355-Charity sword

 Biting his back teeth just barely, Kasim glares at Ray.

'You're trying to tell me you've seen the bottom of your power after taking one, canon.

We crossed swords.

 Looking at Ray, who answered immediately, Kasim gave him a grim look.

''I understand most of what you're going through,''

 Kasim laughed at that line.

It's not a matter of how much you train your magic eye and peer into the depths of the abyss, the game is not dependent on apparent magic power or sword skills. The power of the mind to break through the steep and difficult walls that stand in the way, that is courage.

Do you think you can overturn any battle if you have the courage to do so?

 Ray asks while piercing Kasim's heart.
 As long as he does not pull out his blade, he must continue to use the Ingal.

Do you think you can beat the odds if you dare and stand up for your people?

'It is lamentable that you, who have been called a brave man, should now ask such a question.

 Sadly, Ray smiled.

'Our enemies had courage and fought for someone else, too. It wasn't just us.'

 Quietly, he speaks.
 Remembering the past wars.

'It's hard to imagine you deciding that your enemy lacks courage, but I can't imagine you defeating him wielding the sword of loyalty.

 To Kasim, whose eyebrows twitched, Ray threw a strong word.

'You don't know anything. Because you ran away from the fight.'

The only thing you don't know is that, canon! As soon as you challenge me to a one-on-one fight, I can see your defeat!

 Kasim swung his long sword, Exneisis, at the side of the road.
 Ray held his arm effortlessly.

''Exneisis is useless at this distance.

I would have done it once.

 Particles of magic power gushed out of Kasim's body and divine order flooded out.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world, but I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world.

 Pulling his sword out of Kasim, Ray jumped back to the side and avoided it.
 If he looked behind him, three small gates floated in the air, from which three Seishin Heavy Swords Exneis were protruding.

 That was probably the effect of Qasim's magic, , which possessed the Heavenly Gate God Catena Amira.

''Using the holy sword replicated by the replicating god Auslavia, I'm releasing a slash from that , right?

Don't think it's just dimensional magic.

 A magic circle is drawn between Qasim and Rey, and the appears there.


 The moment Exneisis was thrust out by Kasim's hand, the moment it passed through the Heavenly Gate, it was covered in light and accelerated like a gale.


 With his single-intent sword, Ray struck it away.
 Magic power and magic power collided, and violent sparks were scattered.


 Three Amus appeared in Ray's blind spot, from which the blades of the Ex-Naisis thrust out.

 He jumped back and ducked, but three more Amus appeared and thrust their blades into the ground with a thud as if they were chasing Ray.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world, and I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world, and I'm sure you'll be able to find out what's going on in the world.


 The moment the light cannonball passed through the Amus, it turned into an extremely thick beam of light that dazzled the room, and was directed at Ray, who continued to avoid the long sword.

 <It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on it.

 <The Amus Theo Trias is swollen to several times larger than the normal guy's Theo Trias.

"Unique sword, the secret is two--

 Ray held up his unique sword.
 Uniqueness, he changed his blade into one that slashes light.

''-- ''

 Like a sword splitting the ocean, Sig Shesta cut the light rushing toward him in half.

'Your power is all borrowed, a false brave made up by humans.

 Kasim created
'Without the Spirit God Human Sword, you cannot break your fate, and without the Seven Roots, you are not even immortal. Without turning the thoughts of my companions into , I can't even use satisfying magic.

''You like that can't fight well without the power of the Heavenly Gate God and the Replicating God.

 Ray smiled at Kasim, who had a grim expression on his face.

''-- I won't say that. It's not just a matter of time before you'll find yourself in a position of power. At last, this is fair, you would say, isn't it?

You finally came to your senses. You didn't know you were going down. You don't deserve this, Canon.

I wish I had more of an excuse anyway.

 Kasim twitched and his temples twitched.


I want it adjusted so that you can't make excuses. I don't want you to say later that it wasn't fair.

 What appeared behind Kasim's eyes was anger.

''...Do you disrespect me?''

'I don't take it lightly or lift it up. I'm beginning to understand, you know. No matter how much you win the game, you won't admit it. You won't admit it. Because you haven't been on the playing field from the beginning. You're just a coward who's safe, denouncing others for being so and so. That's what you are.

 Raising his eyebrows, Kasim showed his irritation.

'So I want you to have the upper hand, by any means necessary. Enough to put you on the playing field. No matter what you do, no matter how much of a disadvantage you have, I'll cut it all straight to the bone and teach you a lesson.

 Gazing at the ever-increasing number of , Ray quietly held his unique sword.

''If you didn't fight the Demon King, you were a loser at that point.

'A man who has looked down on his elders, even if they are divided on the side of the enemy, to be able to argue so much with his elders, even his brothers and sisters, is a man who has looked down on them, canon. I don't even want to think that we studied under the same master.

