178-Hatred in the past


 Avos Dilhevia laughs.

'Hmmm, hahahahahaha. 'Yes, that's right, Anos Voldigod. Everything is as it should be, and I'm still in control of everything.

 She stretched out her white fingertips and grasped her hand as if she were gently grasping the sky.

"Which means that the fate of the two of you is in my hands, too.

Huh. Not very humble for being born out of my gossip and lore.

'What? Not really. At least, I'm much more humble than you are.

 Smiling, she said.

'Shall I tell you a story?'

"Hmm. I'm not so narrow-minded as to start a fight without a fight. If you want to surrender, I'll give you a hearing.

 She quickly raised her hand and used the magic of .
 A crystal appeared in the air, and the scene of the arena was reflected in it.

'Your arrogant mouth will have to be struck after you see this.

 <The thing projected in the remote vision crystal is the executioner's table.
 A student dressed in white was placed on the platform and bound with a restraining demon chain (Guigel).

 It was Igaleth, who had been reincarnated as a demon.

Aramis Eltimo, a third year student. "Aramis Eltimo, 3rd year student, who was Igales Ijeysika 2,000 years ago. You know him, don't you?

The son of a human being I helped once.

Very well. I'd like to see him executed now.

 As Melhayes drew a magic circle, magic power was sent to the and Igales was lifted up to the execution table.

"You can try. You can try, if you can.

Hmmm, that's quite a confidence booster. And that's because your boys are hiding in there?

 His sticky gaze entwines with mine.


'Oh, dear, it's lovely if you don't think I'm aware of it.

 Avos Dilhevia's lips twist lethargically.

'To save him from execution, your men will be forced to show up. If they do, they will die a brutal death.

 She sends magic power to the crystal with her fingertips.



 The students in white clothes began to writhe in agony as they raised their mouths.
 From their bodies, from their roots, the magic power drained out of their bodies as they looked on.

 At the same time, a dark sludge clung to the Seven Demon Imperial Elders in the arena.
 The sludge was far more evil and emitted an enormous magical power than Melhayes and Aivis.

''Do you understand, the power of the Demon King's Army of the Dark Area (Demerara Guys) is...''

"Hmm. You're adding the magic power absorbed by the Dark Area (Demerara) to your magic power to raise the magic effect of the Demon King's Army (Guys)?

 The false demon king huffed and smiled.

'Anos Voldigord. Are you good at chess?'

Well, you don't know the rules of the game on the board. And yet I don't think you're a match for me.

Then I suggest you play. We are going to use that arena as a chessboard, with the others as pawns. Or will you abstain because you are too few pawns? Though I can't save Igareth's life in that case.

 She says in a disgusting tone, as if to provoke him.

'Are you that afraid to have a decent go at me, Avos Dilhevia?

 I hold my hand in front of me and draw a magic circle in this place.

 <I'm not going to be the only one who can do this, but I'm going to be the only one who can do it.

 This is the magic formula for the Delzogade Demon King's Castle as a three-dimensional magic circle. It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

 The anti-magic formula is broken through one by one and the written magic characters are rewritten one by one. If you elaborate your eyes, it's easy to see that this is what Avos Dilhevia is doing.
 It's still going to take some time to complete.

''If you want to buy more time to obtain the Rational Destruction Sword, you can drop the pretense of a contest of wits and say so.

That's a very good provocation. So you will abstain? That's fine by me. More than anything else, I've been looking forward to seeing you suffer for being a misfit.

 After a slight smile, Avos Dilhevia said.

'Carry out the execution, then.

 So the order is given.

 Looking into Misha's field of vision, she saw that the black-clad students were evenly spaced, with their bodies facing the execution table in the middle.

 As expected, it would be difficult to rescue Igareth while mixed in with the students.
 <If you use the Demon Eye of Ruin and the Demon Eye of Creation, he will naturally reveal himself.

 <The seven Demon Emperors of the Demerara Guys in the Dark Realm are keeping an eye on the area to see where my men are coming from and are keeping an eye on their magical eye.

 The black vestments-clad Nihid steps forward.
 He drew a magic circle to execute Igareth.

''Preeminent! Stop it! Why? Aramis, you've done nothing wrong. Please, please, come back to your senses. You can be a good teacher again!

 The white-clad schoolgirl screamed desperately as she endured the pain of being absorbed by the magic power.
 However, Nihid didn't mind at all.

'You called yourself Igales. I'm a relative of the brave Jelga. It is a mercy at least. Do you have any last words to say to me?

 Glaring at Nihid, Igaleth spoke firmly.

'Avos Dilhevia is an imposter. I know the real Demon King. He was kind, strong and never discriminated. If any of you knew him two thousand years ago, how could you have forgotten it?

 Igareth's plea, but no one in the room listened to it.

'Is that a will?'

 When Nihid asked, Igaleth gulped and shushed him.

''Well I have fulfilled my mission. I have no regrets.''

 It was as if he was telling me this.

''I believe that the real Demon Lord will definitely defeat Avos Dirhevia... and I'm sure that he will establish a real peace where humans and demons can join hands...''

Yeah. That's--

 A jet-black sun emerged from the magic circle.
 It tailed like a comet and closed in on Igareth.

 He stared at the black sun without looking away.
 The that was shot out, however, slightly deflected its aim, burned out the that bound him, and rammed into Melhayes, who was on the other side of the execution table.

What--! Ugh........

 Melhayth's body was engulfed in flames and burned black.

'I agree with you. 'Igareth. I'm going to get you out of here.'

 Nihid said.

''Well this is troubling........''

 Melhayes put his magic power into the air and emitted black mud from the dark sludge. It swallowed the that was clinging to it and extinguished it in the blink of an eye.

