119-Demon King Proof

 The buzz in the classroom reached a climax at Eldmead's words. "Are you stupid?" "Don't be silly!" "Criticism of the royal family is a good thing!" mixed in with such voices, "It's here!" "The era of Anos-sama!" "The curtain will rise on the legend of Anos-sama," were some of the voices that made the classroom truly chaotic.

 There was a thump on the desk and a boy stood up.
 He must be from the royalist school.

''Wait a minute. No matter how much you're a teacher, I won't listen to what you just said. Are you saying that the Demon King of Tyranny is Anos? That guy is the only non-conformist in the Demon King Academy. You know that the Demon King's aptitude test is to determine if he's a tyrannical Demon King, right?

 The rational, imperialist student said.

''Totally. You may be a Unificationist, teacher, but you're not going to teach your students the wrong knowledge, are you!

That's right. Isn't this kind of thing called "abuse of power"?

I've never heard of a teacher dressed in white. I don't know if it's a 2,000-year-old demon race or what, but I'm not interested in old people who have been left behind.

 Mouthfuls of criticism came from the Imperialist students.
 Menou was about to say something, but Erdmeade stopped him with his hand.

'It's obscure.'

 He says as he spits out.

''What was wrong was the history of the Demon Race so far, and the teachings of the Demon Academy. And it was the Demon Race of two thousand years ago that dared to leave falsehoods for posterity in order to protect the tyrannical Demon King.''

 The students of the Imperialist school naturally wore a questioning expression.

''The earlier war between Dirheid and Azation will still be fresh in your minds, even if you're not the Mongolians. Azation had planned to destroy the tyrannical demon king two thousand years after he was reborn. So the demon tribe wanted Azation to defeat the fake Tyrannical Demon King. This area is a bit complicated, but I'll just conclude.

 As if to confront the truth, Erdmeade spoke strongly.

''That fake Demon King is the Avos Dilhevia you have believed in to this day.

 The reactions of the imperialist students varied from those who looked like it was impossible, to those who expressed anger, to those who snickered and laughed away, but they all had one thing in common: they didn't believe it.

'I branded the real Demon King, Anos Voldigordo, a non-conformist so that he wouldn't be recognized as the Demon King of Tyranny, in case he was a tyrant. The attempt worked, and thanks to you Imperialists, it was done without the humans realizing it. The ringleader on the Azation side was destroyed in the last battle, and now that it's all over, there's no need to hide the real Demon King anymore.

 Eldmead deploys a magic circle.

'Open your eyes well and see the reality. That brand of non-conformity is proof that he is nothing more than a tyrannical demon king.

 The magic used was  It says that what Eldmead just uttered is an agreement that there is no lie. The price of breaking the contract is life.

 A number of famous demon clans of this era have signed it, but the most notable one would be the top seven.

The first thing that comes to mind is the signing of the Zekt. Melhayth-sama, Ibis-sama and Idle-sama.........

Seven Demon Emperors, they all signed the papers!

You're lying.... does this mean that the Seven Demon Emperors have recognized Anos as the tyrannical demon king?

Impossible! It's impossible. Because that guy is a non-conformist in white...!

You're not as precious as we are...

 Eldmead turned his gaze on me again.

'Anos Voldigord.

 He vacated the front of the pulpit.


 Hmm. What are you going to do?

 I stood up and walked to the podium.

'Go away,'

 As Eldmead spoke the words, all the chairs and desks in the classroom disappeared.
 The students who had been seated almost fell down, but managed to regain their positions.

''I may not be under the control of the Demon King, but your attitude is a bit too much for me. How peaceful the times are, we will need to show you.

 The immediate reaction was the girls of the Fun Union.
 She all kneeled on the spot.

 Sasha, Misha, Rei, and Misa followed, kneeling as well.

''What are you doing?''

 Eldmead says to the students who are standing there stunned and unable to comprehend the situation.

'It's the demon king's presence. You have a high head.'

 At those words, Menou reacted and knelt in front of me.
 I looked at her and she said in a whisper.

'Master Melhayes has told me everything.

 As Menou knelt, the other students followed suit.
 The only ones still standing in the classroom were the Imperialist students.

 The reality that they had believed in until yesterday was suddenly turned upside down.
 It's hard to accept that so easily.

''Why aren't you kneeling? Is that the will to rebel against the tyrannical demon king?

 Eldmead asks the student who has just expressed his opinion.

'....no...but...from what I've been taught...'

