171-Oath words

 The Great Spirit Forest, Ahartheln.
 In Sasha's vision, she could see Shin and Reno, and then the heroic canon confronting them.

''I decline.''

 The canon bites down on Singh, who tells him without a word.

''Sin Reglia. This is a way to save the tyrannical demon king, Anos. Whatever the humans are up to, he certainly won't take any chances with them. But the Demon King doesn't want to fight. He took up the sword to protect and even save his enemies, and now you want him to avenge the humans again?

 When Singh responds silently, the canon continues.

'Humans have made a stupid decision. So I'm going to make them pay for it with my own body. This time, I will make peace. I hope that the next thing he sees after his reincarnation is a peaceful world, more than anyone else.

The Brave Canon.

 In a cold voice, Singh says.

''Under what circumstances do you think I would overlook the fake Demon King?''

I don't think...

Then you know what you mean when you ask me to play the right hand of the imposter?

'With the Demon King's right hand man at his side, everyone will believe Avos Dirhevia is the real Demon King. If you're thinking of Anos, will you help me?

 At the same time as the words were spoken, the iron sword that Shin had pulled out touched the neck of the canon.
 Just before he was about to do so, the brave man grabbed the sword with his bare hands.

 Blood seeped out of his grasped hand, and a flurry of red water droplets fell to the ground.

''It is an insult to think that if you don't help, my lord, you will have no choice but to destroy the humans. The Demon King of Tyranny is not so weak. No matter what he plans, he will surpass everything and achieve everything. He has nothing to lose.

Surely he transcends everything. Even he couldn't have protected everything, could he?

"You have become strong so that you will never lose anything again. After your rebirth, you will continue to be strong again.

"If that's the case! I have to show people that they're not all that stupid! Can we leave everything to him just because he's strong? He had no choice but to be strong because he kept doing that. He had to kill and destroy everything and be a deterrent before he could be called a tyrant!

 The brave canon appeals to me.
 As an ally of the demon race, she puts her earnest feelings into it.

I'm going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to get the most out of it. Because we were weak, not ready to stop fighting or strong enough to stop hating, he had to go to a lonely sleep!

 With pure, unclouded eyes, the canon looks at Singh.

''Indeed, playing the imposter is an insult to the Demon King. I know now how great and inviolate the Demon King is to you guys. That's why I will atone for my crime of being the king of the demon race with my own body, with my own death. As the fictional demon king, Avos Dilhevia.

 The canon grips the iron sword tightly.

''I'm sorry. I can't let you perish right now. But two thousand years from now, I will surely.................redeem it with my life. When that happens, you can avenge me.

 Singh is still silent as he turns his cold gaze on the canon.
 There is no need to say the same words twice. The answer will be the same, I suppose.

 Perhaps realizing this, Kanon let go of the sword.

'I made a promise. The next time you are reborn, we will meet as friends. I am........

 The canon reiterates.
 As the canon as it is, not as he who has been playing the role of a brave man.

''........I want to be the one who is worthy of being a friend the next time I stand before him....''

 They stared at each other intently.
 Shin drew his sword, shook off the blood and sheathed it.

''It seems that the brave canon has lost his mind. There's no way he can succeed one in ten thousand, such as spreading the name of the fictional Demon King in this Dilheid. Even if we throw it away, there's no problem, right?

 He turned on his heel and said over his back.

I will reincarnate. I will be reborn in 2,000 years.

 I can't help you spread the name of the fictional Demon King. However, I guess that means I won't stand in the way of canon.
 That's the best I can do for Shin as my loyal vassal.

Thank you.

 Kanon bowed deeply to Singh's back.
 A few moments later, after Singh had walked away, Kanon raised his head.

 He gave a light bow to Reno, who was in front of him.

'You've changed a bit, Kanon. You always looked like you were in pain, but now you look like you've blown it.

If that's the case, it's probably because of Demon King Anos.

 Refreshingly, the canon laughs.

'Is it because of you that he's changed?'


 Curiously, Reno rolled his eyes.

'I came prepared to be cut. If it had been Shin before, he would have pulled out his demon sword instead of the iron sword. He might not even have been able to listen to me properly. I've never seen him so unkillable.

'Yes. Was it worth it to teach you to love?


 Kanon made a pouting expression.
 Then he smiled thinly.

'Oh, I see. No wonder you felt so different.'

 Convinced, the canon says.

'I thought the Mother Great Spirit would never fall in love.

 Stunned, Reno looked back at the canon.
 He had a look on his face as if he was clearly aware of something just now.

'Maybe the world is more full of love than I thought.

 With hope in his eyes, the canon turned around.
 Then he left Ahartheln.


 Reno mutters.
 Her cheeks turn vermillion and her expression relaxes.

''I see, love........''

 Once again, Leno repeated.
 By doing so, it was as if she was checking her mind.

 Instantly, she turned on her heel with vigor.
 Then, she ran as fast as she could in the direction that Shin had left.


 Soon, I could see Shin's back.
 Even though the other party was a brave canon, he was probably waiting for Reno so that he wouldn't be too far away.

''What's wrong?''

