364-Battle of the Nameless Knights

 What looks like a spear handle appears from the magic circle drawn on either side of Graham.

'Ranzanshinren, Befenuguzdogma.

 From left and right, the hilt and handle are joined together and it becomes a single stick.

 A scythe emitting an enormous amount of magical power appeared in Graham's hand as it spun and slashed through the magic circle.

'Watch out.'

 Celis says to the best (Jeff) and the others while holding the All Thunder Sword.

'God's right,'

 Graham plastered a kind expression on his face and spoke lightly. 

'He's right, you'd better be careful--'

 Holding his scythe right beside him, Graham turned his gaze to the Phantom Name Knights.

''--or else it'll be over in a second.

 Towards Ichiban (Jeff), the Befenugzdogma, the falsification god scythe, is wielded.

 It is truly a flash of death.
 As if the silence was pressing in, there was no sound, no light, just a cutting blade rushing by.

 One of the four evil royalty, the first (Jeff), who was even called the Underworld King, was unable to even react to the blow, but Celis received it with her Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.

It's a good thing. I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about. But--

 A blood splatter was showered on Ceris.
 The head of the third (Xeno), who was in a different direction from the direction in which the scythe was wielded, flew off and rolled on the floor.

''This divine scythe is the power of the mad god Aganzon. The order that is deranged and disturbed causes even cause and effect to run amok. This is the scythe of anarchy. When Befenugzdokma is wielded, no one knows what the end result will be.

 In the middle of the words, Graham spits out blood and wets his mouth.

 Graham's abdomen and chest were pierced by the root source killing magic sword.

''You've been chatting too much,''


 The two of them gutted the source of Graham's root with the magic sword.

 As a counterattack, he swung down the Befenugzdokma, but the second (Ed) ducked it without difficulty.

 A moment later, Graham's head flew off as if it had been cut off.
 The second (Ed) and the fourth (Zed) turned their questioning gazes to that neck.

''I told you that cause and effect would run amok. The falsification divine scythe that I swung down was dislodged. That's why my head was cut off.

 Graham's head spoke, and he rolled on the ground.

 Then a splatter of blood rose again, and this time the fourth (Zed) head was cut off.

 It must have been the power of Befenugzdogma.
 The cause and effect were completely out of whack, and it was as if the predictions didn't hold up.

 It was truly a scythe of disorder.

 Just as he had mentioned, even Graham, who wielded the divine scythe, would not be able to read the outcome.
 There was no way the Phantom Knights could understand that.

''Come on.''

 Graham's headless body moved and grabbed the second (ed.) magic sword that had been stuck into him haphazardly.

 With a gulp of force, he snapped it off with his bare hands.

 When he swung down the Falsification God Scythe, Second (Ed)'s entire body was slashed open and blood poured out.
 Even his wounds were affected by disorder, or his recovery magic was ineffective, and he broke his knees on the spot.


 Immediately after swinging the divine scythe, Ichiban (Jeff) thrusts out his magic spear.
 The tip of the spear extended, split into 10 parts and pierced through Graham's body.



 The most important thing to remember is that this is the only way to get the most out of your work.

 The arms were sewn together and the falsified scythe was sealed.

''Oh dear!''

 The arm was pierced, but Graham still moved it.

 Blood flooded and flesh was torn, but it didn't matter, Graham lifted the scythe as he continued to scrape his arm.

'Well done, number one (Jeff),'

 A bloody number two (Ed) stood in front of Graham with a broken magic sword in his hand.

 A vast amount of magical power gathered in the barrel of that sword.
 It was a spark of life that stirred even his next life.

 For a moment, the second (Ed) turned his gaze to Ceris.

''Commander (Isis), was I a ghost?''

 The second (Ed) said nonchalantly.

'Number two (Ed)!

 It was the first (Jeff) who shouted.
 The voice that restrained him, however, did not reach his ears.

'Go ahead. Let's talk about it in hell, number two (Ed).

 Satisfied, Number Two (Ed) laughs.
 Then, he stabbed the broken magic sword into Graham.

 An exploding light dyed the area in front of him a bright white color.

 It blasted everything in the cave in the blink of an eye and gouged out half of the thundercloud volcano that was the ward itself.

 Its power, which exploded the magical power of the root source, was far from being surpassed by ordinary magic.
 And moreover, there would be nothing that would not be destroyed in the center of the explosion.


Sacrifice your life to avenge your enemy. I guess that's the way ghosts fight.

 The light subsided and a headless figure appeared there.

 It was alive.
 Graham held the head of the second (ed) in his hand. 

 <He was on the verge of activating the , he must have dropped his head and reduced its power.

