363-The truth of 2,000 years ago

 Two thousand years ago.
 Goannell Territory, Thundercloud Volcano--

 The Knights of the Phantom Name, led by Celis, were in that volcano with dark clouds and rumbling thunder.

 The crater in front of them.
 The magma overflowing with magic power was boiling and churning.

"This is it?

 Ceris drew a magic circle and placed her hand in the center of it.
 I pulled out the Universal Lightning Sword Gaudgemon and raised it to the heavens.

 A huge amount of purple lightning seems to have gathered on the sword's barrel, and then it is swung down towards the crater.

 A violent thunderclap rang out, and the purple lightning struck the boiling magma.
 A red fountain rises vigorously, destroying the magma that had been shot by the lightning.

 In no time at all, the crater was empty.
 Looking inside, it was quite deep.

 If you look to the bottom of the crater, you can see a fixed magic circle drawn on it.

 Celis and the others jumped down into the crater and landed on top of the fixed magic circle.
 As they worked their magic, their bodies sank into the ground with ease.

 There was a hollow space under the crater.

 It was like a cave.
 It was dimly lit and there was no illumination.

 An unpleasant smell hit my nose.
 It's blood.

 It was the same unpleasant smell they'd smelled somewhere else at some point.

 Looking into the darkness, Celis and the others proceeded to the back of the room.
 Eventually, there was a slight glimmer of light.

 The glowing moss that clung to the walls of the cave served as illumination.
 When I looked into the demon's eye, I saw that the bodies were lined up there.

 Humans, demons, spirits and gods.
 There are the bodies of the four races.

 Most of the bodies had signs of broken bellies.

 Although the heads are attached, they are almost identical to those in the settlement of Zeiron.
 Someone must have been conducting magical research there.

''Come out.''

 Ceris skipped the words to the back of the cave.

 From the other side of the darkness, the sound of footsteps could be heard.
 The one who came was a man carrying a magic spear.

"The first (Jeff)....

 Number Two (Ed) muttered.
 Looking at him, Celis raised her eyebrows for a moment.

'What are you doing?'

What the hell is this place?

It is I who is asking the questions. You're not a ghost anymore. I'm asking what you're doing here.

 Sharp-eyed, Celis glares at Ichiban (Jeff).

''Still, I owe you a debt of gratitude for picking me up... even if I don't understand you... that much is certain...''

 Looking straight back at Celis, Ichiban (Jeff) said.

''........I cannot abandon you. Even if I have to live as an unwilling ghost........

Do you take a course that goes against your beliefs?

 Asked sharply, Ichiban (Jeff) shushed him.

''I don't know ... that's ... I don't know ...''

A boy who can't even prepare himself. How dare you stand in front of me thinking that?

 Regardless of Ichiban (Jeff), Celis looks around the cave.
 She's probably looking for traces of the sorcerer who was studying magic.

''Commander (Isis)--''

 When Number One (Jeff) was about to pursue, Number Two (Ed) tapped him on the shoulder.

'I didn't think you'd come back,'

 After saying that much, Number Two (Ed) also began to explore the cave.

 First (Jeff) watched it for a while, but as if he had changed his mind, he joined the work of the phantom knights.

 While doing so, he asked.

''Is this his laboratory?''

I know.

 Number 3 (Xeno) replies.

''... what magic are you studying?''

That's the magic of reincarnation. It's the magic of a man who should have been destroyed, but has survived.


 As if he didn't understand, Sanban (Xeno) shook his head and looked at Celis.
 He opened his mouth with his magic eye still fixed on the fixed magic circle in the cave.

'I cut off his head and tied a curse with a purple light. I used a beheading curse on him. That should have destroyed him, but some of them are ineffective.

 After thinking about it, Ichiban (Jeff) asked.

''........Headless demon race, is it?''

That's right. Among them, the Tseilon bloodline is the one that looks like it has a head, but it doesn't work. It is a head that can be borrowed and replaced.

But is he not only of Tseilon's blood, but even of the demon race?

He must have reincarnated. With the help of the mother's womb, by means of reincarnation magic.

 Celis stared at the body with a magic circle painted on its belly.

''The magic of
 A grim expression appeared on her face for a moment, and Celis opened her mouth again.

''No, I took in the blood of Tseilon and while gaining that headless power, I was reborn as a different kind of being. A monster that can't even be called a demon race.

 Hence, he didn't perish even if Celis cut off his head and invoked the Beheading Curse.

''Perhaps he used his reincarnation magic at the same time I activated the beheading curse. The root cause disappeared from the spot and was transferred to the mother's womb that was prepared beforehand. If you don't know the trick, you'll only look like you've perished.

 <It had to be the magic of .
 It was faster to be reincarnated than the normal .

''That kind of magic... not even a single demon race could use it... that humans have reached that abyss...''

Don't underestimate him. He is not just a man. He has taken on the skin of a man, using the power of the Zeiron bloodline to hide the source behind it. To hide the source behind it.

 That's when it happened.
 I heard a crackling, clapping sound.

 The sound of applause, as if to praise Celis.

'As expected of Cerys Voldigord, head of the Nameless Order of Dirheid.

 You can hear the sound of people walking to the spot, along with the sound of a human voice.

