109-The voice of a child resounding on the battlefield

 Ray wielded the Spirit God Human Sword.
 The blade turned into countless flashes of light and sliced through all of the descending Demon Rock Crash Projectiles (Gia Glaesus) and the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).

 It was as if to dispel the darkness.
 As if to counteract the despair.

 A dazzling light shines on my body.


 His body was engulfed in light.
 The scars inflicted by the Spirit God Human Sword were destroying this root.

''Demon Lord-sama!

 Dillhade's advance troops, probably the fastest of them all.
 Roughly five hundred demon soldiers would arrive here.
 They may have come to help the tyrannical demon king, but it's already too late.

 The light that was wrapped around my body flashed all at once.
 It gradually subsides and my body disappears.

''You humans........''

 The captain of the advance party drew his magic sword and raised it to the sky.

''I am the Demon Emperor, Elio Ludwell, entrusted with Midhays from the Demon King of Tyranny! My Midgaze squad is now ready to take on the Demon Lord's journey to Hades! Foolish mortals, let this be a consolation to you, my dear!

 The Mid-Hays troops stared at each other with the army of defeating the Geiradite Demon King.
 Just before the battle was about to begin, Ray raised his holy sword.

''My name is the Heroic Canon. The Demon King of Tyranny, Avos Dilhevia, has been defeated. The Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana is the holy sword to destroy the Demon King, the Demon King who has been pierced at the root will never rise again!

 Declaring this on a high note, Ray stepped in front of the advance party.

'Proud Dirheid soldier. You have made an admirable attempt to follow your lord. But have you forgotten the last words of the Demon King of Tyranny?

 "All forces must retreat to Dirheid. There will be no vengeance against Azéon until I am reborn in this land. Live. Until the day the demon king returns.

"The word of your master or the holy sword of a brave man, which do you believe?

 The Demon King who had been pierced at the root by the Spirit God Human Sword would never rise again.
 However, the Demon King of Tyranny said he would reincarnate again.

 Elio gingerly gritted his teeth.
 There was a hint of vengeance in his eyes.

 But still, as a member of the royal family, the Demon King of Tyranny took precedence over everything else.
 If challenged to believe in either of the two, the Holy Sword of the Brave or the words of his lord, the answer was obvious.

''........All troops, retreat. Wait for the Demon King's return....

 Mid-Hayes' troops show their backs.

'Chase him, don't let him get away!

 Then, as if to give chase, this time the army to defeat the Geiradite Demon King advanced.
 Before them, Ray stood in front of them.

He said, "Peace-loving Gailladite soldiers," he said, "Avos Dilhevia is gone. Avos Dilhevia is no more. The demons will believe the words of the tyrannical demon king and will not attack him until he is reborn. But the Demon King will not rise again. For its roots have already been destroyed by Evans Mana.

 There is no one in Gailladite who doubts the power of the legendary holy sword brought by the gods.

"They will wait for the return of the tyrannical demon king for all eternity. "They will wait for the tyrannical demon king's return for all eternity, a time that will never come. This is their punishment. This is an eternal lesson to them. This is a warning to them.

 Ray said in a high voice.

'We've won. The conflict is over. Now, at this moment, peace has come to Azation!

 After raising the Spirit Godman Sword wide, Ray drew a magic circle and summoned the sheath to it.
 After sheathing the Evans Mana, all of Gailladite's soldiers also put their swords in the scabbard, raising a battle cry in victory.

 Until the Demon King of Tyranny is revived, the demon race will not invade Azation.
 And the Demon King of Tyranny would never return for ever.

 Then, Azation would also never invade Dillheid.

''This is the end........Anos.

 Ray muttered.
 At that moment, a light cannonball was released from the Gailladite Demon King's defeating army.

 Ray quickly popped it with his right hand
 In the next moment, thousands of light cannonballs were fired at the Dirheid army all at once.


 Quickly, he pulled out his Evans Mana and cleaved off his magic .

 However, because of the fact that it was sheathed, it may have been a breath too late, and one of the shots in it passed through Ray's side.


 The target was the Mid-Hays unit. The light shells landed on several soldiers who were retreating.
 An explosion erupted, and dust flew up in the air.


