127-Hard sword and soft sword

 In the forest.
 Misha and Sasha were confronting Linka Theolnes, under the control of the two thousand year old demon race, the Underworld King Aegis Code.

'Now, vulgarly--'

 Linka pulled the transparent great sword out of the ground and held it ready to be carried on her back. With a gulp, she kicked the ground, and footprints were carved into the hard earth. With a momentum that seemed to be popped out, she approached the two of them.


 Sasha pointed the magic eye of doom at that magic sword. However, no matter how much of a product of the mythical era, with her current power, she should be able to destroy that magical power.

 But the next moment, Sasha couldn't believe her eyes.
 The transparent sword barrel became even more transparent and suddenly disappeared.

 No matter how hard she looked, she could not see the magic sword in her evil eye.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

'The Ice Shield.

 Misha quickly stretched out her fingertips and used the magic of .
 The ice shield that was instantly created was sputtered off by an invisible great sword.

 Misha builds a new ice shield, but Linka's sword strike was too fast. The blade overtook the ice shield and slashed through Sasha.
 Blood spurted out of her chest and she fell to her knees in dismay.


 Linka muttered.
 The ice shield was cut off, which allowed her to read the invisible sword's trajectory.
 As Sasha instantly retreated, the fatal wound was avoided.

  turned into flames and clothed Sasha's body, healing the wound in the blink of an eye.

''Stand back.

 Hearing Misha's voice, Sasha retreated with
I'm not going to be able to get it right. I can't even see the magic power at all.

 The Devil's Eye of Doom had to see the magic power and magic formula to destroy it. Hence, it couldn't communicate with that magic sword that was invisible.

''It's not the power of the magic sword. <''It's the magic of the Hidden Demon Power (Nazira).''

 Misha's demon eyes must have been able to see Linka's demon sword with its magic power and figure concealed.

''The sword became invisible because of the power of the magic sword. Apart from that, Linka uses the magic of
''That's ... that's what I mean. Hard swords are two bogus names.

 Linka slowly closed in on him in time.

 Sasha fired a magic eye of doom at Linka herself. She frowned for a moment, but she didn't care and moved forward.

 The Magic Eye of Doom is the ultimate anti-magic. The action of destroying things and people is just a byproduct of it. If it is an opponent with inferior magic power, it could be defeated with a single glance, but it is not a decisive factor in settling the matter, even if it affects the demon race of two thousand years ago.

 Misha and Sasha retreated inch by inch and kept their distance.
 The two of them are at a disadvantage when it comes to sword spacing.


 Linka stopped and poised the great sword to be carried on her back.

''A rigid sword is the name that was given to me before my reincarnation was complete. The name that was given to me two thousand years ago was Jiu-Jin Sword.''

 Linka was far outside the sword's pause, but she didn't care and raised that transparent magic sword.

''Don't underestimate the pause of my sword!

 On the big top step she swings her magic sword down.


I know!

 Misha created an ice shield, and Sasha put a magical barrier and anti-magic on it. They joined hands and said at the same time.

 The ice shield, strengthened many times over by fusion magic, prevented Linka's magic sword. However, she took a step further and swung her sword down with all her strength.


 The ice shield cracked and shattered into pieces. The moment the two of them scattered to the left and right with their , the ground was split in half.

 If they ate properly, they wouldn't have gotten away with it.

This is the Jizaiken Garmest. The shape, material and color are all at my disposal.

 This time, the great sword that he had been holding with both hands, which had changed into what shape it had taken on, Linka held it back in one hand.

''With this kind of power, a soft sword, as usual, the demon race from two thousand years ago is crazy.

Don't be so sure. Two thousand years ago I wasn't as strong as I am today, at least not in terms of my physical strength. At least not as far as my muscles go.

 While speaking the words, Linka inches in between them.

'What do you mean by that?'

 Sasha asked as she paused and turned her attention to Linka's hand holding the magic sword.

''The reincarnation went well. This body, with the blood of the Demon King Anos, is strong. Even before its power has fully awakened, it is called the generation of chaos. It's no wonder that once my roots are in there, I'm stronger than ever before.

 Linka kicked the ground.
 But it was Misha who made the first move. An ice fence was blocking her path.

''The ice cage.''

 Furthermore, an ice cage was constructed around its four sides. There, Sasha's anti-magic and magical barrier was superimposed on it.

''The Anti-Magic Creation Architecture (Je Aizeo)''

It's not warm!

 Spinning her body around, Linka swung her great sword around.
 With a doggone, dogaang sound, the ice cage was cleaved away.

 But by that time, Misha had made his next move.

''The ice castle.''

 With Linka at the center, the Demon King's Castle will be built to the north, south, east and west. A magic circle has already been deployed there, and gun gates are appearing.

''Don't get eaten!''

 Jet-black suns were fired simultaneously from the Demon King's Castle in the north, south, east and west.

''Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze)!

