365-Identity of the ghost

 The glow of the Emerald Aerial is fading away.

 The days that were long gone are gone like a phantom from before my eyes, and my vision again reflects the original vertical hole.

'It's over, huh?'

 The message that Militia had inscribed on the wall of Aebelast Anzeta suddenly spilled out of her mouth.

 What has ended? Is it really over?
 I wanted to find out.

 My father, Cerys Voldigord, perished on that hill.

 But the source of his unconsciousness was all that remained of him, lost to Graham.
 Is it possible, then, that the source of Cerys Voldigord remains in the head that he took from you?

 No - it's not.

 If it were, when Graham's head was cut off, there would have been two separate roots, one in his face and one in his body.
 But it wasn't.

 By connecting the head that was taken from him to his body, the Zeiron bloodline probably duplicated the remaining root source in the neck in a form that could be manipulated at will.

 The neck is merely a necessary catalyst for the magic formula in order to exert its power.

 In the first place, the two halves of the head were not able to last long as is.
 That's why the root that had my father's consciousness perished on that hill.

 Did it really perish?
 Isn't the scarce source just flying off somewhere else?

No, no--

 Grabbing my own head, I raise my claws to kill the root cause.
 Blood flows and a sharp pain hits me.

 Even if I had flown away, such a tenuous source would have disappeared sooner or later.

 What are you so sentimental about?
 It was written in Militia's message that it was over.

 It's just that it's true.

 It's not the past that needs to be considered, but the present.
 It is the present that we should consider, not the past.

 That man I met in the bowels of the earth--
 The man who impersonated my father, Cerys Voldigord, Graham.

 Even that may be the name he took, but it doesn't matter who he is.

 Graham stole Tseilon's blood and my father's head, and he pretended to be my father to Cerys Voldigordo of the Phantom Knights.

 I defeated him.
 <I beheaded him in the Beheading Decapitation Ceremony.


 Ray's voice echoed through the thought transmission (leaks).
 Trying to keep my voice as calm as possible, I asked.

"...what's wrong?

"Qasim said he needed some time alone.

 You want to be alone, huh?
 Well, after all that ugliness, it's not unreasonable to do so but, well, what do you think?

'I'm going to let it swim. Maybe there's something more to it than that.

 You're right. But--


 When I called it that, Ray's magic shook in surprise.

'Can you let me take it from there? I have to ask you something. And time is running out.

Your call.

  Kasim left Ray.

 I predicted the route he would take, and I got there first.

 It's a side street in an empty cave, far from the ruins temple.

 <I was hiding with my Illusion Mimicry (Reiner) and Secret Magic (Nazira) when Kasim arrived.

 He turns around and sees that Ray and the others are not following him.
 Then he draws a magic circle and takes out a holy sword from inside.

''........Canon I........''

 With a look of determination, Kasim plunged the holy sword into his own chest.
 A holy mark emerges and the blade pierces the root source.

 What was drawn inside his body was the magic circle of .

''It's the man who looked down. No wonder you weren't chosen for the Spirit God Human Sword.

"....what..... .........?

 <At the Devil's Eye of Ruin, the magic of the Reincarnation (Silica) was destroyed, and Kasim's expression was astonished.

 He releases the magic and appears.
 He pulls out the holy sword stuck in Kasim's chest and throws it to the ground.

 <I heal Qasim's wounds with the magic of Total Demon Complete Healing (Aye Sheal).
 He steps back, picks up the holy sword and gulps as Qasim gulps.

 To the one who was frightened, I said, "I'm going to tell him.

I said, "If you don't use the Reincarnation (silica) in front of me, I won't even know if you've been reincarnated. You died an untimely death after Ray beat you to a pulp. And you want to leave a lump in that man's heart.

'...............................I just wanted to start over. To throw away my memories and forget that I was Qasim, so that this time I could walk the straight and narrow path of a brave man.

'Hmm. You're right.

 I point at him and I say, "Well,

"You've got something to hide," I said. If I caught you, you couldn't hide it from me while you were alive. "So you will be able to reincarnate and wipe out all memory of it.

 Casim shivered slightly as his expression naturally turned into a lecherous smile.

'Think about it. I'm not sure what it is that you are trying to hide, or if it's an area that you can touch with your trivial jealousy. ''Don't be.''

 He turns his cold gaze to Kasim.


"Well, it's true. I just want to start over. Just that.

 I spilled the words without expression at the dumbfounded response.


 Keeping my eyes on him, I draw a magic circle.

"Then I'll grant you your wish.

 His magic transformed into black thread that was tied around his neck.

"Submerge yourself in hell for a second time.