 The demon soldier shouted out.

 Dillhade's army expresses its indignation.

'Don't be fooled! He's not in heroic canon! Demons! Kill the demons! Kill them all!

 The one who shouted was Diego, the general of the army to defeat the Geiradite Demon King.

The enemy has lost the will to fight! The enemy has lost the will to fight. We have destroyed the tyrannical demon king. We have achieved our goal! In the unlikely event that that canon is a demon race, he doesn't seem to have any hostile intent. There's no reason to fight anymore....

Shut up! All demons will be killed. Can't you listen to my orders?

"...any more of this is a futile battle. We can't sacrifice our soldiers' lives for that.

 Ston, the arm of the deputy officer who advised him was slashed off.

If you disobey me, I'll kill you too! Zecia, step forward. <This is the Root Light Annihilation Bomb. He'll wipe out your entire demon race, including that fake cannon!

 Ten thousand Zetia, wearing armor and helmets and hiding their faces, moved forward.
 All at once, the girls drew a magic circle on their left chest.

 The demon king, who was our shield, laughed at me when I withdrew with a wink and a wink until my friends were killed. The pride of the demon race, you will remind the humans of that!

 At Elio's command, the Mid-Haze troops stopped and turned to face the Demon King's defeating force again.

 That's when.


 A voice rang out.
 Eventually, as the dust cleared, the figure of Eleonor came into view there.

 She was deploying the in front, protecting the soldiers of the demon race.
 <I'm not sure if they were able to block the "Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon" or not, but they were all unharmed.

"We're safe! No one is dead!

 Erio stared at her with surprised and alarmed eyes.

 Eleonor was not a demon race.
 He couldn't help but wonder why he was defending a soldier of the demon race.

''What are you doing, you failure! Not only have you forgotten your hatred for the demons, but now you're going to betray the humans!

 Diego emits a thought transmission (leaks) with anger.

"What's the matter with you, there's no reason to fight anymore! The Demon King of Tyranny is dead. Dirhade's army is in retreat! It's not a fight to protect you anymore. It's just a slaughter, killing both friend and foe, that's all. Not even the tyrannical demon king who says he hates you would do that!

Shut up! I'm no better than a filthy demon! That's impossible. It's revenge! This is justice for the demons who stole everything from us humans!

"You didn't get robbed of anything! Whose hatred is that hatred, whose justice is that! It's not yours! You're just an idiot to fight and be controlled by a mind other than your own! We didn't really want to fight!

I said, "Shut up, I said, don't talk to me like a magician, Eleonor!

 Magic letters floated on Eleonor's body.
 Holy water overflows from it, turning into a sphere and covering her.

 <The magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) is activated and her actions are restricted.

'Stay there and watch.

 Diego pulled out the Holy Sword of Light Enhale and raised it above his head.

''Charge while simultaneously firing the Sacred Area Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias). As soon as the demon race is in range, self-destruct!

 Ten thousand Zecia stepped forward.

'Zecia, please don't! You can't do that. You don't want to kill us! You don't want to kill anyone, you know that!

I don't listen to you. You and your kind are weapons of mass destruction. Go!

 The 10,000 Zetia, all of them, drew their light holy swords, Enhale, and headed towards the Dirheid army.


 Ray slashes through the unleashed Root Source Light Annihilation Bomb (Gavell) deployed by Zesia.

 But no matter how much of a Spirit God Human Sword, how much of a reincarnation of the legendary heroic canon, there were too many of them. He hadn't killed one of the Zesia that was coming towards him. It was obvious that he wouldn't be able to last long with that fighting style.

 A few Zesia passed through Ray's Evans mana and entered his bosom.
 That close-range root explosion would do a lot of damage to even Ray's root source.


 Eleonor shouts.
 But Zecia and the others raise their arms to thrust the en-hale into his left chest.

 Then it stopped moving with a snap.

 It was as if time had stopped.
 All of the ten thousand Zetia stood still, not moving even slightly.

 The silence might have lasted for a few seconds in time, or maybe even less.
 Eventually, she opens her mouth.

 Such a childlike voice was echoing on the battlefield--