126-Scarlet King's Stone

 The magic circle of earth, water, fire, and wind drawn by Eleonor will cover the walls on all sides and become a ward that envelops the room.
 <Inside the Four Genera Warding Seal (De Igeria), the demons are weakened as their power is sealed off. But Zablo didn't budge.

"Vain. Vain. Here.

 A magic circle floats at Zablo's feet.
 It seemed to cover him, a black light rose up and created a circular ward.

 The dark realm created by Zablo's creation counteracts the effects of the De Igeria and further raises his magical power.

The magic developed by humans is very limited. These things would be useless without holy water.

 Saying that, Zablo thrusts his hands forward.
 A multiple magic circle emerges beyond that. That number, approximately forty.

 It's a good thing that you have a good idea of what you're doing. After all, he is not an ordinary magician.


 As Zablo's hands were raised above his head, the multi-layered magician's circle quickly spread out and then rose upwards. I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.

"It's good to be eaten.

 A scarlet-colored monumental stone emerged swiftly from the magic circle above. Even with a cursory count, there were no more than a few hundred of them.
 It rained down on Mid-Hays Castle like a rainstorm.

 A thud, gaga-gaga-gaga-gaga, and a thumping sound rang out.
 The outer walls, windows, ceilings, and floors of the castle were destroyed by the falling stones in a flash.

 It happened in a matter of seconds.
 The castle had been cruelly destroyed.

We'll all die if we do this.

 <With seven layers of the Four Genera Warding Seals (De Igeria), Eleonor was protecting Zecia and Ledriano and others from the monumental stones that poured down.

'Hihi. Silly girl! Do you think I'm going to do something as inefficient as killing you?

 Zablo drops his outstretched hands to the ground.

I'm sure you've heard of it. The scarlet epitaph containing the Scarlet King's magic power has just fallen on this castle. You can take a look at the magic words engraved on it.

 Eleonor looked across at the monumental stone stuck in the floor.
 The magic words floated on the inscription stone with a magic formula similar to the magic circle.

''O Descendants of the Demon Race! You will rot alive and become a loyal servant of the Scarlet Monument King.

 The monumental stones emitted a pop of purple-colored light and stretched out magic lines. They connected the monumental stones that fell on the castle and created a huge magic circle.

 I'm sure you've heard the sound of some dragging footsteps.
 The smell of rottenness wafted through the air, and moaning and groaning could be heard from everywhere.

I'm sure they're coming.

 The one who burst through the door with a bang was the butler who had led Eleonor here earlier.
 His skin is rotten, his eyes are stained red, and he has two eerie horns growing on his head.

 Above all, he was emitting a magic power so strong that it was hard to believe he was the one from earlier.


 A moan escapes the steward's mouth. He is clearly losing his mind as he turns on Eleonor, and he seems to be losing his mind.

 A crunching sound of glass breaking could be heard.
 When Eleonor turns around, it is the soldiers of the castle who have broken the window panes and come in.
 There were five or six in number.

 After all, like the butler, their skin was rotten and they had red eyes and two horns.

'........it looks like the rotten dead (zombies), but it's not.......?

 Eleonor mutters to himself.

'Hee hee, you've never seen one before. It's a ghoul. It is an improved version of the lukewarm Igloom created by Anos. I improved on the lukewarm Igurum that Anosu created, and created a spell that made him stronger and more loyal to his orders. And now it's rotting to the core.

 Eleonor looked pityingly at the soldiers who had turned into rotting death demon soldiers (ghouls).

''........This kind of magic, it's terrible.......''

The only thing that matters is that compared to the magic of the Eleonor, we haven't done enough research into the root cause. What kind of technique can we use to create a root cause clone? If we can understand that, we can get closer and closer to the depths of magic.

 Zabro says as if he were talking about the results of his magical research.

''The study of magic is not something that should be done at the expense of anyone else!

Silly girl. I haven't sacrificed anything. They still have their source of power. In fact, they should be thanking me for the increase in their magic.

