111-The End of Hatred

 I turn to face Jelga and step out loosely.


 A murmur escaped.
 It sounded dark and stagnant, and then turned into a broken laugh.

''..........Kukuku....... Kukukukukuku........''

 With a distorted expression, Jelga looked at me.

''Well fine, I can destroy you in person with my own hands I'd rather thank you for coming back to life.......hey. Anos Voldigord.

 Even though it has become magic, the hatred of Jelga continues.
 For two thousand years, it has not ceased.

'Rise again, regret, and perish!

 Jelga sent particles of light flying from his magical body and charged at him.

''The wrath of the humans, know this, you tyrannical demon king!

 A light gathered from above.
 It gathered in his hand and turned into the sword of the .


"For all your big talk, you're weak.

 The sword thrust out from the Sanctuary (Ask) is swept away with the Benno Yevgen, and I close the gap between the two and pierce his chest with my right hand.


 The root killer's fingertips crushed his magical body.
 The light dissipated as if it were a mist, and Jelga's figure disappeared without a trace.

 However, the light from the sky gathered from all over Azation fell to the ground and created Jelga's magic law body there again.

''Hmm. As I thought, we can't get to the root of the problem.

I see you understand. I'm already under the spell of Jelga. It is the very order of the world that will never be destroyed.

 It's what you'd expect.

"The game is over. Listen, people of Azéon.

 <Through the magic of the Sanctuary (Ask), the Demonic Absolution (Jelga) says.
 <His voice echoed in the hearts of all those under the influence of the Sanctuary (Ask).

"The deepest darkness will swallow Azation. The Demon King of Tyranny has resurrected in this land after a period of two thousand years. But don't be afraid. Pray with hope. Pray for our legendary hero. Then the return of his people will appear and clear the darkness with the light of hope.

 For two thousand years, Diego said, they've been sowing seeds.
 Perhaps he is referring to the ever-growing population and the oral tradition that has been passed down to them.

 The light of the Ursaucu still shines brighter than the sun and gathers in the sky.
 That light of hope is gathering one after another from all over Azation.

''The ... darkness ... ah, ah, ah, ah! d*mn, here it comes..........

 The Geiradite Demon King's defeat army that was lying in the forest spun around as if they were threatened. From their bodies, the light of the was rising up from their bodies more than ever before.

 I see.

The magic of the Conviction of Demonology (Jelga) is hiding in the Sanctuary (Ask). <The magic of the Ask is hidden within the Ask. When the Ask gathers a vast amount of magic, the will of Jerga can materialize and become a magical body for the first time.

 Even as I was speaking, Jelga's body was bathed in the light of the and grew a size larger.

But in order to draw out the magic power of the to the fullest extent, you need to put your thoughts together as one. That's why the Brave Academy has been spreading the oral tradition of the Deep Darkness. When the deepest darkness comes, which brings despair, the people of Azation will pray with hope.

 More light fell on Jelga, and the outline of his magical body blurred.

'Jelga, you are forcibly sucking all the hope out of the people of Azation.

 If any hope is sucked out of it, its heart turns to despair.

 That is what is meant by the oral tradition of the deepest darkness. In the depths of despair, the people of Azation, whose oral traditions were retold, would pray to the legendary hero. Their prayers would be sucked away in the blink of an eye and dropped back into despair.

 They would continue to wander through the darkness with no way out.
 But in doing so, they are forcibly uniting the thoughts of the humans throughout Azation.

 <In order to invoke the condemnation of the demon race.

"If we continue to stay in the abyss without hope, our hearts will fail. Do you want to destroy me, king of men, by killing our people who have lived in peace?

What are you whining about? You know what you are, tyrannical demon king! This is what the humans want. This is the reason why they are willing to sacrifice their own lives in order to destroy you. The people's precious sacrifice will not be in vain.

 I can only stare coldly at someone who declares it as if it's a noble thing to do.


"Speak not of your own accord, demon king. This is your crime. You're the one who has wronged us mortals, Anos Voldigod! If you hadn't killed the humans, none of this would have happened! Repent for that sin, for that folly, repent, repent, and rot in misery!

 Further hope was sucked out of the trees, or the snorting of the fallen humans.
 The light in the sky above grew brighter and brighter, and it poured down with such vigor that it illuminated this forest all at once.

 Jelga's magical body collapsed further, and it had not retained its original form at the earliest. The divine light quickly expanded and covered the forest.

 In the end, the light took the form of a giant in armor that seemed to imitate a brave man. In his hand he held a long, thick, shiny, holy sword.

'My message to my men. Let the wounded flee! The whole area will be blown to pieces.

 The great holy sword is swung down with a thud, and I catch it with a layer of Benno Yevgeny and anti-magic, the Magic Eye of Doom.

 The aftermath of the huge amount of magic and magical power colliding with the surrounding trees was enough to knock down the trees and crack the ground.

"Realize the power of justice.

