112-So that the world is full of love

You said it was fate.

 When he unleashed the Origin spell, a jet-black bolt of lightning consumed the armored giant's entire body.

As long as the magic of Jeluga exists in this world, the demon race will be destroyed.

It's true. You can't change the outcome, no matter what you do. If you want to savor your despair slowly and slowly, as if you were being slowly tormented and strangled with cotton, do what you want.

 Jelga's magical body shines brightly and shakes off the .

''My hatred has become the order of the world! Humans, brave men, hating and destroying demons. This is the right way to live in this world! No matter what you call it, you have no choice but to atone for your sins!

 Furthermore, the armored giant's brilliance increases and light cannonballs shoot out from his entire body. Theo Trias, which has no room to avoid, breaks through while destroying it with the Devil's Eye of Doom.

Then let's cut off that fate. You've forgotten, Jelga. We have a legendary hero and his sword, Evans Mana.

 When Ray held up his right hand, a divine light flooded out there, and the sword became an elephant.

''.........Hmmmm, hahahahahaha, look what I'm going to say now. How many times are you going to make me say it. The Spirit God Man Sword is a holy sword to destroy the tyrannical Demon King! It is only against the demon race that its power is extremely effective, but the magic of the Demon Race Condemnation (Jelga) is of the same kind as that sword. The fate of a truly holy being cannot be cut off by the holy sword.

 Grasping the Spirit Godman Sword, Ray headed towards Jelga.

''Aggression at best! And when you realize that there is nothing to communicate, then the true despair comes to you...?

 A moment later, Evans Mana shimmered and dropped Gerga's arm.
 The magical body that was supposed to be unharmed by the Spirit God Human Sword, but there was no sign of it regenerating, however.


'Hmm. Jelga, how long do you think you're going to be a holy man?

...What did you...?

 With a trembling voice, laying bare his hatred, the armored giant glared at Rey.

'What on earth did you do, canon!

 Falling to the ground, one arm moved and plunged like a shell towards Ray.
 But he easily chopped it up and let it dissipate into this sky.

''.........I am the sacred, orderly magic that destroys the demon race.......'' The Spirit God Human Sword should not be able to pass!

 Dodging the giant's fist as it swung down, Ray cleaved both of the armored giant's legs.
 Wobbling, the giant's body tilted and Jelga broke his knees.

 You could just see what was in its vision.

'You were so intent on looking down on the demon race that you didn't even notice which one of them was below you.

 The Demon King's Castle Delzogade was floating in the sky.
 This place was just located in the castle's underground dungeon.

 In other words, it's my bosom.

It's true that Venzudnoa can only be used in the Demon King's Castle. But I'm not saying the Demon King's Castle won't move.

 Origin magic .

 This great magic to move the Demon King's Castle Delzogade, which was originally a fixed magic tool that could emit powerful magic power, would certainly have been impossible two thousand years ago.

 However, origin magic was older, and if one borrowed power from a being with more immense magical power, it could produce such an extraordinary result.

 If one borrowed power from a Delzogade from two thousand years ago in this era, it was not impossible to summon a Delzogade from this era that was closely related to it.

 However, even for me, Summoning the Demon King's Castle (Delzogade) consumes most of my magic power and is more time consuming than anything else.
 <I tied him up with the Zora e Dipto and built the magic formula for the Deluzogade Summoning the Demon King's Castle without him noticing.

"You are not a holy man. You are not a holy man, you are a demon driven by obsession, sucking up people's hopes and killing demons. You will not even be given an end as a hero.

 He declares to Jelga as he confronts her.

'Let the holy sword judge you.

 Floating in the sky, a dark-colored long sword shines darkly in front of the delzogade.
 The Rational Destruction Sword Venuzdnoa is eroding the order of the place.

'....I will not allow Anos Voldigord to rob us mortals of our pride, our loved ones and even our justice! I will not forgive you. We can't forgive you alone!