 Instantly, the landscape in front of Kasim's eyes changed.

 A dizzyingly different landscape passed by, several and several, and so we arrived in the midst of a battlefield fire.

 Kasim rolled his eyes and looked around.
 The area was two thousand years old Gailladite.

 Fierce sword fights pounded his ear folds.
 The sound of magical explosions was echoed again and again, and people's screams and shouts were flying around.

 It was a battlefield.

''..........Kassim.......! You can have my back. You're the Demon King...

 Kasim turns around and expresses his astonishment again.
 It was his mentor, Jelga, who was there.

 He is waving his holy sword at the attacking demons and unleashing a magical bombardment.


"It's all yours, Qasim. You can do this. You were chosen by the Spirit God and Man Sword to be the hero to defeat the Demon King.

"...Brave man........I.......?

 Kasim stared at the holy sword in his hand.
 It was the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana.

''This is...................?

Is this the first time you've gone back in time?

 Kasim expressed his astonishment at those words.

''The past........silly........ Are you saying that this is really the Gaillardite of two thousand years ago........? That's not possible...

'You thought I was impossible. You are a foolish man.

 I intimidated him with my gaze, and Kasim backed away.

''I changed the past and pretended you were chosen by the Spirit Godman Sword.

 He looked at me suspiciously.

''.......What in the world do you want by doing that, Demon King?

"I only did what you wanted me to do. If Kasim the Brave is right, it's good for me.

 With a grim expression, Kasim glares at me.

'If you can do as much or more than canon, then this past will become reality. Save the many lives that canon could not save. Your name will roar through the age of magic as the brave man who brought peace.

 Kasim's expression, which had been stunned, gradually changed.
 With a strong will in his eyes, Kasim tightened his grip on the holy sword.

''Come, come. Now, your great ambition has been fulfilled. You have been chosen by the holy sword. Withdraw from this body and you will become a true hero.

 Kasim's eyes emitted an unprecedented gleam and he kicked the ground with vigor.


 The Spirit God Human Sword was thrust out.
 Darkness drifting from all directions covered it and made a sheath.


"The black sheath.

 Enclosed in a black sheath, the power of the Spirit Godman Sword will disappear.

 <The Black Sheath (Zilma) is a magic developed for use against the Spirit God Man Sword.
 It was nullified by the evolution of the Spirit God Man Sword, but it was effective enough the first time.

''In this battle in Gailladite, the heroic canon lost the power of the Spirit Godman Sword in the . Although his six roots have been exhausted, he cannot retreat in Gailladite, the last stronghold left to humans.

 I dye my hands with .


 Qasim smashes the Spiritual Goddess Sword with the entire zilma against me, but of course, this body doesn't budge.

''I should have gotten used to peace, but somehow, I'm not feeling any resistance to acting out the tyranny of two thousand years ago now.

 <The fingertips of the Root Source Death Killing (Bevsed) were twisted into its abdomen.


Be careful. You could destroy them all.

 He twists his black fingertips further in and crushes his heart.


 Qasim uses .

Come on. "Show me your courage, Qasim. "Show me your courage, Qasim, and I will help you through this crisis.

"...no, no...

 He grabbed the source of Kasim's root and squeezed it tightly.


'Like that canon that lost its sword and shield and still defeated this demon king, Anos Voldigord.

 I drew a magic circle inside Qasim's body, directly at its source.

"Show me your courage. Show me your bravery. Show me your humanity.


 <Using the magic of , Kasim was reincarnated just before he was about to perish.

 I turned a despondent gaze at the source of his disappearance.

"Shackles and collars, Nedonelias.

 The landscape of Gaillardite disappeared, and me and Kasim were back to where we were.

 Time has hardly moved on, and nothing has changed.
 Except for the hideous collar around his neck.

 As a quick realization, Kasim looks around in amazement.

''.........Did you return from the past.......?''

That was just a dream the collar showed me.

 <Pointing to the collar of the shackles, I point to the collar of the shackles and say.

"It's a replay of the past, though. Kanon went through the same situation you did.

 I walk loosely to his side.

'What do you think that man did in there?'

 Pressured by the words, Qasim jerked and shuddered and was frightened.

 He was lost in thought.
 But no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't seem to come up with anything.

With his signature Root Source Magic, he let the Bevsed grab hold of the source and pierce it with all his might.

What if I do that...?

Perish. That was the aim of the canon. The root cause of the approaching annihilation becomes more brilliant. Just before it disappeared, that man used the Root Source Light Annihilation Bomb with the magic power that had been swelled up to its full potential.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

I'm not going to let the heroic canon's abandonment of the Root Source Light Annihilation Explosion justify my actions. I'm sure the men under my command will be killed. I'm not going to be able to get out of it. I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.

