shoulder and mouth. 


 The students of the Guardians inside are desperately trying to rebuild the burned parts and the mages are trying to extinguish the flames with their anti-magic, but the flames continue to spread. 

 The outer wall of the Demon King's Giant Army is burning down to pieces. 

"Baboon, this is the end. 

Doctor, now! 

I know. 

 With Emilia's voice, the Demon King Giant Soldier Anogade rushed straight into the bombilus. 
 The thing clothed in that huge body was a sticky black light, the <Garde Ask>. 

''This ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! 

 Both of Anogade's arms burned and crashed down with a thud. 
 Regardless, Emilia rushed the Demon King Giant soldier with her body. 

 <The mucous light of the <Gard-Ask> collided with the bombilus that had turned into the <Scorched Death Burning Destruction Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara)>, sending sparks of magic power flying with a zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 

''Everyone, give it your all! 


 As if to exert the last of his strength, Anogade pushed Bomillas straight through and slammed him into the wall with a thud. 

 In the blink of an eye, that wall was melted by the flaming body of Bomilas. 

It's all you've got. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. The Garde Usk can't last long. Your magic will run out for the last time. 

 It was just as Bomilas said. 
 <The Mad Love Realm (Garde Ask) weakened slightly and began to be swallowed up by the red glowing flames. 

''Naya-chan, please! 

 Bomilus twisted his face of fire quizzically. 
 At the Demon King Giant Soldier's head, a student of the Demon King Academy in the flesh, Naya, appeared. 

It's not a matter of whether or not you're going to get detention. What are you going to do, detention? 

 The skull clattered its jaws and the <Wand of Knowledge> uttered such a statement. 

'I want to help Tomo. 

 She held up the Ring of Alliance Pearl and said. 

''<Summoning the Messenger (Retherde). 

 Poof, a divine light illuminated the area and the four guardian gods appeared there. 

 A young girl with unusually long hair, holding two staffs in her hands. 
 Nutella de Hiana, the guardian god of regeneration. 

 The winged man-horse lady. 
 Raise na Eel, the Guardian God of the Sky. 

 A big, strong man who carries a huge shield on his back. 
 Zeo La Opto, the guardian god of protection. 

 A black shadow with a dozen different blades, including spears, axes, swords, arrows, and scythes. 
 Atro ze Sistava, the Guardian God of Death. 

"It looks like something the underground dragon-men use to summon a reterde. 

 The Demon King laughed, scattering the fire sparks with a baboon. 

But it seems that Unu is out of control. You can see from the guardian gods that they do not want to follow you. If they were to follow them, they would be no better than four guardian gods. I'm sure this is a trump card, this mage king has been underestimated. 

 In order to take care of the Demon King Giant Soldier first, Bomilas reached out for the <Scorched Death Annihilation Brilliant Fire Burning Flame (Aviastan Ziara)>. 

 <The Mad Affection Region (Gardo Ask) held it off for a moment, but the black light was burned by the flames and the Anogade's banks were set on fire. 

''Unura's lost. I'll send you to the other side one by one. Until the Demon King agrees to negotiate. 

 With a gurgle, the Demon King Giant Soldier stumbles to his feet and the outer wall falls apart. 
 If the Demon King hadn't been willing to use the students to negotiate, he would have finally, collectively, burned them all to the ground. 

'Help ...... help ...... tomo ...... help ......' 

 Naya mutters. 

"Help us all!" ...... Help! 

"Then proceed with your life, detention. 

 Wrapping the pact with her left hand, Naya said as she prayed. 

'<Possession Summoning (Azepto)>, <Renewal God (Nutella de Hiana)>! 

 The guardian god of regeneration turns into light and possesses Naya. 

'Baboon, it looks like you can do the <possession summoning (azepto), but what do you do with it? They'll destroy you before you can regenerate. 

"The Azepto, the Guardian God of the Guardians! 

 For a moment, the Magic King exclaimed. 

''...... na ..................?'' 