 As hatred roused Jelga, the armored giant that should have had its legs amputated rose to its feet. Its magical body began to shine more dazzlingly than ever before.

 Countless swords of light peek out from all over the armored giant's body. All of them were holy swords.
 He ejected them all at once.

 However, the swords of light that were coming at me flipped around in the middle and pierced the armored giant's body in the opposite direction.

Did you think your sword would do what you wanted?

"...I will not allow ...I will destroy ...I will destroy ...I will destroy ...

 The outlines of the armored giant blurred, showing an even larger, enormous glow as it scattered swords of light around the area.

 A huge magic circle was floating on his left chest.
 That magic formula is the .

''Hm. You think they'll let you do it?

''........I know. The Ridiculous Sword has no real value unless you hold it in your hands....... And you have lost most of its magical power by summoning the Demon King's Castle.

 The armored giant's eyes show a dark, stagnant gleam.

''Even if I can't kill you, I will cruelly destroy what you wanted to protect! As many sacrifices as possible, as many despairs as possible! You will know how much we humans hate each other!

 It's true that the power of the Ridiculous Sword is weak without being picked up.
 Even my magic power is not strong enough to control Venusdnoa.

 It would be easy enough to destroy them, but this hatred, this hatred, must be cut off from all of us or the war will never end.

"If you don't have the magic, you can get it from somewhere else.

 <I used the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask) to connect my mind with the eight members of the Fun Union.

Do you hear me?


'Number four. Send the poor ghosts, at least with a requiem.

""Yes, Anos-sama!"

 Their thoughts gathered in my body. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a pillar of light that connected heaven and earth. <The magic power drained from the Demon King's Castle Summoning (Derzogade) is quickly regained.

''You........you're using the Sanctuary (Ask) while the Demon Tribe's Condemnation (Jelga) is in effect....... How far do you and your demon sword intend to taunt the humans.......?

 <If you use the Sanctuary (Ask), your mind will be stained with hatred towards the demon tribe. <It's even more so now that the Devil's Absolution (Jelga) is in effect. He must have thought that the Ridiculous Sword was preventing him from doing so.


'A magic sword? What are you talking about? Look closely. The Rational Sword has no effect on this Sanctuary.

I won't be fooled! <The magic of the Sanctuary, the Usk, is human resentment. Whether a thousand or two thousand years have passed, it is a hatred that will never go away. We humans have sworn an oath to overthrow the demons, vowed to avenge our resentment, and for a long time we have been bound by our feelings. There will never be peace in a world where demons exist! Your destruction is the desire of all men! There's no way that this thought, the magic of the can withstand the magic of the with the spirit of a half-decent demon race that isn't even a demon king!

 The magic of the gathered in the sky above the Torah Forest from all over Azation. The light of it fell like a torrential rain in the shape of a sword.

 Even if one were to do a cursory count, there would be no more than a million of them. That holy sword would disappear the moment it entered the Demon King's Castle's realm, but without the Rational Destruction Sword, it's not good enough. One ten-thousandth of the sword slipped through the Demon King's Castle area and landed on me, Rei, and all the demons and humans on the ground.

 My Sanctuary (Ask) magic prevents it from happening.

 A voice rang out from the ground.
 A gentle song covers the forest.

 -When will the night dawn? --

 --The Demon King, called Tyranny, was alone in his lonely sleep.

 --I took the sword to protect it. The hand that was getting stained with blood held the life in its hands--

 --We didn't want to fight...

 --Killing and killing, the night just keeps going on and on and on.

 --I will wait for the dawn to break and then go to sleep...

 --I'm sure that 2,000 years of sleep will change the world.

 --Yes, I believed--

 The holy sword that collided with my Sanctuary, which emitted an immense amount of light, was shattered and still rained debris on the ground.

 And then it was sucked out of hope, and flew to the humans who thrashed about on the ground, aiming at the defeat army of the Gaillardite Demon King.


