129-Devil's Wisdom

 Zeke knew I was going to point out the lies about the Son of God, because that's what I wanted to know the most, and that's what he had to hide the most.
 Because that is what I want to know the most, and at the same time, that is what he needs to hide the most.

 That's why I dare to specify the matters that are not about the Son of God. Otherwise, at this point, we would have lost the battle of wits.

 However, even if you win this game in exchange for information about the Son of God, he doesn't have much of an advantage. At most, it would only allow him to destroy Melheis.

 In other words, it's reasonable to assume that he hasn't revealed what he really wants to hide yet.

 Zeke is not lying about the Son of God.
 However, we can't believe everything he just said.

 He can hide information about the Son of God without setting up the things he can lie about in relation to the Son of God.

 For example, let's say he specifies that he can lie about the Great Spirit Reno.

 Since I showed him the remote clairvoyance to suggest that Misa might be the Son of God, of course he has to answer my question earlier as to whether or not Misa and the Great Spirit Reno are related to the Son of God.

 If they are not related, he must say they are not related.
 And he can lie about matters concerning the Great Spirit Reno. He could have lied about the fact that the Great Spirit Reno took the Son of God into his body.

 In that case, there is still the possibility that he is trying to misrepresent the Mass as the Son of God in order to hide the true Son of God.

'Hmm. Now for my next question.

 The number of questions remaining is six. Only three times can we point out the lie.
 The questions to expose Zeke's lies are--.

"Is there only one Son of God?

 The more you limit the question, the less you can lie.
 If you just answer the number of people, it's not relevant in any way except to the Son of God.

 And we know for sure that Zeke has not lied about anything related to the Son of God.
 If one could lie about this, it would be if he were lying about matters relating to the number of people, but that is unlikely.

 To answer this question, there is only one way to answer the question: with facts.

How true. There is only one Son of God. Nowsugaria told me so, and promised me it was true.

 I count Misha and Sasha as one, since we're talking about Misha and Sasha being fused together and becoming the Son of God.

 At the very least, this suggests that either Misa, Zetia, Misha and Sasha, or at least two or more of them, are not sons of God and that Zeke lied to them to make them believe so.

 The question is what would make it possible to lie about the matter of lying, and the simplest answer would be to say that it was about my people.

 That way, I can answer the questions involving Misa, Eleonor, Zesia, Misha and Sasha with a lie.

 In other words, you can confirm it in your next question.

'Now the question. Are Misha and Sasha the same age?

 I dare to ask a question to which the answer is obvious to him and to me.

 If Zeke specifies that the matter of lying is about my acquaintance or subordinates, I cannot answer this question correctly, and I must lie to him.

'We were born on the same day, so we are the same age.

 Zeke uttered the correct answer.
 This makes it clear that I did not designate my people and acquaintances, or Misha and Sasha, as matters to lie about.

 So how did I lie about more than two of them as being children of God?

 The first answer, Zeke said, was that he had heard it directly from Nowusgaria, and he had promised not to lie.

 If we designate the lying matter as being about Nowthalia, we can answer the first question as if we were all children of God.

'I will use my right to point out the lies. You are lying about Nowusgaria.'

I'm sorry, but it's an outlier.

 He has not lied about matters concerning Nausgaria either.

 It is confirmed that there is one Son of God.
 But at the first question, Zeke spoke as if there were three sons of God.

 It could have been that he lied about two of them, or even all three of them, but no matter how else you specify the matter of lying, it's hard to lie about that.

 So, it is not a lie.
 At least, in your first answer, you just smelled like you were the Son of God, but you didn't determine that he was the Son of God. I only said it was possible.

 Mass is the son of the Great Spirit Reno directly in his body, making his lore as a spirit the one who destroys the tyrannical demon king.

 Eleanor is the magic created by the Heavenly Father God in his negotiations with Jelga to create the vessel of God, and that vessel is that little Zesia.

 And Misha and Sasha would have been born as one body, as God wanted them to be if I hadn't stopped them, with the will of God and a powerful magic.

 Up to at least two of these were correct, and yet they were not the children of God.
 To be more precise, they are not the order that destroyed the demon king of tyranny.

 To be more precise, it is not the order that destroys the tyrannical demon king. <So it is provided for in the Zecht.

 And there is only one God's Son, as I confirmed earlier.

