193-A mysterious transfer student appears

 Delzogade Demon King Academy, the second teaching ground.
 With the sound of the bell for the start of classes, a murderous laugh could be heard.

 The door opened and the Cutthroat King Erdomade appeared on the podium.
 He wears a silk hat and holds a staff in his hand.

Good morning, my students. This Cutthroat King has returned to the podium to teach you what a demon king is!

 The Cutthroat King, who had been treated as a leave of absence for a while, broke the students' spirits at the opening.

''........Hey, hey, Eldmead-sensei, isn't there something different about you?''

Oh, oh. I see. You've become somewhat more expressive and...

 When the students glanced at each other and looked at the situation, Kakkakka and Erdmeade emitted a uselessly good-natured smile.

''........Aren't we getting too rich......?''

'But there was something funny before... and I didn't say I was a god or something...?

I feel like I was saying...

I mean, why would we take that stuff seriously?

 With the disappearance of Nausgaria, the efficacy of the words he unleashed is gone, and the students do not believe that Erdmaed is a god at the earliest.

 All that is left is the fact that he is a freak who calls himself a god.

 The current Eldmead is endowed with the authority of the Heavenly Father's order-generating order.
 Since his character is such that, if we let him out of our sight, he could do something even more troublesome than Nausgaria, I've decided to have him take the job of teaching seriously in Delzogade.

 Of course, he is not a man who would take on the task of simply asking to be a teacher. There is a reason why he stood up to teach like this.

There is a reason why he stood up like this. Then, I'll introduce you to the new students before class today!

 Eldmead pointed his wand at the entrance door.

'Come in.

 The door rattles open under his spell.

 I stepped out into the classroom and walked straight in.


How many?

I mean, can you get in at that age?

Maybe it's just because you're small?

''And you see, nowadays, the Demon King's Academy will admit anyone who is deemed to have potential, as long as they are deemed to have potential.

 I stopped walking and turned to the buzzing students.
 Then I said the words proudly.

'My name is Anosh Porticolo. I'm six years old.

 <Using the magic of reverse growth (Kurusura), I had shrunk to the equivalent of six years old.

 I could see Sasha's dumbfounded expression in her eyes.
 I left a seat open and Misha smiled thinly beside her.

''Wow, you surprise me...''

 When Eleonor, who didn't know what was going on, spilled out her impressions, Zesia next to her shone her eyes.

''Zecia is your sister.........''

Well, uh, Mr. Ray, did you know that?

 Sneakily, Mass overhears Ray.

'I didn't hear it either,'

 Concon, Eldmead tapped the floor with his cane.
 When the students took notice, he said.

'Anosh. Why don't you introduce yourself a bit more?'

'Hmm. Right.

 I take a step forward.

'Before I came here, I was a traveling performer. My speciality is impersonating a tyrannical demon king. My favorite food is mushroom gratin. I'm not particularly good at magic. I may not have much common sense, but I hope you do.

 I heard the sound of clapping.
 When I looked, I saw Misha clapping her hands.

 Following that, the students throughout the classroom clapped in welcome.

'Sensei, can I ask you a question Anosh?'

Okay. You're welcome.

 When permission was given, the girl in white said to me.

''Anosh, since you're six years old, do you have a reincarnation or something?''

I'm not reborn. I am six years old.

Oh, wow. So you're saying you passed the transfer exam at age six?

 Then the male student in black said.

''.........Is that possible.......? I heard the transfer test is pretty hard...?

Yeah, I'm a transfer student, but it wasn't a very good test for a kid to take.

 The classroom begins to buzz with activity.
 As if to quiet it down, Erdmeade said.

'Kaka, it's not a surprise to me. Because, Anosh Porticolo. He's a boy genius!

 Even if we pretend to be reincarnated, we still have to think about what kind of person we want our previous lives to be.

 It's a hassle to get consistency, and there's also the possibility that they'll tell you why they don't use the magic of growth (kurst).

 If the more you mend, the more you get ripped off, the more you have to mend, then this is a reversal of the idea.
 I'm going to gracefully push everything through with genius.

''I see.......I'm a genius boy.......''

Well, that's one thing that happens, isn't it...?

I mean, Dillhade has a guy in there.

 They seemed to agree, although there was a slightly questioning look on their faces.

'Then take an empty seat.

 As I started to walk away, the other students said to each other.

'Anosh-kun, this way, this way. It's free over here!

Anoosh, come here. Let's be friends.

 Hmm. Well, you're being friendly.
 A bit different from when you were a nonconformist.

 Nevertheless, my seat is already taken.

'Oh, by the way, Dr. Erdmeade. I don't think Eren and the others are here yet, but...?

'The Demon King's Choir has been informed that they have official business to attend to today. They'll come when that's over.

Official business. You've become a household name before, haven't you?