 She was a long way from Eleonor.
 As expected, even she wouldn't be able to protect them all in their current state of being unable to move due to their magical nature.

''All units, deploy anti-magic. Separate the magic flying in from the sky!''

 Elio, the captain of the Mid-Haze unit, appeared at the position of the Demon King's defeating army. He went around the armored giants.
 As he gave the command, his subordinates formed an anti-magic umbrella to block the holy sword fragments falling from the sky.

''Rescue the wounded soldiers and evacuate them to the Underground Demon King's Castle!

 Midhays' troops use the magic of Ibis to create a large box and place the fallen humans on it. They lift them up or use their
 Some lend their shoulders directly, while others lift and carry the humans.

''-- O brave human warrior!

 The captain sends out a 'thought transmission' to Eleonor.

"The attacking force will be evacuated to our Demon King's castle. I promise to return them unharmed and unharmed. You have my word?

But if we don't get out of here soon, you'll die too.

 The captain looked up at the drizzling sky.
 He would have seen an armored giant and two small shadows. 

''Our ancestor fought for the demon race. I am not so dull as to not realize who that One who was destroyed at the root and was revived, that One who is fighting over there, is.

 Elio says.

''My name is Elio Ludwell, the Demon Emperor of Mid-Haze. I am the descendant of the tyrannical demon king, Anos Voldigod! For my blood, for my pride, for the mercy I have received from you, I will return it here!

 Fragments of the holy sword turn into rain and fall to the ground.
 Elio desperately defends the humans from the threat, lending them a shoulder to lean on as they take refuge in the Demon King's Castle.

'Our founder says not to kill anyone. Rescue the humans! Everyone must not die. No one must die. Now is the time for us to show our loyalty.

""I understand!"

 As the rescue operation of the Dirheid army continues, the "Sanctuary (Ask)" is deployed, and the gentle voice of the song continues to echo.

 --Love is stronger than hatred...

 --I put my hope in the future, that we would understand each other.

 --I took the sword to protect it. The hand that was getting stained with blood held the life in its hands--

 --We've been beaten down by a world that isn't so clean.

 -- I wish and I wish, but the sadness just grows.

 --I'm sure the thought of 2,000 years will change the world.

 --Yes, I believed--

"Hmm. How long you're going to turn your back on this, Jelga. Let's face it. Times have long since changed. The world has long since come to peace. Are your eyes so clouded with hatred that you can't see the humans and demons holding hands and trying desperately to live?

 Flying through the air, I set my sights on the Demon King's Castle Delzogade above.

"You, peace! Don't make me laugh! Peace will not come! You destroyed that thing 2,000 years ago! I have nothing but hate! Now, now, now, now, don't pull out the neat stuff!

 Furthermore, the number of holy swords in the sky has increased tenfold, and they are falling towards me.
 As I dodge them, I move closer to Delzogade.

It's a good thing that you're not the same as me. Then you will be no better than me.

"Shut up, I'm not like you! This is revenge! It's a vendetta against the human demon race!

'If you want revenge, you'll do it alone. It's not the humans who hated the demons. It was you who hated me.

 Destroy the holy swords that fall and aim further up in the sky.

'Then hate, resent, and be filled with rage alone to the end. You can curse me with a vengeance like eternity.

 Just before my hand was about to reach the Ridiculous Sword, the sky shone and the huge holy sword that appeared attacked this body.

''I'm not going to let it!

 That sword is the hatred of Jelga, the very concept of the Demon Tribe Abuse (Jelga), striking me before I held the Rationalization Sword.


 Ray was sifting the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana and slashing through the giant holy sword.
 My hand gripped the hilt of the Rational Sword that was floating above us.

''Let's end this.''


 The two of us swoop down, facing the armored giant.
 The swords we once pointed at each other, this time pointing in the same direction.

 --2,000 years of waiting. To have a laugh with you...

