122-The demons of 2,000 years ago

 Misha raises a small hand.

'How do we find the Son of God?'

 Then Eleonor let out an "oh".
 Everyone's eyes focused on her.

'Oh, I'm sorry. It's not. I just received a
No problem.

I'll be back soon.

 Eleonor is a bit out of our league.

'Here you are. Mr. Ledriano, what's going on?

 Such words leaked out from Eleonor's .
 It may be a message from the Brave Academy, but is there any problem?

'I wonder if the magic eye of Anos can't find the Son of God?

 Ray says.

'If you confront him directly and look into the abyss, or so it seems. But not if you have not even a glimpse of the Son of God. You cannot see what is not there.

'That might be a waste of time, and you might want to look up the students' and teachers' backgrounds. If the gods have done something, then there has to be a connection somewhere, right?

It'll take some time, but that's about right.

 It's still uncertain if he's in this academy or not, but since we don't have a clue, we have no choice but to search for him with a louse.

 At that time, I felt a gaze staring at me.

 When I turned around, a boy in black was standing there.
 The school's emblem was a hexagram. Although he is holding back, he possesses strong magical power.

 No, is it a little too strong for a demon race in this era?

 He has frizzy hair and a clever appearance.
 I don't recognize the face. It's not one of the students in this class.

Fang of the d*mned Shield.

 Misha mutters.

'What does one of the generation of chaos want with Anos, Gerad?

 Sasha asked as she stepped in front of me.

'Excuse me if this offends you. It's not him you want, it's her.

 The boy, called Gerad, kneels before the Mass with a polite gesture.

'My name is Gerad Azrema, Master Misa Iliologue, and I serve your father. I am here today at the command of the Lord.


 She rolled her eyes in surprise.

'May I tell you the rest of the story here?'

 Misa nodded persistently, confused.

'Finally, the time has come. Your father has sent for you. If you have the desire to see your father, I would ask you to come with me.

Where would you like to go?

I cannot tell you this now. My Lord has enemies, your father has enemies. I cannot allow them to know you are my daughter.

 Mass turns to me.
 She looks at me like she's asking for permission.

'Did you say Gerad? When did you reincarnate?

 At those words, the boys returned the guarded gaze.
 They also seemed to be wary.

''No matter how much you hold it down, your magic power is far beyond the level of the demon race in this era. Are you going to be able to hide it?

''........as expected of a tyrannical demon king. I'm sorry to see you....

 Gerad bowed to me as he knelt.

'My reincarnation was completed after the end of the earlier war between Azation and Dillhade. My memory and strength have finally returned to this body...''

 I see.

''I hope you'll understand that I wasn't trying to conspire against the Demon Lord...''

Who is the Lord?

I'm sorry, sir.

Do you think I'd be able to keep silent in front of you?

"....to be destroyed, sir...

 Hmm. Someone who is that loyal.

"My Lord Anos...

 Mass looks at me as if to appeal.
 I don't need to hear how she feels.

I'm not so bodiless that I have to work my crew to finally get what I want. Go ahead. I'll take care of the rest.

Thank you!

 Gerad quickly stands up and says to Misa.

'Then let me show you around.

 Gerad turned on his heel and walked towards the entrance.

'Oh, wait, Gerad. You will be in charge of my men. You know that, don't you?

 Turning around, he bowed politely.

'Of course, sir.'

Then take another man with you. If you refuse to identify yourself, you'll have to make that much of a request.

 After a moment's silence, Gerad said.

'Silently, sir.'

 I turned around and locked eyes with Ray.

'I owe you.'

Then you can tell me a story when you get back.

 He stepped forward to protect Mass.

'Should I have stayed out of your way?'

 'Hmph,' Misa let her voice trail off.

It's very reassuring. I'm pretty nervous about it.

 They exchange smiles.

'Let's go.'

 Guerad led Misa and Ray out of the classroom.

'Huh? Missa and Kanon, where did they go? Date?

 <After finishing the Thought Communication (Leaks), Eleonor returned.

Mass's father wants to see you.

 Then Eleonor raised his voice in surprise.


