172-Marriage justice

 The next day--

 Me and Misha had hurriedly returned to Ahartheln from Dilheid.
 We were to be present at the marriage righteousness.

 The topsides of the great trees of Enyeunyen. The front of the little castle where Reno lived was decorated with many flowers. In front of the door is an altar made of clouds. It was a shrine to the ancestor of the spirits.

 From there, straight to the other side of the clouds, blue teardrop flowers made a path, which looked like a gorgeous carpet.

 Across the path of the tear-flower, all the spirits of Ahartheln were gathered there.
 The eight-necked water dragon Linyon, the eight-necked water dragon Linyon, the long serpent Epitheo, and the other ones whose true bodies were huge were in their temporary beginning form, lined up in a row.

 Mixed in with the many spirits, we were there as a troupe of traveling entertainers.

 Soon, Reno appeared from the other side of the clouds, dressed in a pure white dress. Beside him was Shin. He wore a jet black armor.

 It is a spirit called the Blessed Ritual Armor, Eltonica. At an auspicious event, this spirit, which appears at an auspicious event, changes into a ceremonial outfit appropriate to its owner and gives various blessings and blessings.

 The reason why Eltonica was transformed into jet-black armor is because it was one of the ceremonial garments worn by demons at weddings in this era.
 There is not necessarily a rule about the color. But when the vows are exchanged, I like to wear black.

 It's a black color that cannot be tinted by anything. I put my heart into that color when I made an oath that could not be changed. This may be why many of my men wore black when they dressed in formal attire.

 I thought it was a bit disproportionate to a spirit's wedding ceremony decorated with countless flowers, but Reno said it was perfect for the marriage of a spirit and a demon race, and respected the black formal attire. I guess it's because he knows that Sin pays me more respect than anything else for the tyrannical demon king.

'Reno's here!'

The old man with the sword is here.

"Wedding ceremony!


 Titi and the others flew in a scattering of glitter and scales as they blessed and led Reno and Shin through the air.
 They walked slowly down the path of the teardrop flower, heading towards the altar. Perhaps it was Reno's power, but their feet hovered slightly in the air and they did not step on the flowers.

'Great blessings to the kind mother who nurtured us, and to the strong companion who protected us.

 A fountain rose up in the cloud corridor and made several arches in the path of the Teardrop Flower.
 It was the blessing of the Great Spirit of Water, Rinyon.

'Congratulations, Reno,'

 A gentle breeze blew, snatching away the teardrop flowers in a huff. Letting the sky soar with flowers, the spirit of wind and lightning, Gigadeath, blessed the sky with flowers.

''Omedeto, Omedeto.''

 With a flickering, green light, the healing firefly Senetello flew in flight.
 Its trajectory drew a shining, beautiful star.

 Just like that, the spirits all used their own power and warmly welcomed the couple's wedding ceremony.

''Congratulations! Reno-chan, you look so beautiful! You look great too!

 Eleonor raised his voice.

'....Congratulations, thank you...marriage is a good thing...'

 Eleonor and Zecia use the magic of the and turn the thoughts of everyone here into light.

 On the other side of the castle was a beautiful rainbow bridge.


 Lyna murmured.
 She looked at the rainbow and then at the bride and groom with a happy expression.

'Beautiful is beautiful, but........is that okay.......?

 Sasha blurts out next to me.

It's a good thing that the spirits have blessed us with so much glitz and glamour. The fact that the wedding ceremony is a little more extravagant doesn't mean that it's going to be any different.

Hmm. Do we have to do it?

 When Sasha questioned her, Misha nodded her head in persistence.
 The two joined hands and fused their magic techniques together.

''Ice fireworks.''

 A magic circle was drawn between them, and from there, an ice crystal rose up to the sky. When it seems to sparkle and pop, a large flower blooms in the sky.

 Like an ice crystal, it was colored by a beautiful fire, creating a fantastic fireworks display that would remain in the sky forever.

'Well then, I'm going to do some entertainment.

 This time Ray said.
 He was wearing a green full body armor.

 As Ray stepped out in front of the flower path, about four people, also in green full body armor, stepped out.
 It was empty inside. It was a moving armor.

 Armor Spirit Long Long Long. They are holding a tree branch in their hands. It's called the Blessed Tree Sword. As it was, Longron went straight to Shin.

 Singh stepped in front of Reno and pulled out the iron sword.

 It is said that if the Blessing Tree Sword is cut off, great happiness will be granted, and if the body is struck by the Blessing Tree Sword, great happiness will be granted.
 In any case, it is said that the tradition of the spirit wedding ceremony is to have a great stand-off with that wooden sword that will give you a blessing.

 Armored Spirit Long Long Long said, "Oh! He shouted bravely, and the four of them went to Shin at the same time, but the Blessed Wood Sword was cut off with ease.

