173-First night

 They danced, sang, and made a lot of noise - the moon was up in the sky as the marriage righteousness of the bustling spirits came to an end.

 On the balcony of the small castle, above the clouds, are the figures of Shin and Reno. They had taken off the formal dress of marriage and were now back in their normal clothes.
 From their spot, the two of them were looking off at the spirits returning down the cloud corridor.

'Thanks, Shin,'

 Reno says.

'It was noisy, wasn't it, the spirit wedding ceremony. The demons do it solemnly, so they must have been surprised.'

It's not a bad thing.

 Singh said with an unusually soft expression.


 As the last spirit disappeared from the cloud corridor, Shin turned to her.

'If it had not been for you, I would surely never have entered into marriage with any of them in my lifetime. I thank you for allowing me to dream in my loveless, empty body.

 At Shin's words, Reno's cheeks flushed with vermilion.
 She stared blankly at her companion standing next to her.

''Um........you know what?''

 Shyly, Leno said.

'It's not that I don't know. I'm sure that there are tiny little buds in Singh's heart that will one day blossom. Even if it's still a bud, it's still love.

 Reno smiled smugly.
 Without saying anything, he softly looked up at the night sky.

'I wish I could have kept looking at it forever.

 Shin's gaze was absorbed by the pale, shining full moon.
 His profile was somehow lonely.

''Is this dream coming to an end?''


 Singh slowly returns his gaze again to Reno, who gives him a questioning look.

'Has the marriage righteousness ended without a hitch?'

'Oh, um...'

 Slightly, Reno turns his face down.



 Shin was about to say, when the little fairies suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

'Are you done?'

Isn't it over?

I don't think so.

It's a real thing.

First night, first night...

 The girls jumped around the two of them, making a lot of noise with their squeaky voice, calling out 'First night first night-'.

' "Hey, hey! Titi. Don't say anything funny. We're not spirits, it doesn't make sense for us to do that.

 For a moment, Reno glanced at Singh, and his face turned red with a gasp.

'Not, not, not! Nah, just because it was meant to be, doesn't mean it doesn't matter.

 Reno raised his fist in the air and chased Titty and the others around with a "kora". The fairies got on Singh's shoulders and head as if they were scared.

Reno, I'm scared.

I'm scared.

Spiritual King.

Reno, humor me.

 Blubbering, Titty and the others shuddered. Moo and Reno glared at the girls.

'How do we do this?'

 Singh asked, and Titty said in his ear.

'First night first night,'

"A continuation of the marriage equation.

Leno will be happy to see you.

It's going to be okay.

I'll fix it in one fell swoop.

 Just then, a small ball of water flew by Reno and enveloped Titty and the others' bodies. The girls were drowning with a gurgling sound.

''Already. You keep saying weird things, Singh is in trouble--

 Singh was quickly holding out his hand to Reno.


If it's not over yet, we can continue this dream for a while now.


If you want.

 Stunned, Reno stared at Singh.
 Titi and the others jittered and struggled and managed to swim out of the ball of water.

'Disturbing bugs,'

I have to go home.

Hurry, hurry.

"The fire must be hot.

Enjoy your stay.

 Scattering glitter and scales, the fairies left the castle.
 Reno looked faintly at the lines of light drawn in the night sky, as if he was in love with it.

'Shall we go inside?'

 Puzzled, Reno looked at Singh.
 When he didn't say anything and waited patiently for a reply, Reno looked away shyly.


 Reno replied in a faint voice and took his hand.
 She walked into the room as Singh escorted her into the room.

 In the center of the room, decorated with colorful flowers, was a large canopy bed.
 She sat down there a bit.

'Um, you know what?'

 Sluggishly, Reno spun the words.

"In case you're wondering, the marriage ceremony includes a wedding night. But even if you just sleep with them, you'll be fine. It's okay.

 Leno repeats, as if to remind himself.
 Singh nodded pleasantly.

'So, would you like to take a break?'

Uh ... uh ... a bit more ...

 Cutting off the words once, Reno said again.

''Well let's talk about it,''

 Singh nodded.

'What shall we talk about?'

Well then, what can you tell me about Demon King Anos?

 Slightly, Shin loosens his eyes.

''The Heavenly Father God said, right? After being picked up by the demon king, Shin said that he became more human-like. I'd love to hear that story.

 Reno taps gently next to the bed.

'Here, here. Can I sit down...?

Excuse me.

 Stepping out loosely, Singh sat down next to her.

'It's not a very interesting story,'

 With that preamble, he glanced towards the balcony.

''The night I met you, my lord, was a night with a beautiful moon rising. Just like today's moon.

 Singh stared at the beautiful full moon, floating across the sky.

