118-Student exchange students and new teachers

 It's been a while since then.

 The post-war processing of Dirheid and Azation has been settled, and classes have resumed at the Demon King Academy, which had been closed.

 Feeling a strangely nostalgic air, I entered the second teaching hall of Delsogade.
 When I took my seat, Sasha next to me said, ''Good morning.

''Good morning.''

 I stare at her face.

'Wha... what...? What are you looking at?

 Sasha hides her face behind her own arms as she braces herself.

'You've got a new hair tie,'

 The hair strands holding the twin-tails together are different from the usual ones.

''Well you know exactly what I mean...''

My magical eye isn't so blinded by the equipment under my command that I can't see it.

 Sasha gave me a slightly disapproving look.

'Can you stop saying things like equipment?'

 Pouting, Sasha turned away.
 But his back seemed to be in a good mood.

Sasha was embarrassed when Anos noticed.

 Misha says from the other side of the table.

'On a hair tie?'

 'Kokoro,' nodded Misha.

'I see. If it makes you happy, why don't you just say so, Sasha?

What are you talking about? Oh, God. Misha doesn't have to say anything.

 Misha blinked and looked at me.

'I'm pissed,'

No big deal. That's always the noise it makes.

 Sasha glares at me with a puffy expression.

'Hey, Anosk. What do you mean by that? Are you suggesting that I'm taking a bite out of you for nothing?

'If not, why don't you be honest with me, Sasha? That won't get you what you want, either.

 For a moment, she shuts down.

''........What do you want......what are you talking about...?''

Did you think I didn't notice?

'....e...e...uh.... ...

Don't you want it?

 Sasha blushed and turned over, looking away.

.........I want........

 I pointed to her hair strands.

'The material is silk. It's not just silk," she said, "it's made of the gaze of the Tasogale Geico, which spits threads only at dusk. The material is not just silk, it's kongyinu, from the tasogale geico, which only spits threads at dusk. There are traces of it from two thousand years ago. It must have originated from the silk mail produced in Alireo at the west end. I'm sure it's not the only one. It was useful during the Great War, but in this peaceful era, the technology has been adapted for ornamental purposes. Is magic dyeing a thing of this era? The color is dull in the eyes of a witch's eye, but it's not bad. Overall, it's a lower middle class product.

 Sasha has been looking at me with a straight face since the middle of the game, as if this is not enough.
 I don't know how she reacts, but her reaction isn't what I expected.

'What's wrong?'

 I ask Misha.

''Well it's not a good idea to be too aware...''

 Hmm. So that's what it is.

I thought you'd be happy.

 'Huh,' a laugh escaped from next to me.

''That's not going to make you happy. You should learn a little more about peace, Demon Lord.''

 Sasha says teasingly.
 It's strange because her expression still looks happy.

'Good morning,'

Good morning!

 Ray came in with Mass and took a seat.

'You're finally going to school together in a big way,'

 Sasha said in a whisper.

'What? Oh, no, no! We just happened to be together by chance.

 Misa excuses herself impatiently.

'Hmm, it just so happens.'

Speaking of which, Anos-sama. What has happened to Eleonor, Zecia and the others since then?

 Mass asked, as if to force a change of subject.

'Yeah. Well, I've been thinking about a lot of things--'

 And just then, the bell rang, signaling the start of classes.

 The door opened and Menou, followed by two female students, entered.

'That's the answer,'

 Misa turned around.
 Then, there was Eleonor and Zecia, wearing the uniform of the heroic academy.

 Zesia's age was ten years old.
 She was the girl who had previously uttered the words 'save my mom'.

 Other than that, Zecia is still having difficulty living in the academy, so she will be taken care of again in a different way.

''Yes, yes, everyone take a seat. I'll introduce you to the academy exchange students today. That said, I'm sure you all already know them.

 Eleonor smiles.

'This is Eleonor Bianca from the Academy of Heroes,'

 Eleonor introduced himself as such, but Zecia was scurrying around as if she had no idea where she was.

'This is Zecia Bianca. I'm not very good at talking, but I know the language. Here, Zecia, can you say hello?

 When Eleonor uttered that, Zecia turned her gaze to the students with a dull gaze.

''........Zecia Bianca........''

 She bowed her head in a bow.
 The students buzzed as they watched the two of them.

