125-Curse shield

 In an abandoned mansion, two men were confronting each other.
 They were Ray Grandsdry and Gerad Azrema.

 Without hesitation, Ray carved a straight step towards Gerad.
 The next moment, Gerad lost sight of him.

'Behind you,'

I'm afraid so, sir.

 Spinning around, Gerad pointed his shield at the unique sword that was swung down.
 But at that moment, he was slashed through his back.


I told you it was behind you.

 The moment Gerad had reacted, Ray had come around behind him again and slashed at his back.
 An ordinary person would have been killed by that blow, but as expected of a two thousand year old demon race. Their bodies are sturdy.

''........As expected of the generation of chaos. It's not bad for a demon tribe of this era, isn't it? However--

 Gerad's shield emitted a dark blue light.
 Then Ray's back, which should not have been under attack, was slashed open and fresh blood was scattered.

 It was the same spot that had slashed Gerad earlier, but the wound was clearly deeper on Ray.


I'll be fine.

 With that, Ray turned his attention to his shield.

'Sounds like a curse of sorts, that is.'

 Gerad nodded.

''The magic shield genius. It is a magical tool that curses those who hurt the Lord and returns double the pain. As long as this shield is in my hands, you will bear more wounds than I do.


 Ray stepped in from directly in front of him and swung down the Sig Shester.


 Gerad drew back and blocked the unique sword with his demon shield genias.
 However, the blade changed into a twirl in the middle.

''I'll take that first.''

 Gerad's right arm was severed from his wrist and fell with a botch. The genias that fell with him rolled on the floor.


 With the returning sword, Ray runs the sigshesta into Gerad's neck.

 Fresh blood splattered--.

 But Gerad's head did not fall off.
 Instead, what fell to the ground was Ray's right hand and the Unique Sword.

'As long as this shield is in my hand, I said, that was a lie. Your sword skills seem to be quite good, but you tend to be a bit too honest. As long as this shield is not broken, even if you let go of it, the curse will not be broken.

Yeah. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at playing games, you know?

 Smiling coolly, Ray used on his own wrist. However, the wound showed no signs of healing.

''It is in vain. Before the curse of Genias, recovery magic is ineffective.''

That's a shame.

 Ray picks up the Unique Sword with his left hand.

''You're the one like that, why don't you fix that hand and back?

Now, why is that?

'The curse of the Genies returns to the other person by amplifying their own wounds. I suspect that curse is keeping you from healing your own wounds, too.

'Well, or maybe I'm just pretending to be. It's possible that I may be the only one who can use recovery magic.

 If so, he's going to say that he has a huge advantage.

'Do you have the courage to be tested?

Sure, I'll try.

 Without hesitation, Ray fleshed out Gerad and slashed his left leg.
 The light clothed by the magic shield Geniaz increased and the curse was activated. Ray's thigh was slashed deeper than Gerad's.

 Still unconcerned, Ray wielded his unique sword.


 With all his strength, he swung the blade down on his shoulder mouth, and his blade was received by the Demon Shield Geniaz.
 A strange sound could be heard with a gishhhhh.

''I finally caught it.

 The moment Gerad uttered that, Ray's shoulder mouth was slashed by a curse.

 Stepping on the tatara, Ray falls to his knees.

'I have not claimed that the curse will not be triggered if the shield prevents it.

 Gerad says, without losing his condescension.

'Now you understand. You're not very good at magic, by all accounts, you don't stand a chance.

''I'm wondering...''

 Slowly, Ray stands up.

'Do you know who I am?'

Yes, I'm well aware of that. Ray Grandsdry, the Sword Sage of Training Demons. Although magic is not his forte, his skill with the sword and his talent to grow even in battle are not inferior to even the demon race of two thousand years ago. However,

 Gerad drew a magic circle and took out a magic sword from it.
 It has the same blue gemstone as the magic shield genias. Perhaps it was a cursed magic sword.

''No matter how much you grow, all the wounds you inflict on me will be returned to you. Unfortunately, it seems that you were still inexperienced enough to fight against us, the Curse King's Army.

 Gerad jumped in time and swung the cursed magic sword down with all his might.
 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.

