247-Divine vessel

 With a cooing sound, the dragon cooed and began to fly around Naya.

 Naya was frightened and fleeing, but the little dragon wouldn't leave her to flirt with her.

'Don't be so frightened, detention. It's the dragon you summoned.

 Eldmead said.

'But, sir, this dragon doesn't listen to me at all.

Kaka, you have to stop for now.


Just stop. I see no hostile intent on your part. Or are you going to run away with it forever? Hmm?

 Naya stopped in her tracks as if she had made up her mind.
 She squeezed her eyes shut as a small dragon flew toward her.

 With a single cooing sound, the dragon perched on Naya's shoulder.


 Relieved, she exhales and pats her chest.

'You have summoned an interesting dragon, detention. A dragon that eats dragons, a dragon that even the Demon King has never seen before.'

 Eldmead approached the dragon and stared into its evil eye.
 Then he put his own finger in its mouth.

''Do they eat demons too? Bring out the magic ball from earlier.

'What, eh? Oh, it's dangerous, sir!

'Cuckoo, just try to make him eat his fingers.

 The Cutthroat King lightly tapped the dragon's mouth with his fingertips, and a periwinkle and a small tongue licked it.

''Oh, right, the demon race isn't very palatable, Tomogui.

And what's a tomoguy?

This is his name. You want to give it to him?

 Blubbering, Naya shook her head from side to side.
 Conn," said Eldmead, putting his wand on and looking at her face.

'No, no, this is getting interesting. Detention, let's try summoning a god this time, shall we?

'Eh, ah, yes................what? Or, God? Is it God?

 With a puzzled look, Naya looked back at the Cutthroat King.

'Oh, wait. Your call has been answered. You have been granted the right to be a priest here in Zioldar. But when it comes to a divine summons, it's not so easy.

 The bishop, who had been stunned, spoke up in a panic.

 Although he wouldn't yet be clearly aware that he was dead a moment ago, he began to explain, in order to fulfill his duties.

''After entering the faith, I learned various doctrines and overcame trials, and only then did I finally learn the technique of the to summon a god, and receive the righteousness of the pact. Even if you have advanced to the righteousness of the covenant, only a handful of selected believers are actually able to summon God. Now you are not even allowed to know about the calling of God.

 With a prayerful gesture, the bishop continues his explanation.

'I have seen enough to know how beloved you are by God. The more you practice your faith, the more you will be able to fulfill your pact with God. Let us learn together and walk this path of faith together.

 The bishop turns a pious look on his face.
 The Cutthroat King laughed in amusement, cackling.

''No problem, no problem, no problem. Now that you've got the pearl, we can do what we want with it. If you can't learn the magic formula for summoning a god, then you can just make it from scratch.

I don't see how that's possible.

 The bishop says with a mixture of surprise.

'Of course not! How could this Cutthroat King be capable of such a thing?

 The bishop patted his chest in relief.
 Grinning, Erdmeade laughed.

'But if you're the Demon King, that's a different story.

 As he says it, the Cutthroat King turns to me.

''You're curious, aren't you? Hmm?

 With a sideways glance, he gave Naya a look.

 Indeed. The Cutthroat King was right, it was a matter of concern.
 That cannibalistic dragon. Obviously, it has a different nature from ordinary dragons.

 I'm sure that the Naya who summoned it may have something suitable for summoning magic.

''Hm. Then let's try it.

 I drew a magic circle on it.

"This is the magic formula for summoning gods, the literde.

 As soon as he saw that, the bishop's eyes widened as if to say he was astonished.

''Well ... well ... well ... or ...? ...

 A strangled voice leaks out.

''Where did you get that technique ... no, it couldn't have been known ... so, really... Are you saying you made it up on this occasion........?

It's no big deal. As long as you know that this bead and the magic technique of summoning the dragon, and the need for a pact, the optimal solution to the technique is naturally limited.

 The basic structure of the technique seems to be the same for the , which summons Arcana, and the basic structure of the technique seems to be the same for the , which summons Arcana.

''In a nutshell, this is the 'Possession Summoning (Azepto)'

 I will draw another magic circle and show it to you.


 The bishop let the words slip out under his breath.

'This is........I didn't think you really summoned.......oh, no, but no matter how much you know about the magic formula, in order to summon a god, you have to make a pact with him before you can do so. Unlike the summoning of a dragon, you can't just use magic and it will appear...

 I walk straight to Eldmead.
 I lightly raised my right hand and went straight through his left chest.


Oh, Anos-sama........why do you want the doctor to.......

 Naya says in confusion.

''.........Kaka, don't make a fuss, detention. It seems that this Cutthroat King's divine body can only be used when order is at stake.

 Spitting blood, Erdmeade laughs.

'You spit in the heavens, you fool. Take your punishment for disobeying the order. Look up to God.'

 It was the word of a miracle-working god once uttered by Nausgaria.
 The Cutthroat King's body was enveloped in a dazzling light, and his magical power swelled to an order of magnitude.


