113-Epilogue-Peaceful Battle-

 With the effect of the reversed
 They must have regained hope.
 For this amount of time, we have nothing more to worry about.

 Rey and I slowly descend to the ground.


 A silver-haired girl runs towards us.
 When I thought her body shone, her outline blurred and split into two.

 <The effect of wore off and Misha and Sasha jumped at me at the same time.

''........Don't startle me......I really thought you were dead......''

 Sasha says as she clings to me tightly.

'I was worried about you,'

 Misha says in a muttered voice and pulls his little body closer.
 They both have tears in their eyes as the tension is broken.

'Don't cry. Did you think I was going to die?'

I told you that's why I thought...

You said you were worried about me.

 I pat them both on the head with my hands to reassure them.

'I will make no sacrifice. We must live and be at peace.

 Lei smiled next to me and looked at me.
 No matter how much I'm trying to say that it's too reckless to dare to let the Spirit God Human Sword destroy the root.

 Of course, that's not wrong.
 <You need to be extremely careful with the magical manipulation of the Root Rebirth (Agglonemt). Even more so when it comes to receiving the Spirit God Human Sword.

 Even though I had a chance of winning, I was sure I was risking my life.
 And I've won.

 In front of me, demons and humans are lending each other's shoulders and helping each other out with their injuries.

 This is the scene I have been seeking for a long time.

 As I walked through that forest after the conflict was over, a man appeared in front of me.
 It was Elio Ludwell, one of the captains of the advance party, the Mid-Hays Unit. Behind him, his men were lined up.

''Demon King-sama.''

 Elio kneels on the spot.
 His men also bowed their heads in unison before me.

''I am the Demon Emperor, Elio Ludwell, who governs Midhays. I am Emilia's father........

 In awe, he says

'This is all my fault for being ignorant and ignorant. Punish me at your service.

 This time, if you're smart enough to realize that I'm a tyrannical demon king, is it not unreasonable for you to realize that I'm a tyrannical demon king?

 The Delzogade Demon King's Castle that was summoned by my magic, the use of its three-dimensional magic circle, and the hostility towards me directed by Jelga.

 If you have a cool head, you'll naturally get an answer, but to come up with it on this battlefield.
 I've been wondering about it since before I came here.



 He replied firmly, keeping his head down.

'Face up,'

 Elio looked up and looked at me.
 There was no fear in his eyes, only strong conviction.

He gave up his head without excuse. But a man who admits to making a mistake needs no punishment. If you have made a mistake, you will get it right.

With all due respect, my dear sir, it is my duty as royalty to inform you that I have committed the unbecoming act of drawing the bow of a tyrannical demon king. You must punish me for this or at least allow me to make amends with you as your man for the end of my days.

Then I'll take your life. Serve me for life. And that is my punishment for you.

"In the midst of the chaos, you have done well to take my will and join hands with the humans. That's my protégé. I'm proud of your loyalty and your desire for peace.

"Such a waste of time, with all due respect...

 Elio bows his head and tears up.

'Midhays is a nice city with little trouble. Keep up the good work.'


 He left the scene and as he went further, he found the girls slumped on the ground.

'Are you tired, Ellen?'

 I hold out my hand to her.
 Then, her stunned eyes turned to me.

''Oh, yeah........I'm totally fine with this!

 As I say this, Ellen just looks at my hand and doesn't move.

'What's wrong?'

Because I feel as if Anos-sama is giving me his hand right now!

Feel free to take this hand.

 The moment she spoke, Ellen fell on her back and fell onto her back on the ground.
 She rolled over lazily and moved away.

''........What should I do, what should I do! Anos-sama's hand.........should I take it with my right hand? Or with your left hand! Oh, I'd rather have both hands! But then you won't be able to wash your hands for the rest of your life!

 Screaming and rolling around on the ground again, Eren came back.

'Uh, d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d, what should I do? I've been in a fantasy many times, but that was a fantasy.............................haha! Maybe it's a dream!

 Hmm. It appears that the war has uncontrollable agitation.

"What's wrong with your delusion?

I see.

 I levitate Ellen with my and hold her in my arms.

"Eeeeee........it's just a dream.......I'm going to wake up......don't wake up......don't wake up.... ....to eternal sleep...!

A dream comes true or it's a lie.

 I'm going to cast a recovery spell and heal you of your exhaustion.

'Ellen. There wasn't much singing in my day. I'd never heard a song, especially one of your kind. It was silly, ridiculous, and devouring. A song like that cannot be sung anywhere but in peace.

 Ellen listens dumbly to the words I speak.

'But this time the song was no less good. And I'm looking forward to hearing your new songs again.


 She has tears in her eyes.

''Yes ... yes ...'' .........

 I set her down gently and she stands there.
 Her exhaustion seems to have worn off sufficiently.

 And the rest of the seven members of the Fan Union gathered around Eren.

''Hey, Eren, that's not fair! One person is not fair!

Well, I'm just a dreamer myself.

Prepare yourself!

Yeah, yeah, you know what's going to happen now, don't you?

