179-Bandit Sword

 Avos Dilhevia narrowed her eyes and smiled ladylike.
 She glares coldly at me with her evil eye and says softly.

It's a good thing you don't get carried away after winning once. It's called knowing your vessel.

Hmm. I see. It's true that you can't tell the difference between the two just by losing once.

 His gaze grows sharper.

'Then we'll win three more times. As expected, then you'll understand.

 When I challenged her to do so, she used her magic to project different images onto each of the five crystals.

 A spacious room. The students dressed in white are bound by , and their magic power is being absorbed by .

"They are being held in the west wing, east wing, south wing, north wing and main wing respectively.

 Avos Dilhevia sends magic power to the crystal and locally increases the power of the against its five rooms.

 Instantly, the students in white screamed in agony.
 Their magical power was being absorbed in a flash.

"We have about 10 minutes left before we die?

Okay. So?

You have three men left. Eleonor, Xecia, and Menor. Even if they split up into three, they can't reach the other two places. Though if they split up, their forces would be spread out and they wouldn't be able to rescue them.

 The people in the arena have not been calculated, right?
 Perhaps they're just buying time by pointing their soldiers in your direction.

''Have you already forgotten what happened in the arena that you just saw? Even if you are a demon from two thousand years ago, as long as you are reincarnated, you can escape from your rule. Some of my pieces might still be left behind.

 Smiling softly, Avos Dilhevia said.

'You mustn't be bluffing, my dear. 'You don't think I don't see the source of my men? All the demons in this castle have been tested by my magical eye to see if they are demons from 2,000 years ago. They are in the arena, and they got away with it because fortunately the reincarnation took place afterwards.

 If the demon race from two thousand years ago had been reincarnated, they would have known that the power of their rule would be beyond their control.
 If that was the case, would it be reasonable to assume that he had dealt with the two thousand year old demon race that had already reincarnated at the time Avos Dilhevia appeared, in a reasonable manner?

''In other words, the only demon race you have on your side is the demon race that has only been reincarnated for a few hours.

''It would be foolish not to check on the reincarnated demon race during those few hours, though.

 I guess I just prioritized getting the Rational Sword in my hands, though.

''Oh, there's no need for that.

 Avos Dilhevia smiled, as if proud of her victory.

'You'll understand when you think about it. Your people, who have reincarnated in the past few hours, do not know for sure who their allies are. If you try to find out for sure, they will turn their attention to my people. We can't just ask them.

 If they spoke of siding with Anos Voldigod, they would be captured if the other party was on the side of Avos Dilhevia.

 It was difficult to gather only a few allies and act in an organized manner in a situation where the surroundings were full of enemies. If even one enemy mixed in with the allies they had gathered, Avos Dilhevia would know in a flash.

'In just a few hours, it would be difficult to know for sure who is on the side of Anos Voldigod and who is on the side of Avos Dilhevia. Only six people in that arena managed to do that, I suppose.

 Huh," she smiles mockingly, "You may have thought you'd outsmarted me, but in fact, you've only just uncovered your subordinates in hiding.

''You may have thought you'd successfully outsmarted me, but the fact is, your men in hiding have only been exposed.

 Sitting on the throne, she said to me condescendingly.

'Go and help, Anos, canon. I will deal with you again when you come back. In your pride and joy, Venuzdnoa.

 As Avos Dilhevia held up her palm, some of the magic letters in the room popped off and were rewritten into something else.

 If he only had enough time to go and come back, he's going to be able to get his hands on the Ridiculous Sword.

''Hm. Indeed, it would have been difficult for the reincarnated ones to find their allies in a few hours. I didn't have the time to find them, nor did I have the time to lay down my life.

 As I say this, I send a thought transmission to a crystal.

"But there is one way to find our reincarnated comrades without the enemy knowing.

 I said to my two-thousand-year-old handlers in the arena.

'Yes, Devidra,'

 Then there was an immediate response from him.

'False Demon King, Avos Dilhevia.

"Do you know Anoosh Porticolo?

...What are you talking about?

 That was the moment Avos Dilhevia gave a puzzling look.
 A violent explosion sounded from the five crystals.

 Looking at the five , the students in white clothing, who were reflected in the five , were being freed from the .

