<Using the magic of Reiner and Nazira to hide our appearance and magic power, we slipped through the demons' eyes that were guarding us and made our way up to the underground dungeon.

 Soon, we will reach the ground floor of the Delzogade Demon King's Castle.

Do you think Master Menou knows where Avos Dilhevia and the others are?

 <Ray speaks to me via thought transmission.

"Well. I'm sure you'll be cautious too. So I guess it's 50-50.

'Well, aren't all three of you in the same place?'

 Eleonor twists his head.

'I don't know about that, but I'm sure you'd like to bump the ones who are easy to give us the benefit of the doubt.

"You don't want Ray and Avos Dilhevia to fight each other, do you?

 Sasha asked.

''Yeah, the Spirit God Human Sword and the Heroic Canon should be his natural enemies based on the rumors and lore. But Shin can fight Rey more than evenly with them. The God, Nausgaria, will not be able to use the Spiritual God-Man Sword with divine power in it.''

"Would you like to pit Nouskalia against Ray?

 This time Misha asked.

'That would be ideal for them, wouldn't it?

'But I thought you couldn't fight Nowusgaria properly because Anos-kun beat him up?

 Eleonor said with a questioning look.

''There's Avos Dilhevia, you see. Because of the blood of the Mother Great Spirit, he can even use spirit magic. If you add to that the magic power of a tyrannical demon king and a divine magic formula, it's not impossible to heal the wounds at the root.''

 Although there was no proof of this, it was better to assume that Nowusgaria was fully prepared. Because he expected this, he must have been able to afford it, even if he was able to weaken its roots with the Rational Destruction Sword.

'Nowusgaria will defeat Rey, and me with Shin and Avos Dilhevia. Misha's men from two thousand years ago and the Seven Demon Emperors are a reasonable place for them to hold their own.

"Hmm. Will it work?

 Revealing his wariness, Sasha says.

'More importantly, the Spirit King is Sin, right? Do we have to fight?

''Well yes. Or maybe we won't have to fight.

 Singh had gone so far to keep Avos Dilhevia from killing Mass. He couldn't protect her, for his late wife.

 Then, if I told him I would defeat Avos Dyrhevia alone and save Mysa, that might have been all that was necessary.

'But if I had no intention of fighting that man, he would have come back to me long ago. With your own mouth, you should be able to explain what you've done.

Why don't you do it?

You can't. You can't," he said, "no matter what the circumstances, you've pointed your blade at me. It's not something that can be undone without a second thought. But I don't think that's all there is to it.

 I can faintly imagine it, but I won't know until I ask him directly.
 At the very least, he'll be waiting for me.

 Then I'll have to respond to it.

'I don't know, but that's okay. I'm sure you'll figure it out anyway. Either way, if Dr. Menou can find out where those guys are, it means we'll have an advantage, right?

"Oh, and--

 As I said that much, a voice echoed in the underground dungeon.

'Adversary Anos Voldigord. We know that you have already invaded this Delzogade.''

 Is this voice Melhayth?

'We now obey the command of Lady Avos Dyrhevia to execute the inferior white-coated student one by one. If you wish to save them, you will present yourself alone in the arena. If you do not appear, we will kill you one by one.

 Hmm. It's not unexpected.

And this?

 Sasha said.

''Yeah, I guess it was meant to lure me in, originally, to feed on the white-clad students to gain magical power.

'Anos, if you're asking me to come alone, does that mean Avos Dirhevia is in the arena?

 Eleonor asks.

''Well probably not. I think it's safe to assume that they just want to see me first. I don't think he foolishly expects me to show up either.

Okay, we'll go.

 Sasha said and Misha nodded his head.

'I got it.'

''Then we'll do that. Eleanor and Zesia will be assigned to rescue the other white-clad students. There must still be others imprisoned besides those about to be executed in the arena.'

I get it.

 Eleonor replied cheerfully, and Zesia followed suit.

''I'll do my best........''

 Lyna turned her gaze to me.


"Come with me. The Spirit King is waiting.

 Lyna thought for a moment and said, 'Yes.

 She's Fran, the love fairy. It's not hard to imagine who she's lending herself to now. She, too, has seen the past. I'm sure she's aware of it all.

 But I can't make her realize all this yet.
 You'll be able to find out that you're the love fairy, and then she'll disappear.

 I'm not ready to tell you about that thought until--

 We trudged upstairs a little faster.
 After climbing the stairs of the underground dungeon, we arrived at the first floor of the Demon King's Castle.

 I thought they might be waiting for us, but there doesn't seem to be anyone here to guard us.

''We'll split up from here.''

 I break the spell of Misha and Sasha's Illusion Mimicry (Linel).

 <I use the magic of Ibis to create a large, pointy hat for them. If you tuck your hair in and wear it deep enough, it will hide your face to some extent.

''It's not very strong, but it's a magical tool that inhibits recognition. It's not very strong, but it is a charm that obstructs recognition. Wearing it will somehow draw no attention to you. <If you can sneak in with the Illusion Mimicry (Reiner), that's the best you can do, but if you're limiting your location, you'll have countermeasures in place.

 You can read the flow of the wind by making it blow with the wind wave (shua), like Rushe. Misha and Sasha have no way to prevent it.