 Before Singh could turn around, Reno was jumping on his back.
 She hugged him tightly.

''Okay. I get it, Shin. I love you, Shin. It was love. I love you, Shin!

 Singh looked at her in dismay.

'I thought it was strange. When I'm with Singh, I feel differently. When I hear that Singh doesn't know love, it makes my heart ache, and when Singh waters the flowers, my smile overflows, and Singh makes me, always different. He makes me into a different me, not the Mother Great Spirit.

 Reno says, his face beaming with joy.
 He was like an innocent child.


 Reno pulled herself away from him, intimidated by Shin's gaze.
 She looked at Shin with an upward glance, as if turning over and fearful.

''........Annoyance, was it?''

 For a long, long time, she had lived in Ahartheln, the Mother Great Spirit.
 But now she looked like a little girl who had never known love before.

'There is no love in me,'

 At those words, Reno's body shook as if he was terrified.

''........But you have filled my emptiness, just a little bit. Playing with the spirits and watering the teardrop flowers was also something I couldn't think of before.''

 Reno's expression loosens in happiness.

'The days I spend here are like a sheath given to me when I was a drawn sword. Even if it's not love, Reno, I thank you for it.

Mmmmmmmm. That's okay.

 Shaking her head from side to side with a bobble, Reno laughed.
 To her, Shin quietly told her.

''Those days will end today.


''I took care of the divine beast Gwen. The Nausgaria in hiding is also half-dead. There will be little power left as an orderly. As long as you're inside the Great Tree of Enyuwen, there's nothing we can do to you.

 Stunned, Reno looked at Singh.

'You're going to reincarnate?'

The words I said to you cannot be disobeyed. Soon, the brave canon will spread the rumor of the imaginary Demon King. But I'd better get there first.


I'm on my way to Dirheid.

 Reno bites his lip in a small way.

'Because I finally realized...'

 Sadly, Reno mutters.
 Seeing this, Singh closed his mouth as if in trouble.

 They faced each other in silence for a while, but eventually he spoke up.

''I'm sorry. Two thousand years later, my lord, you are waiting for me.''

 Reno's downcast face was stained with sadness.
 She was about to start crying now, but she gulped down her tears.

 Then she forced a smile.

''Zu, that's not fair.''

What do you mean by 'cheating'?

'Because the Demon King has been with Singh for a long time. I just met him the other day. You'll never win, then.

 She tries hard not to cry, not to cry, but she tries hard not to smile.
 If she said anything, tears would spill out of her eyes at any moment.

 Or maybe that's what Shin found out.
 He did not repeat the words that My Lord is waiting for him.

'Then, to thank you, I will give you something to replace the month, so that there will be no injustice.

What have you got for me?

'Whatever. If you want us to stay here, we'll keep it.

 Perhaps in order to protect Reno's words about not shedding sad tears, Singh uttered a suggestion that was surprising, given what he'd done so far.

 Reno stared and thought about it.

Well, Singh, you know, you and I are going to have to...

 Shyly, she says, in a thin voice that looks like it's about to break off.

'Marry me,'

 From a distance, Sasha, who had been watching the scene from a distance, said, "Suddenly! I raised my voice. Fortunately, Reno didn't seem to be able to hear it. 'Absolutely ball-busting...' muttered Sasha in a small voice.

'It's so cool,'

 In a small voice again, Sasha murmured, "It's okay.......
 In the age of mythology, people often married without falling in love, but in light of various circumstances. The values of Sasha, who lives two thousand years later, would not be able to understand them.

''Well, goodbye, Shin.

 Reno gives a hearty smile.

'I'll be waiting here for you for two thousand years. Until Shin comes back. Then I'll make sure to teach you how to love Singh this time.

 I didn't want to keep him back.
 Reno wanted a promise.

 To see Shin again in two thousand years.


 Singh knelt down quickly in front of her.
 Taking Reno's hand, he said.

'Which school of thought are you in, Dilheid or Ahartheln?

Well, uh...?

 She looks confused, as if she doesn't know what she's saying.

'It's a marriage ceremony. Doesn't the spirit have one?'

 Leno said with a look of puzzlement on his face.

'You don't have to go?'

'My lord has instructed my men to ensure that those who marry are required to perform the marriage ceremony. I will not be reborn without fulfilling this obligation.

 Hmm. Come to think of it, did I mention that?

 Marriages weren't always celebratory, but many refrained from doing so because it was wartime.
 Nevertheless, there was no point in worrying about a battle that could end at any moment. At the very least, he decided to make a show of it, at least during the celebrations.

''Well then, is it okay with Ahartheln? See, people don't know much about Dillhade's marriage righteousness or anything like that.

 Singh nodded.

'This one will be Dillhade's, though.

 He stared at Reno and said.

'I swear by the name of the great demon king.

 Face down, Singh gently brings his lips to the back of Reno's hand.
 She rolled her eyes in surprise.

'Thou shalt take Reno, the Great Spirit, as thy wife, and though death may share them, and destruction may share them, and fate may divide them, the heart shall be with thee forever.

 It was a term of engagement used in mid-heydays in mythological times.