354-Coordinator justice

 <Kasim said as he healed his wounds with his Ent.

'No next time? Do you want to tell me you're better than I am at just one scratch?

Didn't you hear that?

 Kasim glares at Ray, who answers immediately.

'Don't be smug. You have never defeated me. It's not a matter of time before you're ready. Never have and never will.

 Kasim shows the back of his right hand.
 The ring that shone on his index finger was a familiar ring - a ring that looked familiar.

 It was the pearl of selection.

''Is it real?''

 It was no wonder that Ray asked that.

 All eight God selectors have already arrived.
 There can't be any of them.

''Do you want to know?''

I hope so.

Then look.

 The selection bead is filled with magic power and a three-dimensional magic circle is stacked inside it.

''The Summoning of the Celestial Gate Selection (Guara Nate Forte Forteos).

 With a divine light, the ruins temple shakes violently.
 What appeared there was a solemn gate.

 Limbs grew out of that gate, and an eerie face floated out of it.
 A divine magic power overflowed from behind that door that opened slightly.

''I have been chosen by the God of Selection, Tenmonshin Catena Amira, the God of Selection, and one of the Eight God Selectors. I am Kassim the Regulator.

 The Selection Summons is real.
 <The Summoning of the Celestial Gate Selection Summoning and the God is real.

 That's why it doesn't make sense to me.

 There are nine people who are the Eight God Selectors.

 No, or is Celis one of them, and there are ten of them?

'Let's go. I will rightly adjust the justice of the brave men who have passed.

 Confident in the Tenmon God's power, unarmed, Kasim ran.

 With a gii, the Tenmon God Catena Amira in front of him opened the door.
 A divine light flashes out from the back, dazzling the demon eyes.

 On the other side of Catena Amira's gate, a glimpse of the city peeked out.

 It's Geiradite.
 With the same momentum, Kasim jumps into the gates of Catena Amira.

'I'm sorry, Canon. You were not able to make it. Inzuel is covered by the Celestial Saint of Warding, and cannot use the Gatom. My purpose is to lure you here.

 As if to declare victory, Kasim said from within the gates.

''My aim has been the heroic academy Alkran Iska from the beginning.

 The gates of Catena Amira are closing.

'Hurry and follow me. Let despair lie there for all the false relief you have given as a brave man. See the righteousness of Gailladite. And remember.

 With a slam, that gate was closed.

''That it was a mistake for the Spirit God Human Sword to choose you.

 After saying those words...

 A few seconds later, the gates of Catena Amira open again, and Kasim emerges from within.

''Now, this is finally -- what...?

 Kasim looks at Ray in front of him in surprise.

'I said I wouldn't touch you, but I didn't say I'd sit back and let you escape.

 Mass, who had been watching from a position away from the two of them, released those words.

 She had deployed a magic circle, and the magic she activated was constructing a dark ward that wrapped this place in a dome shape.

''It may be possible to transfer within the .

 It was a warding spell that Avos Dilhevia had once spread throughout the Mid-Haze area.
 By narrowing its scope and limiting its target to the God of Heavenly Gate, it prevented the god from shifting.

 So, when you open the gate, Kasim, who was supposed to appear in Gailladite, the magic didn't work and he came back here as it was.

'You won't get away with it, Qasim.

 With a seamless gait, Ray walked towards Kasim.

'I will beat you to perfection and free you from the curse of the boring brave.

Running away? Me? Is it because of you?


 Ray said with a serious look on his face.

'It's from reality. You keep running away. Cover your ears and turn away from it. You should have known by now that there's nothing you can do about it.

 A step outside the sword spacing, Ray stopped.

'I've never run away. I am still fighting. To right the justice of your brave men's excesses.

Then you'll have to fight me directly. You don't have to go after Alkranjska. Or are you afraid to admit it?

 Ray pointed the cutting edge of the Unique Sword Sig Shasta straight at Kasim.

'That you are no longer a match for me.

'A man who was only saved by the Holy Sword and the Seven Roots, not by his own strength, would be so smug. Looking at you, I can see that the brave man is cloaked in falsehood.

 Kasim reached out his hand and put his magic into it.
 A dazzling light gathered in the palm of his hand, and the shape of a sword became vaguely visible.

''Come, Seisoujuuken, Exenesis.''

 In response to his voice, the holy sword that was called up was a holy sword that was probably twice as long as an ordinary sword.

 Kasim raised the Exneisis to the heavens, and this time, he filled the selection pact pearl with magical power.

 A divine light dwells in the cutting edge of the holy sword.
 A new god was about to manifest there, emitting a tremendous amount of magical power.

