120-God's class

 The magic eye is pointed at Nowusgaria's entire body.
 There is no suspicious movement in that magic power.

 At the very least, it doesn't seem like they have any intention of setting up something here and now.

"Two thousand years have passed, has the god's world changed a little bit?

'God's world has always been in order. Now and two thousand years ago.

 Without any qualms, Nausgaria said.
 I can't sense any hostility, but we can't be too careful. He would not take over Eldmead's body without any intentions and become the homeroom teacher for this class.

''Don't do anything foolish.

 I nailed it and returned to my seat.
 I didn't know what I was doing here, so I couldn't take my eyes off him.

Now, let's get to class.

 Exaggeratedly, says Nausgaria.
 Then he spread his hands wide.

'There is order in the world.'

 A stern voice echoed throughout the classroom.

'This world, being this world, makes sense. Why birds are birds and why demons are demons. Blessed rain falls from the heavens, moistening the earth and nurturing the trees. When you draw a magic circle and put magic power into a magic formula, a light is lit. These are called natural laws, demonic laws, and the order that makes this world the world.

 In a confident voice, he speaks cheerfully.

'And the being that maintains that order, the being that that order embodies, is the higher order, the divine race, or God.

 All the students listened to him with a blank expression on their faces.

'Two thousand years ago in the Great War, a tyrannical demon king fought against the gods as well. Anos Voldigord wanted a divine miracle that could overthrow the order. The world was in shambles. Demons were dying, humans were dying, and spirits were disappearing. To put an end to the world's devastation, the power to change the world's order was necessary. The demon king sought that miracle, and then he took it away.

 Hmm. This is good old times.

"That's exactly what this castle is, the Demon King's Castle Delsogade. In the age of mythology, far away in the sky, in the land of the gods, the god of destruction, Averniu, who illuminated the world with an order of destruction, was defeated here by the Demon King. The name of the god was overwritten by the Demon King and one order was lost from the world.

 In the age of mythology, Averniu, the god of destruction, was the source of all death and destruction. That's why I was the first to defeat him.

"All things move toward destruction. That was the order that the God of Destruction possessed, but because the Demon King took it away, the world's destruction was halted. Those who were supposed to die did not die, those who were supposed to perish did not perish, and the reasoning of the world was disrupted. Other gods made up for it, but it was never fully restored. The result is now, two thousand years later.

 <The reason why the spells of Revive (Ingal) and Rebirth of the Root (Agglonemt) have a high probability of success is because the God of Destruction, Averniu, has become a delzogade.

 I've changed it into my magic to keep the God of Destruction's immense interference power from leaking into the world. It is called the Sword of Reason and Annihilation (Venuzdnoa).

 I took away the order of destruction, making it harder for demons and humans to die.
 The balance between death and life set by the order tilted slightly in favor of life, and there was more hope in this world than before.

 Nausgaria continues.

'The demons continued to multiply more than the order had decreed, and the humans multiplied even more than that. Without annihilation, there would be no new birth. In order to protect his own race, the Demon King took away the possibility of a new race being born. That is exactly why Anos Voldigord was called the Demon King of Tyranny by even the gods.

 That's why the gods know my name.
 That's why the gods know my name, especially the gods who are most likely to disrupt their own order.

The world will only become more and more disorderly if we don't do something about it. New life is being destroyed before it is even born, even in this moment. God has decided to create a new order to destroy the tyrannical demon king.

 As I recall, they said that two thousand years ago.

 If they wanted to, they could have eradicated my descendants, but they lost their god of destruction, and they had no way to strike.
 God is order. He has immense power, but on the other hand, he cannot deviate from the order he possesses.
 Of course, it was a reincarnation with that in mind.

........I mean, teacher, are you crazy?

 It was a student of the Imperialist school who uttered that.

''Oh, even if you suddenly call me a god or something...''

In the history books, there are certainly descriptions of gods in mythological times, but that's just a fairy tale.

'A story made up to glorify a tyrannical demon king, right? Even a kid knows that story.

 Hmm. I see.
 It's true that in this day and age, gods don't come across each other very often.

 Misha and Sasha were surprised when they encountered the Guardian of Time.
 It's understandable that it could be interpreted that way.

