132-Ahartheln Expedition Test

 The next day--
 Demon King's Castle Delzogade, the second training ground.

'Come on, let's get the lesson started.

 After the bell for the start of class rang, Nowherealia said.

'I believe the Owl notified you yesterday that, starting today, we will be conducting the Ahartheln Expedition Exams at short notice. I will take it upon myself to supervise the examinations. It is not often that the gods get involved in such secular affairs. Thank and worship each of you.

 Nausgaria with an increased expression on her face.
 The students' reaction is something you can only guess at.

''.........I mean, why is this expeditionary test so sudden.......it's too sloppy......''

 As if to expose his dissatisfaction, the imperialist student blurted out.
 Maybe it's because I just got hurt yesterday, I don't have the guts to complain head on, and my voice is so thin that no one can hear me.

 Nevertheless, I can hear it. Maybe that's how he thought he could keep his pride intact, but he was too lax.

"Man, is there something you're not happy about?

 The student deflates in surprise that he was heard talking to himself.

''Nah ... nothing ...''

Ha, ha.

 'I'm sorry,' said Nausgaria, sneering at the student.

'God's ears are absolute. Do you think such a messy lie would pass muster in my presence?

 Staring at him, the student shrank back as if his liver was cold.

''I'm not interested in getting carried away just because you're under the protection of the Demon King of Tyranny. There are plenty of ways to make you suffer without hurting you at all.

 The student looks back at Nausgaria with frightened eyes.

'I declare in the name of God. I will lower your grade for private conversation in class.


If you want to move up, you can worship me quietly.

 The student couldn't say anything more bypassing and muttered, "I understand.

''.........I mean, that guy, for all his habit of saying God, God, hasn't the scale become much, much smaller?''

 Sasha muttered.
 'Kukuku,' I couldn't help but laugh.

'I suppose you decided that if it was within the scope of the class, you wouldn't be interrupted by me. No, no, no, quite the contrary, you're a serious teacher.

You didn't hear me, Demon King of Tyranny. If you talk to me, you'll get more than your grade.

 A sharp look came from the podium.

'Hmm. I'm sorry about that. I'll be careful.

 Nausgaria pulled back easily and removed her gaze from me.
 There's nothing I can do as a half-god, you see.

'Now then, let me impart some wisdom to you muddled minds. I'm well aware of the urgency of the Ahartheln expedition, considering your level of expertise. But this is a lesson that was presented to you from above. It's what's called recklessness in the field. You ignore the structural flaws in the Demon King's Academy and try to place the blame on a single teacher, and I can only say that I'm appalled at your shallowness.

 Plainly, Nowusgaria said that he was not responsible for his actions.
 'You will have to do so if you want to preserve the dignity of God.

'With your strength and wisdom, no one but the Anos Squad can reach Ahartheln. Such a test would be nothing short of flawed. But God is absolute. Even if your superiors give you arrogant instructions, there will be no breakdown in that class.

 Saying in an exaggerated manner, Nausgaria held out her hands.

'God bless you all,'

 A glittering light covered the bodies of students throughout the classroom and then swooped in and disappeared into their chests.

'All you need to reach Ahartheln is strength, wisdom, and luck. For those of you who lack strength and wisdom, I have first given you the good fortune of God. It is fate that binds you to Ahartheln. Now even you, who are meek, are qualified to go to the Great Spirit Forest.

 I'll check it out with my magic eye, but it's not a particularly problematic magic.
 I'm sure he's right, it seems to be a genuine thing to improve our luck.

 But it's very godlike of the gods to go to such lengths to keep up appearances in the classroom. They are very orderly. God's majesty is part of it.

I'm sure the owl has already informed you that Ahartheln is a spirit. It was created with the rumour and lore of a mysterious forest inhabited by a great spirit, and it is constantly moving somewhere in this world. It appears with the fog and disappears with the fog. Where it is now is determined by the amount of rumors about Ahartheln.

 Nausgaria explains cheerfully.

'But a hundred years will not be enough for you to track down the rumor. Therefore, let me impart further wisdom to you.

 In a stern tone he says

'Northwest of Midhays, in the vast Rishalis Meadow surrounding the capital of Seegenburg. When a mysterious fog rises, mischievous spirits lurk there. Laugh at them, and they will appear at once to guide you to Ahartheln.

 A mischievous spirit.
 Perhaps it's the fairy Titi.

I'll wait for you at the Richardis Meadow. The time limit is 10 days. If you don't arrive in time, you will not be able to participate in the class that will be held after the expeditionary examination. You must make an effort.

 A magic circle floats at the feet of Nausgaria.
 His figure vanished all of a sudden.

 <He was transferred through a transference (gatom).

''I didn't expect the Heavenly Father to teach me so much.

