It was a large mansion.

 It's not used now, it's not popular, and the plants and trees in the yard are growing all over the place.
 The iron fence was rusting and some of the outer walls were peeling off. Some of the windows were broken in places.

 Ray and the others walked through the dusty mansion.
 As they came out into the great hall, Gerad stopped in front of them.

 There was a pedestal there, with only half a magic sword stuck in it.

''Do you understand?''

 Missa stares at that magic sword.

''........Is that the magic sword my father gave me.......?''

 Gerad nodded.

'First, I thought I'd prove to you that I am your father's messenger.

 He glanced at Ray.

'You seem to be on guard, and...'

Apparently, though, that's no longer a concern.

 Coolly, Ray smiled.
 Gerad picked up his half of the magic sword and pulled it out.

'You might want to check it out in person, just in case.

 Carrying his sword, Gerad walks over to Misa.
 Then he slowly holds out his half of the magic sword to her.

''Thank you--''

 This was the moment when Misa was about to receive the magic sword.
 With a flowing gesture, Gerad pointed the half of the magic sword's cutting edge at her and then thrust it out.

''I'm sorry. I have received orders to kill you.''


 Without a breeze of movement, Ray speaks out.
 He should have been holding nothing just a few moments ago, but at some point the Unique Sword Sig Shasta was in his hand.

''........What is this.......?''

 Showing a pretense of discomfort, Gerad drew his half of the magic sword.
 The tip of the sword, which looked as if it had been stabbed into the mass, was cleanly gone.

 Literally, with an unseen speed, Ray chopped it up and erased it.


 Mass says anxiously.

'It's okay. Stay back.'


 Ray steps forward to protect Mass.

'Can I ask you one question?'

 Gerad returned the words with no offense, but he spoke back unapologetically.

'Excuse me?'

'If your lord is really her father, why would he try to kill her?'

 Gerad drew a magic circle and took out a small shield from it.
 There were blue gems embedded in the four corners of the shield.

"I'm sorry, but that was just a pretext. My Lord, Caihiram Jiste the Spelling King, has one purpose. To take away the root of Misa Iliologue, the blood of the Great Spirit Reno.

 Misa rolls her eyes in surprise.

''........Great Spirit.......Reno......?''

'Yes. You are the biological son of the Great Spirit Reno, the mother of all spirits. Unlike ordinary spirits, you are a child that she directly carried in her body. At its root, you possess the power to subdue all spirits.

 Mass was too surprised to speak back right away.

'Assuming that's the case,'

 Ray said calmly.

''Then why does this Kaihiram Jiste demon race have a sliver of the magic sword her father gave her?

It's a fake.

What's your reason for lying?

 Gerad did not return the words.
 Ray continued.

''My demon eyes aren't very good, but I do know a lot about the sword. That magic sword is definitely the half of the magic sword from the Union Tower.

 Ray holds his unique sword upright.

'I'll let you tell me the truth.


 Eleonor was visiting Midhays Castle, the castle of Demon Emperor Elio, who ruled over Midhays.
 Zesia was walking beside her.

''The people of the Brave Academy are waiting for you here.

 One of the stewards leads them through the quarters in the castle's remote quarters.

 The fact that they have found the magic tools left behind by Jelga means that Ledriano and the others must have turned to the Demon Emperor Elio, who was actively involved in the post-war handling of the last war.

''This way, this is the room.''

 The butler paused in front of the opulent door.
 He knocked on the door.

'Master Ledriano. I have brought Master Eleonor to you.

 I call out to him, but there is no answer.
 The butler knocks on the door again, quizzically.

'Master Ledriano, may I be excused?'

 After all, there is no answer.
 The butler puts his hand on the doorknob.


 Eleonor said in a panic.

I don't know you, sir?

Yeah. Yeah, just stay back. You don't know what you're doing.

 Eleonor put his hand on the knob and opened the door.
 Inside were three men.

 They were Ledriano, Lao and Heine.
 They were all slumped on the floor. Their entire bodies were stained blue.


Ho-ho-ho. It looks like we're finally here.

 An eerie voice rang out from the corner of the room.
 Eleonor turns around and there is a small boy.

''........Who is it?''

My name is Zablo Geese. I am second in command to Guilis Dello, the Scarlet King. But do you not know?

 Despite her young face, she exudes cunning in her tone and in her gaze.

'What did you do to everyone?'

What? A little poisoning. It's working like a charm.

 Eleonor braced himself.
 Zesia pulled out the Holy Sword of Light Enhale.

''You're a demon race from two thousand years ago?''


What's the point of doing this? We've finally got Azation and Dillhade to join hands with each other. If you try to ruin the peace, I won't allow it!

Ho-ho-ho, peace!

 Zablo smiles uncomfortably.

I'm not interested in that. The Scarlet Stigma King's only purpose is to study magic. You'll find out.

 Where Zablo pointed to, there was a monumental stone (hisseki).
 It is about the size of two human beings and contains enough magic power to be recognized as a magic tool at a glance.

