194-Samurai swordsman teacher

 The door opens and the sound of footsteps echoes. 

 He came to the front of the pews with a partially seamless gait, his hair white and his eyes unpigmented. 
 His swift gaze looks forward, as if to intimidate, and the students jerk their bodies. 

 Quietly he says. 

''My name is Shin Reglia. From today onwards, I will be in charge of the sword arts training at this Demon King Academy. 

 Misa, stunned, looks at Shin. 


 Hmm. By the looks of it, you didn't know that Shin would be teaching at the Demon King Academy. 
 You can't help but think that the distance between us was reduced at the ceremony of the Demon King's second coming, but inexplicably, the clichés don't change. 

You know.  

''Uh-uh. Besides, I thought you're the Spirit King now? 

If I remember correctly, it's called the Thousand Swords, because of the use of a thousand magical swords. 

And 2,000 years ago, they said you were the greatest swordsman of the demon tribe. 


I wonder if this is Anos-sama's order...? 

 The students are all wondering why Shin, who is even called the Demon King's right hand man and the King of Spirits, is in charge of the instructor. 

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the tyrannical demon king's entourage is in charge. The tyrannical demon king's entourage will be teaching you how to use the sword by themselves. There's no other opportunity like it! And more! 

 Eldmead spun his staff around and pointed the tip of it at the students with a bishouche. 

''The Demon King's Academy has plans to establish a cooperative system with the Spirit Schoolhouse (Manabiya) to conduct classroom lectures and trials by the Great Tree of Education, Enyunien. In addition, talks are underway to arrange for special instructors to learn how to deal with spirit magic and its applications. In addition, there will also be detailed individual instruction by the demons from two thousand years ago. The ultimate goal is ah! 

 Clenching his fists tightly, Erdmeade lifted his lips in a grin. 

''We've prepared a new and special class with the finest instructors who are more worthy of teaching the Demon King than anyone else. The name is-- 

 Leaping to the spot, the Fierce Death King dangled and snapped his feet and said in a high voice. 

''Great, demon, king, teaching and training! With this, you guys are as good as guaranteed to be the Demon Emperor. 

 After making an exaggerated gesture, the Cutthroat King straightened his posture and began to speak calmly this time. 

The Cutthroat King's lectures and practices of magic will, of course, be pounded into your body on a regular basis. Now that the Demon King has been reincarnated, why did the Demon King Academy prepare such a generous curriculum? 

 With a peep, the Fierce Death King pointed at one of his students with his staff. 

''You black-clothed oaf over there, you can answer me. 

 The white and black uniforms of the Demon King's Academy have no particular meaning nowadays. 

 The system of wearing white because you're a mixed race and black because you're a member of the royal family has been abolished, and students can now freely choose their own uniforms. 

 However, it's still early days since the change. Therefore, most of the students wore the same color uniform as before. 

 White and black clothing was one of the bad rules in this Dillhade. 
 However, what can be changed by abolishing the uniform itself and changing its color? 

 What is important is the will to not care if it is black or white. 

 There were of course ideas to abolish the black and white clothing, but I decided to keep this uniform, which was split in half by the demon race, as a warning. 

''What's the matter? It's you. Answer me. 

''.........Well, I mean, is it because the Demon King has been reincarnated, so you can now recruit the best people? 

 The student replied, unsure of himself. 
 Then Erdmeade grinned. 

'Exactly! As expected of Demon King Anos, he can use this many people for education! I know, I know, man, I know.

 The relieved student was also somewhat happy.

But that's not all. I'm sure that it is only because of the popularity of the people that they were able to recruit, but I want to know why they put so much effort into education.

 Eldmead pointed at the student again with his wand.


'....Wait....I don't know...

No, I know. I know what you're thinking. Let's think about it some more. What difference does it make if you put the effort into education or not?

 The student winces and mumbles in a whisper, puzzling over his head.

''.........in the future........is it......?''

Shogun. Yes, the future. In other words, the Demon King thought of focusing on education for the future, for the sake of the future. That's right. Isn't that wonderful?

 The student looked confident as Eldmead praised him.

'Then let me ask you one more question. Why do you focus your efforts on the future?

"........You mean it's not good enough as it is.......?

'Yes, yes, yes. You can't go on like this.

 Nodding his head repeatedly, the Cutthroat King kept his eyes peeled.

