117-Moonlight blessing

I'm gonna go check on him.

 Ray said and followed Mass out of the house.

'Is everything okay?'

 Eleonor mutters.

'What? The drink just wasn't agreeing with me. No problem.

Hey. Anos, what's going on with Mass?

 Sasha said with a cup of Demon King's Sake in hand.

'The booze just got to me. Ray went to check on her, so she should be fine.'

 Sasha took a gulp of the Demon King's Sake.

''I'm worried about you. Do you want me to go check on you?

 She's drunk.

'Ray's gone, so it doesn't matter.

"Hey, Misha. You must be worried, right?

 Sasha snapped at Misha to tangle with her.

''I'm more worried about Sasha...''

 Misha is drunk too, but seems to be keeping his sanity better than Sasha.

I'm still worried about you. I'm going to go and see what's going on.

 He doesn't seem to be listening to anyone at all, and Sasha wanders to the door.

'Wait. Where do you think you're going with those staggered feet?

It's okay. I'm not that drunk.

 With a bang, Sasha banged her head against the door.

''That ... hurts ...''

 Sasha winced and held her head down.
 After a few moments, the pain subsided and she stood up quickly.

'I'll get myself together and go.

 A clattering sound.
 Sasha couldn't open the door.

'Huh? It's a bad setup.

"Turn the knob, Sasha, or the door will not open.


 Sasha's face turns even redder with shame.

'Anosk, you think I'm drunk, don't you?'

"There wouldn't be a drunkard in the world if you weren't drunk.

What part of me is drunk?

Then let's just walk straight through.

It's okay. It's nothing to worry about. Watch it!

 Sasha walked so straight that she wondered where the staggered feet from earlier had disappeared to.
 Then, with a bang, she banged her head against the door again and winced.

 I thought she would have understood, but she stood up and smiled gracefully as if nothing had happened.

'Do you understand?'

Sasha, you're totally drunk.

 Eleanor poked sharply at him.
 Misha nodded persistently.

''Uh......... 'What? They all treat me like I'm a drunk, and that's enough. I'm worried about Mass, so I'm going to go off by myself.

 Sasha heads for the door.

'Get out of my way. Are you interrupting me? Aren't you worried about the Mass?

 Sasha is talking to the door with a serious look on her face.

'But it's still a door?'

 The door.

Say something.

 The door doesn't talk.

"Sober up Sasha?

 Misha says.
 'I suppose that means using antidote magic.

'What, tonight is rude. You're in a good mood and drunk, so there's no need to piss off. The night breeze will make you feel a little better.

 I get up and walk over to Sasha.


 When I call out to her, Sasha appeals to me with slightly teary eyes.

''Uh........Anos.......that guy at the door is so stubborn. I'm worried about Missa, but he won't let me through........

Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

 Then he opened the door.

'It's open.'

 He said happily, and Sasha ran out of the house in a good mood.

'Don't be so hasty. You're going to fall.'

I'm not a kid. I don't fall down.

 With a slam, Sasha falls to the ground.
 She immediately looked up and complained with tears in her eyes.

''Uh.........Anos....... That guy on the ground just hit me out of nowhere.''

There are a lot of enemies out there. Don't let go of my hand.

 He holds out his hand to Sasha, who falls down.


 Huffing and puffing, Sasha takes his hand and stands up.
 Then she squeezes my arm.

'I wonder where Mass is?'

I'm almost there.

 Chasing the magic of the masses.
 In my yard, she was in my yard.

 Like the last time I saw her, she was sitting on a tree root, with Ray standing beside her.

'Have you calmed down?'

........Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.......

 Mass laughs without effort.

'But I was in the mood for a drink.

 She hugged her own knees as she said this.
 Her eyes stared at the ground.

 Misa turned over and buried her face in her lap.

'You remembered that, Ray,'

 After a brief silence, Ray said.

'I'm sorry. I lied to you.'

I was so happy when Ray gave me half of my necklace...

 Mass picked up the shell of her necklace.

'Can you tell me the truth?'

You mean 2,000 years ago?

 Mass shook her head from side to side.