 However, even so, it didn't change the fact that he was at the center of the explosion of the Root Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavell).
 Even though he took a direct hit from it, he was still standing comfortably.

''But I guess he was trying to protect it. Kill the small and keep the big alive. That was always what you and the Knights of the Phantom Name came to do.

Go to hell, you monster.

 Taking advantage of the gap created by Number 2 (Ed) with , Celis was building a spherical magic circle of possibilities right in front of him.

 His self-destructing magic ripped off Graham's anti-magic and, above all, flipped the falsification god scythe Befenugzdogma from his hand.

 <I didn't expect the second (ed) to let Graham finish with the Root Source Light Annihilation Explosion (Gavell).

 It's a stepping stone.
 He risked his life to create a chance for Celis to win.

"Wave Body Cover Reveal (Veneziara)

 The Universal Lightning Sword, Celis stabbed into the spherical magic circle.
 At the same time, the nine possible blades pierced the nine spherical magic circles.

 A thunderclap pierced his ears--.
 The area is going to be flooded with purple light--

 The heavens roared, the earth shook, and even the remaining wards of the thundercloud volcano were swallowed up in the blink of an eye and dyed with purple electricity.

''Yes, you guys couldn't afford to show any weakness for even a moment.

 Even after seeing the great magic of Cerys, Graham still speaks those words as if they were small talk.

''In this dillhade, where you can pull the wool over the eyes of a living horse, if you are not ruthless, you will be devoured in a heartbeat.

 Jijiji, the purple lightning strike that ran on the ground draws a huge magic circle in the crater gouged out by the .

It's impossible to wield a righteous sword. Every evil eye and ear is watching the mighty demon race. You don't know who is watching or listening. If you try to purge one of the evil ones, you will be destroyed by many of them. If you don't continue to be bloodthirsty, crazy ghosts, you will have endangered your own bloodline.

 With the power of her own magic, she built a ward to keep her country from being destroyed, and Celis loosely held her thunderbolt sword.

As a result, you didn't even protect your own loved ones. If you guys had helped even one of them, they would have found out it was a weakness. It would have been targeted by other blood relatives immediately. And so, the Knights of the Phantom Name have continued to play the role of ghosts without even directly verbal confirmation with their comrades, and have wielded the sword of justice, avenging the evil demons and evil humans.

 Graham clocks in a step.

"But Cerise Voldigord--

 His figure disappeared, and then he appeared in front of Ichiban (Jeff).


 Before Ichiban (Jeff) could swing his spear, Graham had pierced his left chest with his fingertips.
 When he tightened his grip on the source of the root, Ichiban (Jeff)'s body shook with a jolt.

''-- You've shown a man's heart for once, haven't you?

I ... ah ...

 Most (Jeff) rages, but Graham holds him down with ease.

'You could not destroy him, who was no longer a ghost.

What about it?

 Cerise turns her cold, demonic eyes on Graham.

 He seems to think only of twisting that sword into the enemy, as if he doesn't care about the life of the best (Jeff).

It means you can't abandon him. To the end, you never realized your true intentions with your foolish disciple.

 Graham gave Cerys a pitying look in return.

'Isn't it? While calling yourselves ghosts, you called yourselves knights with no name. Why are we knights? It was meant to be a righteous wielding of the sword. If we compare your actions and the meaning of your words, the meaning of your actions and the meaning of the words in your words, in light of everything else, we'll realize your purpose as well.

 The preparations for the magic were already in place.
 However, Celis does not wield that purple electric magic sword.

 He just stares at Graham, who is poised to use the best (Jeff) as a shield.

'Only those who have noticed, you have welcomed the nameless knight and made him a ghost. Even if you can't save everything, even if it's only a small part of it, you want this country to move in the right direction. You have continued to destroy, and destroy, and destroy.

 Graham says, with a stinkin' smile on his face.

'You've given yourselves away, haven't you? You know you're doing the wrong thing, but you've wielded that ghostly sword to create a time when no one will make a mistake, one day. You've left the present for the future.

 Graham paced as he lifted the first (Jeff) up.

'The only exception in the Knights of the Phantom Name was this first (Jeff), the kid you picked up. He didn't know anything about it, he was working with you guys. You couldn't tell him the truth, because you kept playing the ghost. You hoped he would see it. And in that debt, you made the mistake of not being able to destroy him.

 With a carefree look on his face, he says, "I guess it's not too far to go, huh?

'It's not far off, is it?


 Not taking up with Graham, Cerys said.

'You told me that if you don't change your mind, I will destroy you like a ghost.

 Grasping at the root of the problem, and suffering, Ichiban (Jeff) squeezes out his voice.

 As if he had finally come to his senses, he said.

