131-Whereabouts of Ahartheln

''I've only seen it a few times in two thousand years ago, but this magic sword belongs to Sin Reglia, right?

 I nodded at Ray's question.

'There's no doubt about it,'

'So, does that mean that this demon tribe called Shin Reglia is the founder of the Unificationists, and that he's Mass's father?'

 Sasha said with a thoughtful look on her face.

 Misa mutters.
 'She's been taught that so far. 

'It's possible she lied. Because two thousand years ago, the demons couldn't just show up in front of me as a reincarnated person. If I had told them the truth, they could have gone around and found out about me. If I told them that I'm the Demon Emperor who rules somewhere in Dillhade, I could make an excuse not to see you.

Are you saying that someone in Master Anos's inner circle is my...?

I don't know yet.

But the magic sword Misa's father gave you was that Shin-something's sword, right? And the fact that he was the head of the Unificationists means it wasn't for Mass?

 Sasha questions.
 Mass is a mixed race. It would be natural to think that she formed a united faction, even if she didn't show up, to help her daughter live in a better society, even if she didn't show up, for her daughter's sake.

'The Cursed King had the other half.

 Misha said.

''Oh..... That would mean that the person named Shin was under the Curse King's control and tried to kill Misa--''

 He speaks halfway through, and Sasha holds her tongue as if to say she's put it away.

'But it's possible that it was taken away from you.

 So Eleonor points out.

'See, Sin is stuck in Ahartheln, isn't he? It's also possible that he was fighting against the Four Evil Royalty Clan and that's why he's blocked. What about the fact that the Curse King took away half of your magic sword and used it this time?

There is no conflict.

 Misha mutters.

'There's no contradiction, but it's hard to believe,'

 Ray interjected.

'Hmm. I'm inclined to agree with you.'

Well, what's so hard to believe?

''Two thousand years ago, Shin Reglia, who was even considered the strongest swordsman of the Demon Clan, it was a bit hard to imagine him having his magic sword taken away by his enemies. Not to mention the precious sword that would put his own daughter in danger.

 Sasha refuted Ray's words.

''But the Four Evil Royals had a power second only to the Demon King, right? From the current situation, they're probably fighting together, so no matter how close Anos' entourage is, it wouldn't be surprising if they were robbed of at least one magic sword, right?

''I've fought the Four Evil Royalty Clan myself, though. Even if they were to fight a bunch of four of them, I don't think they'd be able to beat Shin Reglia.


 Sasha raises her voice in surprise.

''Because the four evil royals are called that because they're that strong, right? And yet, what do you mean you can't win even if the four of you are all together in a bunch?

"Did you ever think that my inner circle was inferior to all the other demons under my command?

 Sasha rolled her eyes as she opened her mouth in a daze.

''........Why don't you just let that person become the Four Evil Royalty Clan already?''

'Well, he was a man with no ambition. He worshipped strength and dedicated his life to the sword. You and Ray would fit right in.

 Sasha looks at Ray with an expression that says, "You're just like this guy.
 He just smiles coolly.

''........then what does it mean.......?

 Misa says uneasily.

I don't think that Shin will be hostile to me. In the unlikely event that he is going to be deprived of the magic sword, there are two possibilities. The first is that we were dealing with an enemy stronger than the Four Evil Royals.


 Misha said.

''The Cutthroat King's body has been hijacked by Nausgaria. No wonder the four evil royal families attacked us at the same time this time, if he was the one who helped them.

 It would be understandable if the three minions of the four evil royalty clans went out of their way to make a statement that smelled like there was a son of a god under my command, if they were fighting together.
 Rather, because if they didn't, then Zeke's comparison of wits wouldn't be valid.

'What's the other one?'

'Maybe Shin hasn't fully regained his former strength after his reincarnation.

 If that's the case, then it's understandable to a point that the magic sword was taken away from him.
 However, Shin is not a fool. If he knew that he still lacked power, he would have taken appropriate action.

 Is it reasonable to think that something unexpected happened to Shin as well?

I'll tell you one thing.

 I said to everyone here.

''The Cutthroat King's chief of staff says that I have a son of a god under my command.

 Eleanor, Misha, and Sasha look like they have an idea of what to expect.

''The Scarlet Monument King's men say that this child is a vessel made by a god's intention.

 Eleonor hugged Zethia protectively.
 Perhaps because she seemed to be in trouble, Zesia was patting Eleonor's head good-naturedly.

''The Underworld King's men said that the divine race interfered with the and gave birth to Misha. Besides--

 Sasha gives her an unflattering look.
 Instead Misha said.

''........I was able to create Delzogade with creation magic.......''

