110-Ghost of 2000 years ago

 A holy sword of light, the Enhale, spilled out of the hands of Zesia and the others.
 All of those holy swords pierced the ground and emitted a terrible radiance.

''What are you doing, you idiots! Go! Go and kill all the demons!

 Diego gave the order.
 But Zecia did not move.

 The girls, who had only been at her beck and call, spilled drops of tears as they expressed their intentions.

''What's wrong? Go, don't go!

 Diego shouted loudly, but still the girls didn't move a bit.

''You, hideous top...''

 Diego draws a magic circle.
 <It's a magic to forcefully detonate the Root Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavell).

 The moment he was about to put his magic power into it, his fingertips were sliced off from his wrist.

 Diego holds his arms and lets out a cry of anguish.

'I was, I was wrong,'

 Ray thrust Evans Mana into Diego's neck.
 He took advantage of the gap in Zesia's movement and came through the formation of the Geiradite Demon King's defeating army in one fell swoop.

''.........What are you talking about.......?

I mean, some people are irredeemable. Like you.

 Ray's eyes pierced Diego.
 But those eyes seemed to be staring somewhere far away, not at Diego.

'What are you doing, guys? Do it! Even if you have the holy sword, you have one enemy. Don't be afraid!

 Diego shouted angrily at the surrounding soldiers, but they didn't try to draw their swords.

''........Oi! Are you deaf? I'm telling you to do this one!

 But the soldiers just turned over.
 One of them said, ''We don't have a sword to point at the legendary heroic canon. 

''We do not have a sword to point at the legendary heroic canon...''

Idiot! What are you talking about in your sleep? Are your eyes rotten? This is a demon! I'm the one, canon! I'm a reincarnation of a legendary hero!

"...for you...

 The soldier mutters.
 He said as if he had made up his mind.

''Did the Spirit God Man Sword slip out on you?''

 Diego exclaimed.
 Then he turned red and stared at the soldiers around him.

''You can have them try it, though.''

 Ray stabbed Evans Mana into the ground.

''The Spirit Godman Sword chooses the right heart. If I'm a demon race and you're a hero, then the Spirit Godman Sword should be on your side.''

Don't lick it.

 Immediately, Diego grabbed the hilt of the Spirit God Man Sword.
 Then, the moment he gingerly put his strength into it.

''Guh, guh, guh!

 As if being judged by the holy light, a white current ran through Diego's entire body.

''Why.........why.......why, Spirit God Man Sword! Why are you on the side of the demon race...?

'That's the answer to the Holy Sword. The Demon King is dead. We shouldn't be fighting each other anymore.

 At the words that were thrust at him, Diego made a pained expression.

'Compared to you, the demon race is much more merciful.

 The deputy who had been slashed on his arm by Diego just now blurted out.

'The battle is over. In accordance with the will of our guardian god, the Holy Sword, and in accordance with the words of the legendary heroic Canon, we return triumphantly to Gailladite!

 When the second-in-command shouted that, the soldiers raised their voices and turned back in the direction of Gailladite.

'Wait! Bastards! I won't allow you to do this without permission!

 Diego shouts angrily, but there's no one there to hear his orders any longer.
 As the tens of thousands of soldiers leave like a receding wave, only Diego is left alone.

 He fell to his knees and muttered, with empty eyes.

''It's not the end........''

 It was an eerie, distorted, horrifying voice.
 It sounded like it was tainted with hatred and sinking into the abyss.

 He clenched his fists tightly.
 His nails dug into his hands and blood dripped.

'....For two thousand years the seed has been wound up. Now is the time for it to come to fruition...

 Light enveloped Diego's body.
 <It was the magic of the Sanctuary (Usk).

 A voice resounds from nowhere.


 A shrill voice.

 --Kill the demon, kill the demon...

 Horrible voice.


 An uncomfortable voice, filled with hatred.

'I'm sorry,'

 Ray swung the Spirit Godman Sword down without hesitation at Diego's head.
 However, just before he was about to do so, he stopped the blade.

 <It's a good thing that the person who used the "Sanctuary (Ask)" fell forward and lost consciousness.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world.


 I heard the sound of people falling.
 If Ray turned his gaze, the soldiers of the Demon King's defeating army, who had just begun to retreat, fell one by one.
 Their bodies were all uniformly surrounded by light.