''You, the Imperialist, are betraying us, Nihid. You have forgotten that treason to Lord Avos Dirhevia means death, haven't you?

'Betrayal? Nihid? What do you mean?

 A step, a stride, and he shouted loudly.

'My name is Devidra! My Lord Anos Voldigord is the only one who will be there afterwards and afterwards. You are the one who has forgotten that Master Anos gave you life, Melhayth!

 Devidorah kicked the ground and pulled out the magic sword he carried at his waist.
 The sword shot that swung at Melheis was blocked by the dark sludge just before the edge.


'For goodness' sake, Melhayth, you realize this, don't you, Melhayth? Thanks to Avos Dilhevia's reckless brainwashing, things are tearing up and contradicting themselves all over the place.

 Devidra is a 2,000 year old demon race, but those who are reincarnated leave their roots behind and become a completely different person. Since it is impossible to say that they are the subordinates of two thousand years ago, Avos Dilhevia's brainwashing also seems to be weakened.

''........It is useless to have one more ally. Gaius, I don't care who you are. Don't execute the white coat........!

 Gaius, with his huge physique, grasps the Extreme Magic Sword Gragesion in his hand.

''Hm. Then let's let that renegade watch his student's death as punishment for disobeying Master Avos Dilhevia.

No, no, no...

 A woman in white gives him a frightened look.

'You may die.'

 Without question, the mountainous grazeeon is swung down to the ground in the arena.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

''Will there be no traces left?''

 A voice rang out from behind Gaius as he muttered.

'Oh no. You just moved a little faster and you've already lost him?'


 Gaius turned around.
 Behind him was the white-clad female student who had been threatened earlier.

''Hellfire Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze).''

 A magic circle was drawn in front of her, and three jet black suns appeared in front of her.

 This.........such an idiot........!

 Shaking off the extremely large magic sword that was covered in dark sludge, Gaius drowned out the black sun with his anti-magic.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Gaius. You wouldn't have been able to say hello 2,000 years ago. I am Nate Armelka. Lady Anos' faithful servant. And...

 As she raised her hand, the two white-clothed students and the three black-clothed students each unleashed the on the remaining five Seven Demon Emperors.


"...stupid, you...

 Each of my subordinates, who must have been reincarnated from two thousand years ago, will face the Seven Demon Emperors.

''It's a futile struggle, Lord Devidra. Even if I were a demon from two thousand years ago, I'm still no match for the Demon King's Army of the Dark Realm," he said.

 Debidorah's was counter-magically repelled by the , and Melhayes unleashed his origin magic .

 The jet-black lightning swelled up with a terrible sound and attacked Devidora with a force that almost blew away everything in the arena.


 The Demon Black Thunderer is on the verge of breaking through Devidorah's anti-magic.


 From Melhães' blind spot, Igaleth rammed his body as hard as he could and unleashed the magic of the Great High Holy Flame (Scifiio) at close range.

 Unable to block it, Melhayth flinched.
 <The flew in the direction of the day after tomorrow, destroying a part of the auditorium to pieces.


 Irresistibly, Melhayes jumped back to shake off Igales and kept his distance.

''Do you have a magic sword, sir?''

 Igareth asked, and Devidra pulled a magic sword from the magic circle and handed it to him.
 He readied his sword and stood shoulder to shoulder with Devidra.

 Staring at Melhayes, Devidra said.

''...Why did you help me? What I did to you two thousand years ago, you haven't forgotten what I did to you.

 Then Igareth laughed.

'You haven't forgotten what humans did two thousand years ago, have you?

 Devidra shushed him for a moment and then drew a magic circle.

'.........hate has been around for two thousand years.......!

 <Firing the Gio-Glaze, he and Igareth thinned out against Melhayes.

 Debidra, who once tried to execute Igareth, has now saved him.
 And now they stand shoulder to shoulder, fighting for peace.

 Indeed, the past has changed.

 It has been changed.

'It is a wise thing to do, sir.'

 Likewise, Melhayes unleashed to offset it. With the following origin magic , he shot through Igales and Devidra.


 The black lightning bolt that should have struck them had indeed disappeared without a trace.

''........What is this.......!

 Quickly, Melhayes looked up at the sky.
 Sasha was flying there. She broke through the magic barrier, and from the height where the entire arena was in view, she released the .

''........The subordinates of the rebels.......have finally appeared......!

 Melhayes gingerly kicks the ground and heads to Sasha.

'The Ice Cat.'

 An inorganic voice echoes.
 Melhayes's magical eye was pointed at the sky far above.

 There is a castle.
 In the sky of the Delzogade Demon King's Castle, there was another Demon King's Castle floating in the sky.

 <The Delzogade, a pseudo-god's power created by the Creation Architecture (Ibis), was manifested there.

"The creation--

 By the time Melhayes found out, it was already too late.

 The Seven Demon Emperors who had been distracted by the two thousand year old demon race that had appeared, and those who had been brainwashed by Avos Dilhevia, were transformed into ice cats without a trace by Misha's .

 The students dressed in white, who were to be executed immediately, were freed by Misha and his team.

 I took my magical eye away from Misha's vision and looked into the throne room.
 Avos Dilhevia was staring at the scene in the arena through her cold eyes and through her crystal.

 Sasha is using the to block the influence of the on the girls.
 It was probably already settled in this arena.

The basis of the Art of War is that the many conquer the few. That's quite a textbook way to fight.

 I said to Avos Dilhevia, who looked at me.

I suppose he thought he was playing chess, thinking his piece would not be taken, but unfortunately I don't know the rules," he said. Even if it is chess, I will take your piece with all my might.