175-2000 years later with prayer

 A field of teardrop flowers. 
 Lying down to hunker down among the long stretches of flowers, I was looking over the place. 

 The one in my eyes is Reno. She had magically created a water ball and was raining affection on me. 

 The teardrop flowers grew quickly and sowed new seeds again. 
 The flowers grew in number, yet half of the place was still a clearing. 

 This view was shared with Ray and Misha and the others in Enyeunyen. 
 Reno took the half-spirit, half-demon child in his body. 

 Soon, something is about to happen. 
 He had such a hunch. 


 A hoarse voice rang out. It belonged to Enyeunyen, but the voice was far away. 
 The door to the flower garden was open, and it could be heard from there. 

The door to the flower garden is open and I can hear it from there. Don't take it too far. 

It's okay. Besides, spirits can't water anyone but me, right? If it dies, I'm sure Shin will have a sad feeling when he comes back. 

...Hmmm. Well then, why don't we leave it to the traveling entertainers? 

Anosh and his friends could leave at any moment. You have to do the best you can. Besides, they have too much love on their hands, and I think it's a waste. 

 Once she finished watering the tearful flowers, she gazed happily at the flower garden. 

''........Are you sure that was the right thing to do?'' 

 Enyeunien asked Reno, as if reformed. 

'And then what?' 

"Mother Reno, the Great Spirit, the mother of all spirits in your rumors and traditions. It is said that she is the mother of all spirits at all times. 

 In a mysterious voice, the Great Tree of Enyeunyen echoed. 

''The child is half demon, you know. If you give birth to it, you will disobey rumor and lore. If you give birth to the child, you will disobey rumors and lore. You know that, don't you? 

Yeah. I know. 

 Blithely, Leno laughs. 
 As if it was nothing. 

It's me. I've finally figured out what your grandmother was talking about. 

 The Great Tree of Enyeunyen grunts. 

'You mean the Tree of the Great War, Miguelonov?' 

'Oh, I see. Enyeunyen has never met your grandmother, has she? You see, this is the fate of spirits. As a genie, do you keep the rumors and lore, or do you disobey the rumors and lore and protect what's important to you? 

 Reno gently places his fingertips against his own abdomen, as if he is compassionate. 

'I am Mother Great Spirit Reno. I've never questioned that, and all the spirits are my precious children. But, you see, I've met them. I've met the one who makes me just Leno. 

 In his gentle gaze, I see a determination that never wavers. 

I'm going to give birth. I'll give birth, no matter what. This child was given to me by Shin, and I know that Shin would have wanted it no matter what, because I know it is his love. 

Are you sure you didn't want to say that...? 

 Leno smiles, just a little sadly. 

'Singh might tell me not to have a baby. Because I still don't believe in love, and I think my love is a dream. But I've decided to have the baby anyway, so it won't change anything. 

Still, you were there for Master Reno until the birth. 

 Reno was silent for a while, then muttered a small, "Yeah. 

''But I don't want to keep you around. I've become Shin's wife. I've become the wife of the Demon King's right hand man. 

 Enyeunyen grumbles. 

I was too selfish for Singh. Now it's my turn. I want to do the best I can for Shin.

 October 10th was her lifespan.
 There would certainly be little Reno could do for Shin in that time.

'Shin will be reincarnated as the Demon King's bellybutton, then, to fill his void. I wanted to send him away so that he wouldn't look back and be welcomed straight there.

 'Besides,' Leno continued.

'I might cry if Singh were by my side when I'm crushed. I don't want sad tears, after all. I wanted Singh to remember to smile.

 With a radiant expression, as if he had no regrets, Reno said that.

'It is, I suppose. It's just a little bit nasty, but I'm counting on it.

 Enyeunyen sounds puzzled.

''........Expectation, you mean.......?''

 'Hmmm,' laughed Reno.

'Singh, you just need to cry over the greatness of my love. He should cry, lots and lots of tears. Then he'll notice. I'm sure he would notice. He loved me. He loved me. Shin will finally get what he wants!

 I will teach you to love.
 I'll teach you to love me," he said, and Reno tried to keep his own words to the last moment.

Maybe it's a bit of a stupid idea, but I think it can't be helped.

 Reno crouches down and gently reaches for the iron basin in the flower garden.

'Because I'm in love. I think I want you to love me.'

 Using that, Reno started watering Teardrop Flower again.

''Since we're going to turn around that Park Nenin, we should at least risk our lives.

 Leno laughs, smiling.
 He's not strong, and he's not gloomy.

'It's okay. I have the love that Shin left me in my belly. With a miracle like this happening, I'm sure you can make that much come true.

 She said, radiantly, with a firm resolve.

'I won't regret it. It's the fate of spirits. Besides, I've fallen in love. This was the love of my life.

If you say so, Master Reno, it's too early to tell.

 With a bang, the door closed, and Enyeunyen's voice disappeared.

 A warm, raw wind was blowing.
 With a disquieting air--


 Reno's expression of doubt.
 The next moment, a voice rang out.

''--The God Killer's deadly sword gave you love? Haha, you guys say some really stupid things. How silly and stupid and how ridiculous you are.

