180-Balance of pride and love

 Singh sheathed the treasure sword Eilalou and drew a magic circle and placed his hand in the center of it.
 With a fierce noise of jizzy, particles of magic power swirled around the spot.

 Pulled out and exposed, the blade of that magic sword emitted a bottom-chillingly cold glow.

 The name of the sword is the severed sword Deltroz.
 It is a double-edged demonic sword with a sharp blade that can be cut off if touched, and a curse that eats the magic power of the user.

 It's a sword with the longest power of a single blow among the thousand swords Shin has.

'Hm. I'm not going to pull that out with a half-hearted determination.

 I'm not going to answer my question, but rather lower the severed sword Deltrosz slackly.
 I'm not going to be able to get the same amount of money for the same amount of time.

''Let's ask.

 Strongly, I say the words to him.

'Sin. What do you fight for?

 For a moment, he asks back, eyes downcast.

'Did you know?'

 I don't need to ask what you're talking about now.

Yeah. Yeah, I've just seen what happened 2,000 years ago. What I don't understand is why you're pointing your sword at me now.

 I continued to speak to Singh, who looked at me silently.

'Avos Dilhevia shall be destroyed. But I will help you with the masses. It will settle everything. That's why I came back two thousand years ago.

I knew you would say that.

 The will to fight does not disappear from Shin's evil eye.
 If I'm not careful, Deltroz's blow will strike me again in the next moment.

"You want to know why you raised Avos Dilhevia. I'm not so small-minded as to know why and still blame my men.

 I say to Singh as we exchange glances.

'I don't blame you. If I had been there, I would have ordered the same thing you did. You are my right hand man here, as you have been for two thousand years, not for a moment.

'This is too generous of a word. That's the Demon King of Tyranny. I am the owner of the God Killer's deadly sword.

 Singh walks loosely over to me.

'If you will still accept me as your subordinate, I beg you to have your mercy on me in my final days.

 He said, unenthusiastically and quietly.

'Let's pick up where we left off that night. As we both risk our lives, I want to challenge you.

 It's not me who doesn't know what that means.
 I'm not so arrogant as to think that I can defeat the tyrannical demon king, nor am I so unaware of my own abilities.

 He has only one wish.

"Do you wish to die?

"I am the Demon King's right hand man. I am the right hand of the Demon King, now and always. No one else can defeat me but you.

 A step outside the pause of the disconnected sword Deltroz, Shin stopped in a flash.

''For two thousand years, I have been guarding the masses in the shadows. Her true body finally awakened as she pointed her sword at Anos-sama, so that the rumors of the tyrannical demon king would not die out. If you're here, then you're as good as saved for Misa already.

 A tiny bit of tenderness spills out of his cold eyes.

''.......I lost everything. As a single sword, the pride of being loyal to you, as well as the pride of being loyal to you, and this faint heart in my chest that you gave me. Even the love I thought I had been born with has fallen out of my hand. I'm not sure if I can grasp anything by being a sword after all...

 I've lost even my heart, Singh says.
 But there was an irresistible sadness in his cold voice.

'My wife, I wanted to make her happy. She kept pouring out her love to me. But it was all in vain. There was a gaping hole in the vessel. No matter how much I poured my heart and blood into it, it is a void that will never be filled.

 Singh says nonchalantly.
 The inorganic words are filled with slashing thoughts.

'Since then, I've traveled. I have visited and heard of Dillhade, Azation, and many other places. I've heard rumors of her, the mother of only the spirits, who had compassion for the spirits, the mother of only the spirits, who never stopped smiling, who was full of compassion. On and on.

 The lore of the great spirit Reno remained today, two thousand years later.
 It has been passed down from child to grandson, grandson to grandson, for a long time that there must be such a spirit somewhere.

 It must be like a fairy tale.

"...if you don't love me without love, if I don't seek love...

 Eyes down, he bites his back teeth.

'She's still here, somewhere in the land--'

 Shin looked up and without hesitation stepped inside the sword's pause and walked up to me.

''For two thousand years, I have lived and shamed myself to make amends.

 Sinn quickly knelt down and held Deltroz's sword barrel in both hands.
 As it is, the hilt is held out in front of me.

 I'm going to take that magic sword in my hand.

"In the end, my lord.

 He hangs his head in a pleading manner.

'By your hand. May you put an end to these empty days.

 Two thousand years ago, I was the Demon King's right hand who served me better than anyone else.

 Even if I don't blame him, the other Singh himself knows it was a betrayal.
 He sought love, love betrayed him, and he lost everything.

 He turned his blade to the Lord and even disobeyed his roots as a magic sword.
 What remained in his chest was probably just an emptiness, literally.

 For the past two thousand years, he had lived alone, with an emptiness in his heart.
 To keep his promise to Reno.

 Just for the sake of it.
 Punishing himself, he had come to this day.

 On the day of that magic sword tournament, how much pain was swirling in Shin's heart when he appeared in front of me, wearing a mask.
 Unable to even reveal his true identity, he pointed his blade at me.

 It was a sin so great that nothing else could replace it for Shin.
 It was against his own pride and beliefs that he wished.

 To protect the Mass.
 To keep his last vow to the crushed Reno.

 And it was already fulfilled.

 Because here I stand before Sin.
 Because the Demon King of Tyranny is here.

"Sin, my faithful servant.

 He picked up the magic sword and then lightly tapped his shoulders on either side to welcome him under his command again.

'You've survived hell for two thousand years, and I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you.