 Jelga walks to close the gap between the great holy swords as he swings them down. With that step, the armored giant sends a massive earthquake around the area, binding the legs of the fleeing soldiers.

''I will create a Demon King's Castle underground.
The Ice Castle.

 A silver-haired girl uses the magic of .
 A solid ice castle is being built deep in the ground, a short distance away from this place.

Let me help you. Even though it is a demon king's castle, it can't last that long against an opponent with that much magic.

 The one who came over was the Seven Demon Imperial Elder, Melhayes.
 He drew a magic circle on the ice castle that was being built.


 The Demon King's Castle, located deep in the ground, is quarantined by the Azeisys. Although the "Azeisis" cannot be interfered with from the outside, the entrance that must be opened is the weak point for the soldiers to take refuge.

 With the current strength of Jelga, there is a possibility that they will be able to break through it, but if they take a two-tiered approach with the Ice Demon Castle, they should be able to hold out to some extent.

''I won't let even one of them escape.

 The armored giant tried to see through its demonic eyes to find the location of the Ice Demon Castle.
 Just then, a drizzle drifted over the area.

 It quickly spread and blocked the view, covering the Ice Demon King's Castle and all the demons' magical power. This is the magic of Misa's fusca.

 Jelga mutters.

''.........This.......is this.......the guardian god of the great spirit forest.......? Are you saying that the spirits are on the side of the demon race...?

Times have changed long ago, Jelga. The enemy is nowhere to be found.

 Concentrating my magic power, I flicked off the great holy sword and slammed the into its huge helmet.

 Although enveloped in jet-black flames for a moment, I drowned it out with anti-magic and Jelga turned her gaze to me as if nothing had happened.

''........You are not fooled, Demon King of Tyranny. How outrageous is it that you control spirits with all your strength, you!

 The armored giant raised his sword high in the sky. A magic circle appeared there.

''Know this, demons. The sins of your ancestors, atone for them with your own bodies!

 Countless "Sanctuary Cutthroat Artillery" shot out from the magicians in the sky above and rained down on the ground.

 <They are indiscriminate bombardment as long as they cannot be targeted by the magic of the fusca, but there are many of them. Some of them will be hit.

 But from the ground, earth, water, fire, wind, and four magic circles were deployed to block the
'....Run away quickly! They're holy magic to each other, so we can block them to some extent, but that Titan's Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon won't last long...

 Eleonor had set up a magical ward to protect the Mid-Haze troops that were about to retreat.

 The captain of the squad, Demon Emperor Elio, stopped.
 He turned his gaze to her.

''........Brave human warrior.......''

 Straight away, he asks.

"...as before. Why are you helping us demons?

 She responded clearly.

'Our country has declared war. I know that. I know that, but this is different. We didn't want to fight. We wanted to protect it. That thing, that giant in the armor, it's going to kill demons and humans alike.

 Eleonor stared at the huge shadow that was faintly visible on the other side of the fog.
 On the other side of the Mid-Haze troops was the Gailladite Demon King's Defeat Army, which had been sucked out of hope and prostrated on the ground.

''The Dirhade army showed their intention to retreat, and the Gailladite Demon King's Defeat Army tried to pull out as well. And now this war is over. I have no hard feelings towards you guys.

 Misha and Sasha are fused together. The silver-haired girl transfers the fallen Zecia to the Demon King's Castle one after another using
 However, it would take time to transfer 10,000 people to the castle.

''Let's gather them in one place with the
 Melhayes uses the magic of the .
 The silver-haired girl gathers Zecia and her friends together at the magic gate and transfers them through the .

I've built the Demon King's Castle under there, please take shelter there.

 The girls of the Fun Union led the Dillhade Army to the entrance of the Demon King's Castle.

''What's up?'' Can you afford to be distracted, Jelga?

 I headed up into the sky in my
''How long do you think you'll have the upper hand!

 Jelga cuts up the Great Holy Sword and tries to slash me with the entire drawn magic circle. I was able to avoid the sword just in time, but the magic circle was severed.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one. The only way to stop me is to kill every human in Azation. Even if I do that, just because the magic stops working, it doesn't mean that Jerga will disappear from this world! Despair, Anos Voldigord, as long as the magic of Jelga exists in this world, demons are doomed to perdition.

Hmm. Jelga, let me tell you something. If you want me to despair, show me with force, not words.

Pull it out, you arrogant, filthy fiend!

 Hundreds of chains of light shot out from Jelga's entire body. The moment I avoided them, the magic wards would be activated. It's probably a mechanism that activates the magic wards by entering the chains and the inside of the chains.

 <The moment I destroyed the chain with the Devil's Eye of Doom, the great holy sword was swung down.

''Destroy it!

 <Slashing through the Four Realms Wall (Benno Yevhen), the giant holy sword knocks me down to the ground. Even though I was bleeding and injured at the source, the great holy sword was thrust out as if to chase me as I landed on the ground.