 The face of the flame was stunned. 
 It was an expression that was beyond comprehension. 

''It's ...... what ......, and ......? How can you bring down two gods at the same time, for example: ...... 

"Summoned by the Aesept, Raise na Eel! 

 Bomillas' flaming face turns startled. 

'...... three bodies ...... simultaneously possessed ......? Stupid ...... what are you doing ......? Possessing a god is like pouring water into your own roots as a vessel ...... How can three of the powers that are so called the order of the world, no matter how much of a watchdog god they are, enter ...... 

<Possession Summoning (Azeepto) and the God of Death's Watch (Atro ze Sistava)! 

 Nah, nah ............ nah ...... four bodies, at the same time ......... ......! 

 The <Wand of Knowledge> clatters and laughs with Bomilas' surprise. 

'Kakka! Yes, yes, that's right! An ordinary person would only be able to possess a god in one piece. Just having that many vessels is a talent worth marveling at. But! Detention Naya is no match for such a puny vessel! Her roots are kaka kaka!' 

 The skull clatters with amusement. 

'Empty, empty, empty, empty!!!' 

 Naya kicked the scaffolding and flew through the air. 

"You are a clumsy bastard. You wanted to be a 2,000-year-old demon! 

...... I am a tiny, weak, useless fall guy of this era ...... 

 <Naya easily ducked under the hands of the Scorched Death Burning Brilliant Flame (Aviastan Ziara) as she walked through the air. 

''But I at least want to help my friends! 

 Straight away, Naya charges at Bomillas's body. 


 A flaming hand sprouted from the chest of that flaming body and grabbed Naya as she jumped in. 

'It seems you don't even know how to fight to possess four gods, ha? 

 Bomillas' head dropped as his body pressed against something. 

'...... nah, what ......? Body--Gohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

 Crushed by a tremendously strong force, Bomilus bent his knees and scraped his flaming head against the ground. 

'What is ...... this magic ...... this order ......?' 

 Bomilas says in confusion. 

It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on a new one. 

''Kakkakka, Magic King. Didn't you say that yourself? Possessing a god is like pouring water into the root source as a vessel. Let's say you put different colored water in each of the same vessel. The answer is,' 

 Even more squishy, the vomillas became smaller and smaller as their bodies folded into an invisible force. 


 'Cataclysm,' the skull laughs good-naturedly. 

'Stupid, na...... stupid! I am Bomiras, King of Magic ......, the demon king who ruled over Mid-Haze two thousand years ago. ......! 

 Naya was standing on top of the bombilus, which had been crushed to the size of a stone at the earliest. 
 A look of humiliation and despair appeared on his face. 

''I don't know much about this era, or how to fight it, but I'm a fall guy ...... 

"...... help everyone ...... help everyone ...... 

 With empty eyes, Naya looked at Bomilas. 
 But that was the limit. 

 As expected, her body wobbled as if she had exhausted her strength. 
 Then, with a sound, she fell forward. 

 Seeing Naya prostrate herself on the ground and showing no signs of moving, the Demon King's expression of fear relaxed. 

''...... baboon, baboon ...... that's right, I'm the Magic King. Which, now stay ...... ......? 

 A shadow covered the Magic King. 
 Awkwardly, like a rusty magic doll, Bomiras turned around. 

 There, burned and battered, was Tomogui. 
 A small dragon, but yet big enough for Bomiras now. 

 That dragon opens its mouth with an ache. 

''Ma...... wait--Gju......! 

 Crunch, crunch, Tomogui swallowed the Demon King. 
 Then the burned wounds healed, and the red flames were spat out of his mouth like a breath of air. 

 Tomogui cooed, and licked Naya's cheek. 
 She ooze and opens her eyes. 

'.................. tomo...... thank goodness ...... I knew you were ...... safe. ...... 

 Staggeredly reaching out his hand, Naya touched Tomogui. 

'Except for ...... dragons, you didn't like to eat ...... ............?' 

 Coulouroo, Tomogui chirped.