''This is...?''


 Eleonor raises his voice.
 Like the Demon King's defeating army, Zesia and the others lay down on the spot.

 Their bodies were also wrapped up in the sanctuary.

 --You're filthy, you demons!

 A voice echoed on the battlefield.
 <Not only those under the influence of the
 --I am Jelga--


 Ray muttered.

 --Willful magic that destroys the demon race --

 From the direction of Azation, the light of the Sanctuary (Ask) gathers in the sky.
 It poured down to the ground and condensed tightly.

 Eventually, a body emerged faintly.


 Ray said.

 Condensed light. That magical body made of magic power was indeed the man who had continued to resent the tyrannical demon king two thousand years ago and created the heroic academy that destroyed the demon race, Jelga, the general of the Gailladite demon king's defeating army.

''Canon, two thousand years ago, I told you.

 He opens his mouth.
 Ray looked at him with an expression of disbelief.

'The demon race is not the kind of creature I would give your kindness to. They should not be in this world, they are unholy.

 As if his body was still incomplete, Jelga didn't move from his spot.

''I never got tired of opposing the establishment of the heroic academy and defending the tyrannical demon king, I didn't expect you to become a demon race. It's a shame, canon. It's a shame.

 Ray looked at that guy with a melancholy expression on his face.

''........Yes, sir. I'm sorry too. That you've lost people's minds to that extent.''

 Ray pointed the tip of the Spirit Godman Sword at Jelga.

''Teacher is a ghost from two thousand years ago. Its roots should have originally disappeared as well. I'll end it for you. Along with that hatred of yours.

 A cannonball of light was released from Jelga.
 Rei easily dodged it with ease and stabbed the Spirit Godman Sword into him.

 The divine light of Evans Mana slashed through Gerga.
 However, once he seemed to have fizzled out, he regained his original form.

''It's useless, canon. The Spirit God Human Sword is a holy sword used to destroy the tyrannical Demon King. It is only against the demon race that its power is immensely effective, but the magic of is of the same kind as that sword. The holy sword cannot destroy what is truly holy.

 Ray draws a magic circle with his left hand.
 The one that appeared was the Unique Sword Sig Shasta.

''Unfortunately, it's our turn now.

 More and more light gathered on Jelga's left arm and moved slowly.
 As he drew a magic circle, one after another appeared on Zesia's left chest, which was prostrated in conjunction with it.

''Ten thousand root explosions, the demons in this forest won't be able to escape.


 Ray flips his body and destroys the magic circle floating on Zesia with his holy sword and magic sword.

''I won't let you........!

 Eleonor emitted magic power to erase the magic of the that floated on Zesia.
 Even so, 10,000 was too many. I don't care if they are solidified in one place, Zesia and the others are scattered all over the forest.

'It's no use. 'I know, I know, you won't make it in time.'

Now, how about that?

 A voice came from above.
 If Jelga looked at it, Sasha and Misha were floating there.

''.........The tyrannical demon king's subordinate? What do you plan to do with that power that is far inferior to the demon race of two thousand years ago? You can do nothing. Lament your own helplessness and die with your sins.

Sorry to hear it. After 2,000 years, the demon race isn't getting any weaker.

 A man with a skeletal body slowly appeared behind them.
 One of the Seven Demon Emperors was Aivis Necron.

''My direct descendant, the favored twin of the Demon King of Tyranny. It is time to show the secrets of Necron to any fool who draws a bow to you.

 Sasha and Misha exchanged glances.
 Then they clasped each other's hands.

'I'm not afraid.'

 'Yes,' said Misha.


 Yes, Sasha responds.

'I am you.'

 Misha said.

'You're me.'

 Sasha said.
 They each drew a semicircle of magic circles on their bodies and connected them to each other to make one.

 Ivis held up his hands and piled another magic circle on top of that magic circle.
 All of his magical power is pouring into it.

'Return to your rightful form.

 Following Ivis' words, they both said at the same time.

 As particles of magic power rise, their bodies melt, swooshing together and becoming one.
 Sasha and Misha, a silver-haired girl with neither hair color, were there.

 A fusion magic that takes the root that was divided into two and makes it one again, amplifying its magical power.
 Misha and Sasha's , which was assimilated with their past selves, was incomplete.