"Summoning the divine tool (Pre Seizure), Selected God (Auslavia).

 A divine light emanated from the Holy Thinking Heavy Sword Exneisis.
 The god called Auslavian was inhabited and strengthened by that holy sword.

''Don't think this is the end,''

 Furthermore, magic power gushes into Kasim's body.

Possession Summoning (Aesept), Selection God (Catena Amira).

 The gate of Catena Amira, the God of Heavenly Gate, was completely opened and closed in on Kasim's body.
 As it was, if he was allowed to pass through it, Catena Amira's figure quickly disappeared.

 Kasim's body was possessed by the Tenmon God.

''I will teach you.

 With a fluttering sound, the long sword barrel of the Exneisis was manipulated freely, and Kasim was poised to carry it.

'A taste of defeat.'

 Ray smiled sadly.

'I know enough to say I hate it already. I've lost so many times.'

 Ray readied his unique sword and looked at Kasim's movements.

'The real defeat is death. It would be cowardice to live defeated. You should have perished gracefully. You should have handed over the Spiritual God and Man Sword to the next owner.

If it could have saved people, if it could have helped someone with grace, it did.

 With a step, Ray stepped into the space of his own sword.
 As if anticipating this, Kasim took a step back.

 At the same time, he swings the Seisou heavy sword Exneisis in a sideways swipe.
 Even though Ray's sword can't reach it, its long sword can reach it without difficulty.


 He flashed his one-sided sword Sig Shesta and struck away the long blade.
 In addition, against the advancing Ray, Kasim still retreated.

 Then he thrust out his left hand and drew a magic circle.

"Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias).

 A shell of light was shot out, and Ray ducked down as quickly as he could.
 It shot through the pillar behind him and penetrated the wall with ease.

 It was so powerful that it was impossible to see how far it had gutted the back.

''Exneisis is a holy sword that piles up thoughts. <It increases the effect of the Sanctuary (Ask), but it only produces one thought in itself.

 In other words, his thoughts were not enough for Exneisis alone, and he couldn't use the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias), let alone the Sanctuary (Ask).

 Despite this, Kasim once again fired the .
 Ray used his unique sword to catch that shell of light.

 He moved forward quickly, hearing the sound of the destruction of the wall with a thud.

'Is that the effect of bringing the god Auslavia down on the holy sword?

 While continuing to fall back, Kasim swung Exneisis into a sideways swing.
 Catching it with his Sig Shesta and not letting the power escape, Ray gingerly brought it to a brinkmanship.

''The Replicating God, Auslavian, replicates the thoughts of the Holy Sword, and the Holy Sword overlays the replicated thoughts.

 Qasim said as he countered Ray's power with force.

"Unlike your imperfect Sanctuary, which you can only use by relying on others...

 The thoughts increased by the order of the replicating god Auslavian, and Kasim wore a dazzling light on his body.
 <With his physical strength strength strengthened by the he pushed Ray's Sig Shester into it.

''- There's no room in my Sanctuary (Ask)!

 <The first thing that comes to mind is to use the power of the gods to benefit Kasim, as opposed to Ray, who doesn't have a sanctuary (ask).
 It's a bit of a bad idea to collide with the force, or perhaps Ray's foot is plunged into the ground and his knee is slightly broken.


 Stopping to push each other head-on, Ray stepped forward to follow Kasim's long sword as he received the force, but stepped forward to follow Kasim's long sword.

 He easily contained the long sword with his technique, and he caught Kasim in between his own swords.

''That's another invitation,''

 Kasim closed the gap even more and approached at such close range that not even Ray's sword could swing.

 While in an ungainly stance, but still the blade of the unique sword ran.
 Seeing that initial move, he held Ray's arm and Kasim effortlessly sealed the sword.

''No matter how many times you try, you will not be able to defeat me. By sword or by magic.''

 Their bodies intersected with the forward momentum of the two men.

 Pushing Ray back with his elbow to fling himself back, Kasim passes him with the same momentum.

 With their backs to each other, the distance between the two men grew apart, and once again it was between Kasim's swords.

'There's a gap.'

 He flips around and the guy uses centrifugal force to slash at him with his exneisis.
 Ray is thrown out of his stance and is left facing backwards. 


 Without looking back, Rei caught the long sword approaching from behind with his Sig Shester.


 Using the force of the push, spinning around, Ray dove into his pocket and made a single thrust at Kasim's heart.

 Blood drips down the sigshesters and onto the ground with a thud.

'You're certainly a better swordsman than I used to be, though.

 <Ray smiled coldly at Kasim, who was using the magic of .

''Compared to the Demon King's right arm, it's like a child's plaything.