362-The Path of the Demon King Academy

 Inside the vertical hole, a stunned murmur echoes hollowly.

''........my alter ego, this Demon King Bomilus, is like a vulnerable modern day demon race......!

 <Bound by the , Bomillas distorted his flaming face.

 It was a mixture of rage, disgrace and astonishment, an expression that was truly worthy of being called a surrender.

''You're right, this power is not appropriate for peaceful times.

 He grasps his right hand a few times, playing with his hand with the particles of magic and throwing words at him.

''I need a deterrent. Hence, I'm attending the Demon King's Academy.

 When I turned the evil eye on BomiRus, he was terrified.
 Now that Bommilus is in my grasp, he's as good as dead.

"They have grown to the point of destroying your alter ego. Rey, Mysa, Misha, Sasha, Arcana, Eleonor, and Zecia. They, too, are becoming powerful enough to approach me in their respective fields of expertise.

 I'm not asking you to take on the Demon King by yourself.
 But if you join forces, you'll be able to reach out to him, no matter what.

"To be a deterrent to the Demon King. That's what the Demon King's Academy is aiming for.

 Bomiras stilled and held his mouth still, thinking about what was going on.
 After a few seconds he says, "It's just a matter of time.

It's all a matter of expediency. It's only your boys after all. Then you're just creating more and more threats and excuses not to give up your power.

Hmm. Excuses.

 If you look at Bomillas with the as if you were caressing him, his flaming body will gradually disappear.


All right. You have a point.

 I opened the lid of the and put it on my mouth.
 I tipped the bottle and drank it in one go.

 With a clang, the empty bottle falls to the ground.

Are you satisfied with this?

 <I'm going to break the Zora-Edipto and free you from Bomiras' bonds.
 I held out my hand towards him.

"If I let go of my power, there will be no more reason for us to fight. In times of peace, we will have our differences, but we must find common ground together. But let us find a way out of this together.

 Bomiras stared at my face as if he was confused.
 Then, a calm expression appeared on his face.

".........At last, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.......

 The next moment.

 The Demon King laughed as he scattered the fire sparks with a baboon.

''I can finally get rid of the annoying baggage of being a pacifist.

 Turning his evil eye on me, Bomiras taunts me, "You fool.
 It's as if he's trying to get rid of his previous resentment, as if he's trying to punch me in the face.

You idiot. You fool, you idiot, you fool, you idiot, you great fool!

 Bomiras holds up his flaming hand wide.

'You've been tricked!

 Light gathered in the fiery hands of Bomilas, and a ring appeared.
 It is the Bead of Selection.

I was chosen by Gegedovic, the God of Conquest, to be the eight gods' selector, the champion, Bomiras! The very God of Conquest, Gegedovic, was melted in the magical divide that Unu swallowed.

 Bomilas laughs loudly and triumphantly.
 That's the real reason why it wasn't good enough for the Covenant (Zekt)?

It's a good thing that the God of Conquest has conquered the root of the problem and dedicated it to the champion. You can't do that with your own original power, but it's easy to conquer the magic power that flowed into the Black World due to the watershed of magic. And with that power, you can conquer even the source of the Unu.

 Vomilas speaks eloquently.
 In response to his words, something pulsed within my roots with a thud.

'....Hmm. I see. Even though I borrowed the power of the God of Conquest, it's still just a magic that takes away my roots. It's not something I developed overnight.

 'Grin,' laughed Bomilas.

'No need to hide it now. I'll tell you what to do with it for the rest of the world.'

 As he looked down at me, the Demon King began to speak happily.

I have been waiting for the opportunity to obtain the fearsome source of the powerful Voldigord bloodline. "I have been waiting for the opportunity to get a hold of the fearsome roots of the powerful Voldigord bloodline for two thousand years. Since the birth of the Unu two thousand years ago, I have been waiting for the opportunity to obtain this terrible source of the powerful Voldigord bloodline.

 That's a long time before I was born.

You came for Cerise in the first place?

 'Baboon,' laughed Bomilas, as if to show affirmation.

'How true. I played the pacifist and approached him, looking at him with an eagle eye for an opportunity. Unfortunately, the man could see right through me, but he was just as foolish as you are. It is because of this that you have survived.

 It would be that event we saw in the past.

 When Yeejus was still called the best (Jeff), he believed his lines and didn't stop him, even though he and Celis were hunting down the Magic King, even though he was hunting down the Magic King.

 It wouldn't be a one-time thing, though, so it can't be helped.

 The Mage King had always been mild-mannered and continued to pretend to be a king who performed his reign.
 It would not be much different from the one who was sincerely mild-mannered at the earliest.

 At least, in the eyes of those around him.

 Two thousand years ago, the harshness of the world was such that you couldn't survive on strength alone.
 If you tried to be strong, you would have come closer to your demise.