 Kasim spits that out.

'Kasim. I, you know, learned something from that disastrous war two thousand years ago, but I still learned something.

 Instantly, Kasim put magic power into the Seishin heavy sword Exneisis.

 It's not just a matter of time before you get to the point where you'll be able to get your hands on it.
 It's not just a matter of time before you can get your hands on a new one.

 There is nowhere to escape, up and down, left and right, nowhere to escape.
 A wall of blades encircled Ray, pressing in on him in the blink of an eye and releasing countless stabs.


 Countless exneisses thrust out from all directions, but Ray slashed through them in the space of a breath.

 A number of Seishin Heavy Swords were popped, broken, or shattered in all directions and rolled to the spot.

''There are people in this world who need to be made to understand, even if they have to be thoroughly screwed over.

Theo Trias.

 Kasim thrust out his left hand.

 The light cannonball was not fired from his hand and the was shot out of the that surrounded Rey.

 A light cannonball rained down on Rey like a downpour.

 <Slashing or avoiding them with the , Ray headed straight for Kasim.

 Before I knew it, I noticed that the Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon (Theo Trias), which had landed on the ground, had rolled up dust and covered my vision.

"An invisible blade. Can you do the same thing as before?

 <From the , the blades of Exneisis appeared again and were thrust out from the .

 The countless blades were not aimed directly at Ray this time, but instead thrust in one after another, just out of the range of his sword.

 They would be trying to stop Ray's advance and also limit his movements.

 Furthermore, the 100 gates of the "Amus" opened and light cannonballs were fired from them.

 Within the confined space, Rei bounced, slashed and swept them away.
 Not even a single shot is hit.

''Fight ahead. You won't win against me if you just avoid it on the spot.''

 Kasim swung the Ex-Naisis at the top of the ladder and clothed it with the Sanctuary (Ask).

 In front of him, there are three Amusements that are much taller than his long sword.

''The Heavenly Gate Sacred Realm Great Cutthroat Sword (Amus Theo Torgatron)!

 The slash of ExneiSys, swung down with all its might, was extended for a long time at the first Amus, and the momentum of the slash accelerated.

 At the second Amus, the momentum increased even more, and the Sanctuary (Ask) swelled up.

 At the third and final Amus, the slash turned into a dazzling flash of light.

 Zgaaaaahhhh, the around Rey shattered in the aftermath of the slash alone.

 However, Ray was able to dodge a blow from the Celestial Gate Sacred Area Great Cutthroat Sword, which could have shaved off a large portion of the ground of the ruins, just in front of him.

 In the aftermath of the slash, the blade of Exneisis, which had been blocking his movements, was also blown away.
 He was in no hurry to match it and calmly ducked.

''You won't get hit, not by that much.''

I told you to get ahead of yourself.

 Then the fell one after another from above their heads and fell with a thud between Ray and Qasim.

 There were a total of nine 'Amus' there between them.

''Do you think you'll hit it?''

You don't just duck.

 Kasim threw away his holy sword and took out a small blue shining star and showed it to him.

'This is the founding star aerial from the mural in the palace. Can you protect it?

 Kasim threw the founding star Erial straight at Rey.
 Passing through the nine , Eyal drew a gentle parabola towards Rey.

 A cannonball of light shot out as if chasing after the Genesis Eyal, and every time it passed through the , it expanded its blink of an eye by several times.

 <If you tried to slice through it with the Universal Demon Cutoff, it would cut off even the magic power of the Sousei Real.

 The past that was trapped inside would not be safe.

 Realizing this, Rei doesn't wield his sword, but gently catches the hand that dives into his own hand to catch Eyreal.

 Immediately afterwards, the Heavenly Gate Sanctuary Cutthroat Cannon turned into a flood of light, swallowing Ray's body.

 Even the nine Amusements collapsed, leaving an endless wind hole in the wall behind them.

''Don't get me wrong, this is just what you wanted.

 As if convinced of his victory, Kasim turned on his heel.

'I didn't need to do this, my victory was unassailable.

That's a relief to hear.


 Kasim stopped and turned around.
 The flood of light gradually subsided and then disappeared.

 The one standing there was Ray, clothed in light.

 <It was the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask) that was put up like a protective wall to protect Erial and himself from Kasim's Heavenly Gate Sacred Area Cutthroat Cannon (Ams Theo Trias).

''So that's it after all.''

 It's a good idea to have the Sacred Love Area (Ask) clothed in the Exenesis, and Kasim swung it down with all his might.

 It's a good idea to make sure that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about the fact that you're not going to have to worry about it.

 With the demon sword and the holy sword, the two sides are in a battle of wits with each other.

"You have disappointed me, canon. It seems that even so, I still tried to believe in you somewhere in my heart. But in the end, you have proven that you can't be a brave man without the help of someone else.