 D'oh, d'oh, d'oh! And the ground split in half, and the aftermath of the magic power caused a storm to erupt. <The holy sword created by the magic of the Demon Race Absolution (Jelga) has indeed destroyed my roots.

''I see.''

 In the blink of an eye, my root source was regenerating.

''The holy sword of root-killing?''


 Jelga simply expresses his astonishment that I'm there when I should have destroyed him.

''You should have killed him the first time. The same attack on me won't work twice.

 Origin Magic
 Originates from the enemy's attack and my source, and restores the source to a state where it was not attacked. Normally, you can't use magic once the source is gone, so just before you eat the enemy's attack, you send the magic of Aggrenemt to the future with the levitation of time.

 In order to originate your opponent's attack, you must know your opponent's attack, so you can only use it a second time.

 The reason why I revived even after the Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana destroyed my roots is because two thousand years ago Kanon stabbed that holy sword into me in order to send magic power.

"Zora e Dipto.

 In the split second that I thought Jelga had destroyed my roots, I had assembled the magic formula in a split second that created an opening.
 The jet-black flames turned into a chain, which bound Jelga's huge body. At the same time, that hellfire chain (gokuensa) formed a magic circle.

 This is the origin magic that blocks the enemy's movement and magic power, while at the same time assembling a magic formula for stabbing them. This is the "Zola et dipto" magic circle.

"Be swallowed by the flames of darkness.

 The Hell Flame Chain flared up black and swallowed Gerga's magical body in one fell swoop.
 There was a pillar of fire that was enough to connect heaven and earth.

''Hmm. Well, I suppose so.''

 A divine light leaked out from the black pillar of flame.
 It swelled up as if it were a jet-black flame, and from within, an unharmed armored giant appeared.

''I told you. <The magic of the Demon Race Condemnation (Jelga) is immortal. Even with your Rational Destruction Sword, the concept of the Devil's Deception is not something that can be erased forever. It is our fate that the demon race is destroyed!

What? I'd be disappointed if you don't do that.

Shut your f*cking mouth!

 <Chained by the Zora E Dipto, his huge body moved and he raised the Great Sacred Sword.

"This is not your castle! There was no delzogade! Even his trump card, the magic sword, can't even be pulled out of the ground!


"I never showed you the Ridiculous Sword. Who told you that?

 Those of that era would know that the Demon King's Castle was a three-dimensional magic circle. However, anyone who knew about the existence of the Rational Destruction Sword should have perished.

''You don't have the luxury of worrying about such things!

 As he dragged the chain, he swung the Great Sacred Sword in a sideways motion.

''You may revive me as many times as you wish. Let me absolve you until your magic runs out and you fall into the abyss of despair!

 At the moment the great holy sword was about to crush me, a gust of wind blew out from the ground.
 The huge sword was cut in half and fell with a thud.

''Surprisingly, if you want to cut it, you can, even if it's that big.

 The one who appeared in front of Jelga was Rey, carrying the Unique Sword Sig Shasta.

''Hmm. Have you recovered sufficiently?''

Thanks for buying me time, I got all seven back.

 If the seven roots don't come together, it will be hard to deal with this monster, even for Ray, as expected. That's why I bought a little time.

''Foolish.......what a foolish man.......''

 Hatred flooded the air.
 The armored giant's eyes glowed darkly and his voice was tinged with hatred.

 Jerga regenerates the Great Sacred Sword while shouting angrily.
 He also draws a magic circle with his left hand. The artillery gates that appeared were a hundred and eight, and the light was concentrated there.

''I never thought this day would come.

 Flying through the air, I move to Ray.

'I don't know what I would have done without you, though.

 He thrusts his clenched fist loosely toward Ray.
 These hands are stained with the blood of thousands and thousands, if not more, of humans.

 Ray clenches his fist in the same way and thrusts it out at me.
 He's also killed more demons than I can count.

 Still, we were just in different positions.
 We just wanted to protect them.

 I don't have a shred of resentment toward him.

Let's go, my friend. I'm here to break the cycle of hatred that has been going on for two thousand years.

 Kokoro, Ray nodded.

'Peace to Azation and Dillhade.

 Me and Rei loosely meet each other's fists.
 In a moment, Ray shifted directly behind Jelga with the magic of the .

This is a clever move!

 Jelga tried to turn around, but she poured her magic power into the Zora E Dipto and held it down with her magical chains.

"You thought I'd let you do that?

d*mn it!

 <Countless numbers of "Sanctuary Cutthroat Artillery" will be released.
 While dodging them, you will approach him head-on from the front.

"My God!

 The great holy sword that was raised as if to roar through the atmosphere was cut off by Ray with his unique sword.

''I won't let you.''

 A ghost from two thousand years ago. A hatred from two thousand years ago.
 To put an end to a battle that should have been over, this time, two heroes of the war fly through the sky.

 A brave man and a demon king go--.