 --I waited 2,000 years. I waited 2,000 years for you to hold my hand... 

 --It's almost dawn.

 -from a lonely sleep, the Demon King wakes up.

 --Please, please, please, I only wish for one thing--

 --You want to show me a bright sunrise?

 --Please, please, please, I only wish for one thing--

 --May the world be filled with love.

 The Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias) is fired from Jelga, but it has no meaning in front of the Ridiculous Sword and is obliterated.

 The Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa was swung down on the giant's head, and then the Spirit God Human Sword Evasmana was swung down to superimpose it on the giant's head.


 The bodies of the armored giants are disappearing.

 The thoughts from the humans of Azation are still supplied.
 The magic power remains, but the light is fading away, as if its existence cannot be maintained.

 <The fate of the "Jeluga" has been severed and its magic is about to disappear.

"I can give you nothing. You will lose your pride in valor, your justice, your hatred, and you will perish in vain.

"....disappear ...my hatred ...will disappear. ..........

 Jelga's voice was somewhat sad, and with each time the magic of faded away, he seemed to be regaining something.

''I don't want........pride.......... I don't need justice I don't need justice I don't need justice. .....

 He muttered.
 Thoughts of spitting blood flooded his mind.

It's the one thing I can do for my wife and child that I will never forget and that I will never forget and that I will never forget and that I will never forget and that I will never forget. ...

Foolish man. I'm sure all you have left to do is hate.

 The armoured giant's form was about to disappear, and a hazy image of Jelga from two thousand years ago emerged.

'So no matter how many times your roots were wiped and remade, Eleonor, based on your roots, continued to hope for nothing but peace.

 His mind was divided into two halves.

 The other was the "Absolution of Demons" (Jelga), which wanted to destroy the demon race, and the "Womb of the Origin" (Eleonor), which wanted peace for its descendants. The conflict between the two is none other than the conflict in Jelga's heart.

 At the same time as he wanted to destroy the demon race, he also did not want his descendants to experience the same feelings and hatred.

I killed your wife and children with my own hands. I killed your wife and children with my own hands. I remember it well.

 <Under the spell of Ibis, I put Michens' necklace on the vanishing body of Jelga.

They both wore one just like it.

 He points the Ridiculous Sword Venuzdnoa at Gerga.

"Reincarnate as often as you wish and come back to kill me. I will avenge you for eternity.

 He thrusts the Rational Sword Venusdnoa into Gerga's chest.

"If there is a shred of that hatred that you made a bond with to the end.

 Just before his body disappeared, he used the magic of to send its roots away from him, just like his wife and child.

 If you still hate me after the magic disappears, come and take your revenge as often as you want.
 I'll send you flying with the Reincarnation (Silica) as many times as you want until you see your wife and children again.

 Eventually, the light above the Torah Forest fades away.
 The magic of the Demon Tribe Absolution (Jelga), which sucks out hope, must have disappeared, and the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask) must have lost its effect.



 He stacked the Ridiculous Sword and the Spirit Godman Sword and raised them to the sky.
 He used the magic of the
 I heard a song.
 A song that sends hope to the world.

 -- Love is stronger than hatred...

 --I put my hope in the future, that we would understand each other.

 --I took the sword to protect it. The hand that was getting stained with blood held the life in its hands--

 --We've been beaten down by a world that isn't so clean.

 -- I wish and I wish, but the sadness just grows.

 --I'm sure the thought of 2,000 years will change the world.

 --Yes, I believed--

 --I waited 2,000 years. I waited 2,000 years for you to laugh at me.

 --I waited 2,000 years. I waited 2,000 years for you to hold my hand... 

 --It's almost dawn.

 -from a lonely sleep, the Demon King wakes up.

 --Please, please, please, I only wish for one thing--

 --Let me see that dazzling sunrise...

 --Please, please, please, I only wish for one thing--

 --May the world be filled with love.