 Some were rescued by the black-clad students who arrived, some tore their chains off, and some were rescued by the teachers.

 All of the white-clad students are immediately cast an anti-magic, reducing the power of the Demerara to its limits.

 Obviously, they all showed up and carried out a rescue mission together.

''I command my men. Take your students and meet up with Eleonor. Her magical wards will prevent the demerara. It should hold until I defeat Avos Dilhevia.

 Through the magical ray of rimneto cast on the crystal, he sends out leaks to his men. They were all involved in the execution of Igareth in that arena 2,000 years ago.

 They used Anosh Porticolo as their motto, and looked for allies.

 I don't know what they are talking about when they say that the enemy is Anosh, as Avos Dilhevia's reaction showed just now.
 But only our allies from two thousand years ago know that.

''As you say,''

 After that reply, a voice from Eleonor also arrives.

''I understand.''

 <The Dark Area Demerara is very powerful. Above all, the fact that its magician is Avos Dilhevia is a major factor. However, since it covers the entirety of this Midheaven, its power is inevitably dispersed.

 Eleonor is my magic. If she increases her magic power in the to the maximum and builds wards within a small area, she can at least buy time.

 I've linked her with the leaks of 2,000 years ago through me so that she and her staff can contact each other. If the conditions are this good, they can certainly do it.

"Anos vordigord...

 A puzzling look appears on Avos Dilhevia's face.

What the hell did you do?

Don't you understand?

 The moment he blinked, me and Ray kicked the ground and we were already in front of that throne.

'It's Anosh Porticolo,'

 A moment later, Avos Dilhevia took off her cloak and covered our vision as if it were a distraction.

 Without a care in the world, Ray's Spiritual God Human Sword flashes in a horizontal cleave.
 Along with the cloak, the throne was easily cut in half, but Avos Dilhevia leapt and ducked the holy sword.

 She lands where we were earlier.

'Yes. ''I understand very well. You've changed the past, nonconformist. Against the divine order. How unbelievable you are.

''If you understand, it's time to stop pouring your magic power into the Rational Destruction Sword and get serious. Otherwise, it won't even be a fight and you'll die.

 I grabbed the sky gingerly with my own five fingers, which glowed pale and white.
 Then Avos Dyrhevier held my left breast with a look of anguish on his face.

'Did you think I was avoiding you? That heart is already in my possession.

 <The hands of the "Morura Manchuria" (Lee Gunneas).
 It crossed the distance and held all things in its hands, and it held Avos Dilhevia's heart.

''Well how do you think? I don't think you're ready to take this seriously. I still have everything under control. Even if you're in charge of my life, it's not a crisis. Now, brave canon. Slay me with your Spiritual God and Human Sword.

 Ray silently raises his holy sword.

I don't care what they're up to. I don't care what they're up to, I'm going to have to cut it all off. And so is her sad fate.

 With a slight, nod, Ray kicked the ground.
 Like the wind, he approached the false demon king.

 In the midst of this, he saw the cutting edge of a sword that shone like a jewel behind him.

 There was no sign of the wielder. Only the sword suddenly appeared from space.


 By the time I muttered that, I was behind it, like I was protecting Ray.
 I received the swinging treasure sword Ailurelou with my left hand, which was clad in the .

 At that moment - the landscape changed.


 The area was in a castle. It was not Delzogade.
 A wooden throne could be seen in the distance, and the moonlight was shining through a vague window.

 It looked familiar.
 It was the top of Enyeunien, the castle on the clouds.

 But it doesn't seem to have shifted in an instant.
 If you turn your evil eye on it, you'll see that this space is all an illusion created by magic.

Hmm. I see. So this is the inside of the spirit of God's concealment?

 I guess that means I was pulled in the moment I caught the sword.


 A voice echoed quietly.
 With the sound of footsteps, a man wearing jet black armor and a mask comes from beyond the dim darkness.

 He puts the mask on his hand and slowly removes it.
 The face that was revealed and the source of the mask is indeed that of a demon race that I know well.

''It's been a long time, Anos-sama. I've been calling you--

 The Demon King's right hand man, Shin Reglia, said with the same cold demon eyes as he did two thousand years ago, ''I have betrayed you.

''--I betrayed you.