 An arrogant and stern sound made the field of tearful flowers tremble.
 It was a familiar voice.

'You are wrong, Mother Great Spirit Reno. Let me give you wisdom, you mongrel.'

 The head of Erdmeade floats before Reno's eyes.
 Unleashing a weak magical power, he is the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria.

'There is no love in the deadly sword of the God Killer. All there is in the thing is a pathetic longing for a heart and a pathetic yearning to imitate it. It pretends to be kind, and pretends to be sad, that evil sword.

Not true! You don't know anything and you haven't even seen Singh properly.

 Without responding to Reno's words at all, he continued.

'Then why did Sin Reglia come to love you? I can only think of one answer.

 High, he says, as if to bring forth an oracle.

'It is by a miracle of God.'

 Reno stared at Nausgaria as she braced herself.
 Biting her back teeth gingerly, she asked. 

''Well what do you mean?''

'I give you love,' he said to the God-slayer's deadly sword. He may have meant to cut it down, but the word of God is absolute. It has indeed filled the empty root of Sin Reglia.

 Nausgaria had also said to Singh,
 Raise a child of God, born with the great spirit Reno as his mother's womb. Destroy the demon king, and order the world--

'It is not love that works miracles. It is always the work of God.


The word of God is true. The love that the God-slayer's deadly sword has made rare, the desire of the Mother's great spirit Reno to be herself, even the miraculous seed that was conceived in her body, are all in accordance with the order of God the Heavenly Father.

 Nausgaria said in a stern tone.

'It was not the child of Sin Reglia that took up residence in his body. His body was used as a medium. It destroys the Demon King, of the seed of the Son of God.'

 A magic circle was drawn and a white arm made of magic power appeared wetly from it.
 In his hand was the book of Midori. It's the Book Fairy Leelan. It is marked with a volume of 18xx.

'It's a page that was added just a few minutes ago. Look closely.

 The book was opened by magic power.
 It was written in its pages about Avos Dilhevia, the Demon King of Tyranny.

"The tyrannical demon king turned genie...

 Reno stared at the page with a serious expression on his face.
 He knew immediately that it was a tremendous disaster.

'I've arranged it. It should be clear to your spirit eyes. The rumors and traditions of the child in your body are those of Avos Dilhevia.

 Reno's amber eyes grew steely.
 She had an expression of incredulity on her face.

''........The magic power of Demon King Anos.......''

 There is one reason why Singh and Reno feel the magic of the Demon King of Tyranny from the child they have had. Because the rumors and lore that form the root of it all belong to Avos Dilhevia.

'Everything is guided by fate.

 Nausgaria says in an exaggerated manner.

'Now, here and now, the Son of God is born.

 The word of God caused a magic circle to float in Reno's stomach.
 The magical power of the child she carries in her body instantly became apparent.

  The child of God is growing rapidly and is about to be born.

Stop...... If you're born now, you won't survive...

 Reno gingerly presses his stomach.
 But there's no stopping the birth of the Son of God.

'Haha. Rejoice, the Son of God is like a woman. She will succeed you as the mother of new spirits. Rejoice and celebrate. Rejoice and celebrate, for you have become the mother of a great God and the birthplace of order in the world.

 Nausgaria said with a wicked smile.

No, no, no... it's not...

 A transparent baby emerged from the magic circle floating on Reno's stomach.

 The child floated in the air in a field of flowers.
 It was detached from its mother's womb and possessed only a weak magical power that was so weak that its roots were about to disappear at any moment.


 Reno fell to his knees on the spot with a bang.
 With the birth of the Son of God, Reno went against his own rumors and lore.

 The Mother Great Spirit is now about to be crushed.

''What to do, Mother Great Spirit? The life you don't want, the order that destroys the tyrannical demon king. If left unchecked, he will perish?

 Reno squeezed his weak hand and grabbed the flower garden's teardrop flowers.


 One by one, the tearful flowers turned into light and disappeared, giving birth to many spirits.
 The flower field quickly turned into a wilderness.

 And when the last flower disappeared...


 Reno looks up, as if he's hanging on to hope.

Please, take her with you. Take her someplace where she can live after 2,000 years. I'm sure the Demon King will save her I'm sure he'll save her...

 With the last of his strength, Reno used his spirit magic to make the baby a cradle woven of silken bunting and soft wood.

'I'm sorry, I couldn't even hold you. I couldn't even give you a name. I sincerely hope you'll be picked up by someone good.


 Nausgaria laughed in a light tone.

'God's plan is absolute. The child is not the sign of love you speak of. Nor is he the son of Sin Reglia. So why do you help him? By God's word, you have become the mother's womb for the Son of God. That is, the mother of the Son of God and--!

 Nausgaria's words were cut off.
 Stabbed into his mouth was the Slaying God Sword Gneodros.

 The Heavenly Father God turns his eyes back.
 Shin was there, right there.

The Son of God has just been born. The son of the god is now born, a great spirit with the rumor and lore of the imaginary demon king, Avos Dilhevia.

