174-And love takes shape

 Three days before the marriage ceremony, a husband and wife shall spend the same time together.
 Three days from the righteousness of marriage, they shall spend the same time together, so that they may form an eternal bond.

 This is what Titi and the others told Singh.
 It was no doubt an ordained tradition of marriage among the spirits, and Shin spent those three days with Reno in a small castle on the edge of the Enyeunian sky.

 And so it was on the morning of the fourth day.
 Shin was running through the great trees of Enyunien.

 After passing through the same place several times, he opened the door with great vigor and released it.

 Then, a forest of books appears.
 Behind it, lined with trees, was a shallow spring. A large lotus leaf floats and Reno lies on it.

 Hearing the news that she had collapsed, Singh immediately rushed over.

''........Are you okay?''

 Singh rushed over to her.

'Yeah, Senatoro's here.

 Reno's body is surrounded by a pale green light. It's the healing light of the healing firefly Senetero.

''I heard that you suddenly collapsed, is there something wrong?''

I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm having Enyeunien look into it. But I'm so happy to be married to Shin that I got too excited...?

 He looked a little pained, but Reno smiled.

'I hope it's nothing serious,'

It's okay. I'm sorry you had to worry.

 Singh squeezed Reno's outstretched hand.

'Stay by my side until you heal.'

Hmm. It's okay. I got rid of him pretty good. Hey, Anyunyan.

 A hoarse voice echoed through the forest of books as she called out.

''Ummm, I don't know how to explain this...''

Is it bad?

 In response to Shin's question, Enyuwen's Daiki did not answer immediately.

'........This is unprecedented. But I am the Great Tree of Education. When it comes to spirits, I understand most of it. But.........

 'Mmmm,' groaned Enyeunyen's big tree, looking like he was having a hard time wrapping his head around it.

'Fine. Just tell me anyway. What's wrong?

 When Reno uttered that, the Great Tree of Enyuwen said in a divine voice.

'..........that's why. Reno-sama seems to be pregnant....

 Reno's expression changed as he looked at her with utmost pride.


Yes. There's no doubt about it.

Because whose baby is it?

I can feel the magic of the demon tribe. I believe you are a child of the Spirit King.


 Stunned, Reno stares at Singh's face.
 He has his usual expression, but he might be upset because he doesn't say a word right away.

Hmm. I have always assumed so. The spirits are born from the rumors and traditions of demons and humans. It's no wonder that some spirits are close to demons and humans.

 There was a thoughtful Enyeuen snarl.

''It's amazing, though,'' he says, ''that this is the first time in the long history of spirits and demons that are half spirit and half demon. A half-spirit, half-demon with half spirit and half demon blood is probably the first time in the long history of spirits.......

...I see...

 Reno's expression was somewhat happy as he said that.

''Reno-sama must have fallen because he had a half-spirit, half-demon child in his body.

What do you mean by that?

 Singh asks.

'Spirits arise from rumor and lore. Spirits often arise from rumors and legends, and are born as adults, but not the half-spirit, half-demon child. The half-spirit child seems to be different from the half-demon child, because it has the body of a demon, and thus the source of the spirit is dragged into it. A small rumor when the child is newborn forms the source of the child.

 From the first night, it's only been three days, and even if Reno is pregnant, the child in his belly should not even be a fetus. Normally, the life would be so faint that they wouldn't even notice the pregnancy. Correspondingly, the rumors and lore of spirits are also uncertain.

''Can't we live like this?''

 Reno put his hand quietly on his own stomach.

'Rumor and lore are too weak at this point. Even Master Reno can't sense what the rumors and lore about the boy are, can he?

 Reno nodded slightly.

It is connected to the mother's womb now. The root of the demon race is transformed into the root of the child, just as the mother delivers nourishment to the child through the placenta. He must have collapsed because his magic power was taken away from him all at once.

And when you're pregnant?

"You're not going to die. But a demon's body can't stay in the womb forever. It should be born in about ten days in October. If no rumors and lore are found before then, or even if they are found, if they are destroyed, the child will not live long...

 Despite Singh's stern eyes, Reno smiled smugly.


...What's that?

Because we have the tenth of October. I can manage with that much time. I'm the Mother Great Spirit, and I'm good at figuring out what kind of child a child is.

 Thinking for a moment, Singh asked again.

'Even if we do track down the rumors and lore, can you make sure they are not crushed?'

It's going to be okay. You'll figure it out. It's not easy with all these walls, but I'm gonna make it work.

 Slowly Reno raised himself up and stood up.

'You know what, Sin,'

 Stepping down from the lotus leaf, Reno paced quietly.

'How could this have happened?'

I don't know.

 A book of midges on the ground grew limbs like sticks and walked chomping at the bit to Reno.
 He waved his hand up and down as if to tell her to sit down.

'I figured I owed it to Singh. I thought Singh had left her here so I wouldn't miss her.

 Reno crouched down and reached for Leelan. The book elf tore out a page of her own and handed it to Reno.
 For a moment, he saw a glimmer of light fly on that one page.

'It's like a miracle, isn't it?'

 Still, Shin falls silent.

''........There is no such thing as a miracle. It's always something we have to make happen with our own hands.

Then it's a miracle. The love that was born here made it a miracle.

 Reno smiled at Shin, who stood beside him.