 Wow! The spirits cheered from the spirits.
 It was a very lively wedding ceremony.

''Let's go then.''

 The armor-clad Ray heads straight for Shin.
 The blessed wooden sword swung down from the big top step, and Shin greeted it with an iron sword, just like before.

 However, Shin's sword slipped through the wooden sword as if it was hatching water.
 The blessed wooden sword had turned into light. As it was, the wooden sword of light touched Shin's body.

 Then, it glittered around his body as if to bless him.

''........That was the secret depth of the Blessed Wood Sword.......?''

''It's a spirit sword with weak magic power. I could manage it too.

 Ray drew a magic circle and took out the Unique Sword Sig Shasta.
 Then he knelt down and held it out to Shin with both hands.

''Even though I'm a traveling performer, I'm kind of a bouncer. I'm sorry I can't celebrate with fancy magic like everyone else.

 Shin laughed as he accepted the ichigami sword.

'That was the perfect, celebratory blow. 'Ray,'

 Stowing the Sig Shester in the magic circle, Singh turned around. He held out his hand, and Reno happily took it and started walking towards the altar again.

''I'm sorry for tagging along. It's a weird wedding ceremony from the demon race's point of view.


 Singh says as he looks straight ahead.

'It is only because of you that I, who have only the heart of a sword, am blessed in this way. I am sorry that I cannot return your love to you, but I have not the slightest complaint about this marriage ceremony.

 Gladly, Reno gave a big smile.

''It can't be helped that the demon race can't come, but it would have been nice if Demon King Anos could have come too...''

''Well yes. But--

 Singh stops. Because I was standing in front of the altar.

'My name is Anosh Porticolo. I am the childhood incarnation of the tyrannical demon king.

 The spirits squealed and fussed at the voice.


 I looked straight at my men.

You have made your choice even without love. This wedding is something you have chosen and you have certainly wanted and chosen for yourself. Believe in yourself. You can reach out and know that nothing is beyond your reach. You are the Demon King's right hand.

 Calmly, Singh nodded.

'It's as if you're telling me, my dear.

That's what the Witch King would say. After all, I am Anoosh Porticollo, the best traveling entertainer in all of Dirheid. Did you think that just because I'm an impersonator doesn't mean I'm real?

 Titi and the others were jumping around and laughing hysterically with their bellies in the air.

 I turned on my heel and walked over to the pallbearers.
 After I saw them off, Leno said.


 Chuckling, Shin looks at my back.

''No, I may be watching you from two thousand years from now. My lord, you are the Demon King of Tyranny.''

 'Hmmm,' laughed Reno.

'Maybe. He'd do it.'

 When they reached the front of the altar, they stood side by side and straightened their posture.

 A stern voice rang out.
 It belonged to Enyeunyen.

''Let us give thanks for being present at such a wonderful time when two races, the spirit and the demon race, are united.

 The spirits, who had been so noisy before, quieted down.
 They watched the ceremony, itching to raise their voices.

'Marriage righteousness, the words of the vows.

 In the silence, only the voice of the great tree of Enyeunyen could be heard.

'Mother Great Spirit Reno. Do you take Sin Reglia as your husband, and do you swear that in times of joy and in times of sorrow, in the name of the spirit and in your heart, you will love him unchanged until the time when his lore is destroyed?

 Reno said.
 In a sincere tone, with eyes full of will.

'I swear,'

'Sin Reglia, right hand of the Demon King. Do you take the Great Spirit Reno as your wife, and do you swear that in times of joy and in times of sorrow, in the pride of the demon race and in your will, you will do everything in your power, unchanged, to protect her and her children?

 Singh said.
 'Strong and sharp, as if to show pride.

'Even if doom do us part.

Mm. Very well. Here is Sinn Reglia, husband of the Great Spirit, the Spirit King. As long as you keep your vows, Ahartheln will be with you. We, the spirits, will be in your power.

 The spirits all nodded in agreement as they poured their gazes over Shin and Reno, all nodding in agreement.

'Then kiss your vows,'

 Singh and Reno faced each other.
 Slowly, they closed the distance between them.

 At close range, Reno softly whispered.

'Huh, just pretend, okay?'

Do you want to pretend?

 Reno says, shushing for a moment and looking down.

''It's better if it's not but...''

Okay, then.

 Gently, Singh put his arms around Reno's back.

'I love you,'


 Reno smiled smugly, as if to counteract the words.

'It's okay. I'll love you for Sin.'

 Singh's eyes softened and his expression relaxed gently.

'I don't know what love is yet, but I have chosen you, Reno.

 Slowly, slowly, the distance between them was growing.
 It looked like a wish. It was as if he was praying that from that seed of love that was about to begin, that it would please sprout.

 Please, please, please let it bloom without wilting.

 Like a dream that would disappear in the blink of an eye, they kissed each other, poorly and childishly.