130-Message of a subject

 The top floor of the Union Tower.
 Sasha, who had returned after rescuing Menou, said.

"So, this Zeke guy who used you as an errand boy doesn't know anything about it?

 I nodded and said to the owl.

'Zeke. Tell me what you came here to do.

''My goal was to reduce the tyrannical demon king's strength, even if it was just a little. Therefore, I challenged him to a contest of wits, to draw his attention to me, and to aim at Melhayes.

 Zeke said.


'Hmm. So, does that mean Nowusgaria gave you information halfway through and used it for good?

Well. Not necessarily.

 If the information was given to him halfway and used for good, then it was too poorly done. He would be too stupid to be the Cutthroat King's chief strategist.

''But since you made him a messenger, he couldn't have lied to you, could he?

Well. I'm sure it's all in the back of your mind.

Has your past been tampered with?

 Misha said.

''That may be so. Just as the Spirit God Human Sword completely wiped the memories of Ivis from the past as well, a divine power would be able to pretend the past never happened.'

 It may be that reincarnation was a condition for this.
 However, if that was the case, it is still questionable as to why they targeted Melhayes at that time.

Well, it's also possible that he really didn't know anything about it.

 At that time, Eleonor and Zesia returned to the top floor of the Union Tower.
 Ray and Misa had already returned as well, so now they were all together.

Wow. We're the last. Everyone is quick.

I'm... late...

 The two of them are now in our circle.
 I've already told you about the Four Evil Royals' meddling and the whole situation through the .

 We decided to gather once and talk about our future plans.

Then, Merhuis. First, as planned, let's hear about the post-war process.

I'm sorry, sir.

 Melhayes politely thanked him.

''Although this may overlap with what I have told you before, I will tell you in a nutshell. First of all, regarding the Azation, General Diego, who led the army that defeated Maj. Gen. Gailladite, what he did during the military action is considered a serious violation of military law and will not escape punishment.

 With the Demon King of Tyranny confirmed dead and the Dirheid army starting to retreat, he tried to continue the war until he cut off his second-in-command's arm. As long as a number of soldiers witnessed it, there was no way to excuse it.

''Also, the magic of , and the fact that they have been planning to form a military force to defeat the Gailladite Demon King for some time have come to light one after another, and it seems that the Azation side wants to settle this war with Diego as the war criminal.

'What about the brave canon?'

 Rey poses a question.

''Since a real canon appeared with the Spirit God Man Sword in hand, who took a stand and defended the humans from the tyrannical Demon King, it seems that the decision was made that all the incarnations so far are fake. Originally, none of them were able to pull off the Spiritual God and Human Sword, and it seems that some doubts were raised even within the academy.

 Well, that's a fair point.
 That distrust was probably brought to the surface all at once by the appearance of canon in that war.

''It seems that the Academy of Valor will remain, but it will be difficult for them to obtain the huge budget that they've had in the past.

Yeah, yeah. That's why the name of canon has been removed from Zecia, Ledrano, and you guys.

 Eleanor held up her index finger and said.

'Zesia had the same last name as you, didn't she?

 Ray asked, and Eleonor nodded.

'I figured I'd get in a lot of trouble if it was the same as Diego's, so I had it changed.

Mom, that's why.

 Zesia says.
 Nodding, Eleonor stroked her.

'Speaking of which, what happened to the rest of Zesia? There's about ten thousand of them, right?

 Eleonor answered Sasha's question.

'We're in the basement of this castle now.


 Sasha makes a barefaced noise.

'By underground, you mean the underground dungeon? How are we going to live in that place?

But it's all very comfortable.

What do you mean...?

 Sasha looks at me like she wants me to explain.

We've made some extensions and renovations, of course. I'm sure you'll be able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to find it in the same way that you're able to. In terms of square footage, it's roughly the same size as this Mid-Hays.


 Sasha raised her voice as if surprised.

''........Why are you building a city as big as the ground underground......?''

It's too conspicuous for all 10,000 people to be out in the open. But we thought it would be inconvenient to have nothing in the basement. We've created an environment that's reasonably enjoyable.

"Anos is kind.

 Misha says.

'There are limits...'

I'm going to take you to Ahartheln, the Great Spirit Forest, one of these days.

 When I uttered that, Misha nodded her head.

'What's the good news?'

''Humans and demons would be suspicious if there were ten thousand Zetia, but the spirits don't care. Humans and spirits aren't a bad match for each other, either. If there are spirits that are willing to accept you, it wouldn't be a bad idea to live there.

 That is, if Zesia and the others like it.

'Well, we can talk about that later. Go on.

'The Azation side has requested information about the heroic canon, what can I do? At the moment, Azation doesn't seem to be aware of any canon, as he has only encountered it in the Torah forest.

 Melhayes looked at me and Ray.

'Do you not even remember his face?'

It's possible that some people will remember it, but it won't be widely known.

If you can, it would be helpful to pretend that we don't know where he is.

 It doesn't seem to do much good when you find out that you're a brave canon. It's also possible that you will be forced to take care of some troublesome matters.

I'm sorry. Then I'll answer that way.

How are the people of Azéon doing after the war?

"The aftereffects from the magic of the Demon's Absolution (Jelga) and the Sanctuary (Ask) aren't too bad. Ninety percent of the humans have recovered since Anos and Ray used the magic that reversed the Ask and converted their magic into hope, so they've mostly recovered. The remaining ten percent or so of the humans are in no danger of being killed.

 Hmm. So, for now, it's just in time.