'About Mr. Ray. I already know most of it, but I need to hear it from Mr. Ray's mouth.

 She stared at the shell of the necklace still, staring at it.

''I didn't think Mr. Ray was going to die...''

 Ray was about to say something, but he kept his mouth shut.

'At that time, Ray-san was already planning to leave me, wasn't he...?


 Ray looked up at the night sky as he thought.
 The moon, hidden by the clouds, glowed dimly.

'I was about to die for peace. I was a brave man, and I had to settle a battle that had been going on for two thousand years. I was prepared to do so, and I didn't want to leave any regrets. But...

 Grudgingly, Ray clenched his fists.

'I wanted to see you again.'

 Ray turns his gaze to Mass.

'If we were ever to be reborn to each other, I would have wanted to make you happy then.

"...Mr. Ray....

 Misa looked back at Ray, sadly.

''........I don't need me to be happy in the next life......''

 With tears welling up in her eyes, Mass looked at him.

'You don't have to make me happy. I fell in love with Ray-san and wanted to be there for him. No matter what ... no matter what your position is.

 Mass says, appealingly.

'Why didn't you take me with you?'

 Ray was at a loss for words.
 He just couldn't tear his gaze away from the eyes that were staring straight at him.

''.........You're not involved in a battle two thousand years ago.......I can't get you involved in my affairs.......''

I don't think I'm involved in this.

 Misa says clearly.

Because if I had a heavy fate like Rei-san and Anos-sama, and if I did, would you say that Rei-san has nothing to do with me?

 Ray shook his head from side to side.

''I'm definitely going to help you.''

 With a strong will, he says, "Wherever you are, no matter what, I'll be there for you.

"I'll be there for you, wherever you are, no matter what.

It's the same for me. Of course, unlike Mr. Ray, I'm not powerful enough to do anything. But if you are a brave man from 2,000 years ago and you want to die for a 2,000 year old battle, then I'm willing to fight with you.

"...you could die.

 Smiling, Mass laughed.

'What do you do when someone you love is about to die and you're afraid of dying?

 Ray rolls his eyes in surprise.

''How ... maybe I'm just an idiot. Mr. Ray was going to die, but I couldn't do anything about it, I didn't have the strength or trust to be told, and I found out everything after the fact. And that made me a little bit sad...

 She said, as if to expose her frustration.

'Miss Ray. What do you think is the most important thing?

It's a freedom where you can laugh and you don't feel threatened by anyone or anything. I think it's a real freedom.

My freedom is to be with Mr. Ray.

 Her eyes, equal parts kindness and strength, stare at Ray.

'Please don't take it away from me again.'

 Ray nodded persistently.

'I promise,'

 Satisfied, Mass laughed. 

'Would you like to sit down?'

 She tapped her hand next to herself.
 Ray sat down quietly.

'I thought you were mad at me.

 Ray mutters.

'Me?' That's right, I'm angry! Because you won't tell me anything.

 Mass says teasingly.

'But what you wished for, Ray, what you've worked so hard for, what you've been fighting for for two thousand years to have peace. I don't think that desire is wrong. So the only thing I'm angry about is what you didn't tell me.


Oh, I'm not mad at you anymore, okay? You came back properly.

What if he's not home?

 Misa thought for a moment, then said.

'I'm sure I beat you to a pulp in the next life!

 Misa laughs and Ray chuckles.



 He called out to her and, surprised, Mass looked at Ray seriously.

'I like you a lot more now than I did before,'


 Misa looks down in embarrassment.

 Gently, Ray lays his own hand on Misa's hand.

'Oh, it was like this back then, wasn't it?

Before you went to war?


 Ray and Misa's gazes are sucked into each other's eyes.

''I'm a little nervous about what's going to happen this time...''

Nothing is going to happen.

Are you sure...?

Want me to prove it?

 Misa nods slightly and softly closes her eyes.
 Her fingertips move and they intertwine their fingers together.

'I love it.'

I love you, too.

 Sweetly and sweetly, they whispered to each other that they loved each other.
 Slowly the two shadows approached, and Ray's lips overlapped with their light red lips.

 Moonlight streamed through the clouds, blessing them softly.