 Eldmead's body changes.

 Unlike when he was in Nausgaria, with his body as his bare body, his hair turns golden and his demon eyes (eyes) emit a fiery red glow.

 On his back, particles of magical power gathered and formed wings of light.

 The earth rumbled loudly and the depths of the earth shook.
 Just his mere presence there causes the air to explode and shakes the world.

 The figure of the true God appeared there, as if a vast amount of magical power had mass.

''........What is this.......
 The bishop turns his evil eye on the figure and cries out in fear and warfare, "No way, no way, no way.......

"No way, no way, no way, no way, no way........?

 A tremendous shock went through his mind.

''Could it be God........! A god used from heaven to come down to this land... oh, what a miracle...! What a godsend. <Almighty Glittering Eques please tell me what kind of God he is.

 As if he had witnessed the most miraculous event of the day, the bishop knelt down and simply prayed.

He said, "I'm growing feathers, my dear sir, but....

 Naya looked at Erdmeade and let out such an impression.
 The reason why she only focused on her appearance is probably because her demon eyes are unable to discern the current magic power of the Cutthroat King.

"Kaka, detention. I've usurped a god's power. I'm a god, and this Cutthroat King is a god.

 Naya didn't seem to be able to keep up with the conversation.

'Exactly. Let's show you the proof.'

 Eldmead took the silk hat and played tricks with it.
 Then the silk hat split into four pieces.

'Kakah, go ahead,'

 He sent it flying, one after the other.
 After a certain amount of flying, the silk hat snapped to a stop in midair.

In accordance with the order of the Heavenly Father, the Cutthroat King Erdmaed commands, "Be born, guardian of the four orders and principles, guardian of the gods. Be born, guardian of the four orders and principles, God of the guardianship.

 From the four silk hats, light like confetti and ribbons glittered down in large quantities.

 Like a magic trick, they gradually formed a god body.
 The four guardian gods were born.

 A young girl with unusually long hair holding two staffs in her hands.
 Nutella de Hiana, the guardian god of regeneration.

 A lady of man and horse with wings.
 Raise na Eel, the Guardian God of the Sky.

 A big, strong man who carries a huge shield on his back.
 Zeo La Opto, the guardian god of protection.

 A black shadow with a dozen different blades, including spears, axes, swords, arrows, and scythes.
 Atro ze Sistava, the God of Death's Watchtower.


 In awe and reverence, the bishop doesn't even seem to be able to speak well at the earliest.


 Hmm. It looks like that bug is being treated as a much higher-ranked insect in the depths of the earth.


 The bishop fell to his knees, as if in a fit of emotion, and tears spilled from his eyes.

Kakkakkah, you've done well. Now detain and try to make a pact.

An alliance with this... this... and...?

 Fearfully, Naya turns her attention to the Watch God.
 Red eyes appear on Atro ze Sistava, the Watch God of Death, and she shudders with a jolt.

 As if to escape, Naya hid behind Erdmeade's back.

''Mm, I don't think it's possible...''

No, no, no, you can do it. Because you are my student. These gods are my children. They are my children. They will not refuse to accept your pact. I'm not going to let you down.

 Fearlessly, Naya nodded and pointed the ring of pact beads at the guardian gods.

''What do I do...?

They won't understand a word. Make a pact with them, and let them be your summoner. They'll make a pact with you and become your own summoner. They may make some conditions, but just say yes to them.

...Okay, okay...

 Naya takes a few steps forward and says, reminding the guard gods.

''Nah, I'll do whatever you say, will you be my summoning god, please?''

 Silence for a few seconds.
 After that, a vast amount of magical power began to rise from Bachi and the guard gods.

 Along with the light, the outlines of the four gods distorted and quickly disappeared from the spot as if they were summoned to heaven.


 Naya was stunned, not knowing what had happened.

'Kakkka, it's a success, isn't it? Go ahead and scream.

 Naya nodded her head and put magic power into the ring of the Alliance Pearl.

''Ri, ........!

 Her pact bead is dimly lit.
 The three-dimensional magic circle of the Summoning of the Messenger (Retherde) drawn inside it summons the pact's guardian gods to this place.

 With a violent bang, the four lights gathered in front of me.

''........This, this is........!

 The bishop was once again violently astonished, as if he was going to exhaust a lifetime's worth of surprises in one day.

........In the first place, the Alliance Pearl is limited to summoning a single guardian god, any more than that and the stone should shatter without being able to hold up......!

 Contrary to the bishop's expectations, the light gradually materialized, and the four guardian gods who had just made a pact with him appeared before Naya's eyes.

...Oh, oh, oh, oh....

 The bishop is sobbing again, as if a revelation had come to him.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, detention!

 Eldmead looked more lively than ever before and pointed at Naya with his staff with a bishouche.

''Wha........what is it.......?

