366-The blade of that day is still

 Kats, Kats, Kats, and the sound of footsteps.
 Moving down the aisle of Aebelast Anzeta, I opened the door.

 It's the Holy Seat Room.

 It was a circular space, evenly set up with seating furniture.
 The light pouring down into it was like a veil, glowing dazzlingly.

 There was a figure in the center.

 It was a demon race with a large eye patch, the Dark Lord Eagles.

 He would have long noticed that I had come here.
 However, that one eye was just staring straight in front of me.


 A strangely light voice echoed through the place.

 At the top of the stairs leading to the mezzanine floor--
 A magic circle of is drawn on the slightly wider floor.

 The one who has been transposed is a man.
 He is the head of Cerys Voldigord, Graham.

"We have our actors in place, shall we say?

 Graham quickly raised his hand.
 Then the light that had been pouring down from the ceiling onto the seat cushion changed its direction and illuminated the wall behind him.

 What emerged was the High King Vihlea crucified on a large cross.
 His eyes were open, but he was exhausted and empty.

 In the abyss of Viaphlea's belly, I could feel the tremendously strong magic power.
 <Has she already conceived a life through the reincarnation of her mother's womb (Gigerica)?

 It's as if that fetus's magic power is undermining even the mother's womb.

"I would have liked to continue playing father and son with you for a little while longer if I could, but...

 Graham said, looking as good-natured as ever.
 It was terribly ugly and horrible.

'Crap, that face of yours. Apparently, you've already seen past it.'

 Graham pointed to my face and smiled.

'Anos. I am, you know, since that day you were born two thousand years ago, no, since the day you were in your mother's womb, no, much, much more, much more--

 Narrowing his eyes, he says, "I've been waiting for you.

'--I've been waiting for you.

 He seems to be obsessed with me, but his words are thin.

'I'd love to tell you about the pile, but first I have a prior engagement.

 He's coming down the stairs, slack-jawed.

I'm making a pact with him, Zekt.

 Looking at me, Graham turned his pointing direction to Yeezus and said airily.


'You're still the same blabbermouth of a man you've been for two thousand years. Don't give me any more frivolous words with your face.

 Stopping in his tracks, Graham turned his own face straight to the Dark Lord.

 His mentor's face.

'Does the face of Cerys Voldigord disturb you? I'm sorry. But I'm sure he's curious about it, and you're distressed to be misunderstood as well, aren't you?

It doesn't matter what anyone thinks. I'd be a ghost already.

 Yeejus sat down and held the Red Blood Demon Spear Dichid Atem in his hands.
 Its cutting edge was pointed straight at Graham.

''Only pierce the spear of this belief.

 Graham continued to me, behind the Dark Lord, without taking his words into account.

'Why was the Dark Lord Ijus cooperating with me? 'I think you have a pretty good idea why the Dark Lord Iges was helping me. He wants to destroy me. His mentor, Cerys Voldigord, wielded his sword for the peace of Dirheid without revealing his name or making his beliefs known.

 Graham continues to speak vaguely.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

'That's it even then. Now, few people in Dillhade know about him. He died out, literally as a ghost, without a name in history. Did I seem to be undermining the thoughts of such noble knights?

 Graham says, as if it were someone else's business.

'I suppose Yegers can't forgive me for wielding my master's power in his face and trying to trample on his deeds.

 The words laid out were all provocative.
 The lighthearted sound of the words, though, did not disturb the Dark Lord's mind.

 Seeing this, Graham smiled.

'That's something I'm kind of inexplicably fond of, you know. I've decided not to destroy him. I've been on the run for a long time, refusing to play along with him. He didn't get a single clue about me.

 It is extremely difficult to destroy an opponent who has no intention of fighting.
 The fact that the opponent intends to destroy it gives us an opportunity to destroy it.

 It's even more so when it's a high-ranked opponent.
 It is impossible to defeat an opponent who is so eager to escape that he cannot even find his place.

I'm not going to be able to get rid of them. I told him that he could join my Order of the Phantom Knights and agree to a duel if he listened to my orders three times. Until one of us is destroyed.

 Unable to get a grip on Graham's whereabouts, Ygles accepted the suggestion, or so he thought.

Was it within his orders to retrieve Viaflair and her head?

It must have been a tough decision.

 Graham cleared his throat, as if it was an amusing spectacle.

After all, if I bring back my head, I'll have to live as Cerys Voldigord again. But if I don't bring back my head, I'll be the one who finally finds a place to live and I'll be the one who gets away.

 There may have been conflicts, but the Dark Lord made it a priority to destroy Graham.

 Even if it meant desecrating the dead, perhaps because that is what his mentor, the late Cerys Voldigord, wanted.

'Is the last order you gave to the Dark Lord to protect the Erial and fight me and bring the sixth founding star, the Erial, here?


 So that way, I, who thought that Erial was a five-star, wouldn't notice the memories that were hidden forever.