 For example, if the order to destroy the tyrannical demon king is the order to protect, then it's not strange for him to have a divine vessel or his will.

 In other words, the question is who is the son of God to destroy the Demon King of Tyranny, but if we follow the order, it's not too difficult to ascertain.

''Question. Who is the Son of God?

 That leaves three questions.

'It's Zecia,'

 You cannot lie about the Son of God.

 If you think you lied about the question you just asked, you would have specified that you would lie about the question of identity.

 In this case, you would always lie to answer not only who is the Son of God, but also who is the Demon King of Tyranny, who is the Cutthroat Death King, and so on.

 Another is when he specifies that he would lie about the Great Spirit Reno's children, for example.
 The Great Spirit Reno is the mother of all spirits and has more than one child. And that includes Misa.

 If Mass was the child of God, then the correct answer to the question now is Mass.
 But it cannot be answered as Mass, because it will always be answered with a lie about the children of the Great Spirit Reno.

 In other words, it's possible that he lied about being Zesia, when in reality, Misa is the child of God.

 We'll check the former first.

'Then let's ask. Who is the Demon King of Tyranny?

 The number of questions remaining is two.
 Zeke answered.

'My Lord, Master Eldmead.

 Hmm. It's almost a done deal. 

"Use your right to point out the lies. You're lying about the things you question.

 Opening his mouth quietly, Zeke replied.

'Unfortunately, it's an outlier.'


 You can't lie about the question of identity.

 Now if you answered the question, "Who is the demon king of tyranny?" with a lie, did you specify that the matter of lying is about me?

 Then I can't lie to the question, "Who is the Son of God?
 Inevitably, it is confirmed that Zesia is the son of God.


 That's odd.

 There are two questions left. You can point out the lie once.
 The only way I can win is if I guess what Zeke puts in charge of lying.

 He specifies that I am the person who lies about myself.
 But why would he tell me what to lie about? 

 Lying about me, about the tyrannical demon king, will not completely hide the Son of God.

 Even if Zeke wins this contest of wits, the best he can get is the right to destroy Melheis. What good is it to him to bury one of my men in exchange for information on the Son of God?

 No, it's inconceivable.

 He would have had to win this contest of wits while completely hiding the identity of the Son of God.

 Then the Son of God could not be Zesia, could he?
 Or maybe destroying Melhayes would give him a benefit comparable to the information about the Son of God.

 No, if destroying Melhayes had benefits that were comparable to the information about the Son of God, then he would choose a more reliable way to win without designating the things associated with the Demon King of Tyranny as lies.

 So that means--

Come on, Demon King Anos.

 With a wry smile, Zeke said.

'But it's too late. By the time you got on this battle of wits, you had lost the battle of wits with me!

 Zeke staked out an anti-magic and magical barrier in front.
 There was a clang and the sound of a window pane breaking.

 Four demon clans broke through the window of the Union Tower and jumped in.

 The two demons carried the Demon Sword Gabrade in their hands.
 In the hands of the other two demons, there was a magic sword that they had never seen before.

 When they used their demon eyes, they found that it was inscribed with the Sword of Death Thrust (Shitotsuken) Gidrest. Although it is a sword that can only be used to pierce in shape, it emits a mischievous magical power characteristic of the root cause killer.

 I can read Sieg's aim. If I want to fight off the four demons, I'll have no choice but to interfere with the magical barrier or counter-magic that Sieg is putting up.

 But due to the Zekt contract, I can't attack Sieg until this battle of wits is over.

 If I unleash my magic, as soon as I touch his anti-magic or magic barrier, he will be forced to disappear.

 Well, it's to be expected.
 It's a bit of a shrug.

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.

'All rights to ask questions and point out lies are revoked.'

 This is the end of the contest.
 <According to the contract, I can't use my magic for 5 seconds as a penalty.

"You were wrong, Demon King Anosu! It won't take me more than five seconds!

 The two demons counteracted the Time Manipulation (Levaid) on Melhayes with the Demon Sword Gabrade, and the remaining two demons stabbed the Death Thrust Sword Gidrest into the source that was there.

''This is the end.

 Sieg summons a magic circle and pulls out his death thrust sword, the Geeldrest.
 He then thrust it out as a last resort and gouged out the source of the sword.