 However, unlike the root clone, the power to reunite two people who are completely separated from the same root source works. It was the same between Sasha and Misha, who had become one source.

 Hence, in this , their magic can be brought closer to perfection.

 No, in terms of the amount of magic power alone, it would be more than perfect.
 It's because it doesn't bring back the two separate roots into one, but fuses the two roots together.

''Go away.''
The Conjuring Eye.

 The voices of Sasha and Misha echoed from the silver-haired girl.

 Misha's magic eye finds the forest, even Zesia's magic power covered by the trees, and captures all ten thousand of her and the magic of the floating there. And Sasha's magic eye that caught in her vision instantly destroyed that magic formula.

''Little wise, fly. Drop.

 The glow of Jelga's right arm increased and it moved.
 He fired the at the silver-haired girl.

''It's useless.
"Destroy the magic formula of the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon Theo Trias.

 <The light cannonball disappears before the magical eye of doom.
 However, Jelga doesn't mind and continues to fire the
 A huge magic circle was drawn on the tip of his right hand and light bullets were fired from there like a rainstorm.

''Did you think you could handle it if you shot a few?''
Forty-six rounds of the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon are confirmed. Destroy.

 Sasha and Misha destroy all the magicians in the Sanctuary Cutthroat Artillery and the magical circle of the Root Light Annihilation Bomb floating in Zecia's chest with their magical eye of destruction.

 You will be able to see that all magic will be reduced to nothing in front of the silver eye.

I'm sure you have some magic in you, but you don't seem to understand the situation. That's quite a magical eye. But what does that mean? You're defending yourselves. That's all the anti-magic you have, and soon your magic will run out. It will only buy you time.

 Furthermore, the light gathered on Jerga's body.
 Both of his legs, followed by his body, increased in brilliance.

 One of the countless light bullets released by the countless number of light bullets slipped through the and hit the silver-haired girl.
 Barely, the anti-magic prevented it.

''........If I can buy enough time, it's enough......''
I'm waiting.

Wait, what?

"Anos is coming. To take you down...
I believe.

 Nii, Gerga's mouth twisted.
 He raised his voice as if to mock her.

''Ku, hahahahaha, you have that many demon eyes, don't you understand? The Demon King of Tyranny is dead! The Spirit God Human Sword Evans Mana is a holy sword made by a god to destroy the demon king. It was pierced by it and every single piece of the root cause was annihilated! There's no way I'm going to come back!

I don't know about that...
Even though you can't see it, I believe it.

 The light bullets shoot the silver-haired girl again and again.
 Even so, they stare at the ground and continue to destroy the magicians of the .

'........I will protect you........
"The peace that Anos wanted to keep.

You were the one who told me to protect you...!
"....no one else is going to die...

 A light gathered on Jelga's head.
 Then his magical body materialized as if it had a substance.

''........Did you think that just by destroying the root cause, my Demon King would die?
Anos didn't die on his own.

 <The magical eye of doom destroyed all the flares.

"So you can't even understand common sense at last. Poor demons. Your anguish is soothing. You'll be able to experience more despair. The anguish I experienced two thousand years ago is multiplied a hundredfold and I will repay you.

 As if to cover the forest of Torah, four huge magic circles appear, each consisting of earth, water, fire and wind.
 Each of them is composed of earth, water, fire and wind, and they are the Four Genus Warding Seal (De Igeria).

 That magical ward momentarily blocked the power of the Magic Eye of Doom.
 The magic technique was completed on the left chest of one Zesia.

''First one. Ten seconds later, another. I will detonate them one by one until you all cry and beg me to stop. Especially sorrow as the ones you wanted to protect die in turn.

 Jelga gingerly grasps his left hand.

 Ray ran.
 Sasha and Misha stared into the evil eye.

 Eleonor raised his voice.

 But we can't get there in time--

 And yet...

 Zesia didn't explode.
 Everyone's gaze was focused on it.


 Jelga's muttering leaks out.
 His eyes reflected the demon king of tyranny.

''.........Anos.......Voldigord............... ...

Hmm. Looks like you know me too.

 Loosely, I stepped out and walked over to where Zesia and the others had fallen.

'Good work, Ray, Sasha, Misha and Eleonor. You held on well.

 It's not just the Zesia just now, but all of the in this place