They call it the legacy of Jelga, but that's nothing. "They say they are the legacy of Jelga, but that's nothing, I've studied the magic of the Jelga and Usk.

 A magic circle emerges underneath that monument.


 The moment Zablo put his magic on, he heard a voice.


 It's an unpleasant voice, much like the old Sanctuary (Ask).

 Kill Eleanor--

 Sluggishly, Ledriano, Lao and Heine raised themselves up, their bodies stained blue. They looked at Eleonor with hatred.

'Well? <It's similar to the Usk and Jelga, isn't it? Quite a masterpiece.

I don't like that kind of magic.

 As Eleonor drew the four magic circles, they covered the magical monuments. seals the power of the magic tools, and Ledriano and the others fall to the spot again.

 Seeing this, Zaburo smiles with an insane smile that is not quite boyish.

The magic of Eleonor is very impressive. I'm curious. Do you know what you were born for?

 Eleonor glares at Zablo.

''........You mean to say it's to produce soldiers to fight the demon race.......?''

No, no. No, no. It's what Jelga thought. But the Eleonor womb is the hand of God. It's natural that the root cause cannot be turned into magic by human power. And the purpose of the gods was to create a superior vessel.

What... what do you mean...?

Don't you get it? Very dim-witted of you. If tens or hundreds of thousands of clones are created, they will eventually mutate. It's not surprising that a clone with more magic and a stronger root cause will be born.

 Eleonor worked his magic eye as if on alert.

'That is exactly what the gods want. For more than fifteen hundred years the gods have been waiting for a source strong enough to house their power.

Were you waiting for me?

Ah, lefty. Well, think about it. You have a distinctly different source from the others.

 Quickly realizing, Eleonor stepped forward to protect Zesia.

''The God-made magic formula and its vessel. It's very interesting. I'll have to dissect it in pieces to get a good look at its contents.

I understand perfectly.

 Eleonor holds up his hand and draws a magic circle.

'You're the one who shouldn't be allowed to.


 <Misha and Sasha were chasing the distant demons with the magic of .
 If they tried to transfer to close proximity, the anti-magic would interfere with their transference, so they transferred to a place farther away and then pursued them.

 The two gradually catch up with the fleeing demons.

''They're watching us.

 Misha said.

 As expected of Misha.
 They seem to have realized that they are being watched.

''Okay. I don't know who you are from, but I'll show it to anyone who wants to see it. Better yet, we're almost there.


 The figure of that demon race was reflected in their vision.

 One of the generation of chaos, the rigid sword Linka Theolunes.
 That girl with her black hair in a ponytail was flying through the air, lightly holding Menou's body in one hand.

 As the distance between her and the girl gradually closed in, Linka swooped down to the ground.
 It landed in the forest.

 Following it, Sasha and Misha also descended to the ground.

''Are we done playing tag? Or has he realized that he can't get away with it anymore?

 When Sasha challenged her to do so, Rinka gave her a sharp look.

''What are you going to do about Dr. Menou?''

Yeah. This is just a tool to get you in. I have no further use for it.

 Linka threw the agate away on the spot. She must have fainted. There is no sign of her waking up.

'What does that mean?'

'I am Ledone Aeon, under the command of the Dark Lord Aegis Code. My name in this life is Linka Theowrnes. I obey my command and, by the will of God, I will exterminate you.

 Linka draws a magic circle.

 She put her hand in the center of it and pulled out a large sword.
 It's a strange sword. The barrel of the sword is so transparent that the back is clearly visible.

''Hey. Can I ask you something?


What does it mean, "By God's grace"? Me and Misha are both direct descendants of the Seven Demon Emperors, Ivis Necron.

 Thrusting the great invisible sword into the ground, Linka said.

'Aivis Necron was fused with one of the roots of the brave canon until the Demon King Anos came back to life.

I know.

'Then why did that sweet man produce tragic children like you?

 Sasha was at a loss for words.
 Instead, Misha said.

 He must have asked Rey directly after the war between Dillhade and Azation.

'Due to the inadequacy of the natural magic circle, my personality accidentally inhabited the other root of the split.

 Naturally, when developing new magic, there are cases where the results don't match the magic formula they constructed at first. We have no choice but to believe in our own theories and experiment, but in the case of
It is me.

'Half right, half wrong.

 Linka said as she confronted him with the facts.

''The inadequacy of the natural magic circle is due to the intervention of the divine race. They altered the light of the moon and rewrote the magic circle at the moment of magic activation. It gave birth to you.

 Misha didn't lose her expressionlessness and stared at Linka.

''God's interference is unnecessary in the world of the demon race. Let me take care of them before they wake up.''

Yeah. Hmm.

 Sasha smiles.

'Thanks for telling me. But you're wrong about that.'

 Kokoro, Misha nodded.
 A magic circle appeared in Sasha's eyes, which turned into a magic eye of destruction.

It was not God who gave us life.