''....Now........just now I've become a ghost.......!

 The whole thing, the Master's previous crazy behavior, finally made sense to him.

''I'll apologize.......when we meet in hell.......''

Well said.

 Celis took a step forward and thrust out the Universal Lightning Sword.
 Purple electricity gushed out, and the sword barrel stretched out gingerly.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say.
 The source of the magic was about to show its true value.

 The magic that rules the dimensions.


'You see, you can't abandon him.

 Celis's strike was not that destruction magic, the .

 When Graham held up his hand, the Befenugzdogma, the Falsification God Scythe, flew there and back.

''Now, what can I cut?''

 He swung the divine scythe as hard as he could.
 Then Celis's left arm was severed and fell in a blur.

''Commander (Isis)!

 For the first time, Celis turned her calm face to the shouting First (Jeff).

'First (Jeff). Times are changing. There is no need for us ghosts in a world of peace. But you have a way to live as a king.

 As if in response to the magic of the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords, the root of the most (Jeff) approaching perdition awakens its power.

 A great deal of blood poured out, and it became a sphere that enveloped him.

Times may change, but nothing will. But nothing will ever change.

 Graham waved Befenugzdogma, and this time his own left hand fell out.


 Furthermore, when he wielded the Falsification God Scythe once more, this time Celis' right leg was severed.

'The ghost number one (Jeff) has been destroyed. Farewell to the ghosts. Unintelligible, my beloved apprentice.


 The words were consumed by time and space, and with the runaway sphere of blood, the first (Jeff) disappeared.

'You live,'

It's a beautiful teacher-disciple relationship.

 In front of Celis, who had lost her right leg and broken her knee, Graham stood in front of her, holding up the Befenugzdogma.

 At the same time as the Rampaging God Scythe was wielded, a thin purple lightning bolt ran from the Banrai Sword to the heavens.
 Celis stabbed the Ten Thousand Thunder Sword straight into Graham's stomach.

''........You made a mistake, Celis Voldigord.......''

"The ghost has no name. You, the departed, take this name on your heart. "I am Isis, the Knight of Illusion...

 The great magic that was exercised at the same time as the words were spoken was the
 An enormous amount of purple electricity falls towards the Ten Thousand Lightning Swords.
 The aim is not the root cause.

 Graham's body is burnt to a crisp, and he is crumbling into ashes as fast as he can.

''Do you want to disable the Falsification God Scythe first?''

 In the next moment, as if to cancel out the roaring thunderclap, a blade of silence slashed through the falling purple lightning.
 The Random Falsification God Scythe had cut through the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords of Possibility.

''You were lucky. You should have aimed directly at the root of the problem.''

 Clutching the Universal Thunder Sword Gaudgemon and putting all the magical power he could muster, Celis said.

That didn't make me any less of a winner, though.

 Befenugzdogma's blade made direct contact with Cerith's neck and then chopped it off.

'As long as you don't abandon the best (Jeff),'

 Its neck, which flew through the air, tried to use , but it was unable to exercise magic.

 With its tattered hands, which had almost turned to ashes, Graham grabbed the neck.

'Ah, I've finally got it. You're a tough one, you know. It was a pain in the ass to leave your neck alone without destroying it.'

 Graham attached his cerise's head to his own headless body with a lump of his own neck.
 Particles of magic covered the neck, and then they were fully connected.

"I am now Cerys Voldigord.

 His body was filled with magic and purple electricity.
 Graham's body, which had been turned to ashes, was slowly healing.

 He twisted his neck from side to side and made sure it moved as he wanted it to.
 He held up his hand and drew a spherical magic circle with purple electricity.

 Slightly, the control was unsteady.

'Will it take some time to get used to it? He's going to know this is coming.

 After recovering the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords and the three heads of the Phantom Knight that were lying around, Graham drew the magic circle of .

"What shall we play for in the meantime?

 Graham had metastasized somewhere.

 All that was left was the body of Cerys Voldigord.

 Before I knew it, it was nighttime in the area.
 Even though just a few moments ago the sun had been in the sky.

 In addition to the normal moon, there was another fantastic moon floating in the night sky, the illusory moon, Artiel Tonoa.

 Silvery white moonlight descends on the crater, glittering and snow and moonflakes falling to the crater.
 It turned into the form of a girl.

 Her hair grew long to the ankles of her feet, her eyes held a silver glow, and her body was dressed in a pure white ceremonial outfit.
 She was Militia, the God of Creation.

 When she held her hand over Celis's body, snow and moonflowers fluttered.
 It's a great way to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

 Unexpectedly, Celis opens her eyes.

 Celis asked as he laid his body down.
 Even if his head returned, he already had no strength left to stand up.