''Brave academy........still doing academy exchanges...?''

'Yeah the Azation is going to war, you know?

''Thanks to the Demon King of Tyranny, the war ended immediately, but as expected, this time of year is not a good time for an academy exchange...?

 To the students who were complaining about such things from mouth to mouth, Menou said firmly.

''I can understand everyone's concerns. Dilheid and Azation just had a war. But it turns out that it was a conspiracy by the former dean of the Brave Academy, Diego Ijeysika, and not all humans tried to turn against the demon race.''

 This has already been conveyed to the people of Dirheid.
 Since the war did not extend to the city and the war ended without any sense of having fought a war, many of them accepted it easily.

 However, the students of this class were confined to the dormitories of the Brave Academy from the beginning of the war until the end of the war. For that reason, it would be a difficult aspect to accept.

''Azation offered to exchange the academy to show friendship with Dirheid again. So that's why we've decided to accept Eleonor-san and the others in Delzogade.

 The students still show their dissatisfaction with Menou's explanation.

''Even if you say.........''

''We just made this Diego guy look bad because we lost the war, and I'm wondering if he was really trying to start a war with the entire Brave Academy.

Or maybe even the entire Azation, if not the Academy of Heroes.

I mean, who's the one who suggested that we should still carry on with the academy exchange?

'Yeah, even without the war, they have insulted the Demon King of Tyranny. How could they possibly interact with each other?

As a member of the royal family, you can't just accept people who insult your ancestors.

 It seems that many of the students who are complaining are of the Imperialist school.
 Rather than Azation, they are mainly dissatisfied with the heroic academy.

''Yes, yes, I understand everyone's dissatisfaction, but--''


 The sound of laughter echoed through the classroom.
 I look over and see a tall man standing in the doorway.

 It's a graceful man with purple hair and eyes.
 By the way he's wearing a vestments, he's probably a teacher, but unusually, he's dressed in white.

 In other words, he wasn't a member of the royal family, but that was just as well.
 The man has lived longer than the Seven Demon Emperors.

 It's a face I know too.
 But I hadn't heard of this one.


Funny, you guys.

 The man walks to the podium.

'Yeah, you can take a seat,'

 As the man said this, Eleonor and Zesia walked over to us.
 They just sat down behind me.

"Thank you, Anos. It's all thanks to you, Anos.

I've already been thanked.

'Giggle, you can say these things over and over again. Good luck in the future.


 As I answered, I looked at the man in front of the podium.

'What's wrong?'

 Eleonor says curiously.

'What, it's no big deal,'

 Menou went to the blackboard and said as he wrote the words.

''Well, anyway, that's what you mean about the academy exchange students. I know you're not happy, but it's not like they did anything to you. If you spend some time with them, I'm sure they'll understand that Eleonor-san and the others aren't the kind of girls who cause problems.

 Menow finishes writing.

 --Eld Made Detail--.

 That's the guy's name.

'So, let me introduce you to one more person. I know I've been saying this for a while, but we're finally getting a new teacher.

 The man steps forward.

'It's an eldmead. I will impart knowledge to you ignorant mere mortals who have no idea what happened two thousand years ago.

 The students raised their eyebrows at his arrogant manner.

''An incompetent teacher who isn't even a member of the royal family.......''

 One of the students murmured in a whisper.
 Menou said in a hurry.

''Miss Erdmeade is an excellent person. Although he's not an imperial family member, but there's a reason for that. He's a demon race born in an era before the Seven Demon Emperors. He fought with the tyrannical Demon King and cooperated with him in the war two thousand years ago to fight for the demons. I think I will benefit from your teachings, both in terms of knowledge and magic.

 Menou follows up, but the students are slow to respond.

'So, to start off, let me mention your shallowness earlier.

 Eldmead said as he looked down at the students.

''First of all, it was the Tyrannical Demon King who decided on this academy exchange.

 The students buzzed.

'Another thing, his name is not Avos Dilhevia. The lore surrounding the tyrannical demon king was partly misrepresented to Dilheid.

 More and more, the buzzing of the students grows louder and louder.

'And the reincarnated tyrannical demon king is in this class.


What are you talking about...?

 Eldmead looked at me as the students blurted out.

''Hey, it's been a while. Your reincarnation seems to have gone well, Demon King Anos Voldigord.