116-Victory sake

 In the end, neither Dad nor Mom could tell me the truth.

 However, as my dad had said, he was probably too upset to worry about me getting involved in the war.
 Give it some time and I would be able to listen to him calmly again. As long as he told Mom the truth, it would be easy to convince Dad.

 Then there's no need to rush.
 Let's just wait and see what happens.

What are we going to do?

 Sasha asks.

'First I'll finish the mushroom gratin before it gets cold.

You know...

 Sasha gives me a dumbfounded look.
 Misha took the mushroom gratin from the platter to a small plate.

''Is this enough?''

It's a good idea.

 I take a small plate from Misha and I eat my mushroom gratin.

'Hmm. I guess that's all we can do after we stop the war.

 Misha turns over to think about it.

'I don't want you to talk about things that are too limited, like they happen every day.

 Sasha said, and Misha nodded her head in agreement.

'Huh? Come to think of it, do you have any alcohol?

 Eleonor looks around the table.

'At times like this, it's still a victory drink, isn't it?

I'm afraid neither my father nor my mother drink. We don't have any booze in the house.

'Wow. It's healthy. Bye.

 Eleonor draws a magic circle.
 He took out three liquor bottles from it.

''Ta-da! St. Dimira's wine, a specialty of Geiradite. It's delicious!

Yeah. You're so clever.

 Sasha's eyes sparkle with greed.

''Then I'll pour a lot for you, Sasha.

 Eleonor pours St. Dimira's wine into Sasha's cup.

'Who's next?'

 As he said, Eleonor poured drinks into everyone's cups one by one.

'Well, shall we make a toast?

 We get our cups.

"A toast.

 Misha mutters.

'You're the only one I can think of.

 Ray says to me.


 Raising my glass, I said.

'Thanks to the work of all of you, the war between Dirheid and Azation was averted. There are still some troublesome issues to be addressed, but for now, let's forget about them for a while and revel in our victory. The victory of our Demon King's army.

 Everyone smiles and looks at me.



 The St. Dimira liquor poured into a glass is popped in one go.
 It's quite good. It's a great deal better when it's a liquor that comes after you've kept peace.

It's a great way to get a taste of that. St. Dimira's is a pretty good place to drink.

What? It's about as good as water.

Wow. That's great. So, do you want another one?

 Eleonor shows him a bottle of wine.

'Let's have it,'

 My cup is being filled with St. Dimira wine.

You know what, Anos. It's a good idea not to become a drunkard.

 Sasha gets involved, blushing.
 I'm somehow not in the throat.

'You're the one like that, aren't you already drunk?

Sorry. I am a doomed witch. There's no way I'm letting liquor stop me.

 As she says it, Sasha walks up to Eleonor.

'Hey, do you have any other drinks?'

I've got fruit wine.

Do you have any wine?

 Eleonor drew a magic circle, from which he took out a bottle of wine.
 'I can't help but wonder why you carry so much booze around with you.

'Good, Anosk! I'll show you I'm not drunk!

 Sasha declared loudly, holding the bottles of wine and the Holy Dimira wine in her hands.

''This is the secret art of Necron, the fusion magic, the holy wine (ka cocktail)!

 He is a complete drunk.
 No matter how strong the Holy Dimira Wine is, this is a dumbfounding thing to do in one drink.

 Nevertheless, Sasha sips on the cup to drink the he just made right away.

''Don't do it,''

 I take Sasha's cup away.

'Oh, what? Are you trying to tell me I'm drunk?

 Sasha says in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

'For all intents and purposes, you're drunk.

I'm not drunk! Really? I showed you fusion magic.

 You don't usually talk like that, do you?

I'm not drunk!

All right, all right. It's a good one. Can I take it?

Hmm? Really? If you want Anos, I'll give it to you.

 I'm in trouble, I thought, and drank the

 Tasteless. I haven't tasted such a bad wine in 2,000 years.
 Don't mix them together, that's for sure.

You want to see some more of Necron's magic?

 Sasha is again pouring St. Dimira wine and wine into a single cup.

'Sasha, what are you doing?'

Yeah, I was just trying to get Anos drunk.

 At the moment I said it, Sasha was holding a cup of the to her own mouth.