 It's a good thing that I was there to begin with, because I was there to begin with, it's as if God came out.

"If there is a god, you'll have to bring him to me first.

'Yeah, I know you can't, though. Haha!

 The Imperialist students laughed out loud.
 ''I suppose he's trying to relieve his resentment that he had to admit I'm the Demon King of Tyranny.

''I'm going to teach you mongrels a lesson.

 God's miracles dwell in the words of Nausgaria.

'I am Nowusgaria, God the Heavenly Father. I am the order that begets God, the Father of the gods.

 Instantly, the students of the imperialist school stared at Nausgaria with astonished expressions, as if they had realized everything.

I can't believe it... how did it end up in this school...?

".........I don't know.......what the hell is going on with the tyrannical demon king being Anos or the teacher being a god.......

''Isn't Dr. Eldmead a two-thousand year old demon race? What do you mean by "Heavenly Father God Nausgaria?

 Hmm. It's a bit pathetic.
 If you don't know anything, you're not going to be able to keep up with the situation.

"Oh, you demon. "Oh, you demon, you're so hostile. If you cross a god, you're in for a world of hurt if you think you're going to cross him.

 It was that moment.

 The students of the imperialist school all held their own throats at once and began to suffer.

''I can't........breathe.......''

"Uh ... uh ... uh ... ...uh.....

...help me...

 Nausgaria took an uninterested glance at the students as they fell to the spot in a flurry of activity.

'Let me give you the wisdom of the gods. Anos Voldigord, the demon king of tyranny. The order that destroys you, the new Son of God--'

 High-pitched, Nausgaria said.

'I'm in this academy.

 Ray summoned the Unique Sword and grabbed the hilt in a sitting position.
 Sasha and Misha point their magical eyes at Nowusgaria.

 I do a hand to control them and stand up loosely.

'It would be foolishly honest if you came all the way out here to tell me.

 He stood in front of Nausgaria as a shield for the Imperialist students.

'It is not out of kindness. What are you up to?'

'It's about restoring perfect order to this world. That's what my children are born to do.

 It's the same thing, God is the same thing.
 2,000 years and they still don't understand.

"Let the man go free. They won't get what they deserve.

'Words don't move order. It's the reason they die. It's called d*mnation.

 I hold out my hand to the spot.
 Throughout the classroom, magic letters are drawn and countless particles of magic power rise up.

 A sword of shadow appeared at my feet and floated in the air.

''Do you want to try it?''

 I pull out the Rational Sword Venuzdnoa.
 The dark-colored long sword appears in my hand.

"Wisdom is yours, meek one. I, the father of God, am the father of order in this world. If I perish, even for a time, there will be no order to sustain the world for the time being. If you destroy me, the world will be destroyed.

 God is not eternal.
 They disappear according to order, and are born anew.

 And the god who creates them is Heavenly Father Goddess Noosgalia.

"You who govern the power of the god of destruction have that much power, but you, who love the world, cannot therefore destroy it.

Hmm. I see.

 I walked over and sloppily raised Venusdnoa.
 I stabbed that dark-colored long sword straight into Nausgaria.


 The guy who was pierced by the Ridiculous Sword is staring at me in amazement.


 Nausgaria scoffs.

'A shallow imitation. That's about as far as you can go with your threats. Any more and you'll really be putting the world at risk.'


 He put more strength into his hand and pushed the Ridiculous Sword further into it.


 Blood floods from God's lips.

'..........Stop, tyrannical demon king. God's orders are absolute........

I don't take orders from anybody. I don't even know if you're a god.

 I put my magic power into the Ridiculous Sword and pierced the root of him.

".........what a shallow.......man....... You're going to destroy the world........?

You're the one who thinks too much.


 Venuzdnoa glows darkly and destroys Nausgaria.

Listen, Demon King of Tyranny. This is an order ordained by God for you to destroy the world.

 He pulled Venuzdnoa out of Nausgaria with great force.
 A moment later, his body is consumed by the darkness.

'Wander through the darkness of doom and disappear.

 The darkness popped, and the next moment he was gone from the scene.

'Did you think you could shield the world and they would miss you?