You look happy.

 Qasim, who had been speaking so eloquently, was shushed by the word.

'I wanted to be disappointed, I guess that's the wrong word, isn't it?'

Do you wish to humiliate others that much? Regardless of what you say, it is an unassailable fact that you used the Holy Love Area (Theo Ask). Or, if it's just a thought, you can't make a false accusation that you didn't have any help.

 <Wearing the light of the
"I'm just trying to understand you.

'Understanding? It would be impossible for you, cloaked in vanity, even if it took you a lifetime to do so. Just now, with the help of that woman, your words are as good as dead. You can't know how disappointed I am that such a thin-minded person was a brave man!

 The entire demon sword flicks off Ray, and as a follow-up, Kasim thrusts out his long holy sword.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

''If you were a brave man, if you were a real brave man, how much I thought! If only I were a man of hope!

 Blades intersected with blades, and Ray slashed through his long holy sword with ease.

''I know, I know how you feel.''

 The severed sword tip spins in the air and pierces the ground.
 Just barely, Kasim bites his back teeth.

''Well no matter how much you twist it down with your sword, there is no way you can understand. You can't save me from disappointment. We don't need to fight anymore, but we already have the answer. Before the sword and magic, above all, you lack something decisive!

 Kasim discarded the severed holy sword and put the magic power in his right hand.
 Then the Holy Spirit Heavy Sword Exneisis appeared there again. It must have been replicated.

''You who cannot understand the feelings of others, you are not a hero!


 Exneisis, which was swung down as hard as it could, was flung off again and flew through the air.
 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

''Is it the role of a brave man to just defeat the enemy? If you just cut down without understanding my thoughts, is that enough for you? If we just want to overrun them, we're no different than the evil demon king!

I understand now.

"........to be so vain.......

 Qasim sighed, as if disappointed.

'You should look more often into the depths of my ,'

By the looks of it,

 Kasim turns his magic eye on him as he follows Ray's words, but replicates Exneisis again with his back hand. He must be aiming for a resurrection blow.

 But in the next moment, his complexion changed.

''........This thought.......? It's not that woman's...?


 Ray's  Kasim looked around grimly.

''........Then where did you.......?''

"If you're a brave man, you know what kind of love magic this is, Qasim. 'If you are a brave man, you know what kind of love magic this is, Qasim. Your twisted affection for me is something I truly understand and lovingly accept.

 Qasim looked at Ray with an expression of impossibility.

''The World of Compassion (Lior Ask).

 <The light from the Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask) changed to white leaf peonies, and a blizzard of flowers flew up.

''You have honed your skills as a brave man, but you were not chosen for the Spiritual God and Man Sword. You were hurt when you saw many of the people who had been fond of you so far return your hand. You were trapped in the illusion that no one wanted you. Because being a brave man was all you had to be, and all you had to do.

''I told you. It's not that the Spirit Godman Sword didn't choose me. I didn't choose the Spirit Godman Sword!

 Kasim shouted as he splashed Ray's words away.

'Even if you have the power, if it's unfair, you don't need such things!

 Grabbing the replicated Exneisis, Kasim paid it off with a sideways swipe.

 Numerous petals of leaf peonies fluttered around as Ray caught it with his unique sword.

''That's right. That was the beginning of your mistake. Only by believing that you didn't choose the Spirit God Human Sword yourself could you keep your mind in balance.

You're a bit of a bad guesser. You're still a brave man.

 Ray catches Kasim's barrage of blows with his unique sword, as if he's read his mind.

'Even if your words lie, I can still get my heart from your sword. This unique sword, you know that kind of thing.

 After his battle with Shin, he learned to talk to each other with the sword, and now he dove even further into the depths of the Unique Sword.

 The current Rei would be able to sensitively sense the other's thoughts through the sword.

 The thoughts of the sword.
 Hidden, true feelings.

'I didn't choose the Spirit Godman Sword. By believing that, you have distorted your justice. You are the one who is right, and the one who is wrong is the Spiritual Blade and the heroes. You wanted to prove it by defeating the Demon King without the Holy Sword. But you can't defeat Anos even if you stand on your head. So I thought that by undermining the brave men, I could rise above them myself.

Nonsense! You've finally gone mad, canon!

 With a gaggle, the Unique Sword and the Seishou Heavy Sword collided with each other.

''You pretended not to notice that fact. It can't be helped. If you notice, you won't be able to maintain your peace of mind. So you have turned into an ugly monster that only turns away from your own actions and disgraces the brave. That may have lowered your spirits for a time, but you didn't realize that you were also disgracing yourself by doing so.

'So much for delusion, eh? You're repeating your crazed nonsense, and it's unbearable to watch you at this point. I'm going to give you the reigns.