'You will soon be destroyed.'

 In a serene voice, Militia said.

'The only root left in that body is your consciousness. Everything else, he has taken with him. And when your consciousness perishes, the person you are will disappear.

 Cerise was silent.

'For the sake of this world. I want to make your wish for peace come true in your last moments.'

 Yes, Militia offered.

"What do you want?

I will perish as a ghost. Eliminate me from your presence.

 Ceris answered immediately.

'Out of this world, out of Anos' head.

 Straight away, Militia looks into Cerys' face.


He's a smart guy. He's probably halfway through figuring out who I am. He's poised, but when he learns of my demise, he'll surely find out what I am and why.

He's going to want to know when you're done.

 Slowly Celis shook her head from side to side.

'Times change. That guy is determined to end the never-ending battle. He wants to break the cycle of hatred, unify the demon race and join hands with humans. But it's not only my mother, it's the human who destroyed me.

 As if to mock himself, Cerys raised his voice.

'He's nothing like me. He's strong and gentle.

 In a heavy tone, Celis spoke.

'Do I give hatred to that man who wanted peace? Or do you let him go down the path of vengeance, which he himself declares to be a fool?

 He held his tongue for a moment, and then said again, "I can't possibly do that.

He said again, "That's impossible. You can't do that. Do not let hatred drag you down, but go forward in the path of peace.

 The silvery white light enveloping Ceris is diminishing and his body is about to disappear.
 The root of it is about to come to an end.

"The Demon King needs not a single cloud in his life. "The Witch King needs not a single cloud in his life. He has no father. The nameless ghosts will vanish into thin air, nameless to the end.

What about him?

I am not an enemy of Anos. If he doesn't know what he's doing, he'll destroy it.

 Nodding, Militia said.

'Let's make it happen.'

 <The light of the shone down, and the destroyed thundercloud volcano returned to normal.
 She drew the magic circle of on herself and Celis.

 The landscape changed and the two appeared on a hill overlooking Midhays.

'I can see his castle from here.

"...that's fine...

 Celis squeezed out her voice with the scarce magic that seemed to be disappearing at any moment.

 A gentle breeze blew.
 The creator god's silver hair swayed softly.

''Do you have any last words?''

 Gently, Militia asked.
 Still, Cerys was silent.

'No one is listening. At least for the last time, not a ghost, your words.

 Gulping, Celis gritted her teeth and then spoke.

'.........I was a disappointing father.......'

 Celis says, holding down what she's stifling.

'I wielded the sword for the next generation. I swung my sword for the sake of the next generation, to protect them, I was ruthless and left many of them to die. My blood-stained hands had no right to hold that child.

 With his eyes, he reflects on his life as a ghost.

I gave up on the idea that it was inevitable in these war-torn times. If I had had the strength like that boy, the determination to screw things up and make peace, I could have had a different outcome. I took a wrong turn.

 Ceris grabbed the sand of the hill with a gulp.
 It slipped and spilled over his fading body.

'As many as you've destroyed, have you really come close to peace? The number of times I've left them to die, has the world really become a better place? I can't count the number of times I've given up when it was unavoidable. I may have become a real, blood-crazed ghost as I continued to play the role of a ghost.

 Tears welled up in Cerys' eyes as she clenched her fists.

"I left her mother to die. I took it from her. I killed her. A more foolish man could never be.

 His nails dug into his fists, clenched tightly and tightly, blood dripping from them. 

'I can't even reveal them to my parents, I can't even call them names, I can't even call them names, I'm just too strict, too unloving, too stupid...'

 He shakes his body.
 The light rises and his soul slowly rises to the heavens.

'I could not do a single fatherly thing but still...'

 Celis vented her sorrow, her wish.

'I wanted to at least show him what he wanted, a time of peace...'

 The frustration seeps into the words.

'It didn't happen.'

 Celis slammed his clenched fist into the ground.

 'It didn't happen,' he said again, weakly.

''But that's all right... if I'm wrong, that means he's right. He's not like me, he's never going to make a mistake...

 Militia shook her head from side to side.

'He was called the Demon King of Tyranny for protecting those he cared about. He has played the role of a ghost, just like you.

 Cerise rolls her eyes slightly.

'They're father and son, so they look a lot alike.

"...not like me...

'You have not failed. Your will is his to carry on. The world will be at peace. The days you fought for will lead to it.

 Once she broke off, she said.

'He'll connect us.'

 Smallly, Cerys exhales.

'Hopefully, in a time of peace...'

 The silvery white light that enveloped him popped for a moment, and his body turned into particles of magical power.

'I wanted to hold that guy.

 The root of Ceris was completely destroyed and nothing was left behind.