'I will definitely take good care of you, no matter what. Because this child is the love that Shin gave me.

 A happy, tearful, indescribable expression appeared on Shin's face.

''........You always make me dream.......''

No. Singh always gave me a dream. He gave me the dream to live my life the way I do.

 Reno stood up and kissed Shinn, catching him off guard.
 Reno giggled at Singh, who rolled his eyes slightly.

'I want you to name her, I want you to name her.

 Thinking for a moment, Singh said.

'Gordo for boys, Mass for girls.

They're both great names. It would have been nice to have a twin.

 Reno said happily, and Singh, like him, relaxed his expression.

''Reno, you--''

 She smiles at him, smiling.

'Don't go--I'm not going to say that I would ever say that.

 Reno interrupts Singh's words by saying so.

''My husband is the Demon King's right hand man. I owe him more than anyone else, and I will repay him and be loyal to him. I'm not you who can sit back and watch the rumors of the imaginary Demon King spread.

 Leno says as he sends her off.
 As if trying to break Singh's retrospection.

'I'll wait for you. With this girl. I'll be waiting for you here, Shin. Just because you've been reincarnated doesn't mean you should forget about me.

 Nodding firmly, Shin replied.

'Even if I forget my sword, I will try to remember that much.

 They huddled together and embraced each other.
 For how long they had been doing that, Reno showed Singh a sheet of paper.

'You know what? It's about Fran, the love fairy.

 Singh shook his head quietly.

'It's a spirit that shapes and binds undeserved love. It is said that there is only as much love as is missing. It is said that there are only as many lacking loves as there are lacking loves, for example, if someone dies because he or she has some regrets about love. Even if the source is destroyed and will never come back, the love fairy will gently help you.

 Reno is holding a page from the book Fairy Leelan.
 It's the part of the book that has been torn out after two thousand years, the part with Fran, the love fairy.

'Fran lends her body to people who have died. She borrows the body of the love fairy and then comes back to life just to share her love. For a brief period of time, he realizes that he is Fran.

 The page for Fran the Love Fairy states.

 In the person of Fran, the Love Fairy, the resurrected people have forgotten the memory of love. As fairies, they wander in search of the memory. Only those who have true love can remember and communicate it.

 The love fairies are always wandering this world to convey the words they could not say, to settle their sorrows.

'I'm a spirit, I think I can be crushed. But if the situation arises, I will become the love fairy and come to see you. So I'll definitely see you again.

 Reno held the page of Fran, the love fairy, in Singh's hand.

'A spell. 'Because Leelan gave it to me. If you keep it, I'm sure I'll be able to recognize Singh when I'm Fran. Don't ever lose it and keep it with you.

 Two thousand years of separation. You can't say it's nothing.
 So maybe that's why Reno said that.

"I promise.

 Singh tucked the page of Fran, the love fairy, into his pocket.
 His gaze turns to Reno's eyes. She laughs serenely.

 The two of them just stood there, staring at each other.

'Go ahead.'

I'll come back to you. And when I do, I'm sure I'll take my love for you with me.

 Saying that, Singh turned on his heel.
 Reno silently watches his back as he walks away from the scene without looking back.

 After leaving Ahartheln, Singh heads for Dirheid.
 I didn't follow him, but I could see it.

 Someone was plotting some kind of prank, so I thought it was just as well, and I connected a magic wire to that person.

 Singh ran on without a moment's rest, and half a day later, he entered Dillhade.
 He passed through the gates of Midhayes and arrived at the Demon King's Castle of Delzogade.

 He continued down the underground dungeon and entered the treasure room through a hidden passage.
 And there, he returns the Unique Sword Sig Shasta.

 Huffing and puffing, he draws a magic circle on the spot.
 <It was the magic of .

 If Shin used it, which is inferior to root magic, he would not be able to fully inherit the power and memories. Still, he didn't hesitate.
 Just when Shin was about to pour his magic power into the magic circle -

It's painful.

Oh, my God.

I need help!

It's so small.

 A high-pitched voice echoes through the treasure room.
 Singh takes out the page of the love fairy Fran from his pocket while looking into a stern gaze.

 Then, from there, pompompously, Titty and the others appeared.

''........How did you hide?''

 At Singh's question, Titty and the others nodded their heads.



Like paper?

I was hiding.

 By all accounts, there are no gaps to hide in the paper, but I suppose it doesn't matter much to Titi, with her prankster's rumors and lore.

'Where am I?'


What do I do?

I can't go home.

You can't cross the border.

It's a big deal.

 White-faced, Titty and the others fussed.
 Apparently, they seemed to be making a calculation to send Shin back to Reno.

''The spirit world isn't just in Ahartheln. You should go to the spirits' dwelling place in Dillheid.''

 Titi and the others paused in exaggerated surprise.

'It's cold!'

"The Spirit King is cold!

I have to go home.

Come on, Ahartheln.

We're going under.

Reno's going to disappear.

 Regardless, Singh, who tried to use , stopped using magic.

What are you talking about?

 The fairies fly around Singh.

'It's a big deal.'

I have to stay with Reno.

No incarnation.

Ten days to go.

 The girls are not to the point.
 Singh let out a small breath.

'If it's your usual prank, I'll spank you.

 With that uttered, he left the treasury again.