Hey, Anos, I think you misunderstood me.

 So Sasha interjects.

'If it bothers you, ask Ray when you get back.

Yes, I will.

 Sasha looked at the scene as if she was dumbfounded.

''So, did something happen at the heroic academy?''

'Oh, yes. Redriano and the others contacted me and said that they found a troublesome magic tool that Jelga left behind. I want to get rid of it because it might have the same effect as the previous , but I can't.

 Jelga's legacy?
 Were you prepared for your own demise?

Do you want me to destroy it?

I think that's a good idea. It looks like you're coming to Mid-Hays, so I'll go with Zesia and me first. If we can't, can I ask Anos-kun to help us?

Hmm. I don't think there are many magic tools you can't break now, but feel free to call me if you can't.

'Thanks. Ah, but would you rather be after the Son of God?

Well, worst-case scenario, when the godchild wakes up, I'm the one he'll be after. I need you to break your magic tools first.

Okay. Yeah. Well, I'll be off in a hurry. Zecia, here.

 Eleonor calls out to Zesia, who was quietly listening to us.

''........bai bai.......I'm going to go......''

 Misha waved at Zesia, who waved back.
 As they left, she looked up at me.

'Are we going to the Union Tower?'

 Today, I was going to ask Melhayes for more information on the status of the post-war process and decide on future plans. He would already be in the Union Tower.

 While I'm at it, should I have him gather information on the demon clans belonging to the Demon King's Academy, and then I'll ask him how Erdmeade became a teacher?

''I'll do that.''

 I walk alongside Sasha and Misha and leave the classroom.
 I send out a thought transmission (leaks) to tell Menou about Nowusgaria.

 But it doesn't connect.

What's wrong?

Menou can't communicate with the leaks.

 Although he had a sweeping view of the academy with his demon eyes, he couldn't feel Menou's magical power.
 But there was an unnatural spot.

 It's the classroom of the 3rd year class that Menou is in charge of.
 It was well hidden, but the flow of magic power was slightly odd.

''Give me your hand.''

 I reach out my hands, and Sasha and Misha grab them.
 <I shift with the magic of the Transition (Gatom) and come to the front of the third year's classroom.

 Misha opens the door.
 But there is no one there. It's a classroom full of people.

"....a dimensional prison (azeisis)...

 Misha turns his magic eye.
 An isolated magic room has been constructed in another dimension that cannot be entered from the outside.

''Anosk, let's break this, shall we?

I forgive you.

 Sasha stared at the Azeisys with a magical eye of destruction.
 The magic of the collapses as shards of magic power are scattered around the area like glass shattered into dust.

 When another dimension could no longer be maintained, the figures of the 3rd year students who had fallen there appeared.


 Barely, it was Liebest who voiced that.
 She approaches him while casting a recovery spell.

'.........Doctor Menou has been taken.......'

Who are you?

''First year. One of the generation of chaos, Sturdy Sword Linka Theolunes........

 Lievest draws a magic circle there.

I've set up the chase spell. You're not going to be able to see it yet...

 <Enoi is a spell that tracks the location of an attacker.
 If you look into their eyes, you'll see that the demon that kidnapped Menou is nowhere to be found.

 Is it flying? And that's pretty fast too.

It's easy to catch them, but it's strange.

 Mass's father's emissaries visited, the Academy of the Brave found the magical tools left behind by Jelga, and Menow was kidnapped.
 Was it a coincidence that these things happened at the same time?

You don't think Linka is the Son of God, do you?

A diversion...?

Are you saying that Knowthalia is going to do something while Anos is away from the Demon King's Academy?

 So, the demon tribe helped him.
 Or did they successfully trick him with the body of the Cutthroat King Erdmaed?

''It's not impossible, is it?

We'll go.

 Misha nodded at the words.

'Watch out. He's skilled enough to kick a third year student, including Liebest, and kidnap Menou. If you're not the Son of God, you're probably a demon from two thousand years ago.''

I'm fine.

 Misha said.

'Who do you think we were trained by?'

 Sasha smiles at that.
 They joined hands and used to the position they had identified with .