...you've got the wrong guy.

Am I wrong? Me? I'm sure you're not the only one. I'm sure the little dumb girl doesn't know anything about magic research.

 Zablo points to Eleonor.

'Do it,'

 Slowly, the rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls) stepped out.


 He let out a creepy grunt and attacked me with a magic sword in his hand.


 Zesia swings down the Holy Sword of Light Enhale.
 At that moment, the Enhale emitted light and the number of holy swords increased to six.

 Enhale is the Holy Sword of Light. Its characteristic is to duplicate the holy sword, using one of the originals as a light source so that it shines. It was due to this property that all ten thousand Zetia were able to have the same holy sword.

 The five holy swords floating in the air slashed at the demonic swords held by the Foul Death Demon Soldiers (ghouls) as if they were obeying Zesia's will, and flicked them off.

 However, they were not frightened, and the rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls) attacked them with their bare hands.

''Zecia, let's get away to a bigger place!

 Eleonor starts to run.
 On the way, he superimposed the on Ledriano, Heine and Lao.

I'm sorry, guys. I'm sorry, guys, but we'll get you out of there.

'Hihi. It's no use. It's only a matter of time before they turn into ghouls. They will not be able to escape the Scarlet Stupa King's Goa Gurm.

 Running out of the room, Eleonor and Zesia run down the aisle.
 They turn a corner, and that's the moment.

 There were dozens of rotting death demon soldiers (ghouls) in front of us. They were crowded into the corridors, leaving no room for a single ant cub to pass.

''Let's push our way through! Take them down to the point of death!

........skewering, sir........

 <Using the as a shield, Eleonor and Zesia rushed into a group of Foul Death Demon Soldiers (Ghouls).

 As Zesia held her Enhale, countless holy swords of light appeared in front of her. As soon as the Enhale was thrust out, countless swords floating in the air were thrust out, skewering the chest of the Foul Death Demon Soldiers (ghouls).

 While the group was frightened, Eleonor and Zesia broke through the wall of Foul Death Demon Soldiers (Ghouls) while flipping them off with the shield of the .

It's over there.

 While avoiding the approaching rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls), Eleonor aimed at the center of Midhays Castle.

''........It must be there somewhere.......''

 Her gaze shifted giddily as she walked through the vast garden, and then she saw what she was looking for.

''I found.........''

 It was a large, scarlet-colored monument. It is large enough to look up, and its stored magic power is also enormous. That monument is probably the nucleus that creates the magic formula of the Corrupt Devil Soldiers (Gore Grum).

''If we destroy it, no more rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls) should be born...''

 Eleonor covered the huge monumental stone with the magic of the <4 genus ward seal (De Igeria)> and dampened its magical power.

''.........I will break it.......''

 Zecia poured her magic power into the Enhaire.
 The sword barrel shines and turns into a long holy sword as the light swells up.

 A thunderous sound rang out.
 The holy sword and the monumental stone are scraping away, and the particles of magic power that have been bounced off are blowing away everything around them.

 However, the monumental stone was completely unharmed.

''Hee hee, it's useless, it's useless. The Scarlet Beacon King has been pouring his magic power into this stone for two thousand years. It's not something that two dim-witted little girls can break.

 Zablo's coming down from the sky.

Here. Here. No more running around.

 With a grunt, a group of rotting death demon soldiers (ghouls) appeared.
 The number of them, five hundred would be no more than five hundred.
 Eleonor and the others were completely surrounded.

 She turned her attention to one of them.


 He has completely lost his mind and turned into a rotten death demon soldier (ghoul).

 He wasn't the only one.
 Lao and Heine emerge from the group.

 They have also turned into rotten death demon soldiers (ghouls) and are turning their hostility towards Eleonor.


It's a pity. Well, don't worry about it. I'm going to take you apart and you won't feel any grief.

 Zablo holds up his hands.

''First of all, let me shut down that obstructive magic, shall we?