 At that time, everyone was a performer on the stage of tragedy, playing a role in order to survive.
 Even the man who was called the grimoire king was no exception.

And then? You've got my roots, what are you going to do with them?

It's not a secret. It's an extremely dangerous power for someone else to have, but not if it's yours. The power of the tyrannical demon king who rules the land of demons and destroys even the gods makes me the ruler of this world.

 Spreading his arms out, Bomilas said loudly.

'To the tyrannical Magus King!

If you're going to be the one who destroys the world, what's the deterrent going to be?

'Deterrence? Baboon, don't you get it yet? It's more of a hindrance. I'll destroy anything that can be used against me. There's no need for me to play a clever trick or act flattered.

 Bomillas unleashes the very words of his multiplication.

I will rule this world as I see fit. Demons, humans, spirits, dragons, and even the gods can do what I want with a single fingertip, and everything is at my mercy. Never has my heart been more empty than this! That's what peace is all about! A world truly at peace, brought to me alone!

 Bomiras reaches out his fiery hand to my chest.
 I drew a magic circle and plunged my arm into the center.

'Come on. You're probably at the end of your rope, Demon King of Tyranny. No, it's just Anos. With the destruction of the world, the root of the highest source of unu, I will receive it.

 <Using the magic power of the Divide of Magic and the order of the Conqueror God as much as possible, the King of Magic grabbed the source of me and drew a magic circle directly on it.

 Bomiras gingerly pulls out his arm.
 I said in a despondent voice to the guy who plastered his lowly nature on my face.

'It's people like you that keep me from giving up my powers.


 The pulled out Bomilas' hand was rotting away.

 As if confused, Bomilas contorts his flaming face.

 A murmur of astonishment spills out

"....well, you're a... idiot... .....

Only if you ignore the fact that it's impossible.

 I walk slowly to Bomiras, who cowered and backed away slightly, and said, "I'm not going to throw away this power any longer.

I'm not going to let go of this power so easily. I'm not going to let go of this power at all. But that doesn't mean it will disappear until I'm destroyed. No.

 He gently grabs Bomilas' face.

'When I perish, there's no guarantee I'll disappear.

 As the root of Caihiram hides a curse and the root of Yggeth hides the power of blood, so my root hides destruction.

 My root source increases in power the closer I get to my destruction.
 Then, what will happen if it is actually destroyed?

 Only the infinitely swollen magic power will remain there.
 Such a premonition flashed through my mind.


 The hand that grabbed the head of Bomilas turned jet black.

''Hi, baboon........''

 Bomilas laughed, threateningly, and laughed emphatically.

It seems that I have lost this time....

 He said it as if he was next.

'Bomilus. Why do you think I've been spending so much time playing with you?

 The flames' faces turn suspicious.

'Misha, Sasha, let him hear it.

 Then, a
"I found all of the Magus King's candles.

"I have turned you into ice crystals.

 Hearing Sasha and Misha's voices, the Demon King made an expression that he didn't expect.

''........Finding everything in such a short period of time......''

You bet. If you find them all, I win. If you miss one, you win. The chip is your life.

 Bomilas gives him a despairing look.

'Don't look at me like that. It's like admitting that all the candles have been found.'

 If you put a little strength into your hand, the claws of the bite into the face of the flame body.

But wait... I understand. I'm going to tell you about the tale of Cerys Voldigord 2,000 years ago. You've been wondering about that, haven't you? I'm going to wash up and confess everything. So, only my life....

 Vomilas paints The Covenant (Zekt).
 It's about Cerys Voldigord, who, if he confesses to what happened to her 2,000 years ago, will be let off the hook.

All right. All right. You tell me and I'll help you.

 I signed his contract, Zekt.

"Cerise Voldigord, he is...

 With a crunch, he crushed Bomillas' face with all its roots.
 He disappears without a trace.

Speak up.

 He wouldn't have much to say if he signed it.
 It's a good thing he came here and confined his confession to Cerys Voldigord 2,000 years ago.

 He played games with her right up to the last minute.
 He chipped his own life and took a big gamble.

 He'd rather die than give in, and that's the path he'd chosen.


 I'll draw a magic circle at the spot where Bomilus disappeared.
 I'm not going to be able to get a good deal more than just a few hours of sleep.

 It's probably the one in the vertical hole where Misha and Sasha were headed.

'Arcana. It's Aerial.


 After Arcana's voice echoed, another reached me.

"My dear. I have found the Sousei Erial.

 It's from Sin.
 As I glared at him, it looks like he's been hidden in the cliffs of Gangrund as well.

'Two, Arcana,'

"The memories of the stars twinkle, and the light of the past reaches the earth.

 Sousei Elial projects the past scene into my magic eye.