128-Wisdom comparison

 The top floor of the Union Tower.
 <On the remote clairvoyant (limnet), a scene of Ray and Misa, Eleonor and Zecia, Misha and Sasha defeating their respective enemies is projected.

''Hmm. The four evil royal families have formed an alliance.

 The Curse King, the Cutthroat King, the Scarlet Monument King, and the Underworld King were second only to the Demon King of Tyranny in the Demon World two thousand years ago. In awe and respect for their abilities, the demon clans called them the Four Evil Royalty Clan.

 With their high self-esteem, they have never joined hands with other demons, except during the Great War.
 It's strange that now that they are at peace, they are doing something that is akin to fighting together. Congratulations if they've gotten along, but I don't think so.

'And then? You said you were going to challenge me to a contest of wits, but were you willing to wait until those guys got beat up?

 When asked, Zeke laughed.
 He said that he didn't expect the four evil royal families to be hit.

'You are looking for the Son of God. And if you are an intelligent and tyrannical demon king, you must have noticed that one of your people has the potential to be that god's son.

 Hmm. I see.

 Two thousand years ago, Nausgaria was trying to get the great spirit Reno to give birth to a god's son. If I hadn't made it in time, or if I had reached out to Reno again after I was reincarnated, she would have carried the Son of God in her body.

 If it's true that Mass is the son of the great spirit Reno, then it could be the son of a god.

 Nausgaria also had a hand in the enchantment of Jelga. It would not be surprising if he used the
 In other words, Zesia could be the Son of God.

 And as for
 If that's the case, it's possible that the form in which Misha and Sasha became one is the Son of God.
 Once he used in the last war and achieved fusion, his divinity status was increased. Hence, with the root source dying and the magic power rising, Misha's divine power began to awaken.

 Perhaps that was why he was able to exercise the astounding creation magic that approached even a god, creating a pseudo-delzogade.

'Well, you're certainly right, Zeke. If the Cutthroat King is in bed with Nausgaria, it's odd that he took the trouble to give me the information. Even if it was only a matter of time before I found out.

 Simply exposing the information of the Son of God would mean nothing.
 Considering Zeke's statement earlier, there's only one aim.

''So this is what you're saying? You're going to use the information you have as a betting chip and challenge me to a game of wits.

 Just as I calculated, Zeke smiles.

It's not just that he's strong. You are more than just strong.

 Zeke used the magic of the Contract (Zekt).

"Let me explain the rules. You ask a question. I will tell you everything I know about it. However, I can only tell you one thing and I can lie about it.

You mean, like the identity of the Son of God?

 I'll give it a light shake.

'Yes. If I specify that I will lie about the identity of the Son of God, I will only lie about questions that approach that identity.

 Hmm. I see you haven't moved.
 You have a lot of heart.

 Well, it's a pity that you're upset here.

"But if I tell you a lie, I can't tell the truth about the things I've told you.

 I see.
 If all you can do is lie, you can find out that it's a lie, depending on how you ask the question.

The number of questions is 15. The number of times you can ask me a question is 15, and if you can guess which thing I'm lying about during that time, you win. Then I'll be able to shut down my magic for five seconds, and of course, the magic sword. And of course, the magic sword as well.

 If I revive Melhayes and destroy him, five seconds will be enough change for you.

'On the other hand, if you can't see through my lies to the end and I win, you'll get five seconds of your time. During that time, you can't use your magic.

 Even if I didn't use my magic for 5 seconds, it would be impossible for him to destroy me. I'm sure he could hurt you, though. The only thing left to do is to destroy Melghese.

 Or do you have a trump card?
 It would be unnatural to think that there isn't.

'You can only point out a lie eight times.

 <The contract (Zekt) stipulates that when I point out a lie, you don't fake an answer. Other than that, it seems that there are no funny loopholes in the outline that Zeke just told me.

'When can you point out a lie?'

I don't care when. You can declare when you know you've lied.

 Well, when I say reasonable, I mean it's a reasonable rule.
 I think I have a slight advantage, otherwise they think they won't come on board to compare wits.

How do you like it, Anos? You have a one in a hundred million chance of Melghese not being able to revive me if you continue to force me to do so, you can win without losing anything. Normally, I think it's wise not to take the risk, don't you think?

 Serve and be calm, Zeke said.
 'I suppose that's part of the bargain.

'Hmm. You've misjudged one thing, Zeke. If you're trying to provoke me, there's no need for that. Whether it's a contest of wits or a contest of strength, it's all the same. Don't think you can rob me of one victory in a hundred million.

 Without hesitation, I signed the contract (Zekt).
 I'm not sure if it was because he was confident of victory, but Zeke laughed slightly.

"Then let's play, Demon King Anos.

 I point at the as if to control its words.

"But first, one thing. I want to change the rules.

 He looked at me with a grim expression.


'You only need seven questions and four to point out a lie.

 I'm not sure what to expect," he said, raising his eyebrows quizzically.
 I'm not expecting this," he said.

