114-Prologue-Mother's Great Spirit-

 Two thousand years ago--
 Great Spirit Forest Ahartheln.

Guys, listen up.

 When the woman speaks, the trees tremble and carry the words throughout the forest.

 On her back are six crystalline wings. Her hair is as beautiful as a clear lake, and her eyes are as bright as amber.
 In the middle of the forest, dressed in a jade-colored dress that didn't get dusty, the woman was a famous great spirit. She was Reno, the mother of all spirits.

 Spirits arise from rumors and lore.
 Unlike humans, they are not born from their mothers' wombs, but all spirits born in this world have her as their mother.

 The Great Spirit Reno is a spirit that arose from such rumors and lore.

'I've decided to go to Delzogade. I don't know if the tyrannical demon king is telling the truth or not yet, but I think it's worth believing. Maybe that will really end this conflict.

 The trees sway as they rustle.
 Around her, a group of dwarf-like girls with wings appear.

 They are called fairy titi, mischievous spirits.

'Are you okay?'

Are you going away?

Is Leno leaving?

Are you coming back? Are you coming?

 The fairies say.

''Don't worry, I'll come back properly. The tyrannical demon king had plenty of opportunities to kill me. But he didn't. At least, I guess that means he didn't intend to.

 Floating just above the ground, Reno is moving through the forest.

'Don't play too much of a prank on anyone who wanders in while I'm gone,'

 Giggling, the fairies laugh.

'I don't know.'

How about that?

'Playing tricks? Won't you?


 Reno glares at the fairy, who gives him an innocent smile.

'Titi, I'm going to be mad.'

 Then the fairies straightened up and put their hands over their mouths.

Then bind them together.

 Reno uttered that, but Titty and the others looked stiff and freaked out and shook their bodies.

'You can't pretend to be scared like that,'

 At the harsh words, Titty and the others shook their heads.


No, Reno.

I'm here.

It's here...

 Reno asked back curiously.

'What came?'

 Titi and the others say, pretending to run away.

'I'm afraid...'

I've got a scary one...


Fearful God...


They're coming!

 Titi and the others scattered at once.

 Eventually, a figure emerged from the forest bushes.
 He was tall and at first glance appeared to be a kind man.

 However, the magical power emanating from him was clearly out of the ordinary.

''Hey, I'm looking for you, Mother Great Spirit Reno.''

 Reno braced himself and turned a steely gaze on him.

'Who are you?'

'I am Heavenly Father God (Tempushin) Nausgaria. I am the father of the gods. I have a good story for you today.

 Reno gave him a wary look, but Nausgaria continued.

'I shall make a new child of God. You have been chosen to give birth to that vessel. Congratulations, Reno. Your child will make an excellent god, I'm sure.

You just showed up, what are you talking about?


 Nausgaria nodded her head curiously.

'What's wrong? You should rejoice more. You can make a vessel for the Son of God. You, on this earth, will give birth to one order.

'I'm sorry, but I'll say no. I'm the Great Spirit Reno. If it's a child, it's not too late.

Ha, ha.

 Nausgaria let out a dry laugh.

'Such a choice does not exist in this world. This is a divine decision.'

 Slowly, Nowherealia walks over.
 Reno holds his hand out in front of him. Then a magic circle was drawn from the forest towards Nowusgaria.

''Ahartheln is the dwelling place of the spirits. I won't let you do what you want in this realm, no matter how much you are a god race.''

Don't disobey. God's decision is absolute.

 Nausgaria chopped a step.

 At that moment, the trees of the forest moved as if they had a will and extended their branches to him.
 Turning the tips into sharp needles, the countless branches skewered Nowusgaria from all directions.

''Go home, you unpolite divine tribe, you have no sense of propriety. Otherwise, I'll suck out your magic power, root and branch.''

'It's a wonderful power to hurt God, Reno. You are worthy of a mother's womb to bear a vessel.

 Nausgaria snaps her fingers.

'Obey, O Order. God's orders are absolute.'

 With those words, the branches of the trees were pulled out of the Nausgaria and attacked Reno, who was supposed to be a surgeon.


 Wrapped around the branches of the trees, she was bound to her extremities.

'Any magic is on my side. Now rejoice, Reno.

 Nausgaria stared at Reno and said the words solemnly.

'I give you the Son of God.

 Just then, the jet-black sun, the Gio-Glaze, falls from the sky and burns him.

"Quiet down, evil flames!

 Nausgaria commands the magic.
 However, the did not disappear.


Hmm. That's a shame. My magic hates orders.

 Falling from the sky above was Anos Voldigord, the Demon King of Tyranny.

''God's command is absolute. Quiet, O evil flame.''

 Nausgaria put even stronger magic power into his words.
 In a moment, the disappears from the .


 The Demon King Anos took advantage of the gap and landed, piercing the God's heart with his jet-black fingertips.

'I'm sorry, but you can't kill a god. This is an order.''