''Alright. You have two seconds left! Your next order, Demon King Anos--

 Zeke turned around and lost his expression as soon as he caught me in sight.
 Greasy sweat was smeared on his forehead.

'Your next order. What were you going to do?

 I stomped on the demons I had beaten with my bare hands, grabbing them by the neck, or piercing their hearts. All four of them were already dead.

 In a squeezed voice, Zeke said.

Did you think you could defeat me if you kept your magic locked up?

 He kicks the demons and throws them out of the way.

''But you've been caught off guard, Zeke. I'm sure you're not the only one who thinks you have a chance of winning if you contain your magic, but you just annihilate the source of Melhayth without a second thought. That would be like telling me that killing Melhayes was your top priority.

 I dared to dismiss my right to ask questions and point out lies to see how he came out, and I was penalized.
 The result is this. I guess it's called falling short of the mark.

'To the Cutthroat King and Heavenly Father God, Melhayes would be insignificant. What do you want?

Do you really think that I would tell you...?

Well, he wouldn't say.

 I'm going to take a step toward him.

"...destroy them all. Although it's a contest of wits, you'll still be able to defeat the tyrannical demon king. No regrets...

"Hmm. Isn't that what the Cutthroat King's chief of staff says?

 As I said this, I heard a voice from the stairs.

'Even though it's a game, I would be remiss to fantasize about beating you, my lord.

 The one who came up the stairs was an old man with a long white beard.
 It was the Seven Demon Emperors, Old Man Melhayes Bolan.

''Don't you think so? The Cutthroat King's Chief of Staff, Lord Sieg Ozma.

 Zeke didn't immediately respond to the question.
 With an expression of incredulity, he stared at Melhayes' face, at the source of it.

I had to....

The one you destroyed was a fake I switched out.

"...switched...? Surely it wouldn't have made any difference to the source of Melhayes...

 Zeke muttered, as if he didn't understand.

I've been learning some new magic lately. I'm sure you've seen it in the Limnets just a few minutes ago.

 When he said that much, Zeke was flabbergasted.

''Don't tell me it's the root mother's womb.......? No, but you're not saying that you've used a new life as a substitute...?

That's just intolerable. <"An application of the Eleonor principle, I have created a pseudo-root source, devoid of consciousness and will. It has no life, but it looks just like a root source.

"....horses, deer, not long after the last war you were not studying the Eleonor womb. .....

It's just an idea that came to me. I don't need to do this much research.

"...so much root magic...so much freshly learned magic...without even studying it... ...!

 A screeching voice rises from Zeke.

'If you've checked me out, you're aware that that much is obvious, right? Apparently I didn't do enough homework.

 Just in time, Zeke grits his teeth.
 It's a good idea to have a good time to get out of there.

"When in the world did you replace the source of Melhase with the source of Melhase...?

"When you gave me the Gabrade. There are two things you should have been aware of then. You have to be careful about the four demons that are dead there. I'm not going to be the only one who can do this. They were so wary of those things that they didn't notice that I used the magic of the Root Mother Womb (Eleonor) to replace the root of Melheis with a pseudo-root source.

 Well, he didn't even know that magic existed, so it must have been a blind spot.
 That's how you brought him back to life after the penalty of not being able to use magic for five seconds was over.

'You were defeated when you challenged me to a contest of wits - I won't say that.

 I'm going to step out loosely and let him know the truth.

'As soon as you even thought of fighting me, you had already lost.

 I'm not sure if I've realized that I can't even escape at this point, but Zeke's expression is filled with regret.
 I'm not going to be able to get rid of it.

 He decided to make up his mind and used the magic of reincarnation (silica).

''Do you think I'm going to let you go?''

 <I interfered with the magic of the Reincarnation (Silica) and reconfigured part of its magic formula.

"In this peaceful world, you have gone to the trouble of challenging me and losing. You have come to me in this peaceful world, and you have lost.

 He drew a magic circle on the floor. Then, particles of magic power rose up and an owl appeared there.
 <It's the magic of the Demon Race Training (Azhev).

It's a pretty good vessel. I still have a few more questions for you.

 Zeke's expression was filled with regret.


 Zeke collapses in front of him.
 His body was cremated with flames.

"Come on, Zeke.

 A reincarnated owl perched on my arm like a faithful messenger.