115-Peaceful battle (actual battle)

 Blacksmith and Appraiser, "The Wind of the Sun".
 After stopping the war between Dillhade and Azation, I returned home and ate the dinner my mother had made.
 Ray, Misha and the others, and Eleonor were with me.

'But thank goodness. Azation and Dirheid are at war, and Anos and his friends went to Gaillardite to do an exchange with the academy.

 Mom has tears in her eyes.
 She must have cried and swollen many times. Her eyes are red.

'See. I told you it was going to be okay. Anos said he wouldn't do anything to make us worry.

 Dad says.

'Yeah, I know. I knew Anos would come back, I knew he would come back...

 Giggling, Mom almost cried again.
 Dad laughed with a look on his face that said, 'Well, it can't be helped.

'Well, where have you been since the war? You couldn't stay in the College of the Brave. Where could you hide me? Or did you just come back on your own, because of you? Hmm?

 Hmm. You've got the hang of it, Dad.

I was in the Torah Forest a while ago.

'Oh, I see. In the Torah forest... hmm...?

 Dad twisted his head, with a question stuck in his face.

'The Torah Forest, I think it's where the border between Azation and Dirheid is...'

You know, they said on the magic broadcast that I'd be the front line...

 Mom looked at me with a horrified expression.

Mom," she said. Dad, please," she said. I need you to listen to me carefully.

 It's probably about time.
 I prefaced it quietly.

'Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! Mother is always calm!

 Mom was nodding her head tremendously and repeatedly.
 She didn't look very calm.

'Oh, oh, oh, oh! Dad was always calm and collected, too!

 My dad was shaking so much that I wasn't even sure if he was upset at the earliest.

Hmm. I'll have to wait until after I've calmed down a bit. Then you won't be able to accept reality.

Well, that's okay, that's okay. Mom, I know what's going on.

 Mom said with a look of determination on her face.

'Mom, you know what I mean now,'

What do you mean?

Anos said she's somehow out of the ordinary.

 I see.
 A lot has happened in such a short time.

 As you can imagine, even Mom would notice.

''........Why did Anos-chan want to come to Dilheid, why did she want to attend the Demon King's Academy? Why did she say her name after she was just born? I'm sure it's not all a coincidence.

 Mom says, as if to herself.

'So it's all right. Just say whatever you want. I'm ready for it.

 My mother is strong.
 She looks at me like she doesn't know what she's talking about, and she sees how far I'm willing to go.

So I'll tell you.


But that's not so important. First of all, it's about where you were earlier and what you were doing.

 Mom looks at me with eyes that seem to take it all in.
 This minute, I won't be intimidated by any facts.

'We've stopped the war,'

 Mom had a stroke.

'Oh, hey, Isabella. Are you okay?

 As soon as he could, my dad supported him and called frantically to my mom, who was unconscious.

'Oh ... yeah ... that? What's wrong with me? Anos-chan said he'd say something important, and then........?

 Mom has lost her memory.

'But I feel like I was having a bad dream. I can't believe Anos has gone to war.... That can't be true, Anos-chan isn't even three months old yet...'

 It's as if you can't accept the reality of the situation.
 Did I make a mistake in telling you about the war first?

'Let's change the subject. I think both my mother and father lived in Dirhade for a while and got to know the demons. And about the war two thousand years ago.

 Mom nods with a serious face.

'I'm the tyrannical demon king reincarnated.

 Mom had a stroke.

"Oh, hey, hey, not again," she said. You're not in trouble, Isabella. Hey, pull yourself together. It's a very small wound.

 Not a scratch, Father.

Yuhuh, I dreamed that I was dreaming...

 Mom, who has regained consciousness, says deliriously.

'Anos-chan's dream of becoming a tyrannical demon king........ The one who started the war between Dillhade and Azation........ Everyone tries to judge Anos-chan as a war criminal.....

 I didn't think you'd be shocked enough to faint and tamper with your memory.

''What are you going to do, the Spirit God and Human Sword is cutting off your fate?

 Sasha blurts out.

'I don't want you to look at me and say...'

 Ray chuckles.

''Because brave people are good at discussing things, aren't they? Why don't you try to do something with the verbal spirit man sword?''

A truly holy person can't be fooled by the Spiritual Blade. Why don't you try the Demon Eyes of Doom?