That's the magic eye of creation. Just by looking at something in your mind, you can create it. It's easy to replicate something that's been seared into the eye of a demon.

 Misha stares at me with a blank expression.
 A hint of anxiety is evident in her voice.

'Don't worry. That doesn't make you a child of God. I've destroyed gods before. Then it doesn't matter that you, skilled in creation magic, can create a castle with the power of a god.

 With a snap, Misha blinked.

''Besides, that Delzogade is still not very powerful as a god of destruction. He's a bogus god. You must look deeper into the abyss and create order from scratch.

'........why are we in a magic lecture.......'

 Sasha blurted out, but Misha smiled reassuringly.

'I'll do my best,'

 Nevertheless, in terms of strength alone, Misha is the closest thing to a child of God right now.
 I'll have to keep an eye on her for a while.

''And two thousand years ago, Nausgaria targeted the Great Spirit Reno as the mother's womb to bear the Son of God.


 Misa rolled her eyes and stared at me, stunned.
 I guess she was surprised that she could be a child of God, too.

Of course, it could all be a lie. It could be that I'm trying to make you look at me and wake up somewhere else, somewhere else, as a child of God, something entirely different.

 In the end, the only thing we were able to determine from that contest of wits is that they wanted to kill Merhys.
 We have some information, but we still don't know what we need to know.

All right, what can we do for you?

 I answered Melhäs's question.

''I'm heading out to Ahartheln. Reno, the Great Spirit, should be there as well. The quickest way to find out if Mass is the Son of God is to check with her.

 Sin has informed me that you're ready to go.
 I can't afford not to go.

Well that would be a bit tricky, wouldn't it?

 Ray says.
 Misha nodded her head.


''First of all, the Great Spirit Forest is hard to find.

But you've been there anyway, Anos. <Why don't you just take the transference (Gatom)?

 Sasha turns her gaze to me.

'Ahartheln is not a place, but a spirit.

'The genie? In the woods?

'The Great Spirit Forest Ahartheln was created from the rumors and lore of a mysterious forest inhabited by the Great Spirit. That forest is alive and always on the move. Since it has no magic power, it is invisible even to the evil eye, and not even to the naked eye.

How is it that you can't see a forest on the move with the naked eye?

As I said, Ahartheln is a literal wonder forest, created by the folklore of the mysterious forest. It appears with the fog and disappears with the fog. There are conditions to enter the forest, but they change with the rumors of the day. The last time I entered the forest, at midnight with a hazy moon, a mist drifted over the shores of Lake Seimyo. If you release a light blue candy into it, a mischievous fairy will appear and guide you into the forest.

Wow. It's a fairy tale.

 Eleonor said happily.

'But that's a rumor from two thousand years ago?

Yeah, things will be different now.

'You want to start with the rumors? It's a pain in the ass....

 Sasha sighs.

'How did you build the
 Misha asks.

'With the help of the Great Spirit Reno, I built it directly inside Ahartheln. So that if you find the forest, you won't be able to get inside.

 Other than that, the dwelling place of spirits is made up of rumors and lore. With Reno's help, we have divided the world by building a wall inside it.

''It's hard to find Ahartheln, but we can't take our eyes off of Nausgaria, can we?

 Ray noted.
 Merhayth continued.

''It is also undesirable for Misa-sama, Zesia-sama, Misha-sama, Sasha-sama and my lord to separate. In the unlikely event that any of them were children of God, there is a possibility that they will be targeted.

'Even if me and Eleonor were to stay here, we don't have the same magical eye as Anos. I think it would be difficult to keep a complete eye on Nausgaria. Even for Anos, he can't fully grasp everything if he sees Delzogade from Ahartheln, can he?

That's right.

 The farther away you are, the less accurate your magic eye is.
 That would give Nausgaria an opening to take advantage of it.

''Or perhaps the reason I've shown you the possibility that there are God's children under your command is to make it harder for them to act separately.

'You think the real aim is to bring down Singh in Ahartheln?


 Hmm. Well, I'm sure it's harder to get moving.

'Well, what are we going to do about it, then? You mean it's best for me and canon to go to Ahartheln?


 Ray and Eleonor would be a force to be reckoned with, but if Shin is struggling, I can't be optimistic.

We must all go together.

But then, who's going to watch the Nowusgaria?

 Sasha asks.
 I grinned at her.

'I said all of us. 'We'll be there anyway. Let him take us to Ahartheln.

 Not only Sasha, but everyone in the room gave her a questioning look.


What? It's easy. God keeps his promises to people. You see, Nowusgaria has promised to be a teacher at the Academy for Demons. I can't disobey a business order.

 Oh,' said Sasha, as if realizing this, she raised her voice.

'Our next class is the expedition exam to Ahartheln.