It could be you. It's true that you don't have much magical power. If the root is the vessel and the magic power is water, then your vessel is just as empty as it should be! The water that should be flowing out of the source doesn't flow at all!

''Yes ... yes ...''

 Naya turned over with a depressed look on her face.
 The Cutthroat King put his hand on her lower chin and forced her face to look up.

''Kaka, what are you depressed about? I don't get it. You're praising him. It's true that magic power doesn't overflow from your root source. However, the vessel of that root source is unparalleled in its breadth, size, and excellence. So much so that you can summon the four guard gods and still have a gaping hole in it.


'I'm saying you're good at summoning magic. My own magic power is scarce, but if you have that much of a vessel, you can pour plenty of it out from the outside.

 The Cutthroat King was right, it seems that what is needed for the underground summoning magic is a gap in the root source.
 Hence, when I summoned the dragon just now, adjusting my magic power didn't make much of a difference.

 That's because the size of my vessel didn't change.

 <In that root vessel that is not filled with magic power, so to speak, is filled with the pact with the gods and the techniques used in the summoning. But most of them don't have that kind of space, which is why they use the pact beads as their vessels.

 The more pacts they make, the more they summon, the less room there is for the vessel.
 However, Naya had enough room at the root to accept the vessel without the use of the pact beads.

Naya, make a pact with this Cutthroat King. If you become my man, I will become your god and fulfill your wishes.

"Hmm. Interesting experiment, Cutthroat King.

 I stepped in front of him and said, "If you do that, you might be able to escape from my contract, Zekt.

I said, "If you do that, you may be able to escape from my contract.

 <If I use the summoning of a messenger (Retherde) or possession summoning (Azepto) and his power becomes Naya's, the Heavenly Father's order will be at her mercy.

 Since the zecto doesn't work on Naya, it doesn't matter if she disobeys me or not.

"Kaka, what's the matter with you, tyrannical demon king? If my power is given to Naya, then she is a student of the Demon King's Academy.

 The Cutthroat King says in a provocative manner.
 'As long as Naya doesn't betray Dillhade or the Demon King of Tyranny, it doesn't matter if she is able to summon the Heavenly Father's order or not.


 The Cutthroat King has repeatedly said that the Demon King needs enemies.
 Perhaps he wanted to make Naya my enemy so as not to violate the Zekt.




 Naya straightened up nervously.

'What do you think of the Cutthroat King?'

 She thought for a moment, and then she spoke her answer.

''.........I mean, I think he's a very good teacher.... If I follow Cutthroat King-sensei, even if I'm like this, maybe the day will come when I can be of help to Dilheid.......

 Nodding, I told Naya.

You're right. You're right. There is no better teacher in Dirhade than the Cutthroat King. Follow me to the death. I am sure he will lead you to where you need to go.

 Her cheeks broke into a happy smile.

'Believe in him and encourage him as a student. And if you feel indebted to him, repay it with growth.


 Naya shouted brightly.
 Seeing this, the Fierce Death King's lips twisted in amusement.


 His laughter echoed far into the subterranean sky.

''As expected of the Demon King of Tyranny! How dare you, in addition to overlooking it, try to push this Cutthroat King to the back! 

 Clenching his fists, he shouts with enthusiasm.

He never retreats, he never falters, he twists everything head-on, and he wins. A true tyranny, a true demon king, Anos Voldigord! Yes, yes, yes, yes, I have to, after all, you're the best!

 With the wings of light gathering on his back shining, Erdmade praises me in a divine way.

''Then, this Cutthroat King, let's meet that expectation with all our might!

 Eldmead took up his staff and looked at Naya.

'Come on, Naya, pull those watchdogs down. You can't make a pact with me as long as you summon these guys.

Well, I mean, get out of here!

 Naya uttered that, but the Banjin didn't move even a twitch.

''........Ah, that? Ka, please leave........

 The vessel to summon a god, but the magic to control it is still in its infancy.

I'll give you the word of God, detention. I'll give you the word of God, detention, you can do it. I'm not sure I can't do it.

 The words of the Cutthroat King possessed magical power, which blessed Naya.
 Then, the alliance beads instantly began to shine, and the guard gods were swallowed up by the light as they carried out the earlier command, and then they suddenly disappeared in a huff.

'Now, that's it. Make a wish. Let's make a pact.''

........eh, hey, when you say wish.......?

 Naya looks down in annoyance and laughs.

'Kaka, don't be afraid to say it. I'll give you everything you want.'

Well, then...

 Naya looked up and said to the Cutthroat King.

''.........Well, then.......will you always be my teacher......?''

 'Grin,' laughs Erdmeade.

'I'll take care of it. Naya, let the Cutthroat King hammer all the truths and useless trivia into your brain and body!

 With an exaggerated gesture, the Cutthroat King said this, and his body was engulfed in light.
 Gradually, as the light subsided, Eldmead, who had returned to his original form from his divine body, was there.

 The pact between the Cutthroat King and Naya had been completed.