 Ray interjects.

''I really don't understand the god race. It's a good thing that you became a teacher because you wanted to do something in this school, but you're just going to do the examinations for the sake of honesty.

 Sasha looks dismayed.

'But this will keep Nowusgaria away from Derzogade for the duration of the exam.

 Eleanor held up her index finger and said.

'And besides, I'll be right there with you, Anos.

 If she was right and he was up to something, I'd have my eyes on him as long as he was in Ahartheln.

'Do you want to go to Richardis Meadow?'

 Misha asked, and then...


 With a thud, the desk was kicked away.
 It was the student of the royalist faction who was beaten up by Nowusgaria just now.

"What are you talking about, what are you talking about? I don't need you to protect me. I don't recognize you! I don't give a shit about that guy! Whoa!

 The white-clad students looked at the rampaging man as if he had been drawn.

''Poor guy........''

 Someone muttered in a pout.


 The imperialist students shouted as if they were enraged.

''Oi! Who the hell was that? You're trying to make me feel sorry for you, aren't you? You people who have no respect for anything! You still believe in that bullshit! The Demon King of Tyranny is Lord Avos Dilhevia! You were there during the war, remember?

 The students avert their gaze from the man who is spreading his anger.

''Let's ... go.''


 The white-clad students left the classroom to ignore the man and headed for the expeditionary exam.

''Hey........what are you looking at, Anos.......''

 As if to make a point, the man closes in on me.
 Sasha tries to get between us, but I tell him, "Good," I tell him.

 A little disapprovingly, Sasha stepped back behind me.

'What? Maybe you've managed to get to know the Seven Demon Emperors, but you're still the Demon King? Huh! Nonconformist! Don't be disgusted by this!

I told you that you were free to admit it or not.

I said I didn't want to hear it. I don't like it. If you're the tyrannical demon king, then you're going to kill me! What! I said, "Try and kill me! Can't you do it? Oh? Ahhhh!

 I stare at the stylish man with cold eyes.
 He stiffens, as if he's bracing himself.

"Did I really think you were worth the trouble?

 After looking at me dumbfounded, the Imperialist student bit his lip in frustration.

''How long you've been complaining and taking advantage of me? No one will take care of you. The tyrannical demon king will not treat you any differently. He doesn't make you a hero, he doesn't kill you in misery. You're just a normal demon from everywhere. You're just a bunch of demons from everywhere.

 He looked so desperate that he even looked like he was about to cry.

If you really want to die, go ahead and die of your own accord. You can make a decision of your own volition, at least in your last moments. If you can't even do that, it's not good enough for you to give your life to desperation.


 The man just looks down, as if he's seen through it all and has lost the words to reply.

'Soon, all of Dillhade will be told about the tyrannical demon king.

 The man shuddered at the words.

'I'm not gentle enough to save a spoiled child. Suffering at best. Until you realize that that suffering is what you once brought about.

 Leaving the man hanging in the air, I head to the corner of the classroom.
 In the middle of it all--


 A murmur of inability to accept reality echoed from my back.
 Not caring about it, I looked at the girls in the Fun Union.

''Umm........which route is closer......?''

It's probably easier to get there since it's not much farther than Azation and there isn't much danger...?

But if you're making it an expeditionary test, that's something, isn't it?

 The girls were unfolding a map.
 They seemed to be trying to find their way to Richardis Meadow.

'We don't need a map. We'll get to Richardis Meadow together.

 As I said that, the girls looked back at me in surprise.

''What, uh...?''


Are you sure?

 The girls look at me with a mixture of anticipation and surprise in their eyes.

'We may need your help, you know.

 The girls huffed as they held out their hands.
 Then they looked at each other as if they were checking each other out.

 For some reason, the air of a flash of inspiration is swarming.

It's not a good idea. Eighth grade, eighth grade, okay?

I know.

But at least you get to choose which part you want to eat.

 They say incomprehensible things.

 The girls inch and scrape their way out of each other's way, timing their steps.
 After a few seconds, one of them boldly stepped forward.

Ha, yes! I have a thumb!

Okay, little finger.

I have an index finger!

I want my middle finger!

Ring finger!

I'll have your palms!

I'm the back of my hand! No one touches this place very often, so it's definitely valuable!

You guys are neck and neck. You forgot your wrists!

 The eight girls gathered around, and they positioned themselves perfectly, and beautifully, they all grabbed onto one of my hands.

'What are you doing?'

 I called out to Sasha and the others who were looking at us with their mouths open.

''What are you doing, you're stunned...''

 As he said it, Sasha came over and took my hand.
 Misha joined my other hand, and then Zesia, Eleonor, Misa, and Ray in turn, holding my hand.

'Let's go,'

 <We all used the transference (Gatom) to transfer together.