 Rei knocked down every single one of the continuous blows that were delivered.
 Each time he did, the petals of the leaf peonies scattered.

'You can't just admit it. I know, that feeling.

 Compassionately, Ray says.

'But these leaf peony petals inexplicably represent your heart. Kasim, I understand you. Otherwise, the World of Compassion (Lior Ask) would not be possible.

You don't know that! You were there to help me when I wanted it, and you can't possibly understand how I feel. It's disappointing to hear you say that with such a knowing look on your face!

 Swords and swords collide, and leaf peonies - countless petals of understanding - dance in the air.

'Yes, I want to disappoint you before you disappoint me. Because no matter how much you pretend you don't realize it, you know somewhere in your heart that you are really a bad guy.

 Staring at the dancing petals, Kasim looked intimidated for a moment.
 Quickly turning away from it, he turned his eyes of hatred straight to just Ray.

'I realize that you are a foolish person who cannot be accepted by anyone. So you think that if you let them down first, you won't be let down yourself.

 The sound of sword fights echoed.
 Petals fluttered. Much more than ever before.

'Canon. Shut up already. I can't listen to this!

 Petals fluttered.

'I told you, I'll screw you over. I will twist your twisted mind with this sword of compassion. Your body, your mind, there is no escape anywhere.

 Ray turned to attack and swung his sword of compassion.
 Kasim's expression was also slightly distorted as he rebounded and flung it away while backing away.

 A large amount of petals were flying in the air.

''You're not a regulator. It doesn't matter. You've never been able to reach your longing, you just want to pull it down and reassure yourself that you are the same. But even so, the truth is that I am aware of it. No matter how much you pull down, you can't change anything about yourself.

 It slipped past Kasim's long sword and Ray's unique sword poked him in the shoulder.
 Even the blood that spurted out turned into leaf peony flowers.

'I'm a nobody, a tiny vessel, a mediocre human being.

I don't want to hear it!

 With force, Kasim swings his exneisis.

 The Ichigokan catches it lightly and petals dance.


 Ray just catches Kasim's sword.

 The petals of the leaf peonies dance and fill in white at Qasim's feet.

''You, what the...!

 Ray said nothing more.
 His ferocious sword strikes without mercy.

"My what?!

 While wielding his sword, Kasim created three above his head.

 Calmly, Kasim skillfully cornered Ray with his sword skills.
 Three times, if he received the swords wielded, he was standing in their place.

 No, it would be more accurate to say that he dared to be guided as Kasim wanted.

 With a thud, the ground resounded and the three lined up in a row.
 On the other side of the line was Rey.

 --  Passing through the divine gate, the slash that was swung down demonstrated a terrifying power.


 Already, Kasim is swinging his holy sword at the top of his ladder.

''The end--''

 I was about to swing the blade down, and that's when I saw it.

 A fluttering white petal fluttered across Kasim's vision.
 For a moment, he paled as he looked in the direction the flower had flown.

 His feet were buried.
 In a field of leaf peonies all over.

 In a sea of petals, created by a vain mind.

 Less than a second in time.
 The moment would have felt tremendous to him.

 The exnayesis spilled away from Kasim's fingers as if it were a spill.

 It sank into the sea of petals without making a sound.

''Don't ... stop ... give me ...''

 I kept running.
 I've kept turning away.

 It wasn't ideal, he turned away from reality and just hung on to his fantasies.
 While continuing to hold a distorted affection.

 There is no escape now.

 No matter what he escapes, his sin is there as a leaf peony flower.

 Even if you want to turn away, the petals of that understanding are thrust across the surface.

'Don't ... pity me ...'

 Crunchy Qasim got to his feet.

'No more!

 He thrusts his hands together and shouts as if he has lost the will to fight.

''I ... I ... wanted to be chosen ...!

 He says, as if remembering two thousand years ago.
 Then it didn't stop.

 The thoughts that had been pent up in the damming process poured out as if they had broken an embankment.

''........I, this me, was supposed to be chosen.......! If only I had the Spirit God Man Sword, I would have fought the Demon King! That glory, that accolade, that accolade that made this a peaceful time! It was all mine!

 Ray stands in front of Kasim, who hangs his head.
 He said.

'You were not chosen. You were not chosen, Qasim. You were never meant to be yours to begin with.

 Closing up, he stared at the leaf peony in front of him with empty eyes.


 As he squeezed out, Kasim said.

 He grabs the leaf peony flower, grabs it, and crushes it with a gag.

"Make these leaf peonies disappear!

 Buried in the flowers, Qasim trembled like a frightened child.
 At the earliest, he was completely drained of the energy to fight.

 A real brave canon who was close to and understood the pitiful hearts of the weak.
 That fact, which was confronted by the reiteration, brought him defeat more than anything else.