123-Death King Staff

 We've traced the magic of Nowusgaria and he's in the Delzogade.
 The teachers' room. With the magic power of the other teachers, I didn't see anything suspicious.

 While keeping an eye on the trends of the magic power, I headed to the Union Tower.
 On the way there, I see the girls from the Fun Union practicing their vocalizations outside.

 It seemed that they had just finished speaking, so they formed a circle and began to talk.

'About the new song, does anyone have any ideas?


''It's hard....''

 Their mouths were unusually heavy.

'I hope it's just a new song, but Anos-sama said that the next one might be used for the Demon King's second coming ceremony, right?

 The ceremony of the Demon King's Second Coming is to make it known throughout Dillhade that the Demon King of Tyranny has been reincarnated, and by extension, that I am the Demon King of Tyranny. It's not that I need to be the Demon King of Tyranny now, but in order to eliminate the barriers between the Imperialists and the Unificationists, and the Imperialists and the mixed-bloods, that title must have one last job to do.

 There is nothing more formal than this, but in order to communicate to the people, it is necessary to be appropriately formal. It is easier to accept the appearance of the tyrannical demon king, who has been celebrated for his tyranny, even if the language does not change.

 That ceremony will tell the demon race that there is no separation by bloodline. Whether they are half-breed, half-spirit, half-demon, or royalty, they are all equal as long as they live in this Dilheid and obey the law.

 It may not all start to work out right away, but after that, Dirheid will return to its true form, and then it will be richer and more prosperous and truly at peace. No, we will strive to make it so.

 To be honest, though, it's a much more painstaking task than dealing with a god or order. It's not just a matter of destroying them.

The ceremony song... what kind of a song could we possibly sing?

What if I embarrassed Lady Anos...?

'You know ... all the people in Dillhade are going to be listening ...'

But we've got to do our best. It's Anos-sama's big day, and we can't let him get away with it...!

But maybe a proper choir or a bard would be better than us...

I know it's a big deal. If this is successful, Dillhade will be better off and the mixed-bloods like us won't be separated from our families...


And more importantly, it's for Anos-sama. It's important to say that you can't do what you can't do.

 Hmm. Looks like we're at an impasse.

I'm not going to let anyone but you guys sing the ceremony song.

 When I called out to them, the girls turned to me in surprise.

''Ah, Anos-sama!''

Well, wha...

 Immediately the girls try to kneel.

'Leave it at that.'

'Ha, yes!'

 The girls were in a pose of caution.

'Looks like you're having a difficult time.

........Yes. We thought it was too much for us to sing at Anos-sama's ceremony...

 Ellen spits out her concerns.

'What do you mean?'

 Fan Union girls, I looked at each of them and then said.

'The ceremony of the Demon King's Second Coming will mark the beginning of a new Dirhade, where the royal family and the half-breeds will join hands with each other. What is needed for the occasion is not old traditions or formal songs.

 In response to the girls' questioning glances, I answered clearly.

'It's a new wind that will destroy the entrenched bloodline supremacy of this Dillhade.

 The girls listen with serious expressions on their faces as they keep every word in their hearts.

You are the only ones who can sing such a song. Laugh at the trivial customs, the trivial customs, the stereotypes that have taken up residence in this country like a disease.

 No words, but the girls certainly nodded.

'You need not think of the people of Dillhade. Give that song to me. I'm the one who wants to hear it. I want to hear your music in a peace ceremony, stupefyingly peaceful.

 As if imprinted on their hearts, the girls join their voices together.

''Yes, Anos-sama,''

Don't be afraid of the noise around you. You are divas in my book. Your music will reach the heavens and shoot down even the gods.

 If I said the words, I would naturally smile.
 When I noticed, the hesitation had completely disappeared from the girls' eyes.

 They are strong.

 They lack magical power and have the same troubles as other people.
 It is precisely because they have such ordinary weaknesses that their songs will resonate with you more than anything else.

"You're in my way.

 I leave the place.
 The voices of the girls, who had regained their energy, echoed from my back.

'Alright! Well then, let's start practicing today, too! Let's try the fifth of Anos-sama's Cheering Song Chorus!

 Under the blue sky, the girls' clean, joyful songs echoed far and wide.
 As I listened to it, I opened the door to the Union Tower.

 There was no one inside.
 I walk up the stairs to the top floor where Melhayes is waiting for me.

 Hmm. That's strange.
 There are two magical powers.

 One is Melhayes', but it's much weaker than usual.
 I don't remember the wavelength of the other magic power.

 But it's quite strong.

''Have you noticed, Demon King Anos?

 An unfamiliar voice rang out.
 When I finished climbing to the top floor, I saw a man there.

 Brown skin and gold eyes.
 His hair is tied back in an all-back bun.
 He is a man with a very fearless face.

''But I guess it's too late.''

 In front of him was Melheis.
 Instantly, his body was chopped up by countless blades of wind and dissipated.

''Hmm. <''You are the Riga Schrade?''

 I cut my fingertips, sending drops of blood flying, and applied
 Then the man cut his fingertips as well, dripped blood, and used will not work.


 <I used the levide to stop Melhayes' time at one second after his death.

'Choose. Say your name and die, or die in silence.

 The man said matter-of-factly.

"Cutthroat King Erdmaed is in charge. "Led by Cutthroat King Eldmead, chief of staff to the Cutthroat King's army, Zeke Ozma.

 I see.

"He knew that the gods were taking his body away from him?

"Of course, it is my Lord's will.

 I knew it. I knew it.

"My Lord has dared to surrender his body to God to defeat you.

"Two thousand years later, you still look like a child, Cutthroat King. "You must be hard to babysit. Why don't you come work for me?

 Zeke looks back at me with a serious look on his face.

'An offer from the great tyrannical demon king, if it had been given before my lord, I would have respectfully accepted it.

 He drew his magic sword from the scabbard on his hip.

"But I will not shamelessly serve you two. There is only one master in my lifetime.

 He thrusts his magic sword into the magic circle of my unfolding