14-Witch of ruin

 Emilia said as I returned to my seat.

'Candidates please stand.

 The students who had just raised their hands stood up in unison.
 Five of them, including me. I wasn't particularly interested in them, but one glance at them made me a little curious about the girl among them.

 She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and twin tails. She has a strong look on her face, but she resembles Misha, both in her height and in her good looks. Above all, the wavelength of magic power was exactly the same.

''Well then, let's start dividing up the squad. The student who runs for the position of group leader, please introduce yourself. Well then.........Sasha-san, let's begin.

 The twin-tailed girl from earlier smiled with a winning expression.

''The bloodline of the Necron family, and one of the Seven Demon Imperial Elders, the direct lineage of Aivis Necron, Sasha Necron, the Witch of Doom. Please get acquainted.

 Grabbing the hem of her skirt, Sasha bowed gracefully.
 Misha listened to it vaguely, but his gaze was focused straight on her.

'You mean Necron?'


 I see. So that's the sister who doesn't know if they're close or not.
 Sasha is dressed in black, so she must be pure blood, but Misha is dressed in white.


Don't you have a different mother?

 Misha shook her head as she asked.

''Well my parents are the same...''

Then Misha is supposed to be pureblood, right?

Sometimes it's for reasons other than pedigree that you end up in white.


 Misha was silent for a moment, then said

Speaking of people at home?

"The Necrons.

 Hmm. What are the circumstances of treating one of the pure-blooded daughters like she's not a member of the royal family?
 It would be unnatural in this age of treating bloodlines as a big deal.
 I'm curious.

'Mr. Anos. It's your turn.

 I guess it was my turn to talk to Misha.
 Well, hey, let's hear it.

 First, though, let's introduce ourselves.
 I turned my face to the students and said proudly.

I am Anos Voldigord, the Lord of Tyranny. I don't want to tell you that the name of the Demon King you believe in is a complete fake. His real name is Anos Voldigord. You may not believe it, but I don't blame you. It's just a matter of time before you find out. You'll find out soon enough.

 The classroom falls silent in the scene as I introduce myself.
 As Liorg also said, calling yourself the founder is in itself a fake and would be considered disrespectful. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's not.

 They all glance at me and sneakily talk about how they are nonconformists.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're talking about.

''With that, everyone has finished introducing themselves. Now those students who are not running for group leader, please move to the leader that you think is good for you. I don't know you well yet, so just your first impressions are fine. There is no limit on the number of students in a squad, so we may have a large group.

 With those words, the students stand up and begin to move to the squad leader they think is good for them.

You can change squads again at any time, but the squad leader can choose whether or not to put a member in a squad. The squad leader can choose whether or not to admit a member to the squad or not. However, the squad leader may choose whether or not to bring a new member to the squad, and the squad leader will be disqualified if there is no one left in the squad.

 It's a system to test your mettle as a leader.

Hey, buddy. What you gonna do?

I knew it was Sasha's squad.

Yeah. The Doomsday Witch is one of the most promising girls of the Age of Chaos. People say she must be the original incarnated ancestor.

Yes, I know him well, but he's a man of extraordinary magic and witchcraft.

 Hmm. So that girl Sasha or something like that is one of the generation of chaos?
 Well, the founder is me, but since it's rumored that way, she must have quite a bit of magical power.
 The proof of this is that the majority of the students have moved to Sasha.

 Misha, who was next to me, stands up.
 One moment she looks at Sasha, then at me with a blank expression.

'If you want to go to your sister, you can go.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

''........I want Anos' squad......''



That helps.

 Misha says, just a little embarrassed.

''Well we're friends...''


 However, there was finally one member of the team. I'm not sure if this is the right way to go about it.
 It's not a problem if you use magic to get people to join the team, but that wouldn't be very interesting.

 As I was thinking about this, a blonde girl was coming towards me through the crowd.

 It's Sasha.

'How do you do? Anos Voldigord, is it?


 She looked at Misha for a moment.

'You seem to have only one squad member yet. And isn't it crazy to have such a poorly made doll in your squad?

 Hmm. You're a crazy woman for trying to make a connection with me all of a sudden.

By "badly made doll," do you mean Misha?

What else could it be?

 Sasha looks down at me as if to mock me with a huff.

'You know what? She's not a demon. But she's not human either. As I said before, she's a badly made doll. It has no life, no soul, and no will. It's just a junk doll that moves by magic.

 A magic doll of sorts.
 My parents said they were the same, but did they magically create it out of their own blood?

 Well, there are many different ways to make magic dolls.
 Some magic dolls are actually made by the demon race to produce them.

 If they're well made, they're really alive.

''So what about it?''

I don't care...

"You have a very limited understanding of the concept of magic to think that magic dolls have no life or soul. You need to look deeper into the abyss.

 He looked surprised for a moment, but Sasha still smiled wryly.

I warned her that bad things will happen if she stays with such a cursed doll. You know what I mean. You know what I mean?

 Huh, I can't help but snicker.

''Kukku, kuhahahaha. What, is that a threat? This me?

 Then Sasha snaps and glares at me.

"Hey. You. Do you want to die?

 A magic circle floats in Sasha's blue eyes.

 The student who was spying on us said in a panic.

"Hey, this is bad, that guy. If you make eye contact with Sasha-sama like that...?

...What do you mean by that?

You don't know. Lady Sasha's magic eye is special. <It's called the eye of doom. If she wanted to, she could summon the catastrophe factor and destroy everything in sight. That's why Sasha-sama is called the Doomsday Witch.

 I see. So it's a peculiar constitution. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make your life easier.

 But it's not as if it works on me.

''No........no way.......''

What's up? Have you had enough of the staring contest?

 I glare at Sasha. Magic power builds in her eyes and a magic circle is drawn.

'Those eyes ... you're lying ... you ...'

'What? You think I can't do what you can do? And I'll tell you one more thing. <You're not using the magical eye of doom.

 He said a pretty good sen, but after all, Sasha's magic technique is also inexperienced.
 I'll teach you a lesson for you to learn later.

"I'll show you. This is the true Eye of Doom.

 Nothing in the classroom is broken. Sasha is also seemingly unharmed. What I destroyed with my magic eye was her somewhat cocky mind.

"I can't believe it.......he's not afraid to lock eyes with Sasha-sama.......

''........I accidentally looked at Sasha-sama when he was producing the before, and that was enough to keep me awake for a year.......''

What do you mean? He's supposed to be dressed in white, and he's a misfit, right? Not only is your knowledge of magic formulas, but your anti-magic is so outstanding...

 Hmm. It's a noisy classroom.

I saw Anos kill that Riorg-sama in the blink of an eye...

'What...? The Demon Lord was killed in an instant!

"He lightly killed Zepes before he did.

Kill them? Seriously? You killed him!

Yeah, and then they brought him back to life.

They brought her back to life?

So I killed him again.

I killed him again...

Zepes became a rotten dead (zombie) or something like that and put Master Riorg out of commission.

Oh, no.

"...Huh? But I think I saw Master Riorg after the entrance exam...

After all, we're both back from the dead...

I don't know what's going on here...

 Well, let's just leave it at that.

'How long are you going to keep fooling around? It's only the surface of your mind that's destroyed. Pull yourself together.

 I lightly stroke Sasha's head, bringing her spirit up.
 As a quick realization, her eyes caught mine.

''........who are you.......?''

I thought we've been introduced.

 I smiled wryly.
 She glared at me in frustration.

'By the way, Sasha. You seem to have a so-so magical power, would you like to join my squad?

 She opened her eyes wide and exclaimed if it was a line she hadn't expected to hear.