However, it seems that the experience of being forcibly absorbed by hope and wandering in darkness is not something that can be forgotten. Among the people of Azation, there is a strong sense that the oral tradition of the deepest darkness is still true. They seem to think that this is not the work of Jelga, but the work of a tyrannical demon king.

 I don't think they ever dreamed that the brave men's Sanctuary (Ask) would bare their fangs to themselves. It's only natural.

"Speaking of the Demon King of Tyranny, the other side is still aware of Avos Dilhevia, right?

'On your left, my lord. In the last war, Avos Dilhevia was defeated by the brave canon. But will he return one day and bring deep darkness again? Such fears seem to be prevalent throughout the Azation.

 Well, it's not hard to forget your fears after seeing that much.
 It's not going to happen any time soon, but it could be an opportunity for the humans to resent the demon race.

''At the ceremony for the Demon King's second coming, I thought it would be a good idea to mention Avos Dilhevia and have her contribute to the friendship with Azation.

"So me and canon work together to destroy Avos Dilhevia, the false tyrannical demon king.

You are on the left, sir. And that's also true, in a way.

''If that's the case, then it would be better to have canon attend the ceremony for the Demon King's second coming, right?

 I look at Ray.

'I don't want to be too obvious, though.

Do you wear armor?

 Misha suggests.

'Maybe. Let's use the armor and helmet to make our faces less recognizable. As long as we have the Reishinjin Sword, we'll know it's heroic canon.''

Then I'll go ahead and do it.

 Melhayes says.

'That's about all I can think of, but is there anything else you'd like to mention?

No, that's enough for today. Let's get to the point.

Is this about Cutthroat King Erdmaed?

Yes. His body and his roots seem to have been hijacked by Nowsgaria, but when did he come in contact with you?

 After a moment of silence, as if remembering, Melhayes says

''It was just a few days ago. The Cutthroat King came to this Demon King Academy. And he offered to become a teacher. He took the recruitment exam that was being held to fill the vacancy, and he passed.''

Have you seen him in person?

Yes. I have met and talked to him in person, as he is a man who knows Anos-sama. However, I didn't say anything of the sort. The Cutthroat King said that he wanted to nurture the next generation in this new era.

 I was told to be politely treated if a two-thousand-year-old demon tribe formally asked me about it.
 But apparently waiting for me to wake up wasn't for the sake of friendship.

''Does every teacher have the Contract (Zecto) and the signing of the Seven Demon Emperors that proves that Anos is the Demon King of Tyranny?

 Sasha asks, "I've already told my trusted teacher and given her the signed Zekt.

"I have already informed my trusted teacher and given him the signed Zekt. The Cutthroat King already knew about Master Anos, so I gave it to him.

 And now, there's nothing inconvenient about proving that I'm the Demon King of Tyranny.

''When you met the Cutthroat King, did Nowusgaria already take over your body?

I'm afraid I don't know. I'm sorry, sir...

 Well, I guess so. It can't be helped.

"I tried to tell Anos-sama, but there was a chance that our thought transmissions (leaks) could be intercepted, but I couldn't find a figure or magic power.

Oh, I'm sorry. I've been busy rebuilding the underground dungeon. I haven't even told Elio about it yet. It would have been too much of a mess if the thieves thought they were trespassing, so I was secretly working on it.

"...don't you think you're secretly making something outrageous...

 Sasha blurted out in a whisper.

'It may not have anything to do with the Nausgaria case, but there is one thing I would like to bring to your attention.


''We were quick to inform the Unification Faction that Master Anos is the Demon King of Tyranny, but just a few minutes ago, we received word from the head of the Unification Faction, our founder.

 As I recall, it was an unidentified demon race that Melhayes had never met.

What's the matter?

He said he's a 2,000-year-old demon.

 Oh, I see.
 That's why he didn't show up.

What's your name?

"Sin Reglia, a member of the tyrannical demon king's entourage.

 The reincarnation went well, or so it seems, you have a memory.

''I hear you are in the Great Spirit Forest, Ahartheln. It seems that all of your former confidants and subordinates were waiting for their reincarnation there.

 So you stayed away from Dirheid to keep me on my toes.
 But I've taken care of Avos Dyrhevia now.

"Why didn't you show yourself?

He said he had a situation that made him unable to move. I was told he'd be waiting for you in Ahaltheln.

 There's no way that Singh ever said to me, "Go to me.
 I'm sure that even if God were to stand in the way, that man would come to me personally, even if it meant beating him to death.

 In other words, you have a very good reason for this.


 Misa muttered.
 She looked unflattering, as if she was curious about the great spirit Reno.

''It's a half demon sword that the Cursed King's subordinates had,''

 With a mysterious look on his face, Ray took out a sword-tipless half of a magic sword.
 It should have originally belonged to Misa's father.

''When I looked into the abyss, I found out what it was originally.

 I turn my demon eyes and look into the abyss of the demon sword in Ray's hand.

''Hmm. So that's what it is. You can't understand it in half, but if you have both of them together, you'll be able to see its true form. However, that is only for those who have seen the sword.

 Ray walks to the pedestal. There is a half of the magic sword that was originally in this Union Tower stuck there.
 Pulling it out and overlapping it with the half demon sword taken from the Curse King's subordinates, the two were enveloped in a black light.

 The demon sword became one and distorted its outline languidly.
 Its true form was not a straight sword, but a curved sword.

''The plundering sword Gyrionoges, huh?

 It was a magic sword that Shin used, a magic sword that was unique in this world.