'Don't do anything out of context,'

 I take up Sasha's cup.

'Ummm.......Anos won't let me drink....

 Sasha says as she sulks.

'You're in trouble,'

 And a glass of water is presented in my hand.
 It's Misha.

'You can have a drink over here,'

 I handed Sasha the water and she held it in both hands and stared at it.

'This drink is kind of like water.

 It's water.

It's good.


 Sasha took half a gulp of water and twisted her neck.

''I knew it was like water...''

You should taste it more carefully. It's a good one. You don't know what it tastes like, you're too drunk to know what it tastes like. 

 Sasha did as she was told, savoring and drinking the water.
 Then, as if she understood something, she nodded yes.

Wow. You're right. Nice drink. What's your name?


It's called Demon Lord's Wine. "It's called 'Demon Lord's Wine', but it's not an easy drink to enjoy.

I love it.

 Sasha took her time, savoring the water as if she were drinking a fine liquor.

'Sasha is a drunkard,'

 Misha gave me an earful.

'Looks like it,'

 She held the cup in both hands and drank the drink with both hands.

'Is Misha okay with this?'

He's using the Ys.

 It's like poison. You can take it out if you want to.

"Hey, Misha, don't do that. You can't do that when you're drinking and using antidote magic.

 Eleonor raised a finger in a chiding manner.
 Misha blinked her eyes in annoyance.

'Booze is fluffy,'

It's okay. It'll be fluffy and pretty.

 Misha gives me a look.


That's a new one.

Hey, Anos. You have to tell them it's going to be pretty there.

'I don't want you to be drunk when the time comes. If you're weak, you won't be forced to get drunk. I don't know what you mean by "pretty", but even if they do, they won't be pretty if they are under the influence of alcohol.

Wow, you're so boring. I don't like talking like a demon king like that.

 Eleonor chuckles.
 It didn't seem to change, but I thought she was actually drunk too.

'Look, Misha. You're in peace, and it's okay to get drunk. Anos, you're not used to peace, so we'll have to teach you a lesson.

 Misha looked at me for a moment, then returned her gaze to Eleonor again.

''I'm going to get drunk...''

 Saying that, Misha began to drink the St. Dimira wine with a gulp.
 Since she didn't use antidote magic, her face gradually turned red.


You okay?

 Misha nodded persistently.

'Are you at peace?'


 Misha points to herself.


 I guess I've become a drunk.

'I'm in a daze,'

Don't go easy on him.


 Misha is sipping her drink like a lick, as if she is obeying me.

Misha, what are you drinking? Is it good?

 Sasha wandered over.


Do you think I have any of that drink?

 Misha turns to me and asks me with a look.

Let Sasha drink the Demon King's wine.


 In response, Misha offered Sasha some water.

'Sasha here,'

'Oh, I didn't know the Demon King's Sake was still around. Thanks.

 Sasha was drinking the water deliciously.
 Across from her, Ray was emptying a bottle of St. Dimira's liquor.

'You don't look like you've been drinking, are you a no drinker?

 He looks at Misa's cup, which is not at all low on alcohol, and says

'Haha, I don't know. I have memories of drinking it by mistake when I was a kid and it made me feel really sick, so I've been trying to avoid drinking it ever since...''

You might not want to push yourself too hard.

 Ray empties his cup.

'Oh, would you like me to pour it for you?'

 Mass grabbed a bottle of St. Dimira's liquor from the table and poured the contents into Ray's cup.

'Are you a drinker, Ray-san?'

'Not really, but I kind of miss it. I used to have a hard time sleeping sometimes, and I used to drink this drink.

 Then Misa's expression darkened. She pulls her lips into a tight knot as if to say something, and she looks down.
 As if he understood what Misa was thinking, Ray closed his mouth.

 After a few seconds of silence, he said, as if he had made up his mind.

'Ms. Misa,'

 And then Mass was taking a swig of St. Dimira's wine.
 Ray was stunned for a moment.

 As soon as Ray said it with concern, Mass stood up vigorously.
 Her face was pale.

''I'm sorry, I'm just........I knew I couldn't drink.......''

 As soon as she said that much, Misa held her hand over her mouth and ran out of the house.