An obscure man. I told you it was a lie.

'But to believe it right away when someone suddenly tells you it's a lie...'

I don't care what you want.

 Erdmeade kicks off the student's words.

'It's all a made up illusion. The royal family is not noble. Your prerogatives are nowhere to be found. The Demon King is to be treated equally.

 The student gritted his teeth.

''The curtain has long since fallen. There is no need for the role of the royal family or the fictional organization of the royalist faction in the future Dirheid. It would be beyond ridiculous if you're still in the role after the stage is over, hmm?''

 The students look down in frustration.
 However, the
 Seeing the proof by the Seven Demon Imperial Elders, how could they argue against it?
 This was because the activities of the Imperial Family Faction had been supported by the Seven Demon Elders until now.

 They slowly knelt in place with humiliated expressions, their limbs trembling.  

''Please say a few words.''


 I point lightly and draw a magic circle of as many students as there are students in the classroom.
 Then the chairs and desks that disappeared earlier appear.

'Well, sit down.'

 The students react to my words with a puzzled reaction.

''Dirhade is peaceful. There is no longer a need for a tyrannical demon king. If you want to admit it, admit it. If you don't accept it, that's fine. Everyone can live as they please. You can do what you want in this age. Let your faith be the master of your beliefs.

""Yes, Anos-sama!"

 The students speak up.
 It's the fan unions that have taken center stage, but there are more voices than that.

 The students dressed in white were the ones with a gloomy look on their faces.
 On the contrary, the imperialist group had a bitter expression on their faces.

 Well, it couldn't be helped. The only thing that the canon told Dilheid was the story of a tyrannical demon king reincarnating into the royal family. It is their own problem that they have run from there to bloodlineism and wielded the impossible privilege of being an Imperialist.
 The reason why some of the Seven Demon Emperors were imperialists was also to put a minimum of restraint on them to prevent them from going too far.

 The humiliation and anguish were all created by their own ugly emotions. You're going to be able to find out what you're looking for, and you're going to be able to find out what you're looking for.
 Then, you'll just have to get over it.

From now on, as the history is corrected, each of us will realize this. I do not dare to speak for myself, but I would like to make one correction.

 I don't know if they'll understand.
 But I must say this.

"My blood is not precious. "My blood is not precious, no different from that of ordinary demons. You can't get rid of them. You're not going to be able to get a good deal more than that. The belief in your mind determines the preciousness of your power. Then refine your mind. Worry, wander and struggle. Preciousness is not so cheap that you can get it while sitting cross-legged.

""Yes, Anos-sama!"

 The students responded.
 The imperialists could only stare at the floor with an expression tainted with humiliation.

''It's not that unusual to hear of something that you believed in that was false. It's the same with this one, though on a much larger scale. Don't put your beliefs and your values in the hands of others, or they will easily be overturned. Otherwise, it can easily be overturned. Live as one demon race, not as an imperial family or a half-breed.

""Yes, Anos-sama!"

As I said before, sit down now. I'm just a student now, too.

 As he said this, the students looked up.
 Once Ray, Misha and Sasha were seated, the others also took their seats as if they were relieved.

'Yes. Well, now that we're back in the swing of things, it's time for Mr. Erdmeade to teach the class from now on. If you need help with any of your old classes, you can come to the 3rd grade classroom. The rest--

 Menou looks at me.


'Keep it up as usual. I didn't force my men to be respectful in the first place.

...So, um, Anos, do you still have classes?

 I turn my gaze to Eldmead.
 He's looking vaguely into the void with an expression on his face, unsure of what he's thinking.

"There's nothing to do. Let's just enjoy the peace here for a while.


 After replying, Menou told the students.

'I know it's going to be hard for you all, but do your best. If you're a teacher, I'll be happy to consult with you anytime. I'm sure there will be an announcement about the tyrannical demon king in the near future in Dilhade, so until then, please don't tell anyone. Bye then.

 Menou left the classroom.

'Now let's get to class. Demon King of Tyranny, you may return to your seat.

"The Cutthroat King eldmead.

 I'll ask him.

"Why did you come to the Demon King's Academy?

It's just a whim.

I see.

 I know better.

 I stepped out loosely and walked past Eldmead.
 On the way there, I said.

'A poor disguise, Nausgaria.

 He looks at me with an expression on his face.

'What's God doing here, taking over a demon vessel?

 He said.

'Take your seat, Demon King of Tyranny. I will teach you in person.