'It must have been around the middle of the Great War. It was a transitional period before the war against humans was raging again, with many skirmishes. I was already in my body, sword in hand, and was challenging the famous demon race to a contest of strength.

 Singh speaks quietly, as if thinking about the distant past.

''In this body that was called the God Killer's Deadly Sword, every enemy felt weak. But perhaps it was only natural. Against this root that was spawned to fight, there was no way for them to oppose this root that wasn't.

 Once the words were cut off, Shin closed his eyelids for a few moments.
 When they opened, he felt a slight melancholy in his eyes.

'At their root, there was love. It must have been kindness, hatred, and also sadness. They were unnecessary in battle, and the demon clans were all cut down by this kind of sword.

 Singh says in a blur, staring blankly into the past, muttering nonchalantly.

'Maybe it was the lack of love that gave me the power.

 The cold words were somewhat sad and lonely.
 She bit her lip squeakily, as if that had gotten through to Reno.

'I had an emptiness in my heart. Maybe I even envied them as they were being defeated. My body was craving it. I had no way of knowing at the time. All I knew was that I was looking for someone to defeat me. I have been searching for my enemies, and I have been wielding my sword diligently, worthy of its two names, the deadly sword.

 Shin continued to fight, and before long he was called the Thousand Swords.
 He said that he was the strongest swordsman of the demon race, controlling a thousand demon swords.

''And so, one day, I faced the Demon King. I wielded my sword as usual, and my lord said to me, 'Let's talk. "I said, 'Let's talk.

What's going on?

'Of course, I didn't listen, and I slashed at the Demon King. My lord, every time you prevented the sword, you let loose a word. Various words were thrown at me, but in the end I had one thing to say.

 Singh said with a soft expression, as if remembering words from the past.

'I mean, what am I fighting for?'

 Reno is gently ministering by the side.
 He knew that this was the most important thing for Shin to do.

'I brought out a hundred swords, but I never managed to slay you, my dear. For the first time I was interested in my enemy. And I asked him, 'Why are you so strong? And I asked him, 'Why are you so strong? Looking back, it was the first words I ever said to a demon.

What did Anos say?

"'If you are not strong, you cannot be saved,' he said. And then he asked, "'Why are you so strong? "'Why are you so strong?'

 Singh stared at his own palms.

"'There is no reason,' I replied. 'There is no mind,' he said. I was strong in order to be strong. I was only one sword.

 He clasps his open hand quietly.

'Then, my lord,' he said. 'Be under my command. I will give you an enemy worthy of your sword's slaying.'

 Singh's words were strong and powerful.

''........I realized, for the first time, that I had been looking for a Lord who was worthy of possessing the God Killer's Evil Sword. That all along, I had been looking for a master to appear who was worthy of possessing this body, the God Killer's deadly sword. After all, my lord didn't just release a single magic, but pierced my heart with a single word.

 Taking a breath, he turned his gaze to Reno.

"'I will be your sword and slay all your enemies,' said my lord to me, who had shown such loyalty. 'Then I will destroy all the tragedy and unreasonableness that stands before you,'

'....wow, Anos........

What do you mean by "great"?

You know what Shin really wanted, don't you? So he didn't attack Singh once when he drew his sword.

'...... I've asked him about that, but he only said he was just bored....


...to fight, he says. After all, I can't possibly know what you were thinking at the time.

 He gazes into the distance.
 Or maybe it's the thought of the reincarnated lord two thousand years later.

I am sure that you have given me a reason to fight when I was empty. My lord, who was only a mere swing of a sword, welcomed me as a demon with a great vessel. To repay that debt, I have become the right hand of the Demon King.

...I see...

 Dimly, Reno looks at the moonlight.
 The same direction as Shin.

''........I said it was unfair, but I still can't win against Anos. It's no wonder Shin wants to chase after him and reincarnate.......

 Reno turned over, as if just a little bit depressed.
 However, he quickly reconsidered and shook his head.

''........Oh, you know, Shin.......''

 As if in fear, she laid her own hand on Singh's hand on the bed.
 As if to summon up the courage, Reno says

''........after all, it's not enough to just sleep.......''

 Lips quivering, Reno's face flushed.
 He managed to shake out a weak, faint voice that was almost broken off, but still managed to shake it off.

 As it was, Reno quietly pulled her face closer and kissed her softly.
 Leaning her weight into the embrace, she stretched her white fingertips over Singh's body.

 He gently grabbed her hand.


 After a moment's pause, Singh said.

''I might hurt you if you want, love...''

I'll be fine.

 Reno intertwined his fingers in Singh's hand and smiled, as usual.

'I'll teach you a lesson,'

 The moon is pale and full in the night sky.
 The light pouring through the window softly and compassionately illuminated the two overlapping shadows.