246-How to use allied beads

 We were ushered into a circular room set up in the basement of the church.
 Bonfires were lit at regular intervals, creating an atmosphere of a solemn ceremony.

 The two people who entered before me were also there.

''Ah, Anos-sama........!

 As soon as Naya sees me coming, she shouts out in surprise.

'Oh? Do I know you?

 Eldmead lifted his lips at the bishop's question.

'Kaka, you don't know him or anything, the man is the Demon King of our country.

...Demon King?

 The bishop twisted his head as if he had never heard of it before.

'I apologize for my lack of knowledge. What country are you from?

 That's what the bishop asks of me.

'It's Dillhade,'

I'm not going to say that...

 Sasha blurted out in a whisper.

'I'm glad you've come all the way from so far. It's a blessing.

 You'd think it was a small country in an underground world, but the bishop doesn't particularly pretend to care about it.

 The only people who know about Dirhade are the cardinal and a few others in the Order and those involved in that invasion campaign.

From now on, the Almighty Glittering Eques will baptize the faithful who are walking the path of thorns with the Pearl of Alliance. May they see the divine bonfire in front of them.

 The bishop says in a stern tone.

 I looked at the bonfire and saw a ring with a clear crystal floating in the flames.

'Do you understand? In the midst of the divine bonfire, there is a ring called the Lordship Pearl. As you may know, the bead of pact was used by the dragon-men to make pacts with gods and dragons since ancient times. In Geordar's teachings, it is a sacred object of prayer to the gods.

 The bishop covers the ring of the priesthood on his right hand with his left hand and prays.

The baptism of the faithful is to reach out to that divine bonfire and take the pearl of priesthood in flames. Those who have been chosen by the heavenly mandate will be able to hold it without being burned. He will be able to advance to the righteousness of his calling.

 Hmm. A fire made of magic?
 If some anti-magic is put up, it won't cause burns.

 Those who advance to the righteousness of the vocation will be sieved according to their magical power.

''It's said that only one in ten people can advance to the righteousness of vocation. There may be a believer among them who has been chosen by heavenly ordinance. Please try them with your prayers.

 So the number of people who have the magic power to use summoning magic is one in ten, even among the dragon people.
 As a percentage, it's more than a human and less than a demon race.

''Would it be better if someone failed?''

 Sasha said.

'What, no matter. Don't count on it.

 He haphazardly put his hand into the bonfire and grabbed the Alliance Pearl Ring.

''Oh...! It's wonderful. You didn't even get burned. You were the chosen one, without a doubt... hmm?

 Eleonor gets the Alliance Pearl Ring unharmed.

''It's easy!''

Zecia was chosen by God to be a part of this...

 The bishop looks at them stunned.

 Misha and Sasha are still not burned and get the pact beads.

''........Gosh, five of them.......''

Kaka, isn't that the easy part?

 Eldmead holds the Alliance Pearl in his hand.
 Naya also took a chance and reached for the bonfire.

 She was an inferior student in the Demon King's Academy, yet she was a student who could enter the Demon King's Academy in the first place. There was no way she would get burned by this level of fire, and she easily grabbed that Alliance Pearl Ring.


 Naya looks relieved.

 The bishop is looking at the scene of us holding the bead of alliance in our hands in a state of astonishment.

What a day for all of us to be chosen by Heavenly Father. I never thought the day would come when I would be able to see such a miracle with my own eyes. Oh God, Almighty Splendor, Eques. I thank you for this wonderful turn of events.

 Unable to hide his excitement, the bishop prayed to God. He almost said that he was witnessing a once-in-a-century miracle.

'Then let's move on to the righteousness of the vocation. May you see this one, please.

 The bishop puts his own right hand into the bonfire.
 As he draws a circle with his hand, flames overflow from the Ring of Confederation, which takes the form of a magic circle.

This is the foundation for using the Bead of Confederation, the magic circle of the Summons of Retherde. By using this magic, a faithful cleric would be able to send a dragon or even a god down to this land to use it. However, the gods are the hands of the Almighty Glittering, who have perfect power. No pact is too great to be made.

 Although it is close to earthly summoning magic, the fundamental mechanism is slightly different.

 <Summoning by the magic formula of is not enough to summon.
 This is a magic that presupposes that there is a pact in advance.

''Please, come this way. First of all, I will explain to you about the divine messenger, the summoning of the dragon.