 The jet-black sun that was emitted from all sides dyed the area into darkness.
 There was no room to avoid it, and the swallowed Linka.

  If it was a direct hit, there wouldn't be any bones left.

'That's quite a bit of magic for a demon race in this era.

 Linka was running through the blazing black flames. By using the self-directed sword Garmest as a spherical shield and layering anti-magic, he prevented the .


 Linka, fleshed out by Sasha, swings down an invisible great sword. Sasha stretched a spherical magical barrier around it. As it was severed, she read the sword's trajectory and ducked on the verge.

''If I know I can't see it, I can deal with it as much as I want.

 She retreated in
 Misha gasped and yelled.

'Sasha, stop!

 Blood flowed from Sasha's mouth.


 Blood seeped into her abdomen and it revealed the transparent demon sword.

The free sword Garmest is also very numerous. I've been able to set it up just where you're most likely to escape.

 <The burned again, healing Sasha's wounds. But even before that, Rinka thrust another free sword into Sasha.

''This is as far as it goes. The wound spreads faster than the regeneration speed of that magic tool.

 Sasha collapses on the spot.
 Linka was right, with the two magic swords stuck in her, death would be a matter of time.

''It will be painful to go slowly to death. I'll make it easier for you now.''

 As a precaution, Linka swung her free sword Garmest at him.

'Chains of Ice.'

 Countless chains wrapped around Linka's body.


 With a flash of the garmest, all of its chains were slashed by Linka in an instant.

 Misha turns her gaze to Sasha. He's probably trying to help her, but Linka is standing in front of him.

''I've blocked the nasty doomsday magic eye. Now you're the only one left.

 Although he was tossed around with his invisible sword, the demonic eye of destruction was probably a threat to Linka as well. Constantly being stared at by Sasha was not a decisive factor, but it had reduced his magic power and body, and restricted his actions.

 However, those fetters were no longer in place.


 Misha stares at Rinka.

'Let me through,'

 His voice was indifferent.

'Don't worry,'

 Linka's figure blurred. The next moment, she had already made her approach to Misha.
 Misha's demon eyes would have seen the figure, but her physical abilities were too different.

 Without even giving her a chance to retreat, Linka had stabbed her free sword into Misha's abdomen.

''I'll send you to the same place.''

 Misha collapsed as the magic sword was pulled out.

''It's over.''

 The figure of the self-existing sword Garmest is revealed. Aiming the tip of it at the fallen Misha's head, Linka put her magic power into it.

''.........get out of the way.......''

 An inanimate voice sounded.

'You're a healthy fellow to still worry about your sister after all this time. I'll at least send you home so you won't have to suffer.

 Linka held the garmest in her backhand and dropped it with great force.
 The tip of the cut broke through Misha's skin, dug into his flesh, and then touched his skull.

 With a bang, its sword barrel broke.


 Linka stared at the broken free sword for a moment, stunned.

''Get out of the way........''

 Misha's voice rang out.
 It was inorganic, indifferent, her deep, angry voice.

 Looking at the free sword Garmest, which had lost its magic power and crumbled to pieces, Linka muttered.
 The next moment, she looked up as if in a gasp.

"...What are you creating...?

 Linka says, her voice trembling.
 In front of her eyes, something unbelievable is about to be constructed.

"....Do you know what you're creating, do you!

 Irresistibly, Linka screamed.
 It was as if she was going to scream.

 The ice castle is being built.

 If it was a demon race two thousand years ago, everyone looked up to it many times, it was the strongest magic tool owned by the Demon King Anos Voldigod, the Demon Castle Delzogade.

''It can't be........that.......that castle is a god itself! That's just a demon race........?

 She repeats it over and over, as if to say it's a bad dream.
 There's no way I can do it, she said. It's like a prayer.

 She already knows.
 Because Misha has shown her magic enough to recreate the mythical age's magic sword, Garmest, in a fragile way.

 Misha slowly pulls herself up.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

'I am I,'

 The Demon King's Castle turned into a three-dimensional magic circle, and countless magic letters floated around the castle. Particles of magic power rise up and the magic circle floats in Misha's eyes.

 <The delzogade was created in the
 However, it certainly possessed enough power to be called a pseudo-god.

''Ice Crystal.''

 Linka mobilized all of her own magical power and deployed anti-magic all over her body.

 However, with just one glare from Misha's magical eye, Linka's body disappeared without a trace.
 All that was left was a single ice crystal.

 The body was remade.


 Immediately, Misha shifted her gaze to the fallen Sasha.
 At that moment, the two demonic swords that stabbed into her turned into ice crystals and disappeared.

 With the disappearance of the spontaneous swords, the healed Sasha's wounds and she opened her eyes in a haze.

''Just in time.''

 Smiling happily, Misha kneeled down on the spot, as if she had exhausted her strength.
 The delzogade behind her turned into countless ice crystals and scattered neatly.