 The monumental stones in the vicinity were lit with black light. As they emitted magic lines, they connected with the monumental stones throughout the castle and drew a magic circle.
 Despite the fact that there is still daylight, the castle grounds are enveloped in a dim darkness.

 The magic that was invoked was .

 The light of the enhancer in Zesia's hand weakened, and the <4 genus ward seal (de Igeria)> that covered the monumental stone disappeared.

''........The magic power will be taken away.......''

"How about, Gino Gleanous, the dark realm of the suckers? It has the effect of absorbing the magic of enemies in the dark area. It takes only a minute for your magic power to be empty, yes.


 Eleonor mutters.

'Hmm? What's that? I didn't hear you. Have you lost the power to speak?

 Eleonor looked up and glared at Zablo with a snap.

'You said you'd never forgive me for apologizing!

 Eleanor and Zecia's bodies are clothed in the light of the Sanctuary (Ask).

I'm sure you're not the only one. "You don't know anything about magic, do you? Take a good look into the depths. <You can't use your magic outside of the Gino-Greanese realm. No matter how much magic you use in the Sanctuary, it won't do you any good if you can't get your mind around it. Most of them tried to ask for help from ten thousand Zetia, but it's a pity.

I've got feelings for you.

 Magic letters appeared around Eleonor.
 They drifted around her, suspended in the air.

 Holy water overflowed from the magic letters, turning into a sphere and covering her.

What the hell...?

 Zablo made a startled expression.

''What........then........? <The magic of the womb of the root mother, Eleonor, is using its own magic...? Impossible........what kind of surgical structure.......?

 However, Zablo's doubts soon disappeared and further astonishment hit him.
 <The light from the swelled dozens of times.

''.........Ah......the magic of the ......Sanctuary (Ask).......! What do you mean...? Where in the world are you gathering your magic power from...?

Your thoughts are in the source. I am the Eleonor. The magic that creates the source.

Don't plot! There is no source at all! There's no one here but you, the ghoul and me!

If you create the source, you're in trouble. So all I've created is a thought within the source.

 Zaburo was momentarily exclaimed.

You invented it. How is it possible to do that...?

 Eleonor held up his hand. A magic circle floats, and it changes like a cannonball.
 <The light of the sanctuary gathers.

It's your punishment.

 A shell of light, the was fired. Like a meteor, with a dazzling tail of light, it shot through a huge monumental stone.

 With a bashful sound like magic power bursting through the air, the light eventually subsided.
 The huge monumental stone was shattered into pieces without a trace.

 <The effect of the disappeared, and the darkness quickly cleared.

........how can this be........

 <Caught in the aftermath of the , Zablo was crawling on the ground. The anti-magic had exhausted his magic, and he didn't seem to be able to get up anymore.

''The wards have disappeared.

 Eleonor nodded at Zesia's words.

'Then let's fix everyone up.

  They created a huge magic circle within the grounds.

''Sanctuary Resuscitation (Theo Ingal).

 A soft, warm light illuminates the entire castle.
 Gradually, the horns of the rotting death demon soldiers (ghouls) disappeared, and their rotten skin returned to normal, healing their roots.

 Eventually, they all regained their original forms and all of them collapsed on the spot as if they had fainted.

''.........Stupid.......Stupid, stupid........this kind of thing? Why is it...? A rotten death demon soldier (ghoul) made of the Scarlet Monument King's monumental stone.......why would a humanoid magic.......?

"You should probably start learning more about the basics of magic.

"...what..... What do you think I don't understand about the basics of magic?

Do different sorcerers have the same magical effect?

 Zablo's eyebrows were knitted together and he spat out, "Of course it depends on the magic of the sorcerer.

''Of course that depends on the magic power of the magician. That's why it's not clear how you were able to break the Scarlet Monument King's monumental stone--

 After uttering that much, he gulped in a gasp of realization.

''Hmm, maybe the Scarlet Monument King's Inscription Stone is amazing, but...''

 Smiling softly, Eleonor held up his index finger.

''I'm the magic of the Demon King, you know.