 The bishop gets on top of the magic circle painted on the floor.
 When we moved there, the magic power was put in and then transferred in a huff.

 The place is a room set up further underground than the room we just entered.
 The ceiling is high, and it's a vast space.

'This is the vocation room for performing the righteousness of vocation. If you use that pact and exercise your , then from that day on, you will receive your vocation, that is, the mission to work by God and for God.

 So this large space is for using summoning magic?
 I'm sure if you summoned a dragon in a small room, it would be too small to fit in the room.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make your life easier. Deilo, the dragon of power and fire; Theta, the master of flight and transmigration; Garon, the mighty dragon of strength; Huron, the dragon of blessings and grace; Vista, the hidden dragon of concealment; and Dogu, the binding dragon of bondage.

 The bishop carefully explains the pact pearl.

It is said that when a dragon is summoned by a reterde, it is not the dragon in the depths of the earth that is summoned, but rather the gods and the gates are connected by the bead. The dragon of the gods will descend to the depths of the earth as its messenger and receive the flesh and blood it deserves.

 The bishop shows the ring of beads of alliance and says

A dragon, a messenger of God, will appear in the depths of the earth. It will bring blessings to people's lives. The dragon is the messenger of our life. It will be a house for our protection, flesh and blood for our nurture, and feet to carry us. He is the one who holds the key to the gate to bring God's messenger down to the land, that is, the one who has been called, the one who has received the call, the one who is the minister.

 Rather than the dragon itself, it's probably summoning the source of the dragon.
 That's why it is possible to possess the power of a dragon through the "summoning of possession" (Azepto).

 <With the Summoning of Retherde, the beasts of flesh and blood will be given to the dragon according to its source.
 It's said that the bead was given by the first agent, that is to say, a person of divine order, so it's not impossible.

 This is probably the reason why the dragons that were on the verge of extinction have increased in number again.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

''It is said that summoning magic is not based on how much magic you have, but by expanding the vessel of your magic power, you can summon a more powerful dragon. Let me show you a sample first.

 The bishop puts magic power into the ring of the pact.
 Then the magic circle was drawn and laminated one after another inside the crystal.

 Instantly, a large flame rises in front of the bishop's eyes.
 The shadow of a dragon can be seen faintly in it.

''Summoning a messenger (Retherde), a powerful dragon (Deilo).

 When the flames fizzled out with a bang, there was one huge dragon.
 As if under the control of the bishop, the dragon is still there without any sign of rampage.

'Now, first of all, please try it out. I know you don't know anything, but please don't worry. The righteousness of the vocation can be done as many times as you wish. It is a particularly difficult ritual, as it is said that only one out of every one hundred people can succeed in it at one time. I just thought of today as the day of the beginning of vocation, a little touch of the hand of the holy God -

 The bishop was speechless as he was stunned.
 As Misha and Sasha drew a magic circle inside the pact bead, flames rose up and the dragon's shadow floated there.

''This is my first time using magic, but I wonder if it's working?

I think I'm okay.

 Flames scattered, and the dragon that appeared was more than one size larger than the one the bishop had summoned.

''.........This is.........! I didn't expect my first summons to surpass my dragons... and two of them--!

 The next moment, the bishop's eyes widened even more than that, as a look of astonishment appeared on his face.
 Two more flames rose up and a dragon was summoned.

 It's Eleanor and Zesia's  After all, the dragon was bigger than the bishop's.

'Chuckle, it works!'

...a large...dragon....

 Satisfied, they look up at the dragon.

''.........Yo, four of you......What a......what a day......what a day, Eques.... ...Where do you think you're going to lead me--?

 He just stood there at the sight in front of him.
 The dragon that Eldmead had summoned was so large that it was able to rest its head on the vast ceiling.

''.........What a huge dragon......This is as big as a dragon that has lived a thousand years......''

Come on, detention. You should try it.


 Naya drew a magic circle on the alliance pearl and used .
 A small flame rises in front of her.

 At the center of it, the shadow of a dragon floats in the air.
 However, even for a juvenile dragon, it's quite small.

 When the flame of the summoning dissipated, there was a small dragon floating there, about the size of a cat.

''.........It's small, but I managed to.......''

 Naya says, perhaps because it is too different in size from the other dragons, but she seems a little afraid of it.
 But Eldmead approaches the dragon with interest.

 When he stopped at close range of the small dragon, he looked at it to lick its entire body.

'Isn't this a dragon I've never seen before?'