 He stabs the severed sword Deltroz into the floor.
 He still carries the emptiness of that day he lost Reno as he was then.

 For two thousand years, always.
 In the midst of that tragedy.

 Turning on my heel, I took a few steps away from Singh.

'You remember your promise, don't you?'

 Shin stood up and gently took the severed sword in his hand.
 In his half-formed state, he looked at me with his demon eyes.

''Take this right arm. If it's your last, take back your pride as a sword and rest in peace. I'll send you to the same place she did.

'The perfect parting gift for a man who has none on his journey to Hades. I thank you, Lord Anos, for your mercy.

 Shin, the area became quiet.

 Wavering, the magic power of the man who held the magic sword quickly disappeared.
 You can find a number of different types of shoes in the market.

''Severed sword--the secret depths are three, .

 The magic sucking, cursed magic sword, Deltros--
 The secret depths of this technique causes the sword to absorb its own root source and turn it into a blade.

 It was a cursed technique that shortened the life of the root source, but now Shin didn't stop there.
 This was his last - and only then did he give all of his root source to Deltroz.

 Cold to the point of shivering, unimaginably beautiful, the severed sword Deltroz turned into a supernatural blade that could not be cut.

''It is the sword of my whole spirit, concocted with my lifetime.

Hmm. Now.

 He gently holds his right arm out in front of him and points the back of his hand at Singh.

'I challenge you.'

 Slightly, Singh's center of gravity rests on his right leg.
 No wiggle room. He will challenge me head-on and then slash my right arm through.

 With all of his life, his end will be as the only sword in his life--

I'm coming.

 Shin kicked the ground and his body turned into a flash of light.
 It was so fast that my eyes couldn't even see it, but my demon eyes had a clear image of the man challenging me straight away.

 With a refined and lean gesture, the severed sword was raised and then swung down as hard as I could on my right arm.

 Shin's body was clothed in a pale, jet-black light.
 It is the final radiance, the root cause of the crush.

 That body, which is on the verge of death, exhibits power that surpasses every living person in exchange for life.

 The strongest swordsman of the demon tribe is said to be the strongest swordsman in the world.

 That flash of power was truly a miracle.


 And yet...

 Even with all my might, I can't lose my right hand.
 I can't lose this arm.

"I can't cut it off, Shin. I'm willing to risk my life for it.

 The severed sword swung down and dug into my arm, the blade reaching to the bone.
 However, I certainly took it in.

 Somewhat sadly, he lets the words slip out.

No, the Demon King's right hand is the one who put his life on the line. Then why can't I take off my arm?

 Shin removed his hand from the hilt, as if to deflate.
 As soon as possible, he didn't even have the strength left to grip the sword.

''Then why couldn't you cut it?''

 He didn't reply, and he stared into my demon eyes, stunned.

'It's because you tried to be a demon. That heart refused to be a sword.'

 Shin doesn't answer.
 He just gives me a cold look, as if he's made up his mind.

'I lived for two thousand years with emptiness. I am ashamed to be alive and you must have seen hell. And yet there is no story so cruel as to command you to live.

 There are times when death is more redemptive than anything else.
 There are many things in this world that are more painful than destruction.

The least we can do is to hand over the reins to our miserable crew. I am not a man who knows no mercy enough to send those who have survived to this day to hell again, seeking salvation.

 He drew the severed sword that was bitten into his arm and snapped it back, crushing the blade in his grip.

'Two thousand years ago, then.'

 Shin poured the magic power, the magic power of the root source, into the demon sword, and like a threadbare puppet, he fell to his knees on the spot and fell forward.

 The root source that the severed sword had sucked out, I would absorb it from the broken sword tip and return it to Shin.
 Then I said to him as he prostrated himself on the floor.

'I have a father in this age.

 I found my own mouth naturally relaxing.

'What a dumb man you are. Not only is he a disgrace to his life, but his life itself is a disgrace. But you know what, Sin?

 I said, just trying to tell it like it is.

"That's okay. My father loves me. He loves me and he's going to do whatever foolishness he can, and that's the only thing that matters. And that's what's most important. Even if he is in the depths of hell and I have yet to find a way to save him from it.

 Clearly, I tell Singh.
 Not as a demon king, but as a child with kind parents.

"I cannot say, 'I will let you die with my pride.'

 Slightly, Shin moves his face.
 His eyes, indeed, turned to me.

'I want you to live. I want you to live, even if it puts you to shame. I want you to speak to me as my father. I don't want you to die, no matter how painful it may be.

 I gently held out my hand in front of Singh's eyes.

'Live, Singh. You're trying to take your father away from Mass.

 Shin clenched his fists gingerly.
 A slight light seemed to dwell in his cold eyes.

'Even if this world is hell, you must still live. You must seek love. Until Misa tells you that you don't want that, that you can die now.

 Singh's lips quivered.

 Then, in a threatening voice that seemed to have been squeezed out, he said.

Who else is my father but you? Who is my father if not you, who gave up everything to save his life?

 At those words, Shin fell silent.
 I draw a magic circle and draw a single magic sword from it.

 I thrust the plundering sword, Gilionoges, into the floor.

"Mass always saw that half of the magic sword you gave her. She said it was a message from her father, who was unable to say anything. He said he thought it was his father's way of telling him to wait for you and that he would come for you.

 Gently straining his arms, he tries to raise himself up.

''...Two thousand years have passed and nothing has changed anywhere...''

 He sounded as if a possession had fallen on him.

'My lord, you have become stronger, tougher, and gentler than ever before.

 As he uttered that, Singh grabbed my hand for sure.