"Instead, you should leave that magic sword to me. <I can't afford to compare wits while continuing to use the time manipulation levy.

"It was originally written in the Zekt that you are not allowed to use your anti-magic sword to destroy the Leviticide's magic formula during a contest of wits.

If you're ready to be destroyed, you can break the contract, Zekt.

'With your magical eye, you should be able to detect it and stop it before it happens. Isn't that just a condition that puts you at a disadvantage?

"If you think that's what it is, you'll be glad you did. You will challenge me. You can have all the odds.

 Zeke looks at me intently, as if searching for the truth.
 After a moment, he says, "All right.

"All right. I'll let you borrow my chest.

 Zeke changed the terms of the
 It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to get away with it.
 He didn't know how I would come out and must be on guard.

 Taking that magic sword carelessly, I said.

''The deal is done.''

 I signed the
 Zeke let out a small breath.
 It's a sign of relief.

"Then let's get started. First question.

 One thing to be sure of first.

"Tell me about the Son of God.

 After a moment's pause, Zeke replied.

'There are three possible sons of God. Misa Iliologue, Zesia Bianca. And Misha Necron and Sasha Necron. As for the Necron sisters, the girl they fused together has the potential to be one of them.

 So Misha and Sasha consider themselves two and one.

'Fifteen years ago, a child was born to the Great Spirit Reno and the Demon King's right hand man, Sin Reglia. That was Misa Iliologue. But it was just as the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria wanted. Missa's lore as a spirit is that it is the order that destroys the demon king. And that lore is neither human nor demon, but is spread among the gods.

 Is that why Mass has a strong root cause that has nothing to do with spirit disease, despite being half spirit and half demon?
 But I didn't expect Shin to come out here. Two thousand years ago, that guy was entrusted with guarding the Great Spirit Reno. We had a connection, but I can't imagine that man falling in love.

 If that's true, then peace is still wonderful.

'Now that your reincarnation is complete, she's grown up and is finally awakening to follow that order.

 Does waking up mean revealing the true body of the spirit?
 If the hand of the gods is in play, not necessarily so, but it's likely.

'Two thousand years ago, the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria made one promise to the brave Jelga of Azation. It was to make him magical and to make him a second order after God. But Nowusgaria is a god that begets gods. He cannot disobey that order. For this reason, he offered Jelga the terms of the exchange. To have part of his roots turned into Eleonor, and to let him make a vessel for a god.

 I guess that means we can drink in Jelga's demands as long as it's for the purpose of creating a god.
 It makes sense.

'With Jelga's nod, the deal is sealed. And by having Eleonor continue to mass produce Zesia for a long period of time, a divine vessel was finally born in this era. That's that little Zesia that transferred to the Demon King Academy.

 Is it possible that if we continue to produce root clones, we can mutate and produce superior individuals? It's true that there are slight differences between the root source clones, so it's possible.
 And at the very least, that Zesia was different in color from the other individuals. She may still be young and unawakened, but does that mean she has the qualities to become a vessel of a god?

'In the Age of Magic, the root of the brave canon that fused with Aivis Necron was studying the magic of
 No matter how much he intended to die, if a war broke out, there was no guarantee that others would not be harmed.
 Even if he gave power to just one demon race, there was probably nothing he could do about it, but he still wanted to save as many as possible.

''Through , Sasha Necron's root and body were split into two. Originally, she was supposed to have only one personality, her own, but due to divine intervention, the light of the moon was disturbed and the natural magic circle was rewritten. A personality that was never meant to be born, Misha Necron, was born.

 If it was true, the root of canon must have had quite a head start.

'If left alone, Misha will disappear. Even with the brave man's power, that was an untenable situation, but he had one thing on his mind to save his sisters. The tyrannical demon king, who would soon be reincarnated, thought he should be able to save them both.

 But you didn't want me to know who you were, so that's what happened.

"And the tyrannical demon king saved the sisters. You thwarted God's intentions unnecessarily. The child who should have been born with God's will and great magic was born as just two girls. Now, not yet.

 There is a good chance that this explanation is also possible.

 Because the magic Misha showed just the other day was also unusual.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 In fact, that's what I am.

'These are things I heard directly from Nowusgaria, and he promised not to lie about it.

 God keeps his promises.
 If Zeke is not lying, then these are all true.

 The information is vague in places, but it makes sense if you consider that this is the knowledge that Knowthalia dared to impart for the sake of this comparison of wits.

'Finally, the Son of God, born to destroy the tyrannical demon king, is among your men.

 I think we have a pretty good idea.

 Let's get this contest of wits over with first.

"Then I'll use my one right to point out the lies. You are lying about the things concerning the Son of God.

 Of course, there's no way to know if it's a lie at this stage.
 It's just one thing to find out if it's true.

I'm afraid you're wrong.

 <The magicians of the contract (Zekt) are glowing. The contract is working properly.
 Which means he wasn't lying about the Son of God.