It's a good thing that they're looking for someone who is invisible by means of liner, because that person who is invisible is the blind spot. Not much time has passed since Avos Dilhevia occupied the Demon King's Academy. The fact that a two thousand year old demon race is commanding the royal family means that they don't know the faces of their subordinates well. If we play our cards right, we'll be able to blend in at the execution.

 Misha nodded his head and replaced his white outfit with a black one at Ibis.

'I'm off.'

 They headed towards the arena.
 While I continued onward with the others, I turned my magic eye to Sasha's vision.

''.......How can we blend in? You're right, we do know how many people are in there, don't we?


 Misha pointed at them.
 Then there were students in black who were running to the arena as if in a hurry.

''I'm dumbfounded. To be late under these circumstances...''

I'm a student.

 No matter how much of Avos Dilhevia's rule, the students of this era are too accustomed to peace.
 'Not all of us can act quickly when we're told that bandits have broken in.

'Just as well. Let's blend in together.

 Joining a few or so students, Misha and Sasha walked into the building.
 Through a dark passage, they found themselves in the arena.

 In the center, a number of students in white were sitting in the middle, their faces lifeless.

 Surrounding them were students dressed in black, and a teacher dressed in black vestments. All of the Seven Demon Emperors, including Melhayes and all of the Seven Demon Emperors, were also gathered there, surrounding the white-clad students.

 Because of the invasion of the bandits, many of them wore magical equipment.
 Some of them were wearing armor, not just hats, so the two of them, whose recognition was hampered, were not noticeable.

 Misha and Sasha mingled with the group of black-clad students without it.

''It's about time, then.''

 As Melhayes uttered that, a magical barrier was deployed at the entrance of the arena.
 A magical barrier stretched across the sky above like a roof.

''Get in line,''

 With those words, all the students in black lined up in unison.

''Now, some of the students have arrived here late, haven't they?

 Tension ran through the black-clad students.

'It is possible that among those men is Anos Voldigord or one of his subordinates.

 Melhayes takes a few steps forward and turns his gaze to the faces of his students.

'Let's make sure, Nihid, Glaze.

 Two teachers stepped forward.
 They were probably the ones who were here originally, even before Melhayes reported the executions.
 So there's no way they could be my men.

 Melheis and the two teachers turn their demon eyes on the people in line one by one.
 The other seven Demon Emperors were unguarded and kept their eyes on the white clothed students who were scheduled to be executed.

''Sasha. If you get caught up, use the Demon Eye of Destruction.''

"The Seven Demons"?

Yes. If we buy enough time, we can disable it with the magical eye of creation.


"We are going to remake you all as cats.

...Okay. If I can just get a clear shot at it, I should be able to handle it...

 And then, as if Melhayes had noticed something, he turned his gaze to Sasha.

''Well you two there, your hats--''

Hey! What is it with you people and your hats?

 Before Melhayth could even speak, the teacher called Nihid was pecking away at Sasha.
 Just as she gingerly clenched her fist, Misha touched his hand.

'It's okay.'

Stay put. As long as you're not one of the misfits, you'll have no problem.

 Nihid gagged and grabbed the end of his pointy hat.
 Then he stared at Sasha and Misha's faces as if to examine them.

 Just out of Melhayth's blind spot, he couldn't see the two of them.
 Eventually, Nihid turned around and said.

'We're all good over here! Not a single one of Anos Voldigod's men was under his command!

'I see. Well, let's proceed with the execution.

 Melhayes said, as if carrying out his orders solemnly.
 He turned his gaze to the students in white.

'I will kill each of you one by one until Anos Voldigord appears. It may be painful, but this is also your order, my lord. At the very least, I will kill you painlessly.

 Approaching the white-clad students, Melhayes turned his attention to one of the female students.

'Then to her,'

 Nihid comes over and grabs her wrist without hesitation.

'Yah, no........help me.......! Why...?

''That's because you are not of the royal family, sir. All the half-breed demons will be fed, and Dirhade will be reborn as a great country ruled only by the royal family.

 For a moment, Melhayes turned a very slight look of sadness on the sobbing student.
 Or perhaps he was rebelling somewhere in his mind at being forced to obey orders.
 However, it wouldn't be enough to get them out of Avos Dilhevia's control.

 Sasha and Misha looked around, and when they did--


 One of the students in white stood up and walked over to Melhayes.

'If you're going to execute me, take me instead.

 Melhayes looked at him, quizzically.
 Then the white-clad student raised his voice proudly.

'I am Aramis Eltimo, a third year student. Formerly known as Igareth Ijeysika! He is a blood relative of the brave Jelga, and heir to the Seventh Throne of Azation, two thousand years ago! He's far more of an enemy to you than a half-breed demon race!

 With a prepared expression, Igales uttered that and used the magic of the .
 Merhayth turned a stern gaze on Igareth.

''When was the last time you were reincarnated?

'This is my fourth incarnation. My last incarnation was a long time ago, but it was only after I was imprisoned in Avos Dilhevia that my memories and powers were fully restored.

 Melhayes was silent for a moment, as if thinking.

''Very well, sir. It is true that the brave clan is an enemy that we demons must destroy. I will do as you wish.''

 Deciding that there was nothing strange about it, Melhayes quipped.

'Put him on the execution table,'

 Nihid grabs Igaleth's wrist.
 As he does so, Nihid whispers a small word in his ear.

 His lips moved as if he had spoken a certain name.