No, no, no, wait. You guys are scaring my eyes out!

I'm the one who skipped out and I'm not going to blame you! Do it!


 The girls of the Fan Union took turns holding Eren in the princess's arms and saying, "My turn," and "Indirect princess! They made a lot of noise about "I'm going to be the next Anos-sama" and "I'm going to be the Eren".
 They ended up saying "I'll play the role of Anos-sama next" and "Well, I'll play the role of Eren" and the four of them made a strange scene of holding the four of them.

 As I walked ahead of them, I could see the figure of Eleonor floating in the holy water ball.


I am here to fulfill my promise, Eleonor.


 I pull out my Ridiculous Sword and stab Eleonor with the Holy Water Sphere.
 <Unlike the "Absolution of the Demon Race" (Jelga), the "Root Mother Womb" (Eleonor) is a human-shaped magic. As long as it affects even her root source here, it's good.

 The holy water sphere fades away and the magic letters floating around her disappear.
 Eleonor put her bare feet on the ground.

''.........Wow.......the magic has been lifted......?''

Now you are my magic.

 Eleonor looks at me with a curious face.

''I was thinking of destroying only the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor), but that would lose its magic power. If you keep it to my magic, it won't be abused. You're free now.

...I see...

 She looks down and tears form in her eyes.

'It's not over yet. Taking care of ten thousand Zetia's is a pain in the ass. We'll deal with that one too.'

"....this is....like....a lie.......

 Muttering, Eleonor stepped towards me.

 But the effect of the magic that had been magic earlier still lingered, my legs tangled and I tried to fall forward.

''Hm. Same old, same old.

 I supported its body with my arms.
 Then Eleonor hugged me tightly.

''.........Thank you.......Anos-kun....... I love you.........

 Sasha was staring at it.

'Misha, what do you have to say?


That's it?

 Misha nods her head.


'Wow! That's right. I forgot Mr. Anos, give me a minute.


 <I used the magic of Ibis to dress Eleonor in the uniform of the Brave Academy.

Thank you. You're welcome.

 After uttering that, Eleonor looked around. 

'But it's going to be great, isn't it?

 The ground was full of holes, the trees had fallen, and the river was dry.
 The Torah forest looked as if it had been struck by a natural disaster.

'Everything is fine. No one is dead.

How do you know?

He was watching over me with his evil eye to make sure no one else dies.

 Eleonor rolled his eyes in surprise, then chuckled.

'Anos, you are truly amazing.'

Well, so long as it's this many. I mean, it's a lot of injuries.

No problem. You can leave the rest to us, the Seven Demon Emperors.

 The one who came over was Melhayes.

"I'll take care of the wounded and this battle. So, please, take it easy and go to sleep.

Hmm. All right. Get back to me if you need anything.

"As you wish.

 Melhayes left in a .


 I show him the necklace of seashells that I took from him.

"I see you're in the Underground Demon Castle, helping wounded soldiers.

I was ready to give it to you, but it's not very tight...

'What? Why don't we just pretend it was a normal courtship?

 Sasha said teasingly.


 Misha congratulates her nonchalantly.

''Well you've got me.

 He chuckled, then fell to the spot, his feet caught in the bumpy ground.

'What's a legendary brave man falling over?

''I've been using the Spirit God Man Sword too much. As expected, I'm tired of it too.

 Ray said as he sat down on the ground.

'Speaking of which, don't you want this anymore?'

 Avos Dyrhevia's mask was thrown off.
 It fell around Ray's hand.


 Ray destroyed that mask with his unique sword.

 Avos Dilhevia will no longer appear.
 <Now that the Demon Condemnation (Jelga) is gone and the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask) is gone, there is no reason for humans to fight with the demons.

 The world is now at peace.

''Come to think of it, what was that misshapen mask?

 I said as I held out my hand to Ray.

'Wrong shape?'

 He twists his head as if he doesn't know.

'That's the only mask I have, though.


 The masked man who appeared during the Demon Sword Tournament.
 Indeed, he was wearing a different mask than the current Ray.

 There were various possibilities considered, but apparently he wasn't a very good one.


Hmm. Well, that's fine for today. More importantly, there's one last strong enemy left.

"Strong enemies?

 As he said it, Ray took my hand.

"I went to war without telling my mom.

 Ray chuckled.

'There's a way to lie, though?

I will not run. Today is the day I'll tell my mother about the Demon King.

 I'm going to pull his hand and help him up.

"Fight with me. I will show my mother what a brave man and a demon king can do.

But your mother uses a lot of rational swords.

 Sasha said mischievously.

'I'm guessing there are about seven roots too?

 Ray followed suit.

''And break the fate of the Demon King?''

 Misha said with a nod of his head.
 We laugh at each other, and then we leave.

 The last great enemy is waiting for me.

 But I have nothing to fear.

 I have friends who will hold my hand.
 I've got friends who can laugh with me.

 And no one will get hurt in this fight.
 Two thousand years ago, we wanted it, we made it, and we protected it.

 It's a symbol of our time, and above all, it's a peaceful battle.