''Why not?''

''I'm not going to go that far...''

No, you know what I mean. You know what you're getting at. What am I missing? What does the Demon King think he's missing? What is it that the Demon King has that you don't?

'....I guess that's all there is to it...

 Eldmead spun his staff around and pointed at the student again.

You are correct. That's good, isn't it? That's right, you are lacking in everything. You lack power, wisdom, knowledge, magic, and everything else. But there is no shame in that. You know what you are.

 Thumping, the Cutthroat King puts his staff on the floor.

''The Demon King needs someone who can be the Demon King's enemy--Ughhhh...!

 Erdmeade gingerly presses his throat with his left hand.
 It's as if something invisible is constricting it.

 This is the effect of the "contract (zekt)" of not disobeying me.

The following is a list of all the things you can do. Are you okay?

To be precise, yes, we need those who can line up and compete with each other! A friendly rivalry, yes, a good rival!

 By rephrasing, free from the , Erdmeade corrected his posture.

'Now the question again. How easy is it to keep the peace?

"...I don't think it's going to be easy...

Exactly. So why is it not easy?

...because it's country to country, I guess.

In the case of country to country, why can't we keep the peace?

 The student falls silent.

Let's change the subject a bit. Have you ever had a fight with a friend?

It's, well, you know.


Well, you know, it's just... I was told to join a different group than the one I'm in, and we got into an argument...

Is that enough? Wasn't that a friend?

We're friends, so, you know, we thought we'd work hard together as a group, and I felt betrayed... and of course we made up. But.....

 'Grin,' said Eldmead, laughing and pointing at the student with his wand.

'I felt betrayed. But my friend had his reasons for wanting to join another squad, and he thought Omae would understand, didn't he? On the other hand, didn't they think, "Why don't they understand me? Why can't they understand me?

So how about we turn your bickering into a nation?

 The student hurriedly made a look of realization.

'....Oh. Let's see, I'm so full of myself.......so when I try to maintain peace in my own country for, well, my own reasons, do I feel like I'm violating the peace of another country before I know it.......?

'Exactly! Great, you know what I mean, after all, you know what I mean. They say that relationships between countries are difficult, but when you get right down to it, at the end of the day, it's the relationships between people that are difficult. You and your friends fight. Friends and lovers and even strangers. A country is the aggregate of each of you. It is an immensely chaotic consciousness that is so intermingled that it is impossible to grasp the whole picture, a huge organism.

 Eldmead smiles with amusement.

''How could something as incomprehensible as this not be fighting!

 He spun his staff around and tapped the floor with a ton.

''That's why Demon King Anos is putting so much effort into this Demon Academy. When he tries to see the country, he can't see the chaos. Even with his demon eyes, he can't see the country. That's why he sees people and takes the time to nurture each and every one of them. Follow the belief that a country is a people.

 If I alone stop a conflict with all my might, it cannot be called peace.
 When the world was divided into four parts, there was simply no conflict.

 True peace is still a long way off.

I believe that by imparting power, wisdom and knowledge to all of you, the country will eventually improve and we will be able to avoid the crises of the nation, the world and the great conflicts that are sure to come. Kaka, what a humble and distant ideal!

 'Cuckoo,' laughs Erdmeade, laughing away.

'But funny! The very sight of you trying to defy the impossible is a true demon king! Until that dream is dashed, this Cutthroat King has signed a contract to teach here. You will grow up to be great, no matter what. Even so, when he learns that there will still be a conflict, that Demon King will grow up to be even greater!

 Generally speaking, the Zekt I made with Eldmead is just as he just said.
 The gods are faithful to their promises, but that doesn't mean that they don't know how well it applies to the demigod, demon, cutthroat king.

 In that case, it's better to make him an interesting proposition than to make him a loyal servant of the Contract (Zekt). It is natural that what is held down by force will eventually be broken.

 The reason why I sneaked into this school in the form of a child is also to check the results of my education from the perspective of the students.
 It's also a good idea to check the results of education from the students' perspective.

You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them. I'm sure you'll be able to tell me what you want to say before the drill, right here.

'Yes. It's my first day, so I'll only do what anyone else can do.

 Singh said, as if it were obvious.

'For once, I'm going to let you all die.

 Students throughout the classroom reacted with a surge of bloodlust.

'If possible, twice,'

 Singh added.