I know that God values order. You are blind to reality.

 Anos draws a magic circle inside Nausgaria's body.

'Perish by your own magic.

 <Devil's curse (deguzzed).
 A curse that causes the opponent's magic power to run out of control on the spot, resulting in death.

 The bruise of a black snake floated on Nowusgalia's body.
 It began to rage violently, trying to devour him.

 The vast magical power of the gods is about to destroy themselves as gods.
 With a blur, Nowusgaria's right arm fell off, and from there it gradually decayed, as if the curse was eating away at it.


 Nausgaria retreated.
 The magic circle of was left in front of Anos.

''I understand. So you are the tyrannical demon king. Just in time.

Oh. What are you talking about?

 Grinning, Nausgaria laughs.

'The gods have decided to annihilate the demon king of tyranny. The order that will kill you, the Son of God, will soon be born. There is no escaping it, it is the reason the world has decreed.

I see. But you see, Nowsgaria. You will die before that.

 Nausgaria scoffs at his words.

'Quiet, O evil curse. The word of God is--'

 There was a flash of light.
 The guy whose throat was slashed open was unable to speak as he only opened his mouth with a crack.

 The sound of the magic sword being sheathed with a snap could be heard.
 The one who sliced through Nowusgaria was a white-haired man wearing armor. It is the strongest swordsman of the demon race, Shin Reglia.

''No matter how much the language of the gods, it's useless if you can't speak it.''


 Crunching, Nowusgaria moves her mouth.

 Shin holds one of his thousand swords in his hand, the plundering sword Gyrionoges.
 It's a cursed magic sword that will take away your voice if you slit your throat, your sight if you slit your eyes, and your life if you slit your heart. Even if the wound on his throat is healed, the voice that was stolen by the plundering sword will not return.

It is the bad habit of your gods to be proud of the fact that they are reason. It's time you wrote it down in that order. In my presence, God's established order will be destroyed.

 Anos grabbed the magic circle that floated in the void and squeezed it gingerly.


 Nausgaria's body rotted away in a flash, weathered and gone.
 Reno watched it in amazement.

'Well, Mother Great Spirit. I've come to hear your answer. Have you made up your mind?'

 Anos said.
 A beat later, Reno responded.

''........I've decided to trust you.......''

Hmm. It's superimposed.

I was getting ready to go right away.

I'm afraid we haven't got the last man standing. Until then, you can wait here.


I'll send an escort for you. The road to Delsogade is treacherous and has been cloaked with counter-magic to prevent Gatom from being able to use it.

 Anos turned on his heel and told Singh, who was kneeling in place.

'As arranged, I'll leave you to guard Reno until he returns to Ahartheln. You are our guest. Do as much as you can, and do as you are told.

"As you wish.

Oh, no, I don't want that.

 Reno waved his hand as if in a panic.

'You're being targeted by the gods. Maybe the next one will come, or maybe the one you just saw will come back.

Maybe so, but mostly, the guy looks horrible, right? I don't like those uptight people.

 Anos looked at Singh.

'That's right. 'Smile at him, Sin.'

"As you wish.

 Shin makes a smile.
 But it was as if there was no change in his expression.

'How's that?'

I don't know. You don't look like you're laughing at all.

You're still a genie. You often stare into the evil eye. The corners of your mouth are up by 0.05 millimeters.


 'I don't understand that subtle difference,' it said on Reno's face.

'I see you understand. Then you can get along.

Oh, wait a minute.

 By the time Reno called out to him, Anos was no longer anywhere to be seen.



 An awkward silence drifted over Ahartheln.
 The prankster titties were peeking out from behind the trees with narrowed eyes.


Yes, sir.

What are you going to do now?

'As you say. I have been commanded to obey you.

 Reno made a troubled expression.

''Well then, I really don't need an escort so can you go home and tell the Demon King that?''

I'm sorry, sir.

 Shin held out the sword to Reno with the scabbard.

'Uh ... what?'

"If you don't want me, I'll give you my head. I cannot live in shame if I can't die for you, my lord.

 As if in a state of grief, Reno put a hand to his head.

''Well don't be absurd. You can't kill me.

I'm sorry, sir.

 Singh pulls out his sword and lets go, then puts the blade to his own neck.

''What are you doing?

I'll kill myself.

'What? What are you talking about? That's not a threat...

 Even though Reno uttered that, there was not a speck of resolve in Shin's eyes.

''Wow, okay, I get it now!

Okay, what does that mean?

I won't tell you to get out of here, so put that sword away!

Thank you for your thoughtful words.

 Reno has a troubled look on his face.
 It's probably a feeling of having been given a troublesome escort.

''All right, but you'll have to be quiet. You can use this forest as you please.

Yes, sir.

I'll give you one tour for now. Follow me.

 Titty and the others came out to see what was going on and took off to clear the way.
 Singh walked behind Reno with a swift look in his eyes.