121-God's speculation

 He took a swing at Venuzdnoa and paid off the blood.

''Huh ... hah ... breath ...''

"I didn't know you'd be alive...

Looks like...

"...he's going to....

You were saved.........

 The students, who had regained their breath after the destruction of Nowusgaria, looked at me.
 They had a very complicated look on their faces.

 Well, now is not the time to worry about such things.
 If we destroy the Heavenly Father God, the order of the world will be disrupted and eventually destroyed.

 I regenerate the root of Nowusgaria right here.
 If you use it on an enemy, it doesn't matter if it's not a second time, as it originates from my attack.

 The defunct Eldmead's body revived and he regained consciousness.

''Hoho, you can't destroy me.

 Nausgaria laughed with pride.

'Fools who spit in the heavens,' he said. Take your punishment for disobeying order. Look up to God.'

 Nausgaria speaks the word of God that works miracles.

 His body is enveloped in a dazzling light.
 But halfway through, he raises his eyebrows. A puzzled look could be seen on his face.

 The light quickly subsided.

What's wrong, Noosgaria? Why don't you do as you say and show me what God looks like?

 I let go of Venuzdnoa as if to declare victory and stop the activation of the three-dimensional magic circle.
 The dark-colored long sword reverts to a mere shadow and falls at my feet.

''Or have you realized that you only have ten percent of your divine roots?''

'Don't speak rudely. God's dignity is absolute.

 Nausgaria speaks the words.
 But its power is less than before.

'It was a mistake to parasitize the body and root source of Eldmead, wasn't it? If you stay within it, you can live with ten percent of the root source. If ten percent of the Heavenly Father God's Root Source remains, that order will not completely collapse either. You gods are immortal beings. Normally, it should be easy to regenerate the root source, but not in front of the Rational Destruction Sword.

 I tried to use a magic to regenerate the root cause, but it was only able to restore up to 10% of it.
 Therefore, even if you used Aggrenemt, you could not completely return to the roots you had before the attack.

"Don't worry, you can't prevent it from regenerating completely. "Don't worry, the world will die if it can't regenerate itself completely. I've taken the time to break it down to the point where you can just barely restore order.

 Nausgaria glared at me.
 There was pure hatred in her eyes, a pure hatred that destroyed the order.

''........The power of the God of Destruction has been fully revealed.......?''

"Two thousand years ago, I would have had to do nothing but destroy them. Reincarnated in this peaceful time, I've overcome one of my weaknesses.

 He huffs and laughs and says to him.

''How does it feel to be held back by an insignificant demon tribe, Heavenly Father?

 The demon race in this era is too weak.
 Therefore, they were forced to constantly control their magic power, but thanks to this, my accuracy in taking it easy has also improved.

 We don't destroy God, we destroy God.
 In doing so, we can protect the world while taking away God's power.

 God is order.
 Because it is order, they can only act according to its rules.

 Even if it is effective, they cannot choose to destroy themselves.

"You can stay quiet for a while in your half-blooded, half-demon body. You can do that while you're in my bosom, doing your lessons.

 Turning my back on Nowherealia, I walk back to my seat.

'Shallow stuff, Demon King of Tyranny. Do you think you've taken the power of the gods away from me for this much? The order that will destroy you is soon to be born. Your end is long overdue and has been decreed by the gods.

'Ho. So it was ordained by the gods that the God of Destruction would fall into my hands and that you would be a half-baked god?

 For a moment, Nausgaria was at a loss for words.

'Remember, Nowusgaria,' he says, 'that's what we call sore losers in this world. That's what we call sore losers in this world.

 I discarded it and took my seat loosely.

'I know that god,'

 Ray leaned in from the front seat.

'You know what to expect, but tell me.'

'I was talking to Dr. Jelga. About turning the root into magic.

 I see.
 It seems you'll do whatever it takes to destroy me.

 I've curbed my power for now, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm in trouble.
 After all, if I destroy you completely, the world will be destroyed.

 We can't let him out of our sight for a while.

Well, let's get on with our lesson.

 Nausgaria begins to speak as if nothing has happened.

 Whether he had an agenda or he was just observing the imposed order, he was conducting his classes normally on this day.

 After that day of school--

I had no idea God was coming to the Academy.

 Eleonor said.
 'Everyone is gathering at my desk.

'I mean, why is that guy teaching a normal class after what Anos did to him? I don't get it.

 Sasha says plausibly.
 Well, that question is not unreasonable.

'Oh, Sasha, you don't know. That's what God is like.

 As expected of old magic, Eleonor seems to know about the god race as well.
 If it was the era she was born in, the gods would still have appeared just barely. She herself borrowed the power of a god and was born with magic.

'Does that kind of thing mean I'm an idiot?'

It means you have totally different values than me. The gods are in order and they act accordingly.

You were teaching a class for the sake of order?

 Misha asks.

'I think so,'

''But how is teaching at the Demon King Academy supposed to maintain order?''

 Mass said curiously.

'The gods keep their promises, you know. 'With men and demons,'

 Ray replied.

'I don't know what the logic is, but it seems to be part of the order they're calling it.

''Maybe he made a promise to someone to teach a class at the Demon King's Academy in order to use that body to appear in front of me.

 That way, I can keep him here for a while.
 Or perhaps he wants to keep my eyes on this place.

"You said there's a new Son of God in Derzhogade.

 Sasha twisted her head as if she had a question.

'What does that mean? If there were such a rowdy student, wouldn't Anos have figured it out long ago?

But didn't she also say something about being born?

 Mass voiced a question.

'The vessel of the Son of God is here. And I suppose it means that he is about to awaken.

 Either way, though, it's inexplicable that they were waiting for the right moment to end the fight with Azation.

 It would have been more convenient for the gods to take advantage of that mess, but why didn't they do it?

Or maybe you're teaching classes in this academy to awaken the Son of God.

 God the Heavenly Father maintains the order that God is born. That would make sense, then, as an order that he has.

Isn't that a lie?

 Misha said.

'Are you sure you're at the academy?'

'Hmm. Well, I suppose it could be a lie. It could be that he's trying to get me to look at this school and wake up the Son of God somewhere else.

Either way, you'd better find him and do something about it before he wakes up.

 Eleonor said, and Ray followed suit.

'Yes. Since Nausgaria is a god-generating order, it doesn't directly attack Anos. 'I think it would be more accurate to say that they can't attack us.'

 Of course, if it interferes with our own actions, that is not the case.
 It is God who buries those who disrupt the order without mercy.

But if you say he's the god who destroys Anos, that's a different story. All gods are like that, but I'm sure their magic power is suitably off the charts.

........from Anos-sama?

"Well if he's the god that's going to destroy you, Anos, then he should be born with enough magic to destroy you otherwise it wouldn't be orderly... ...

 Eleanor's words quieted the place for a moment.

'What, don't worry too much about being a god. There is no one in this world who kills and does not die, or who destroys and does not perish.

 The reason they are the reason for the world to come out like this is because I'm out of God's hands. Otherwise, they wouldn't have to interfere with a single powerful demon.

"The gods can't leave me alone. "The gods can't leave me alone, they've given birth to new gods and they want to destroy me. They know I will destroy the order they have created.

 Then there's only one thing to do.
 Find the Son of God and make him speak his mind.

"You would have been better off keeping order out of my sight, but you've gone to the trouble of fighting me. I'm going to make you regret it.