 That's when he muttered.
 Cooing, the little dragon cooed and opened its mouth.


 Instantly, the six dragons summoned to this place were surrounded by a transparent sphere of magic power in their bodies.
 When the inside of that magic ball became limp and distorted, it gradually became smaller and smaller, and the body of the dragon shrank along with it.

 In the blink of an eye, the ball of magic power, which has turned into a ball-sized ball, flew into the mouth of the little dragon as if it were being sucked in.

 With a single squeak, the little dragon ate the ball of magic power.
 That dragon's scales, which were green, seemed to have a slight reddish tinge.

''........ate the dragon.......? No, a dragon eating a dragon.......never seen or heard of it....

 The bishop is aghast, as if he can't keep up with the situation.

"Hmm. It's a strange dragon to be summoned.

 I stare at the dragon that Naya summoned. It's definitely different in color from other dragons.
 There wasn't an individual like this even two thousand years ago.

 Besides, eating the dragon has changed the color of its scales.

''Let's eat the dragon I summon too.

 <As he drew the magic circle of the Summoning of the Messenger (Retherde) inside the Alliance Pearl, he said to the bishop, who was still standing on a stick.

He said, "Bishop of Geordal. He said, "Bishop of Geordal, you may be in danger there. He said, "Bishop of Geordal, it could be dangerous there. I'm not sure if the addition and subtraction will work.


 The bishop said as he finally came to his senses.

'No, no, the fire of invocation, that is, the fire of giving flesh and blood, which we clergy will never burn.


Yes. Yes, sir, never. And it is protected by the divine order.

 I don't think so, but I suppose there are things I don't know about.

But just in case, take some precautions. It could kill you.

'Rest assured. God bless you. And please, I hope you will understand. To doubt it is something we, as Geordal believers, must avoid more than death.

Okay. It's none of your business.

 It is said that you should follow the township you live in.

 If that is how faithful you are, I will say nothing more.
 I'll go along with Geordal's style.

 When I put my magic into the magic circle, a fire rises up in front of me.
 This is not a bad thing.

''This, this.......where the summoning flame rises so violently.......ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh!!!!

 The bishop exclaimed as he saw the fire of the summoning increase in intensity to cover the entire room.
 I put an anti-magic around him and prevented it from happening.

'Stay quiet. It seems to be burning, after all.

 Despite his advice, the bishop stepped fearfully outside the anti-magic.

''Don't worry. There is no way it can burn. Even though the fire looks strong, the fire of the summons is the fire of giving, without judging the clergy.

'Hey, hey... anossss! It's not safe to have everything inside....

I'm sure you'll find that the underground magic is a bit different. You can adjust your magic, but you can't adjust it very well. It's a good idea to block them to keep them from dying.

"Kaka-kaka, you're a demon king of tyranny. This is Anos Voldigord!

The bishop's uncle is on fire.

 Misha mutters.
 I told you to be quiet.

It's called Ingal.

 Eleonor was quickly revived.

 The flames that had swelled to the extreme dissipated in a huff.
 The crimson dragon appeared before him, its legs.

 Its body was too huge, its head poking out of the ground as it tore through the underground ceiling and destroyed the church.
 Rattling and destroyed rock and building debris was pouring down from above its head one after another.

'Then, Naya, let's let this one be fed to that dragon.

'What? You mean this big dragon?

 Naya looks up in dismay at the dragon, which is so huge that she can't grasp the whole picture.

'Yes. If we could make it small, we could eat this one too.'

I don't know what to do...

 Naya wasn't sure how to handle the summoned dragon.
 When she gave a troubled expression, the little dragon cooed.

 A transparent ball of magical power covered the crimson dragon, however, it popped like a bubble in the middle and disappeared.
 ''Coo,'' the little dragon let out a somewhat sad cry.

''Hmm. As expected, it's impossible?''

 The crimson dragon twisted its body slightly and with a thunderous sound, the church was further destroyed and countless pieces of rubble fell down.

The church was destroyed further and countless debris fell down. If this is not done, everything will fall down.

Don't worry about it.

 Looking at the crimson dragon, I gave the order.

'Fly out of the way.


 As it roared a loud roar, its tremor shattered the underground ceiling and the building parts above it.
 While shattering the ground, spreading its majestic wings, that crimson dragon flew away into the underground sky.


 The church has disappeared without a trace and is now a complete atrium to the basement.

Behold. It's not going to fall down.

You're an idiot!