Sorry to hear that. I've already tried it.

 My men have already raised the white flag.
 In an instant, the unbroken hearts of Rey and the others who were not broken by that war have been frustrated.

 Even two thousand years ago, they have never been in such a tight spot.

 Now, what's going on?

'I know what you mean, Anos.

 While I was trying to figure out what to do, she made the first move.

There's a new baby on the block.

 Mom's gaze caught Eleonor's.


 Eleonor scurried around and realized that the gaze was on him.

'Wow. Are you talking about me, by any chance?

 Smiling, Mom nodded, smiling.
 'Oh no, I'm completely ahead of you.

'Mom, I haven't talked--'

What did little Eleonor say to Anos to bring you here?

 Mom looks at him suspiciously.

'Um, a lot of things,'

A lot of things...!

 Mom's imagination seemed to be fluttering in the air.

'Even if? Like what?

He said you're my magic.

 Mom exclaimed.
 On the contrary, Dad looked at me with a wince.

You....you...you...you...have become such an expert...!

 Mom leans forward at the table and asks Eleonor.

'Ho, what else? What else did you tell him?

'Well, in a nutshell, he told me he was going to make everyone here happy all together, and I knew you were serious, Anos, so I decided to go along with him.

 Dad opens his mouth and looks back at Mom in horror.

"You mean all together...?

 Mom said with empty eyes.

 This is the sword of reason...

How many kids do you have?

'What? Um, you mean Zecia? There's about 10,000 of them, just in case.


'Ten thousand?

 Dad and Mom's cries were in a different direction.

'So, but 10,000 people is crazy, right? You didn't make it, Anos, did you?

'Oh, whoa! Even if you only managed to do it once in 10,000 times, 10,000 times...? That kind of experience is as good as it gets....

 Dad clenched his fists tightly and clenched his teeth.

'I don't envy you...'

 Hmm. Now you've come to your senses.
 Ten thousand children, they cannot be created properly.

 It's a product of magic.

I was going to talk about it later, but I'm not going to make excuses. It's my responsibility. I'm going to take care of them all.


 Dad muttered next to me.

'You ... you're a man, Anos ...'

I'm going to pay for my mistakes.

"....mistake....Anos....mistake....not even three months old. .....

 Mom staggered and wobbled her head.

''What... eh, what do you want, Eleonor? You mean you want Anos to take responsibility and marry her, right?

'What? Responsibility? Sucker, we don't need that. Maybe we're both mistaken, but we don't have a relationship. It's just that you're being nice to me, Anos.


 While letting out such mutterings, Mom strokes out three times.

''Whoa, hey........!

 She almost fell out of her chair and my dad steadied her.

I was in a bit of a bind. I've been so tense from the war and all that. Let's just let him sleep it off for now.

 Holding Mom in his arms, Dad walks out of the living room.

'Let me help you,'

 I followed my dad and said.

"No, it's okay. I know you've been through a lot. You just get some rest.


 I was about to turn on my heel when my dad gave me a look that said, "What is it, Dad?

"What is it, Dad?

Oh, no... Well, what the hell. He wasn't too keen on the idea of you being involved in a war, you know. Maybe I was a little more crazy today than I usually am, but tomorrow I'll be the same mom again.


 It was always my mom, I guess.

You mean, do you understand?

'You're the demon king of tyranny and you've stopped the war?'

 I nod.


 Dad looked more serious than ever.

I didn't tell you. Dad, there's something I haven't told you.


 He has a somber expression on his face.
 The way he looks at me, he's not the same as he used to be.

"....I was a warrior two thousand years ago...


 My dad, the reincarnation...?
 However, even if we face them head-on like this, it's as if I can't feel any magic power.

 In other words, in the past and even now, he has been using such a concealment magic that even my magical eye cannot see into the abyss.
 If it's that skilled, it won't be a name I don't know.

 I'm not sure if it's true, but Ray was canon.
 It's not impossible that it's possible.

"What was your name 2,000 years ago?

 Dad said with a shadowy expression on his face.

''The Annihilating Sword King, Garderahypt.

 I don't know.

Do you know what they say in Azation about these things?

 Dad would say proudly.

'It's the kitchen,'

 So this was the reasoned sword so far.