 That's how one of the students blurted out his thoughts.
 The popularity of the Demon King's Choir is increasing rapidly, and the girls are constantly asked to sing the Demon King's hymns.

 The fact that they are under the direct control of the King of Demons, who welcomed the tyrannical Demon King himself, is also a major factor.
 Even though the requesting party has various ideas, it is desirable for the song of peace to spread. I've asked Eren and the others to work hard on their official duties as long as it doesn't interfere with their schoolwork.

'Oh, hey. Wait, that guy........

 A student gasps when he sees my back.

'You don't mean you're going to go to that seat?'

Well, this is not good. Oh, come on, Anooshu. Not in that seat!

 I turn back to the student who approached me.

'Is that someone's seat?'

'No, no, but...'

So it should be no problem.

 Not caring, I walk over.
 I take a seat next to Sasha and Misha.

"....you don't know this, you're a kid...?

Just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it's bad. That's....that's Anos-sama's...?

But there's no Master Anos anymore...

No, but. I tried sitting there once as a prank, you know?

Did you do that?

It's a joke, a light joke.

So what happened?

Sasha came back at an inopportune time and sat down next to me. She was smiling and had that magical eye of doom on her face. She would never make eye contact with me.

Because if you make eye contact with him in that state, he'll probably die...

'Not only that, Misha-chan would stare at me. She stared at me blankly, silently, and with no expression on her face!

I don't think little Misha is too angry.

"And that's the end of it, Mr. Eleonor! In a goofy tone, you can't complain about sitting in a place like that, you can't complain about getting beaten to death, you know!

Why don't you get the hell out of my place?

She couldn't stand up.

 All eyes in the classroom are focused on me.

It's like asking me to kill you.

 Another student utters those words.

''Look around you. You're a brave canon, a student of the heroic academy, a former false demon king and a sister of Necron. I don't even want to get close to them...

Well, everyone's so nice to me.

'No, no, no, no, by all accounts that combination is a bad idea, right? Did the brave canon really become an ally? The same goes for the fake demon king. For the most part, those two don't make sense to attend the academy, do they?

 The student says with a serious look on his face.

"They're up to something. Look at it this way. They're just regular guys, you know? Isn't he planning to hide out in the Demon King's Academy and betray the tyrannical Demon King when the time comes...?

''Oh......... Maybe that's why Sasha-sama and Misha-chan are keeping an eye out for it.......

Otherwise, there wouldn't be all those monsters around. It's like a powder keg. It may look like they're having a friendly conversation, but you never know when they're going to explode...

And the only reason no one talks about that seat is because they're too afraid to say anything, and the teacher bows there every morning...

Hmmm, it's kind of hard to get into, I guess...

 Hmm. Apparently there have been some changes in my absence, with this seat being considered a sanctuary and Ray, Mass and the others being feared.

 Well, they're students who like to gossip.
 Even if I let them say it, there's no problem.

 If you send your magic power, the chair will move.
 I sat there and turned to face my neighbors.

'Well? No one has noticed.

 Sasha gave him a dumbfounded look.
 Misha stared, thinking, and pouted.


I mean, how long do you think you can go unnoticed? You're never going to be able to be quiet anyway, are you?

What, you're a boy genius for that?

Uh, I'm gonna be a genius no matter what.

 Eleonor shouts out as he realizes.

 Zecia clenched her fists tightly.

'Did you hear that, Sasha?'

... at least try to hide it a little more seriously...

No problem. My men are good at what they do.

Who is that...?

Isn't it? I knew you would make things work, didn't I?

 Sasha blushed and averted her gaze.

''.........Yes, yes, as the Demon King says. I have a premonition that we're going to have a hard time.......

 Sasha blurted out.

'Sasha's happy.'

 Misha whispers to me.

'Misha, don't say anything funny!'

'Haha. But I'm glad to be able to study with Anos-- um, Anosh-kun again!

 Mass says, smiling softly.
 Ray knocked over a chair and gave her a fresh smile as she leaned back.

'What is the Demon King's official duties?'

You can do it after school. As I said before, my men are excellent. As I said before, my men are excellent, as long as they are symbols, such as the Demon King. And as for the pleas of the people, most of them can be handled by Elio, Melhayes and the others.

 It would be best if it were only a symbol.
 Because if there's a situation where a tyrannical demon king has to work hard at his official duties while he sleeps, then it's not peace.

''It's going to be a fun school day again, isn't it?''

 I huffed and said.


 The students, who were looking at us while preparing themselves, let out a breath of air.

''.........it seems to be okay.......?

'It's congenial, isn't it? I don't know what you're talking about, but...


...I guess it's because I'm just a kid, isn't it?

"Huh. A child's prerogative, huh? It's not fair...

 Kang Kang, I heard the sound of cane tapping on the floor again.
 As the students hurriedly turned to the blackboard, Erdmeade said.

''Let me introduce you to another new swordsmanship instructor today.