 In other words, what I really wanted to hide was the past on the sixth creation star?
 To this end, he tried to hide his identity.

'It's what you want. You can take it.

 Drawing a storage magic circle, Yeges plunged his Did-Atem into it.
 He tossed the blue glowing creation star on the tip of his spear to Graham.

 Slowly the lone Aerial settles into his hands.

You can also have a look at the following information: "Unfortunately, Anos has found out that Eyal is six, but, well, that's not your fault. I'll tolerate it.

 Graham drew a magic circle and threw the founding star into it.

 Instead, the hilt of the magic sword quickly revealed itself.
 Pulling out the Universal Lightning Sword Gaudgemon, the guy wears purple electricity on his body.

As promised, I will take care of you. I'll take care of you until one of you is destroyed.

 Yeejus flashes his magic spear.

 The next moment, my feet were slashed apart.
 There is a mark there that looks like a line drawn with blood.

''Don't cross that line, Demon King. You have the qualifications to defeat him. But...

 In a sharp tone of voice, Edgess says.
 With unwavering determination.

''This is a battle that I, the Knights of the Phantom Name, have left unfinished two thousand years ago.

 Without looking back at me, Yeejus pointed the tip of his ear at Graham.

The ghosts of the past are just wandering in the present. Even if the living do not touch them, they will disappear and return to the past.

 That day, the Knights of Illusion led by Celis challenged Graham, and they were defeated.

 Or, if Yeejus wasn't there, Cerise might have been able to destroy Graham.

 That regret must be present in him.
 He sacrificed his friends, and with the help of his mentor, he alone survived to a time of peace.

 In that moment, when his mentor, Ceris, perished, Yeges had abandoned his sweetness and truly become a ghost.
 And so, he walked the path that his own mentor had followed, diligently.

 All for the purpose of avenging Graham.

Well it can't be helped. I will stand up for you and close my eyes for a while. In the meantime, let's get this past over with.

I'm in your debt.

 The Dark Lord's ship's eyes flashed and the magic power he had concocted overflowed.

''Are we done talking?

 Graham's eyes narrowed as Yggess responded silently.

'Shall we begin?'

 On cue, the ejus moved.

 Dhiid Atem shimmered like a flash of light and was thrust out at Graham.
 The tip of the spear that transcended time and space appeared in front of him and pierced his heart.

 For a moment, the demonic spear slipped through Graham's body, as if a purple electric current had flashed through it.

''There's no pause for the Red Blood Demon Spear, but--''

 In a single step, Graham closed the gap between the two, and swung down the Universal Lightning Sword.

'Its tip is always in the straight line of the spear. Watching you, it's a no-brainer to avoid it.'

 A thunderous sound rang out, and sparks of magic and magic power colliding were scattered.
 Aegis was catching the strike of the Universal Thunder Sword with the hilt of his magic spear.

''Wouldn't it be better to be quiet and take advantage of his power?

It's my job to destroy you. I will not surrender it to anyone.

 I'm not going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm talking about.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of your time with us.

 It grazed his cheek and dripped a little blood.

''There's a difference between what you want to do and what you can do.

 With her left hand, Celis runs a purple light and draws a spherical magic circle.


 Immediately, the Red Blood Demon Spear pierced its purple light and swallowed it into the dimension.
 The magician's circle was sent away to the far side at the first of the Secret Depths.

 A moment later--


 With that magic, which Celis Voldigord excelled at, Graham was building a spherical magic circle of possibilities.

 At the same time, he approached Yeges again and swung his Universal Lightning Sword down.
 When the Red Blood Demon Spear receives it, he mutters.

 From the spherical magic circle, purple electricity flowed through the sword and through the magic spear into the body of the Dark Lord.

''Have you forgotten? The Phantom Knights of Cerys Voldigord were destroyed by me alone.

 Jizzily, the purple electricity burned the Dark Lord, scorching even the root source.
 Gritting his teeth and stamping his feet, Yeejus pushed Graham away with all his strength.


 As soon as the distance was created, he thrust his spear straight out.
 The spear crossed dimensions, but Graham saw through it with his magical eyes and twisted his body to dodge it.

 That's when the spear turned into a liquid and bent.

 The tip of the spear is approaching to follow the direction of Graham's avoidance.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

 That is not the power of the Red Blood Demon Spear alone.
 It's the order of the Water Burial God Afrasiata.

 Iges has already brought the god down in his body.

 While blocking Graham's escape with the red water stream, the tip of the spear stabs at his feet.
 A fountain of blood rises up, blocking the demon's eyes.

 In the split second that Graham lost sight of Yeejus, Dichid Atem, who had returned to his original form, was thrust out.

 The blow aimed at his throat, however, was still ducked on the verge.
 Instantly, the spear bends and flips the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords out of Graham's hands.

 The fountain of blood that rose up stopped and the two men looked at each other.

'It is too soon to think that we have perished. Our blade of that day is still here.''