 In the age of mythology, on the battlefield, most of us would kill the sound of footsteps.
 Even if they don't, they exude caution and determination.

 But the footsteps are so terribly light that they are out of place on the battlefield.

 That thing walked from the direction from which Cerise and the others had come.

 A human who had once been hiding in Dillheid.
 It was Graham, the brave man who led the seventh unit of the Azation Army.

''Excellent deduction.''

 Celis asked sharply as she looked into the depths of the man who had appeared.

'Who are you?'

It's Graham the Brave, for now.

 Cerise turns a steely gaze on Graham.

'I have not heard the name of your neck. Reveal yourself, monster.

 Huffing, Graham smiled.

'Call me who I am, but I've already forgotten my old name. I don't mind being Graham.

 Celis gives the man a guarded look.

'And, as I recall, I was originally human. I was born into a family of venerable wise men, and I was just a little better at magic than most people. When was the last time I felt a little different from others?

 He looked like he was responding to some other banter.
 But it gave off a sickening look, as if he was somehow out of his mind.

'Yes, I've realised that others will perish. I'm not going to perish. Why is that? I've been looking for answers for a long time, but I haven't found any yet.

 Graham caught the gleam in Cerys' eye lightly.

'I've finally found some company lately. 'Yes, but I'm afraid it may have done you a disservice.'

What are you talking about?

Have you forgotten? This is it.

 Graham snapped his fingers, and a magic circle was drawn on the crystal in the cave.
 There, an image was projected.

 It was the settlement of Zeiron.

'....it's a baby...'

 That was the scene just before the Demon King was born.

''Just now, before I saw the flames, I heard the embryonic movement, I saw the magic power... the demon race in my belly is using magic...''

You're an idiot! It's not even a baby. It's not even born yet! Do you mean to say that in that state, you are already strong enough to fold the holy sword and burn us...?

'....if that's really the case, how much more so if you grow up...'

 The eyes of the warriors there settled.

They said, "Never let her give birth. You must not allow her to give birth. She is an evil incarnation that will swallow the world into war.

"For the sake of world peace, I will destroy it here, even if it costs me my life.

"Let's go! Kill! For the sake of the world! For justice!

 The humans attacked at once.
 The holy blade in his hand gleamed dazzlingly.
 The next moment--

 With a thud, a fetal movement resounded.

 Then they were all consumed by the jet black flames.

"Impossible, what is this, what is this.......what is this evil power?


 In the blink of an eye, all the humans present turned to ashes.


 In an aloof voice, the man says.

'The Voldigord bloodline, the power of perdition. It's as if you're out of step with the world.'

 The one who was there was not Averniu, the God of Destruction in the form of a girl.

 It was Graham.

''With the destruction of the mother's womb nearing, I guess it's like my magic power has increased?''

 His demonic eye is turned to Luna.

 Then a jet-black fire appears in front of her and stands in front of her like a wall.
 As if to protect her mother.


 Luna mutters.

'It's okay ... it's okay ... you just use your strength to be born ... your mother will definitely give birth to you ...'

It's beautiful. A mother's love for her child. You will risk your life to give birth to him.

 Graham said.

'The destruction of the mother's womb will bring him to life. He is doomed to perish.'

 The moment all the jet-black flames were extinguished, Luna ran towards Graham.
 He laughed and bowed politely, as if it were a stage curtain call.

'Thank you.'

 Darkness begins to spread around it.

"True Darkness Cemetery (Galian)

 There comes a darkness where no light can reach.

"That's a problem. You can't see a thing.

 Guju, there was the sound of life ending.
 Graham's hand was slicing through Luna's stomach.


 Gulping, she falls to her knees.
 Still, run your hands over your belly to protect it.

''You ... the rest ...''

 A moment later, like lightning falling from a dark cloud, purple electricity rushed past, and Gaudgemon had pierced Graham's heart.

 Jijiji, a fierce purple electricity raged inside Graham's body.
 It's not just a matter of time before you are able to get your hands on a new one.

''Annihilating Ten Purple Electric Field Lightning Sword (Lavia Neold Galvaryzen)''

 A vast amount of purple electricity annihilates Graham's body and its roots.

''Then again.''

 He said it as casually as if he were going home, and the next moment, Graham perished without a trace.
 No, before he perished, he must have been reincarnated in before he perished.

 Regardless, Celis turned her gaze loosely towards the fallen Luna.
 Then the image stopped.

'By the way.'

 Graham said with a smirk.

'Do you remember her last words to you after this?

 Celis doesn't answer that question.
 She just stares at Graham.

"'I was happy.' That's impressive. Do you want me to fast-forward to that point?

 As Graham put magic power into the magic crystal, a purple light ran through it.
 The crystal, which was reflecting the image, shattered into pieces.

''I'm not interested.''

 Saying coldly, Celis held the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords at the lower level.

'You are a worthy opponent for a ghost. You said you are indestructible, but let's see if you are truly indestructible.

I know, Cerise Voldigord. I know you're not really a ghost.

 Graham smiled as if he could see through Cerys' mind.

'You have played the ghost, killed your mind, and so you have thrown yourself into a lonely battle in a place beyond the reach of others' understanding. Along with a few others. Oh, how beautiful is that?

 Graham said, drawing a magic circle with both hands.

'If I step on it, will you show your true face?