 Wordlessly, stunned, Kasim looks at me.

'Do you understand?'

 At close range, I stared at him and I assured him.

'This is the brave man. I know the strength of that man's heart better than anyone else, having fought each other to the death. It was the canon that taught me the beauty of humanity. Without him, this peace would not have been possible.

 The anger that inexplicably bubbles up in my gaze.
 The foolish ones are countless.

 But I know that not all of them are stupid.

"You're the one who's jealous? You don't know your place.

 Black magic particles flood out of my entire body, and as if pressurized by the killing spirit, Kasim falls on his buttocks in place.

 As I look into his face, I tell him.

'This is the last time. I'm a little uptight right now. I have no idea what I'm capable of doing to get to the truth so quickly.

 The overflowing magic was just that, shaking the vertical hole, no, this etiltheve.


 Kasim opened his trembling lips and said.

''.........wow, the Erial I took away was not the one in the mural in the royal palace.......''

 Hmm. That's what I thought.

 Eyal is a five-star.
 That's what it said in the message Militia had left.

 But it had been a mistake.

 It was indeed a generalization.
 And that Graham's presence would be a detriment to Dillhade.

 But the Founding Star had no past of the god of destruction, Averniu.
 I can't remember that even now.

 Let's say that Militia was asked by my father, Ceris, to take my memories and create me.
 Perhaps it was the moment when she poured her magic into building the wall that divided the world.

 In that moment, she even stole the memory of Averniu, the God of Destruction, from me.
 What on earth was that for?

 I don't know, but there is a high possibility that the past was also sealed by the Creation Star.
 If that's the case, it's reasonable to assume that there are still other Sosei out there.

 For two thousand years, he has had the power of the mad god Aganzon in his hands.

 In Arcana, Militia used her own order, Artyrtnore, to leave that message.

 However, Graham had the opportunity to contact Arcana, who had become an agent.
 At that time, he could have altered the message that Militia tried to leave behind.

 If only he could change one number, say, six to five.

"The place where you fought Ray. It was badly ravaged, but you hid the mural. You had the Genesis Aerial that was there, right?

 Kasim nodded.

'Who's got the last one?'

'....The Dark Lord.......it's Yeejus.......

 Kasim nodded.

'He's not here now. He didn't use it in the battle with Rey. So he's not your god of choice. 'Whose god?'

"It's Cerise Voldigord....

Hmm. Very well.

 I turn on my heel.

"Ray. You deal with this guy.

 I told Rei, who showed me her face, and I descended down the vertical hole.
 Once I reached the bottom, I split the ground with the Dias and dove deeper into the ground.

 Where did Yeejus go with the Creation Star?

 <He took off his head in the Beheading Decapitation Ceremony, but Graham is still alive.

 His body is headless, just like Zeiron's bloodline.
 The beheading spell won't work on a headless demon.

 At that time, he feigned his demise and was reincarnated.
 <By reincarnation.

 When the source is destroyed, when it is impossible to be revived after death and disappears, and when it is reincarnated, the source is simply gone.

 The only way to determine whether they were destroyed or reincarnated is by what happened before that, but as long as they don't show me the magic circle, it's not impossible to fool them.

 And he was accompanied by a mad god with an order of falsification.

 If that's the case, the Dark Lord's target must be Graham, his master's avenger.

 What is Graham doing now?

 The reason why the number of Yagami selectors had increased from eight to the current number was probably his doing.

 Up until the day the canopy fell, there were indeed eight Yagami selectors.
 After that, it was reasonable to assume that the number of the Eight God Selectors had increased.

 There was one way.
 In other words, through the power of the Mad God Aganzon, he disrupted the order of the Congruent God Elrolarielom and turned it into something else.

 Since I was by his side, there was no way to deal with Arcana, the alignment god's agent.

 Then it's reasonable to assume that I worked on the order of the other half of Elolarielom.

 The God of Alignment only appeared before the winner of the Selection Judge, but apparently things were a bit different now.

 Does this have something to do with Militia's actions in trying to end the selection judges?

 I don't know, but if the gods of consistency have always existed somewhere in the depths of the earth, I can't think of a better place to be.

 As I dug into the earth, my vision cleared up and that divine castle appeared below me.

 This is Averast Anzeta, the academy of the gods.

 The Holy Seeing Room, where the names of the eight gods' selectors are written, is where the order of the Integral God works.
 In other words, it's the end of the Order of the Aligned Gods.

 There he is.

 That's where Graham, the man who stole my father's head...