245-The Kingdom of God Dragon The Oldal

 The earth shaking echoing from the heavens subsided and the canopy stopped falling.
 There was a slight lingering sound.

''The subterranean sky trembles and cries. This is called the Shinten.''

 Gazing at the canopy on high, Arcana says.

'Hmm. Hmm. But that will cause the canopy to fall gradually.

'The subterranean world is held up by the pillars of God. The fallen canopy is lifted up by those pillars.

 So it's all clear.

That's quite unusual. The sky never falls down on earth. And this pillar of God is something I'd like to see if I get a chance.

'The pillar of God is the pillar of order. Ordinary people can't even see it, but you might.

 A pillar of order.
 The hollow space here in the underworld is like a magic pillar of order.

What god created these pillars of order?

"The world is said to have been created before the first baby dragon was born. The name of God has been lost, but there is no doubt that the god of creation created it.

If you're the god of creation, you're Militia.

"I do not know its name.

 <If we can use the Moon of Creation, it is possible that Arcana is its creator.
 It is conceivable that he does not know his own god's name because he has forgotten it.

 Nevertheless, in the Selection Judgment, it is possible for Arcana to prey on other gods' orders.
 It is not certain that Arcana, before he forgot his name, ever participated in the Selection Judgment, but we cannot say that he did not eclipse the order of creation.

 It's also possible that there's another creator god under the ground.

 Well, it would be clearer if I could remember.
 You won't arrive at a conclusion by speculating about it.

Well, shall we go now?

 As Arcana guides us, we walk into the bustling part of the city.

 Other than the quirky architecture made of materials such as dragon bone and unfamiliar costumes, the streets of Geolheise are generally the same as those of Azation and Dirheid.

 There is traffic, shops lined up and stalls set up.
 Churches, which must be dedicated to the gods, were everywhere, and around them were men in blue vestments.

'This country is ruled in the name of God by the Pope, that is, the Geordar Order. Those who wear those vestments are all clergymen of the church. If they wear armor, they are holy knights.

 As we walked, Arcana explained the city to us.
 All of the students were looking around, curiously looking at their surroundings.

 Faintly, the voice of the divine dragon's song is echoing in their ears.
 It's so loud that if you don't pay attention to it, you won't notice it. I guess it's as common in this Geordal as a babbling stream.

''Hey, hey, can't I hear the song from over there?''

I can hear you. It's a song. What is that sound? Strings? A beautiful tone.

 The fan unions looked into the distance and listened.

''Anos-sama, may I go and listen to the song?''

 Ellen asks me.
 Looking at Arcana, she said.

'The security of Geolheise is good. Strict commandments are imposed on those who live here, but they are relatively lax for travelers. If you don't deny your gods unnecessarily, you will only be taken into custody by the Order if you violate the commandments. There is a reprieve before they are brought before the Inquisition.

 That doesn't look like a problem.

Well, we'll have some free time for three hours. I want you to go and explore. I don't care what you do, but don't get too close to me. The Pope may be on to you.

 In addition to telling Ellen, I also told the other students via .

Thank you!

I'm off, and I'm going to learn a song!

 So says Casa.

'Hmm. Well, we'll look forward to hearing about it.'

Yay, yay, yay! Reward reward!

 Casa runs away, shaking her fist happily.

"Oh, that's not fair, Casa. I'm not going to let you get away with it.

"Indirect reward. Indirect reward!

 Casa said with a tightened expression.

'Hmm. Then I'll look forward to hearing it.

 Nono heard that and turned around with the same expression.

''Hmm. Then let's look forward to hearing it.''

 Hearing this, Maia now said with a squeamish face.

'Hmm. Then I'll look forward to hearing it.

 Repeating this for a few people, the Fan Union girls who were lined up in a row, decided on the Demon King's expression quickly and said with a humming voice.

''Hmm. Then let's look forward to hearing it.

 The girls run around while squealing and jerking around.

''Our song is going into Anos-sama's ears........!

 As if in an opera, they sing.

Oh, what a sensation that would be!

Could they impregnate her?

 Ryuujin on the street stopped and glanced at the girls as they improvised and sang.

''Impression, impregnate me!''

 With a vibrato, the girls left to the echoes of the song. 

''........How can you be so unthreatening.......hey, mee......''

 Mogu and Misha are eating skewered dragon cutlets they just bought from a food cart.
 Currency was handed out beforehand as an expense to spread the word.

'Sasha's right.'

 Misha eats, struggling with the hot cutlets, huffing and puffing.

'Keihai wa wa hafu.'

What are you eating?

The "hardship

I know a skewered pork cutlet when I see it! Why are you asking me why I'm eating it?

The guy at the food truck said it was delicious.

This is hostile territory. Hostile territory. We're in the middle of hostile territory. What happens if you get poisoned?

 Gulp, swallowed a cutlet and Misha said.

Because I saw it.

 Misha's magic eye would be able to easily see through most of the poisons.

''I left some for Sasha as well.

 Misha offers the rest of the skewered dragon cutlets to Sasha.

''It's not that I was angry because I didn't think there was enough for me, but...''

Don't you want it?

 Misha asked, nodding her head.

''I'll take it.''

 Sasha was biting into a skewered dragon cutlet, which looked delicious.

''Kakkakka, this is indeed an interesting city. It is interesting to know that they live by the power of the dragon, the power of the gods. It sounds like an exciting encounter.''

 Crunching his staff, Erdmeade headed toward the church without hesitation.
 It was the largest and most opulent structure I've ever seen.

''Um, Cutthroat King-sensei, where are you going?''

 Naya followed behind him.

'Kaka, I'm interested in the Church. The dragon-people of this underground world are skilled at summoning dragons, gods and other magical creatures with magical powers, especially the clergy of the church, who can use them. I've heard that the church's clergy have a bead and anyone can handle it. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. Very interesting.


 Stopping and turning around, the Cutthroat King said.

''Will you come with me or will you get detention?

"...but won't you be interrupting the teacher...?

I'm not going to take offense at the students I'm trying to learn from, Kakkakka. But be careful. Anything can happen to you down there.

 Eldmead took Naya and stood in front of the church.
 He knocked, and soon the door opened, revealing a gentle-looking dragoness.

 The vestments he wears are, from what Arcana has told me, the bishop's.

You have an unfamiliar face. How may I help you?

 Eldmead took up his staff and said proudly.

'I've come from the ground, and I want to join the faith. This guy is with me.'

Eeeeeee-- Mugghhhhh...!

 The moment Naya raised her voice, Erdmeade covered her mouth with her hand.

''Hmm, hmm?''

Hey, don't be so surprised, detention. I was just telling you to be careful. You never know what can happen down there. Isn't that right?

 Puzzled, Naya nodded her head in a puzzled manner.

'Kaka, you're a good listening student.

 Releasing his hand from Naya, Erdmeade turned to the bishop.

'I'm sorry to keep you waiting. There's nothing wrong with that.'

It is not so easy to enter the faith in a word. It's not so easy to enter the faith in one word.

 Erdmeade smiles with a generous smile.
 'I'm sure you're aware of that.

'Let me ask you one thing. The path of thorns and the path of peace is now divided before you. Which path will you choose?

'Kakkakka, this ole me chooses to unleash scorpions on a path of thorns, calling for ravenous beasts to come and take the wicked and those who believe in justice. It is a shura path full of all kinds of dangerous possibilities.


 For a moment, the bishop looked pouty.















「……で、でも、どうするんですか、先生? 本当にジオルダルの信徒になってしまったら、色々と問題があるような気がしますが……」














「みんなでどこ行くの? ボクたちも行っていい?」