 It's too fragile. Ray's gaze turns grim as if incomprehensible.
 Immediately afterwards, a wound that looked like it had been stabbed into his chest came to mind.
 The curse was triggered.


Now, how do you want to duck?

 When Ray was frightened for a moment, Gerad swung his cursed magic sword sideways.
 When it was received by Sig Shester, Gerad laughed, as if he was convinced of his victory.



 Rei took the impact of the cursed magic sword completely and bounced it back without chipping the blade.


 Ray's Sig Shester runs like a flash of light.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

You don't think a single blow to finish him off would make the curse go away?

It's worth a try.

 As Gerad tries to get up, he brushes his foot off and makes him fall over. Without the damage, the damage wouldn't be returned to Ray again. But his stance was broken.

 Ray ran to leave him behind.
 The objective was not Gerad, but the shield he dropped.


 Gerad chases after him, but he can't quite catch up to Rey.
 The Demon Shield Geniaz is already within his pause.


 With all his strength, Sig Shester was thrust out.
 The tip had indeed pierced through the Demon Shield Genias.

''That's too bad.''

 Gerad laughed condescendingly as Ray spoke up.

'Yes, I'm afraid you've lost.

 One of Geniaz's gems shattered.
 Ray fell to his knees with a thud and fell forward.

'I told you in the beginning. I told you that you have a tendency to be too honest. I told you that the curse cannot be broken unless you destroy Genias, but that is a trap.

Mr. Ray!

 Mass calls his name.
 Gerad picked up the demon shield Geniaz that was lying on the ground. 

''It's useless. If you damage Geniaz to the extent that the demonic jewel shatters, the curse will destroy the other party's root source. His body is safe, but his root source has already disappeared. He will never rise again.

 Turning to Mass, Gerad slowly approaches.

'--I mean,'

 A voice was heard.
 A voice that Gerad thought he would never hear again.

'So if you break the remaining three shields, those shields will no longer be effective?


 The moment Gerad turned around, three flashes of light shimmered.
 All three of the magic gems of the magic shield genias shattered in a moment.

 The curse is triggered and Gakun, and Ray kneels down.
 The magic power of Geniaz was lost and the light that was vaguely clothed in it disappeared.

".........the wound, healed.......?

 Gerad looks at Ray with an astonished look on his face.
 The wounds on his right hand and back, which should have been cursed, have healed.

'Didn't you know that? Most curses target the other party's root source. The moment the root source is destroyed, the curse loses its effect.

 Ray stood up as if nothing had happened.
 In his hand, instead of a unique sword, he held a divinely glowing holy sword.

''You should be careful when dealing with an enemy that has more than one root source.

 Gerad gulps.

''Well ... well ... Saka ... ...................!

 Gerad backed away, as if in awe of the man in front of him.
 Since Ray had stopped hiding the root source, his demon eyes would have been able to clearly see the number of them.

'It's been two thousand years since I last saw the Curse King. Does he think my plan has been a complete success?

 Rey quietly holds the Evans Mana.

 The earlier war between Dillhade and Azation should be known to some extent by the Curse King. However, because there was a fear that he might be misunderstood if he got too close, he probably didn't fully grasp the outcome of the war.

''........Brave man.......Canon, live--''

 Faster than the words could be uttered, Rei had plunged the Evans Mana into Gerad's heart.


It's frustrating to hear people say I have a tendency to be too honest. Maybe even more so than you, because I've been living a lie my whole life.

 If he put even the slightest bit more effort into it, Gerad's roots would be destroyed.

'I'll ask you again,'

 Gerad looked at Ray with a death-defying expression on his face.

''Where did you get that half of the magic sword?''

 Gritting his teeth, Gerad said.

''I can't answer that question...''

 In a moment, he had stabbed the demon sword into his own chest.
 Immediately, Ray pulled out his Spirit God Human Sword and used .

 But it did not revive.

 Misa approached the fallen Gerad as if she were fearful.
 It's as if he doesn't seem to be getting up. She muttered to herself.

''........Did the root cause perish......?''

 Ray shook his head from side to side.

'It's like being reincarnated.'