 Before Nausgaria could utter the last word, Shin swung down his Gneodros and severed its head in half.
 The head that was split in two flashed as if it was misting, and the Heavenly Father God's magic power completely disappeared from this place.


 Singh ran and held Reno's body, which was about to disappear at any moment, in his arms.

''I'm ... sorry--''

Thank you. Sin. For keeping me safe.

 Reno struggled to reach out his trembling hands.
 Shin grabbed it firmly.

''I'm sorry.......Shin I lied.......''

 Reno said with a sad face.

''It wasn't love it wasn't a miracle it wasn't a miracle...''

 Tears pooled in her eyes, and yet she stoutly endured them, trying not to spill them.
 Then she murmured softly in a dark voice, tainted with despair.

"...I wasn't your child....

 She had an expression that was almost stained with sadness, yet she never cried.

''I'm sorry.......Shin, I'm sorry I couldn't teach you to love.......''

 Repeatedly, repeatedly, she apologized to him.

'You've given me so much, Singh. I'm sorry I didn't give you anything back. That boy...

 Gulping back tears, Reno says

He's going to be in the future for two thousand years. If she threatens the peace of the world, by your hand--

Is it a boy?

 At Singh's question, Reno shuts down for a moment.

'Or are you a girl?'


I will. Please, don't worry.

 Singh said with straight eyes.

'I'll make sure to protect you.'

 Reno rolls his eyes in surprise.

'I will create a world where she can live for two thousand years.

'.........because no........

 As if to appeal, Reno said.

''I can't do that........I can't do that......Singh is the Demon King's right hand man......I can't let him do that.... ...

 Singh said softly to Reno as he considered his feelings.

'Still, it must be the love you gave me. Even if there was a divine intention in it.'


I won't let you die. Even if it's for your own good.

 Cutting off his words once, Singh said firmly.

''In spite of my disobedience to you, I will spread and defend the rumors and lore of the fictional Demon King Avos Dilhevia...''

 Reno's body is about to disappear.
 A translucent fountain, glowing purple, descends from the sky and covers the baby's body.

 Shin runs his sword into the wooden cradle.
 Inscribed on it are two words, 'Mass'.

 He said.
 Gently, very, very gently.

 As if embracing love.

'She is my child. She is my child, my precious, love, that you gave me. 


 Reno's voice, unmuffled by the sound, quickly disappeared.
 Her roots in defiance of rumor and lore are about to reach their limits.

 She could not tell them. She couldn't tell them.
 <Using the Realm of Ideas (Ryknos), I was reading Reno's thoughts.


 --Why? I can't make a sound--
 --<We can't even use the leaks.

 --I still have something to tell you.
 --I have something to say.

 --I'm sorry, Sin--
 --I'm Singh's wife.

 --I keep pulling your leg.
 --Always, always, always protecting me.

 --I couldn't do you any favors.

 --This was supposed to be the one thing that Shin held most dear.

It's not going to work, is it?

 Singh murmured softly.

'I would have loved to see you smile, but I don't know the words.'

 Ceaselessly, tears spilled from Reno's eyes.
 As Shin wiped them away, a single white flower appeared in his palm.

''I'm sorry for making you sad for the last time.

 --It's supposed to be funny.
 -- no matter how much, no matter how much you think that, the tears just won't stop.

 --I won't cry when I'm sad. My tears will be the spirits.
 --When you have a baby, you should be able to cry happy tears.

 --I thought I had it all along.

 -- unable to hold back, the tears fall to the earth and make many sad flowers bloom--
 -- weeping and crying, but no miracle was ever going to happen.

 --Hey, Sin. You know what--

 --I don't think you're getting the message.
 --I don't have any regrets...

 --I got to marry Singh.

 --Thank you, Sin--
 --You taught me how to love.

 --Thank you, Sin--
 --For protecting me.

 --We were only married for three days.

 --I've never been happier.

 Reno's figure became transparent and then disappeared completely.
 As the fountain of magical power that covered Misa swirled around, the cradle was swiftly sucked into it.

 Eventually, the Fountain of Time and Space Ezesay disappeared, along with the figure of Missa.

 The next thing I knew, the teardrop flowers were blooming with Reno's shed tears.
 In the center of that field of flowers, Shin slowly walked over and stabbed his iron sword into the center of the field.

 As if it was her tombstone.

 As he pointed his hand, Shin offered a single white flower to the iron sword.

'I wanted to make you happy,'

 And then...
 Shin's figure turned white and silver.

 It's not just Singh.
 The flower field itself was dyed white and silver.

 The next moment, a completely different scene flashed across the place.
 As if the world was turned inside out and fast forwarded, landscape after landscape flowed through this place.

 Then a crack appeared in the silvery-white world, and it shattered into pieces.

 What emerged from the back of it was a treasure house.
 <We ended the magic of the time travel (Revalon) and returned to the original era.

 Misha next to me had tears in her eyes.
 Sasha is crying. Eleonor and Zesia too.

 Ray was biting his back teeth gingerly with a sad expression, and Lyna had a pensive look on her face.

 One step, I paced.
 They slowly turned to me.

'The tragedy of two thousand years ago has come to an end.

 I turned to them and said.

"And now we're going to get it all back.